The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 686: Regression

He is a man with a heavy mission. In the shortest possible time, he must collect all the seeds of the five elements, and then reconstitute the Kyushu magic knife to return the immortal gods to their positions. It is impossible to have too much energy to do with the love of the children.

Besides, he already has Master Yang.

Five days later, the long-running Holy See of Kyushu is already in sight.

Looking ahead, those ancient and magnificent buildings, Qin Yichang breathed out a sigh of breath, handsome face, and a heartfelt slight smile.

This will be nearly a year, he has experienced too much, especially the appearance of Maiden, several times, to let him escape from the dead, but eventually, there is no risk that he will succeed in obtaining the letter on the “Heavenly Corpse” protection.

The air in the body, burst into flames, Qin Yi's figure, turned into a shadow, burst away, a few blinks, into the Holy See of Kyushu.

“Qin Yi is back! ”

As Qin Yi landed slowly from the air on that huge martial arts field, one of the stone houses beside him, Tingwei rushed out immediately.

The movement here quickly shook the entire Kyushu Holy See. Soon, Lieutenant Laohuai, Wang Fushang, Leaving Luo, Fu Qingqing, Knife River King, Fiber King, Song Yu Wang, Xian Wencheng and others also came to the martial arts field.

“Qin Yi, I hope you come back safe and sound. ”

Wang Fushang remembered leading Lilo and Fu Qingqing to Qin Yi's side, holding Qin Yi's hand. She was always famous for her cold-handedness. At this moment, it was like a sculpted perfect face with a strong delight.

Leaving Luo and Fu Qingqing beside each other, both of them face excitement.

Qin Yi, a member of their Pharmacy 1, saw that he was able to return safely. The three of them were naturally quite happy.

“Ha ha, our magic fairy disciple, is different, even to do the task, is the first to come back. ”

A laugh came from the crowd. It was Yang Shiqi and Long Yan's teacher, Hon. Wencheng. At this time, he, the whole people were angry and Qin Yi could return so quickly and safely. He felt quite honored.

I was the first to return to the Holy See!

Qin Yi was slightly stunned. He remembered that there were 14 people who had been promoted to Tingwei in the competition. They were Qin Yi himself, Yang Shiqi, Long Yan, Puqimai, Yitai, Lin Xuan, Dongmen Yan, Cheng Ye, Jun Yan, Malianghan, Xuanlan, Naran Joran, Duan Yang Qiu and Duan Jing.

At the time, the top ecclesiastical ecclesiastics of the Holy See, assigned to these 14 people, were all different. Qin Yi knew only himself, Yang Shiqi, Long Yan, Xuanlan and the other four people's ecclesiastical missions, none of them.

It was unexpected that he would be the first of those 14 to return to the Holy See.

Even Pucky Mai, Yitai, Lin Xuan and Dongmen Yan have not returned yet.

“The first return to the Holy See is nothing but a happy one, and only a successful promotion to the championship contest can be achieved if the tasks assigned to it by the Holy See at a high level are fulfilled. ”

Xian Wencheng's voice, just fell, a cold voice, suddenly sounded.

The eyes of Qin Yi and others, with this voice, Xu slowly looked away. The only person who saw this speech was Zong He Wang.

Before carrying out his mission to the Holy See, Zong He Wang and Qin Yi conducted a contest. As a result, Zong and Wang lost. As the archdeacon of the Holy See, he actually lost Qin Yi, and he felt his face swept away.

“Yeah, I've heard that this time the top ecclesiastical of the Holy See entrusted him with the task of hunting down a remnant of the vagina gate 20,000 years ago, which is one of the eight great guardianships of the vagina gate, the Heavenly Corpse Guardian. Twenty thousand years ago, the eight great guardians of the vagina gate, all of them broke through to the Emperor Dao, a true Emperor Dao strong man. ”

King Song Yu, next to Zong and Wang, smiled and said faintly: “It is said that the ‘Heavenly Corpse’ defense was fatally and severely wounded in the battle between the two sides 20,000 years ago, but did not die. However, after such a long recovery, the wounds of the 'corpse' shield have long healed and have been repaired and restored to the peak of previous years. I mean, Qin Yi's mission to the Holy See this time was to hunt down an imperial Daoist. ”

- What? - What?

Qin Yi's quest to take the throne is to hunt down an Imperial Daoist!

Everyone here was stunned to open their mouths, and for a moment, they were stunned there.

Even Knife River and Fiber King blinked incredibly.

Now, at the Tingwei level in Kyushu, the most peak of the existence of the Knife River King, the cultivation of which, all reached the middle of the eighth realm of Zongdao, far from the Imperial Dao, there was a huge difference.

In other words, the target of Qin Yi's pursuit this time is much more powerful than the Knife River King!

For a while, the whole stadium was quiet to the extreme, only a heavy breath, slowly diffuse.

