The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 658: Blood Waste

The young man in the white robe has come to Qin Yi and Feiniang's side. He has taken away all the strength in the road, and Qin Yi feels it. At this time, he has no malice at all, so he is also completely relieved.

Besides, with him around, there's a superbloodbeast, just leave it to him.

“My name is Yi Changtian, and I was a scatterer in Kyushu Mainland 5,000 years ago, and I lived in an unsettled place. A year ago, I heard the legend of the ruined war path, so I tried to go to the North Pole of Kyushu Mainland to find it, and I was lucky, and I found it. ”

Easy long temple legs sat on the ground, "Who wants to, when I came in, found that other practitioners had already come in. Later, I constantly encountered hunting and several times, all escaped from the dead. Inside, some of the old men's cultivation, has already broken into the imperial province, the abnormal power of war terror. ”

Easy to talk for a long time, in his eyes, a hidden appearance of annoyance and discomfort is sufficient, he has suffered many grievances in this broken path of warfare.

Qin Yi did not think it was natural, he knew the “heavenly corpse” protection method, if the old wound has been restored, it is an imperial strong man.

After a narrative by Yi Long Tian, Qin Yi and Yanmei have learned a rough idea of his history.

“So, what happened to that superblooded beast? Why did you kill it and turn it into a pale mist of blood? ”

Qin Yi asked.

The flaming woman beside him will also be a bewildered gaze, looking to the long sky.

“Superbloodbeast? ”

Easy to stand still for a long time, she smiled and shook her head slightly: “You're wrong, it's not a beast at all. ”

Not animals!

Qin Yi and Yanmei were stunned. For a moment, they stood there staring at each other.

“It was bloody wild. ”

Easy Long Sky said.


Qin Yi and Fei Mei Liang, stuck there, the divine color on their faces, became more and more confused.

Yi Longtian explained: “The ancient legend, this ruined war path, was condensed in the very distant fairy years by the blood of the great emperors, who entered the exotic race and marched for mankind through this war path. Later, mankind's warpath was destroyed, as it is now. Now endless years have passed, but the blood of the Emperors of Immortal Great has not all dried up, and some have remained so. ”

“Are you saying that the blood of an emperor without dryness, after endless years, forms a super-blood beast? ”

Femme Flame's incredibly beautiful eyes, flashing and twinkling, asked.

“As I said, it's not a superbloodbeast, it's a bloodshed. ”

Easy to rectify, he said.

“Oh, bloodlust. ”

Femme threw up her pink little tongue.

Easy to look at the flaming lady, at the bottom of that eye, slightly fluttered a color of vigilance, lightening his head: “Yes, some of the blood of the emperor without dryness, after endless years, formed blood desert, blood wilderness, with certain spiritual and combat power, and the fighting power is strong and weak, but the weakest, will not be lower than the five realms of the Patriarch, and the strongest, even reached the ninth realm of Patriarch. ”

Hearing him say this, Qin Yi and Yanmei are all in their hearts. No wonder Yi Tian just quickly killed him. Turns out it was the blood of a great emperor. He just breathed that blood into the body of the great emperor, and it was quenched with the blood of the great emperor!

Qin Yi quickly combed himself:

First, the legend is true, there is indeed the blood of the great emperors who have not yet dried up, but only in small quantities, and the blood of these great emperors, after endless years, has formed a bloodshed of spiritual and warrior power.

Secondly, the blood wastes formed by the blood of these emperors, the horrors of abnormal fighting power, the strongest, has reached the strength of Zongdao Jiu Realm, with the strength of the present self and the flaming woman, can only kill some of the lowest strength of the blood wastes.

Once they encounter the bloodshed of high power, Qin Yi can only use the gun of all evil to fight, otherwise, there is only one thing that happens to them, which is: death!

After a pause, Qin Yi asked Yi Changtian: “So what do you want to work with us for? ”

"There are said to be four drops of blood of the Great Emperor in this broken martial arts, so long as we find the blood of the Great Emperor, we can naturally reap great benefits in its quenching. Moreover, the blood of the Great Emperor, after endless randomness, has produced a lot of blood of the Emperor, in other words, as long as we find the blood of the Great Emperor, we can also obtain a lot of blood of the Great. Of course, both the blood of the Great Emperor and the blood of the Emperor that he gave rise to are in the form of bloodshed and exist in this broken war path. ”

In the talking room, in the eyes of the prolonged days, became a little hot, obviously eager to find four drops of Emperor's blood serum.

Four drops of Emperor's blood!

