The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 668: Mixed Warfare (top)

“Ancestral, it was a mistake 20,000 years ago to let you escape in my hands! ”

The Brown Sword elderly was furious, and the body burst into a broken shadow, escaping the swept thick iron cord, but the iron cord swept hard on the brown blood desert in front of him.


The brown blood roared furiously, the wide wings pounded, quickly slaughtered to the Jealous Ancestor, the Jealous Ancestor shocked, hurriedly waved his hand: “Block this brown blood wasteland first, wait for me to solve the Jealous Sword Ancestor, then clean it up. ”

Those who were strong around him did not dare to be lazy, hurried to carry their weapons, and hurried to the bloodshed.

In the face of the fierce ones, the brown blood wilderness, but without a little fear, huge wings, once again worked hard, the wind worked hard, a few repaired into a slightly lower cultivation fold, was instantly fanned out.

The shadow of the vast brown blood turned into a shadow, rushing quickly, the one that chased after a practitioner, the sword-like mouth pecking hard.


That mouth, easily folded the practice, pecked a pair, one mouth killed it for a second!

The people have not returned to God, and then there was another "chirping” sound. Only the ancient Genji's Gestapo sword was seen. Once it was broken, it directly divided the other practitioner into two parts.

“Jealous ancestor, 20,000 years ago, you were dead! It's an omission from heaven to let you live to this day! ”

In anger and drink, the figure of the Brown Sword ancestor did not stop for a moment, carrying the Gestapo sword, quickly killed to the Jealous Ancestor, all over his body and down, trembling within the imperial power.

“Brown Sword ancestors, good to see you, today we'll settle the old account together! ”

The Jealous Ancestor roared, and the iron cord in his hand split into two pieces in the blink of an eye. He grabbed one with one hand and quickly greeted Ancestor Xuanjian.


In an instant, Brown Sword ancestors and Jealous ancestors fought together.

The scene of the fierce battle between the two great emperors is perfectly conceivable. Together, it is like a giant wave towards the surrounding area, sweeping away.

However, their fierce battle lasted for a little while, and the brown bloodshed, again fanning wide wings, quickly rushed over, quickly joined the war between the two, in addition to many other strong people, also joined.

It's a total mess!

On the other hand, Vancouver Fengzu, who was in perfect shape and had a beautiful curve, held a seven-color belt and fought a brunette bloodbath.

The seven-color belt, obviously a fine sacred instrument, dancing freely, is to dance a seven-color shadow, the shadow of a phoenix appeared in the seven-color shadow, quickly slamming into the brown blood wilderness.


Brown blooded wide wings, striving, directly to the phoenix shadow, fan smashed open, however, the brown blooded deserted wing was also a sound, suddenly burning.

Phoenix's strength is fire!

A phoenix who can't play with fire is just a prettier bird!

The brown blood was deserted, but he was not afraid. With the wing of fire, he slaughtered the ancestors again.

Feng Zu Xiu Mi's eyes curled slightly, looking at the bloody wasteland that had pounded over her, her beautiful face, and slaughtered a piece. She was as touching as a dragon out at sea. The explosion rushed halfway into the sky, avoiding the brunette bloody wasteland.

The belt in the hands of the ancestors danced hard again, a colorful sumptuous, suddenly falling from the sky, a huge phoenix shadow, reappeared, the high slaughter to the brown blood wilderness.


The phoenix shadow hit the brown bloody bust directly, crumbling open, followed by the brown bloody bust, which also burned.

“Feng Jo, I'm sorry, I'd like to come and share a spoon. ”

A grey shadow rushed in from afar, a middle-aged man dressed in grey with a silver spear in his hand.

“Well, with you, you deserve to share a spoon with me? ”

Feng Zhu was quite a showy john, snorted cold, white fiber palm, striving to split against the middle-aged man in the grey robe, the scene of her splitting out of the palm was so weird, she actually split directly on dozens of men in the grey robe who were still outside.

The white fiber palm, at this moment, like a sharp knife, directly divides the middle-aged man into two parts, the middle-aged man's body slows to both sides, those two separate eyes, for such a moment, even passing an incredible divine color.

One slap and we'll kill each other!

This is the power of the imperial mighty!

As soon as the man in the grey robe died, many more practitioners rushed forward to share a spoon with Phoenix, and a mixed war broke out.

Feng Jo is a woman, but at this moment, she cannot have any woman's benevolence, a pair of breathtaking phoenix eyes and a blade of cold light.