Everyone at the venue, including Knife River King and Fiber King, focused their weird eyes on Qin Yi's rather unplugged body.

They have to admit that the higher echelons of the Holy See, when it is really evil, actually let Qin Yi go after an imperial Dao mighty man, it is purely a miracle that he should die. It is already a great miracle that he can return to the Holy See alive!

“Qin Yi, you can come back alive, I've been very shocked. ”

King Song Yu looked happily at Qin Yi: “But you just came back alive, what use is that? But have you finished your mission? Did you kill the Emperor? Without killing the Emperor, your divine journey ends here. ”

As soon as he said this, many people on the field, suddenly turned to Qin Yi and cast their eyes on happiness and happiness.

The task entrusted to him by the top ecclesiastics of the Holy See was to have him hunt down the remains of the vagina that had broken through the Imperial Gate. If he did not succeed in his pursuit, he would also be relentlessly eliminated from the "take over” competition!

Qin Yi has always been in the Holy See and has shown some astonishment, but no one would believe it if it could kill an imperial Dao Qiang.

“Ha ha, maybe he's just going outside for almost a year. ”

At this time, the Zong and Wang also became incredibly happy, laughing and laughing.

“Yes, so he can come back unharmed and make sense. ”

“Can this boy kill an emperor? Heavenly Night Tan! Even if he were a fairy, he couldn't have done such a great feat! ”

“Emperor Dao Qiang, with one hand, can kill him instantly, there will be no second situation! ”

“ …… ”

The surrounding Tingwei, too, are happily attached to each other.

The Knife River King, Fiber King, Rolo King and others in the crowd sighed helplessly. Naturally, they could not believe that Qin Yi was able to kill an imperial strong man. Such a stunning teenager could not eventually become a divine guardian. Several of them felt quite sorry for themselves.

“Qin Yi, ignore these people. You can come back safely. As a teacher, I am already the greatest solace. ”

The Emperor's memory beside him was to lift that perfect face slightly, revealing a warm and shallow smile to Qin Yi.

“Yeah, Qin Yi, don't be sad, you've earned enough rewards for our Pharmacy 1, so what? After that, feel free to join us and refine the medicine. ”

Fu Qingqing, a purple hair, was also laughing.

Listening to their words, Qin Yi's heart gently surged a warm stream.

He glanced, slowly sweeping around, and it just felt like these people's faces were all written in two eye-catching words - comedy!

He stopped looking at King Song Yu's rather handsome face, touched his nose and said faintly: “Who are you listening to, this time at the top of the Holy See, gave me the task of pursuing the ‘heavenly corpse’ protection of the remains of the vagina gate 20,000 years ago? ”

For his part, the eyes of all present and the confused eyes turned to King Song Yu, even Captain Lao Huai is no exception.

Yes, this time, the Holy See's mission to 14 Tingwei contestants was all contained in a letter. If they did not communicate with each other, what was the content of their mission?


King Song Yu snorted in disdain and raised his handsome face slightly, revealing his arrogance: “On your mission to the Holy See, I wonder what the difficulties are? But why would I tell you, how would I know? ”

The people and kings beside him also smiled arrogantly: "Kid, knowing what your Holy See mission is is is not a very difficult thing, not only does King Song Yu know, but I do, too. ”

With smart means?

Qin Yi almost laughed.

He didn't have to think about it. It must have been Maiden. Tell them both. From the point that Maiden would suddenly ambush herself, it was enough to show that she knew what her mission to the Holy See was this time, and even knew that the “Heavenly Corpse” Guardian was in the ruined path of war.

“Funny, two super funny. ”

Looking at the arrogant King Song Yu and the Zong He Wang, Qin Yi shook his head with a smile.

- What? - What?

Qin Yi actually scolded King Song Yu and Zong and Wang Xiaobi in front of the whole Holy See!

Everyone in the room stunned and opened their mouths in dismay.

And King Song Yu and Zong and Wang were also stunned. They thought they had heard wrong and blinked incredibly.

“Pfft! ”

A voice of delight suddenly came, breaking the quiet on the scene, it was the beautiful Fiber King, her little hands covering her mouth, slow smiling, so unhappy, the two large groups of drum sacs on her chest, both laughing and shaking, a wonderful ripple.

“Ha ha! ”

“Hee-hee! ”

Throughout the scene, suddenly, a crowd of laughter sounded. Wang Fushang's memory, Fu Qingqing, and Leaving Luo were three people, and he kept his mouth shut to eat and smile. He was in a great mood.

Even Knife River King and Lieutenant Laohuai were forced to Guan Er. They had to admit that the teenager, with extraordinary courage, actually scolded King Song Yu and Zong and Wang together, and had no fear of them at all.

“Kid, you want to die. Look, I'll kill you right now! ”