The eyes of Qin Yi and Feiniang are also slightly bright, which is fatally tempting for any practitioner.

However, Qin Yi did not have a fever in his brain. He knew his strength very well. In this way, he will look for the Great Emperor's blood serum. Even if he finds it, he will be instantly killed, right?

After a long pause, he continued: "Now, as far as I know, many of the men in this ruined war path have joined forces and will find the blood of the four great emperors. ”

“The blood of the Great Emperor, indeed, is good, easy to long, good, we will work with you. ”

Femme Flame's incredibly beautiful eyes emitted two strange lights, said Femme.


As soon as her voice fell, Qin Yi knocked a note on her head: “Don't be ridiculous, don't forget, you only have two realms of Zongdao to repair. ”

Femme shrunk her neck and quickly returned to God. She threw up her pink little tongue again.

The action of the two of them, however, made it easy for them to see the sky in front of them, opened their mouths in amazement, swirled, and looked at Qin Yi and Fei Fei Weird, respectively: what the hell are these two people doing?

Maiden Yan's manipulation...

Easy to smile and say, “Young man, you don't have to worry too much, you two can practice low, can't you? Now, you two, find somewhere to hide and practice. ”

Yi Longtian glanced at Qin Yi: “I can see that you are actually a little extraordinary, you just have to strive to break through the six realms of Zongdao in the shortest time, and you will be so-so. As for Meizu Yan..."

Yet again, Easy Long Sky will look at the flaming woman.

Touching the eyes of a prone day, the beautiful eyes of a flaming woman, a slight stiffness.

“As for Femme Flame, let it go. Break as many as you can. ”

Yi Longtian suddenly smiled, twirling, and took out two pieces of milky white jade Janes from his arms, and threw them at Qin Yi and Feiniang respectively. He said: "I'm going to walk around now to see if I can get some useful information. These two pieces of jade Janes are branded with my spiritual knowledge. Once you two are in any danger, brand the information in Jade Janes, I can receive it, and then, at the first moment, I will rush back. ”

This Jade Jane, Qin Yi and Yan Mei Mai are not strangers. Now Qin Yi has this Jade Jane that Yan Mei Mai gave him.

“Wait a minute, I'm going to ask you two questions. Have you ever heard of the Fire Fu and the Heavenly Corpse Guardian in this wrecked war path? ”

Qin Yi asked Yu Jian, who had made a fortune in his arms.

“Heavenly Corpse Protection? You mean tens of thousands of years ago, one of the eight great guardians of the vagina door? He's not dead, he's still in this wrecked war path? ”

The name “Heavenly Corpse” protection law, Yi Long Tian has obviously heard, instantly, a beautiful face, a shattering color.


Qin Yi nodded his head and paused to say: “Not to tell you, I am actually a Tingwei of the Kyushu Holy See. This time I entered this ruined conquest path in order to hunt down the 'heavenly corpse’ guardian. This is a high level of the Kyushu Holy See, which gave me a mission to the Holy See. ”

“So that's it. ”

Yi Changtian's mind is clear. Antiques like his do not naturally surprise the identity of the Holy See of Qin Yi Kyushu too much.

“Well, I'll help you out and ask about the 'Corpse of Heaven' protection and the flaming of the two. ”

Yi Long Tian Bi, shaken in shape, is directly in the sight of Qin Yi and Yan Meiniang, disappeared.

Now, Yi Changtian is half a protective umbrella. Qin Yi was relieved. If not for his appearance, the two of himself, in this broken war path, it would only be difficult to walk.

However, what puzzles Qin Yi a hundred times is that he and Maiden Yan's cultivation, as opposed to the strong who exist in this ruined war path, is scum, why should he join hands with both of himself?

Is… is he also a comedian whose brain has been clipped to the door?

Qin Yi has been thinking hard about this issue for a long time. He still hasn't thought hard about anything, so he simply can't think hard.

Easy to say for a long time that the most important thing now is to strive to improve their strength, preferably to make a breakthrough in the shortest possible time, if they are to have the chance to survive in this wrecking war path.

Yes, the problem they now have to face is to survive. Now, their situation is quite unfavourable. If any blood comes out, Qin Yi must activate the Gun of Evil in order to kill it.

And the Evil Gun was used only three times.

Qin Yi has never been in such a bad situation since entering the cultivation world.

As for the search for Heavenly Corpse protection and flame gifts, and for the blood of the Great Emperor, that was later.

Next, Qin Yi and Yanmei quickly found a more secret heavenly pit. After jumping down, they began to work hard to cultivate.