The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 676: Trial Dane Medicine

Memory is bullshit!

In Qin Yi's heart, he sighed at himself. It was simply because he had a mysterious left hand and copied all of what he had read before into his mind without a word.

The "Heavenly Corpse” protection method no longer said much, took some medicines and charcoal for the refining of Dan medicine out, Qin Yi swept a glance and found that the medicines removed by the "Heavenly Corpse” protection method were exactly what he had just said, just as bad, while charcoal was black charcoal.

“Ignorant, you try it, I'll point it aside. ”

“Heavenly Corpse” protection said to Qin Yi.


Qin Yidun rubbed his hand with excitement and came to the drugstore. Uncover the drugstore. According to the amount of material used to refine a myelin, it was thrown into the drugstore and then added some black charcoal in the charcoal warehouse.

Black charcoal, which is used to refine pharmaceutical materials that are relatively strong.

In other words, these medicines used in the refining of myelin are highly aggressive in their overall properties.

“Divine bone grass, all-body leaves, and magic shadow blood coat, all three medicines are highly poisonous. Any one of these three medicines can poison the practitioner who repairs them to the third realm of the aisle by taking a drop of leaf juice, and it is extremely fast. ”

“The Heavenly Corpse" method says aside: "The three highly toxic medicines, mixed together, this is the hardest place to refine the myelin, first of all, the alchemist must try to keep the fire to a maximum and refine the toxicity of the three medicines, but at the same time must retain the power of the other medicines. ”

Qin Yi blinked his eyes and sighed in his heart. Refining this medicine is really challenging. Keep the fire to its maximum. Don't say that it retains the medicine power of other medicines. It would be fortunate not to burn.

But the more challenging it was, the more he was willing to try.

“Therefore, in order to successfully produce a high-quality myelin, in addition to precise control of the fire, it is necessary to carefully schedule the problem of coexistence between highly toxic and non-toxic materials. ”

“Heavenly Corpse" Defender Xu slowly said, waving his hand around: “Let's go. ”


Qin Yi exhaled gently. The divine color on his face became a little heavy. After fixing his mind, he slowly reached out his right hand, gently pressed the ignition opening on the medicine closing, and then caused a hint of Xuan qi in his body, leading to the palm of his right palm.


As Qin Yi put the silk gas in his right palm, it fluctuated slightly. The black charcoal in the charcoal warehouse burned violently.

After igniting the fire, Qin Yi again activated his left hand, eliciting a sense of spirituality, covering the whole medicine. Suddenly, the change in the medicine, the change of the medicine, is clearly reflected in his mind.

“Control the dan fire to the maximum, the Divine Bone Grass, the Leaf, and the Magic Shadow Blood Coat. The dramatic toxicity contained in these three medicines will begin to be refined when the Dan drug is the largest. Then, you must pay close attention to the other medicines, never let them change. As they approach the change, keep the dan fire to the minimum, so repetitive until the toxicity of those three medicines is refined and all of them are refined. ”

“Heavenly Corpse” Patience points aside.

Qin Yi nodded, spinning the Xuan Qi in the palm of his right hand, suddenly fluctuated, in the charcoal bin, the black dan fire, is to follow the high.


A black cigarette came out of the pill, making a sound like fart.

In an instant, Qin Yi's face was smoked like charcoal by black smoke, a hint of black smoke, coming out of his mouth, gently.

… there are signs of burning again!

Qin Yi was there and blinked his eyes. He couldn't help but laugh. With his current alchemy technology, there would be a burning phenomenon!


Seeing Qin Yi's face smoked like charcoal, the “Heavenly Corpse” guardian was also stunned there, spinning, and laughing joyfully: “Ignorant generation, are you a monkey invited joke? I grass, I can't believe I made such low level stunning, alchemy technology sucks, don't blow the atmosphere, okay? Ha ha, what a pleasure. ”

He lifted his hand and touched his face. Qin Yi grinned and smiled embarrassingly: “Accidentally, this was a complete accident. ”

“Accident? ”

“Heavenly Corpse" protector laughed. “How can this be an accident?" To be honest with you, Ben Jing lived endless thoughts, burning this kind of thing, this is the first time I've seen it, I can tell, your kid doesn't have any alchemy technology at all, it's a waste of my medicine. You go. ”

“‘Corpse of Heaven' protection, it was really just an accident, you let me try again, I promise you a surprise. ”

Qin Yi believed in Dandan and his eyes burned.

“Surprise. Can you surprise me? I'm almost surprised! Forget it, don't waste my medicine. It's expensive to make medullary medicine. ”

“Heavenly Corpse” is a very low-level mistake that no one with a bit of alchemy technology can make such low-level stunning.

