The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 663: Jealous Ancestors

“You have a lot of questions, but do you think I'll tell you about my relationship with him? ”

The cloak shadow, a cold smile: "Now, I just want to say one word to you: get lost! ”

Choi He and Bai Li Hao were stiff. In their eyes, they were clearly passing a little anger. However, in the hands of the cloak shadow, that elongated blue sword again allowed them to calm down quickly.

“Let's go! ”

Choi He waved at Baili Hao, and the two slipped away very unwillingly.

The cloak shadow did not look at them again, the hand holding the blue sword, slowly drooped down, quietly staring at the distance, the teenager fighting blood wildly, the pair were exposed, extremely beautiful eyes, slightly overflowing and lost.

After a moment of staring, the colour of disorientation, the oil suddenly turned into a slaughter, the captain's hand holding the blue sword, lifted up again slowly, pointing far ahead, the juvenile in a fierce battle.

Its broad cloak, silently provoked, was clearly full of ambitious imperial power.

After a while.

The cloak man again slowly closed his eyes and closed them, seemingly revealing a hint of pain.

Raised blue sword, slowly drooling again, the cloak man Shauna's figure wandered and disappeared directly in place.

Far away, Qin Yi, unaware that he had already twice, walked through the ghost gate once, at this time, he still fought violently against the bloodshed.

After Qin Yi broke through to the sixth realm of the road, his strength improved considerably. Almost as much as this bloody waste in front of him, on the ground, he was fought all over the pit depths. One wave of energy became like a giant wave. In constant collision, he swung to all sides.

The fierce battle lasted for almost two hours. Qin Yi eventually exhibited the Seven Types of Heavenly Demons, barely killing blood.

Although the battle was difficult, Qin Yi's heart was filled with a sense of accomplishment. He had never faced such a difficult battle before.

This is also enough to see that this wrecked path of war is indeed a suitable place to grind.

“The Great Emperor's blood! ”

After watching the blood wilderness be slaughtered, the pale mist of blood melted into it. Qin Yi's handsome face appeared with greed.

Without delay, he quickly greeted him, sucked the blood of the Great Emperor into his body and quenched his body.

One hour later, the blood of the Great Emperor was finally absorbed clean by his body.

For a second, Qin Yi smiled with satisfaction: “Nice, the golden matter covered in my body is a little thicker. ”

After a short pause, Qin Yi continued his bloodhunting campaign to find the blood wastes around him. He didn't want to miss such a good opportunity to find as many blood wastes as he could.

Hunting for blood is an arrow double sculpture. First, you can get the Great Emperor's blood quench. Second, you can improve your combat experience.

Bloodlust, with its terrible power, fights against such existence and is best able to sharpen its own combat experience.

There is a Jade Jane given by Easy Long Heaven. Therefore, Qin Yi is not too worried. Once he encounters the bloodshed of the extremely horrific forces of war, he summons him to come and rescue himself.

“About 3,000 feet ahead, there was a bloody wasteland, crawling up there, and I killed it. ”

Two days later, Qin Yi discovered something again. When his heart paused, he did not hesitate. He carried a long gun of smoke cloud and exploded into the bloody wasteland in front of him.

“Ping-pong! ”

Soon, Qin Yi was at war with the bloodthirsty.

This time, after a full four hours of bitter battle, Qin Yifang slaughtered the blood. Fortunately, he helped Martial Arts with "The Tactics of Life Return", cultivating a half-step of success, so that his body could always remain at its peak. If he were to replace it with a regular practitioner, the four hours of bitter battle would have exhausted himself.

“Though bloody, after the killing, there was only a pitiful strand of the Emperor's blood, it was already extremely precious. ”

Qin Yi hey smiled, rose to the sky, quickly rushed towards the blood of the great emperor that was deserted...

“Two thousand five hundred or so on the left, there's a bloody wasteland! ”

On the seventh day, Qin Yi discovered a bloody wasteland again, and Heizy's madness killed the past.

It has to be said that the bloodshed that exists in this ruined martial arts is extremely rare. Qin Yi must also have a few days in case of mysterious left hand, or in case of good luck, to meet the head.

If you don't have a mysterious left hand, you're probably going to be blind here for a year, and you're not getting anything.

Twenty days later, the blink of an eye passed, Qin Yi hunted four heads of blood, which is already an amazing harvest.

Five days to the day of the action promised to Easy Heaven!

