The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 674: The Third Pope

With a faint smile, Qin Yi said: “Rest assured, I didn't kill you just now. In the future, I will not kill you again. I did not say that you can count as half my teacher's honor, how can I kill you? ”

“Ignorant little man, you have a little conscience. ”

The "Heavenly Corpse” defense breathed lightly, paused, and sighed softly: “The demon gun left over from the Immortal Ancient Years is incredibly powerful, Ben has lived indefinitely, has never been so desperate, hum, ignorant generation, you made this seat so wolf, this seat hates you. ”

Qin Yi smiled silently.

“By the way, Ignorant, you can't really be the reincarnation of Kyushu King, otherwise how could you have such a horrible demon gun? ”

The “Heavenly Corpse” guardian looked at Qin Yi with great curiosity.

Touched his nose, Qin Yi shook his head gently: “What a messy Kyushu king was reincarnated. I was born in Huaxia, a small town called Green Water Town. As for this wangu demon gun, it was in Tianxing Mansion in the past, an accident entered the underworld, where I met King Sen Luo, who gave me a second demon gun. ”

King Senroe!

The body of the "Heavenly Corpse” guardian trembled, his face shook, and he glanced at Qin Yi in a strange way. King Sam Luo, it was a legendary existence. The teenager actually met him and obtained the gun of all evil.

Take a deep breath: "Heavenly Corpse” from the shock, returns to God: “Ignorant generation, with such a powerful 10,000 ancient demon gun, can you not walk on the Kyushu mainland? If you don't like it, shoot him directly. My guess is that there are absolutely few people in Kyushu who can fight your Magic Gun. ”

Qin Yi could not cry: “No, in fact, when King Sen Luo gave me this wangu gun in the past, he sealed it. I only had three chances to use it, now I use it once, and I have two chances to use it. ”

“So I'm telling you, if King Senroh doesn't seal it, how can he give it to you? If you are an ignorant junior, can you do whatever you want in Kyushu? How many of these Kyushu continents are your opponents? ”

The Heavenly Corpse Guardian softened the big head.

The Evil Gun had only three chances to use it, and the "Corpse of Heaven” method had just been used, once and twice left.

Qin Yi knew very well, soon, he would use it again, because the horrible Holy Spirit of the Holy See had hunted herself down and entered this broken war path. Although he did not see her figure in this battle for the blood of the Great, Qin Yi knew that she must be not far away and took the opportunity to attack herself.

“That's right. ”

Qin Yi remembered one thing: “‘Heavenly Corpse’ protection. In the past decade, in this wrecked war path, have you heard of a man called Yan Fu? ”

“Flaming? ”

“Heavenly Corpse” shakes his head: “Never heard of it. ”

Never heard of it?

Qin Yi frowned in confusion. What happened? Easy Long Heaven has not heard of it, and now, even “Heavenly Corpse” protection has not heard of it.

“What kind of man is he, really good? ”

“Heavenly Corpse” protects Fakie.

“No, he's, like me, just a junior. ”

Qin Yi shook his head and paused, adding: "He is a super genius of the Yan clan. Ten years ago, in order to grind himself up, he entered this ruined war path alone, and since then, he has never returned to the Yan clan. ”

“It turns out he's just an ignorant little man. How could he possibly notice? ”

Rumor has it that the “Heavenly Corpse” defense was rather disdainfully silenced, saying: "A younger offspring, alone in this broken path of war, is most likely to have been exterminated long ago by the bloodshed, or perhaps by the practitioners of his head. ”

There is no doubt that the “corpse of heaven” method of protection refers to the possibility, not the absence.

However, everything is speculative and there is no conclusive evidence.

As long as there is a glimmer of hope, Qin Yi does not intend to give up. Make sure to help Maiden Yan find out the flame. She promised herself that she would do it.

“By the way, Heavenly Corpse Protection, there's one more thing I'd like to ask you to prove. ”

Out of curiosity, Qin Yi asked another question about the “heavenly corpse” protection method: “Legend has it that this broken war path is a passage that connects the face of Hongmeng with the face of the Great Waste. Is this legend true? ”

“Heavenly Corpse” defense nodded: “Of course it is true, let's not tell you that the original ancestors of our vagina gate entered the wilderness tens of thousands of years ago through this ruined war path. In fact, this ruined war path was discovered by the original ancestors of our vagina gate, and only later did the world know it existed. ”

"Since the discovery of this wrecked path of war, only two people have entered the wilderness through it," the Heavenly Corpse Guardian continued. ”

“One of them, the ancestor of your vagina gate, the other one, who is it? ”

Qin Yi Qiduo.

“The Second Pope of the Holy See of Kyushu. ”

“Heavenly Corpse” guardian snorted coldly, his face was gorgeous, for a moment, became a little ugly, obviously to the second pope of the Kyushu Holy See, not very fond of.

The second pope of the Kyushu Holy See!

Qin Yi was stunned and looked at the shady face of the “Heavenly Corpse” Defender. He quickly understood what was going on. He had to smile slightly: "Thus, the second Pope of the Holy See of Kyushu entered the wilderness through this ruined war path in order to hunt down the original ancestors of the vagina gate. I'm just wondering, isn't there a transfer array between the positions that can be transmitted to each other? Why did they choose this ruined path of war? ”

“Ignorant, have you ever been stuck in a door? ”

The “Heavenly Corpse” guardian looked at Qin Yi as if he were an idiot and said coldly: “The second Pope of the Holy See of Kyushu has been hunting down the original ancestors of our vagina gate. In this case, we will always shake heavily to use the transmission array? ”

That's true.

Qin Yi smiled.


“Heavenly Corpse” protector snorted: “The second Pope of the Holy See of Kyushu, trying to slaughter our vagina door all the time, is almost impossible, the strength between the two of them is not much different. ”

“Actually, what I'm more interested in right now is the Pope of Kyushu, how many generations? ”

Qin Yi Xu Xu asked.

“A third generation of popes, of course. ”

“The first Pope of the Holy See of Kyushu, the legendary emperor of time and space, as Tingwei of the Holy See of Kyushu," he said. "You can't possibly not know that, can you? The second pope, has entered the wilderness, hunting down our vagina gates all the time, now, is the third pope. ”