At the top of that stone peak, thousands of years ago, Tauper's super genius Tauper, when his entire body was petrified, every part of his body was stone, and the stone sword in his hand, at this moment, was more than a dozen.

Substantialization, is a unique ancient mystery owned by the Tolbert Corporation, which is extremely difficult to cultivate, and the process, unusually painful, comparable to purgatory, without extraordinary willpower, is simply impossible to cultivate success, but once the cultivation is successful, it is extraordinarily powerful, whether in strength or physical defense, will reach an incredible height.

Moreover, people, although petrified, are not affected in any way by their flexibility.


At this moment, the outcrop, which has been completely petrified, is waving a giant stone sword three meters long and is waging a wild war against a brown bloodshed.

The cultivation of Taobao Feng himself, in fact, did not break through the imperial province, but after his substantiation, his fighting power reached the imperial province completely, for a while, with that brown blood wilderness divided the autumn color, the battle was darkened.

“Ha ha, there's also a brown bloody wasteland here! ”

All of a sudden, a laugh came out, only a group of practitioners came up from under the mountain, watching the brown blood wilderness in the fierce battle with Tuobao. Everyone's eyes were full of greed.

“Fuck off, this brown bloody wasteland, I found it first, no one can compete with me! ”

Tuo Tuofeng roared with a giant stone sword and slaughtered those who rushed to practice.


The brown blood behind him was also a long whistle, fanning wide wings and quickly rushing over.

It was another mixed war, and it started.

Burial of Mount Emperor, between eyes, became a hell of a world, a scream along the way, and sometimes came, a cultivator, killed in a mixed battle, for a moment, the body flew across, bloody.

“This is such a terrible battle! ”

On Xiaoshan Peak, Qin Yi stood there, looking far away at the ancient battle on Stone Mountain, he whispered lightly. In his heart, he couldn't help but feel a chill.

For the first time, he knew that the battle between the imperial mighty was so vast and fierce. The ordinary cultivators of the Eight Realms of the Patriarch were afraid that only in the midst of that chaos, the waves that swept out would be instantly hanged.

He was surrounded by a flaming woman, a delicate face, slightly pale, and held Qin Yi's arm tightly.

“Nothing, this is the true meaning of cultivating the world, powerful, cruel, bloody, anyone who steps into cultivating the world, afraid sooner or later, will face such a tragic scene. ”

Qin Yi gently scratched her nose and said.


Femme Femme softened her beautiful head slightly and her face was slightly tough.

“Qin Yi is right. The road to cultivation is a cruel and bloody road. In fact, this conflagration is nothing. Twenty thousand years ago, the battle between righteous and evil, although I was just a weak disperser, did not participate, but I also saw the scene, that was the real brutality, when the bones were really all over the place, the blood flowed into the river, now think, I still feel afraid of the back. ”

"At the time, there were many Emperor Daoists, all in the midst of that mixed war," said Xu Xu Xu. ”

Qin Yi nodded profoundly, but he had witnessed that during that very distant fairy years, the people of the World War of extermination, the countless Immortal Emperors, were all in that World War of extermination, crashed, 20,000 years ago the battle between the right way and the wrong way, what is it?

In the sky, the fierce mixed battle on the Emperor Mountain lasted for two days, and the noise only decreased.

Throughout the Emperor Mountain, there was a mist of sorrow and bloodshed, with broken arms everywhere and rivers of blood.

Hundreds of practitioners involved in the mixed warfare left only a dozen people, and these who participated in the mixed warfare, repaired, but at least broke through the eight realms of the Patriarchate. In the end, they died tragically here in the Emperor Mountains. Some were even killed by a single face, and even the shadow of the brown blood desert was not seen.

And this fierce mix-up, the pusher behind the scenes, is Qin Yi and Yi Changtian!

The more than a dozen remaining strong men, each with wounds, were obviously not badly injured.

Among those left behind are Wangufeng ancestors, Xuanjian ancestors, Jianxian ancestors, Tuotuofeng and other super powerful people.

The beautiful face of Phoenix, the green dress on the body, has already been torn to pieces, revealing a large white skin like coagulation, looks a little wolfish, long gone.

Jealous ancestors, more miserable, had a small sword hole in their chest, at a time when blood was still flowing.

This sword hole in his body was undoubtedly given by the ancestors of Bai Xuan Sword!

And Ancestor Xuanjian, naturally, can't go anywhere better. A gray robe has long been stained with blood and turned into a "red robe”. At this time, the robe is still dripping down blood.