Now, he kind of sees that the ignorant little man in front of him, is a monkey invited comedian, doesn't know alchemy at all.

“Hey, Heavenly Corpse, I just gave you a drop of Emperor's blood. Now, how can you treat me like this? I know it's not cheap to refine medulla, but is it expensive enough to withstand a drop of Emperor's blood? You're ungrateful! ”

Qin Yi hastily said.

The "Heavenly Corpse” method is slightly flat.

Indeed, for the first time in his life, this ignorant youngster would have given himself a drop of the Great Emperor's blood serum. This was his dream, which was unexpected, and he received such a precious gift.

After a while, the "Heavenly Corpse” protection sighed: “Ignorant generation, you are wrong, my lord is from evil, but not ungrateful people, OK, now, I will give you these medicines, but my lord is very clear, even if I give them to you, you wasted them. ”


Qin Yiyi congratulated, hurriedly and respectfully said.

Yes, myelin is an extremely difficult medicine to refine, but it's hard to say if it will be wasted next.

Quickly let yourself calm down. Qin Yi frowned. Quickly analyze the cause of burning.

First of all, I am completely unfamiliar with such a dandruff as myelin, and I have no experience with half alchemy, and I cannot master the properties of those medicines.

Secondly, my Xuan Qi fluctuated too fast. Although it managed to keep the fire to its maximum, it could not be controlled to its maximum instantaneously. It must be allowed to grow without delay.

After analyzing these two reasons, Qin Yi quickly browsed and analyzed the properties of these medicines, and then remembered them.

These medicines, on those medicines books before, Qin Yi has been in contact.


Qin Yi exhaled softly, the divine color on his face became heavy again. He refined the amount of medicine used to produce a divine medullary dan and threw it into the medicine ring. Then, he added some black charcoal to the coal warehouse.


Seeing Qin Yi's cautious appearance, the “heavenly corpse” protection beside him couldn't help but laugh out: “Ignorant generation, don't pretend to be here. I have already given you these medicines, don't worry about wasting them. This time, the only thing you refined is waste dan, there will be no more optimism. ”

Qin Yi ignored the heat and sarcasm of the "Heavenly Corpse” protection method. He concentrated, stretched out his right palm, gently pressed the ignition port on the wall of medicine, and then, a hint of Xuan qi in his body, causing the palm of his left and right palms.

The black charcoal in the charcoal bin burned violently as he blew the trace of Xuan Qi in his right palm.

After igniting the fire, Qin Yi again activated the mysterious left hand, eliciting the sensation of spiritual power, covering the medicine.

“Maximize the Dan Fire. ”

Qin Yi focused his attention on the Xuan Qi in the palm of his right hand, releasing it a little bit, and the dan fire in the charcoal warehouse also slowly became prosperous. Finally, he even directly made the sound of "Xuan”.

“Good, no burning. ”

Qin Yi noticed all the changes in the medicine warehouse, and relieved herself of breath. Then, based on the characteristics of smallpox fruit, Tianshan Xuelian, Wanshou fruit, and food and beverage, the time of their change was estimated.

Now, he only knows how difficult it is to successfully understand how hard it is to refine a myelin, while controlling the fire, while keeping an eye on the changes in the medicine, and in his mind, constantly estimating when the medicine changes.

“Smallpox fruit, Tianshan Xuelian, Wanshou fruit, food and beverage dew, these kinds of medicines are about to change quickly, must be kept to a minimum, otherwise, there will be another burning phenomenon. ”

Qin Yi suddenly received the smallest amount of Xuan Qi in his right palm, while the black dan fire in the charcoal bin was also in between, becoming a tiny bit.

The burning phenomenon did not appear, Qin Yi relieved his breath.

“Smallpox fruit, Tianshan Xuelian, Wanshou fruit, food and beverage dew, these kinds of medicines have cooled down and can now be controlled to the maximum again. ”

With the smallest flame, Qin Yi refined it for about five minutes. Qin Yi again took advantage of the Xuan Qi in the palm of his right hand to control the flame to the maximum.

Smallpox fruit, Tianshan Xuelian, Wanshou fruit and food and beverage dew were made in about two minutes. These medicines came to the edge of change again. Qin Yi hastily stopped Xuan Qi and kept the dan fire to a minimum.

After so many times of refining, Qin Yi, through the images in his mind, noticed in the medicine warehouse, the colour of the three medicines, namely, Divine Bone Grass, All Body Leaves, and Magic Shadow Blood Clothes, finally softened.

“The poison contained in these three medicines has finally been refined and should now be controlled to its normal size. ”

Qin Yi relieved his breath, and just now that critical refining, it has made him sweaty.