At the time of Qin Yi's wild hunt for blood, a message came along with this ruined martial arts: in this ruined martial arts, another imperial warrior emerged, and the imperial warrior, a captain.

There are many practitioners in the ruined path of war, but it's just so vast that it's hard to meet each other.

And the news came out of these practitioners, like a plague.

“Wherever a teenager appears, there will surely be an Imperial Daoist in a cloak? ”

On the edge of a cliff, a beautiful woman in a green robe stood quietly there, her eyes refracted from Xiu Mei's eyes, looking a little deep: “Who is that boy? What does the legendary mysterious cloak emperor have to do with him? ”

This green robe woman is the ancestor of Easy Long Heaven.

Phoenix, an ancient people.

Twenty thousand years ago, the representatives of the Phoenix were on the right path and took part in the battle to exterminate the vagina gate, in which the Phoenix became a victim, and only the chiefs of the entire clan eventually survived, and later the world called them the ancestors.

“In this broken path of war, another imperial mighty entered. Undoubtedly, for the blood of the Great Emperor! ”

On a stone peak about a thousand miles from Phoenix, an old man in a grey robe stood there and his face revealed a sigh of silence: “It's just that this big guy, when he came in, nobody even noticed it, until now, it didn't come out mad, by what means did the other guy come in? ”

The old man in the gray robe, the master of the Great Sword Sect, who was exterminated in the Great War 20,000 years ago, and those of the Hereafter, called him the Ancestor of the Great Sword.

“A mysterious imperial strong man in a cloak, imperial strong man? ”

A young man in a black robe, standing halfway through the air, the young man in a black robe had a distinct angle on his face, like a knife, and he had an ancient stone sword on his back, which was remarkable.

He's the genius of the Tupo clan back in the day, Tupo!

Tauper, a huge tribe in the North Wilderness, two thousand years ago, Tauper's genius Tauper, suddenly disappeared from the tribe, and now he appears in a broken war path.

And about 2,000 kilometers from Tohoku, in a pit.

“It seems that another Emperor is joining the battle for the blood of the Great Emperor, but it is useless for more Emperors to join in. Four drops of the blood of the Great Emperor will eventually be in my pocket. ”

A naked, bald-headed, middle-aged man with a naked upper body said with some disdain.

This bald-headed man, Horan, is the “heavenly corpse” protection Qin Yi was looking for. More than three years have passed since he last met Qin Yi in Shenming Garden. Today, his naked body is hidden in a wave of imperial power, allowing the air around him to float.

Obviously, after years of efforts to recover, his wounds have largely healed and his strength is close to the peak of the past years.

“Where a teenager appears, the mysterious Emperor will surely appear? ”

The mind of the “Heavenly Corpse” guardian suddenly jumped: “The teenager...”

Meanwhile, about 3,000 miles from the heavenly pit, a middle-aged man in a red robe stood on the top of a tree in heaven and smiled slightly: “Another imperial strong man, following a teenager, entered this wrecked war path, it seems that the teenager has a good start, actually has an imperial strong man as a servant, I go to meet the teenager to see what his history is? ”

The middle-aged man in the red robe is the ancestor of love.

Tens of thousands of years ago, the Genius, like the Genius Gate, was a cult. At that time, the Genius Gate joined forces with the Genius, resisting the Decency, and the Genius vanquished it, but the Genius Ancestor escaped.

Jealous Ancestor's tall body turned into a red light and rose to the sky. A few blinks, it disappeared into the sky.

A day later.

The exquisite ancestor in the red robe stood on a desert, in his sight, a young man with a handsome blue gun, and stood there in amazement.

“Senior, are you trying to kill me? ”

The teenager returned to God with a gentle smile on his handsome face.

“Young man, you really have the nerve to break through the six realms of the pagoda, you dare to break into this broken war path, go to this water, and when you see my absolute ancestors, you don't panic at all. ”

Looking ahead, from the face of the impatient teenager, the jealous old man, clearly passed the admiration color.

He's the Ancestor of Love!

The teenager was slightly overwhelmed, and the person who was a jealous old man had spoken to herself for a long time. I didn't expect to encounter this ancient antique.

Quickly let yourself calm down, the teenager smiled slightly: “Senior, you are wrong, I accidentally hit this ruined war path, not to compete for the blood of the Emperor at all, go, I believe you will not surrender yourself to kill such a little junior? ”