The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 690: The King of Childhood

The man in the white robe was covered in white glitter, unable to see his face clearly, truly like a cactus, mysterious and sacred.

Who is this man?

Looking at the white robe man who had moved forward, Qin Yi's mind was confused, and he could swear that he had never seen this man before in the Holy See of Kyushu.

And the captain behind him, Lao Huai, looked at the obscure white robe man, but he raised his respects and hurried to worship: “See the King of Childhood! ”

King Bo Ming!

Qin Yi on the side became more and more confused. Is there a child king in the Kyushu Holy See?

But in the moment, he seemed to have heard the name again, pondered for a moment, and he suddenly remembered, when he first entered the Holy See in the Kyushu, the 10 pharmacies received the Alchemy competition for the first time, wasn't it published by King Bo Ming?

He's a senior member of the Kyushu Holy See!

Between them, Qin Yi's heart rolled up a huge wave. He could not have imagined it. At this moment, he can actually meet a high level of the Holy See!

At the top of the Holy See, on the whole of Kyushu, that is the highest being!

Until now, he understood that, as a captain of the General Housekeeping Hall, he had been instructed to intervene directly with the high echelons of the Holy See.

King Xiaoming ignored Qin Yi, and came straight to the face of Captain Laohuai: “Lieutenant Laohuai, of the 14 Tingwei who participated in the championship competition, it seems that there is one Tingwei, who has completed his task and returned to the Holy See. ”

King Bo Ming's voice is not as powerful as he thought it would be, but rather a little mild.

“Back to King Bo Ming, yes, the Ting Wei who went after the rest of the vagina gate, this is the Ting Wei, who took the letter from the rest of the vagina gate. ”

Fei Laohuai hastily picked up the black sword presented yesterday by Qin Yi and handed it to King Tong Ming respectfully.

“This Holy See mission, I recall, was scheduled to be completed in a year, and it is less than a year now, and that Tingwei was completed? ”

King Bo Ming raised the black sword and looked at it. Immediately thereafter, the black sword in his hand suddenly burst into a bloody mist. As this bloody mist erupted, the whole palace was filled with a faint smell of blood.

His move, obviously, was to verify whether the black sword was a forgery.

Looking at the black sword, the light blood-soaked fog appeared, and King Ming softened his head: “Yes, this is indeed a letter from the vagina gate. Tingwei, who accomplished this Holy See mission, was named Qin Yi, right? This teenager is really good! ”

“Go back to King Bo Ming, the teenager, is Qin Yi. ”

Fei Laohuai pointed to Qin Yi not far away, respectfully said.


Though King Bo Ming's body was all white and hard to recognize his face, Qin Yi noticed that King Bo Ming was stunned and opened his mouth.

“Are you Qin Yi? ”

King Xiaoming has come to Qin Yi and asked Qin Yi Xu Xu.


Out of curiosity, Qin Yi darkened his left hand to spy on the cultivation of King Ming.

No snooping!

Qin Yi was shocked by himself. He actually felt that King Ming was like a chaos. There was no way to spy on his true cultivation. Moreover, there was a slight breath on King Ming's body that didn't emit.

Too powerful!

Qin Yi's heart is very uneven.

For Qin Yi's snooping, Wang Xiaoming looked at Qin Yi with a faint smile: “Not bad, with your repair, to complete the task of hunting down the rest of the vagina gate has become a certain challenge, however, you still don't have a year to complete. ”

Speaking, Bo Ming Wang Tan entered the arms and took out a letter and gave it to Qin Yi: "This is your task to take the king's race. Hope you can complete it, because you seem to have a pretty good talent in Alchemy. I, Kid Ming Wang, also want to see for myself that your Alchemy talent, if you fail to complete the task of the Championship, you will lose almost all the Alchemy talent that I see in you. Come on, Junior! ”

After words, the figure of King Bo Ming suddenly faded away. In between blinking eyes, it disappeared completely.

King Bo Ming wants to see my Alchemy talent for himself. What do you mean?

Qin Yi held the letter, and the color of the divine was a little dazed.

“Qin Yi, you can't believe you won the praise of King Ming. Looks like you're really good! ”

Lieutenant Laohuai beside him, Xu Xu said, looking at Qin Yi's eyes, has become somewhat different.

To be appreciated by the top ecclesiastics of the Holy See, Qin Yi was the first ever!

Qin Yi returned to God, bewildered looking to Lieutenant Lao Huai: “Lieutenant Lao seniors, what exactly does that last word of King Bo Ming mean? ”

“I don't know. ”

Fei Laohuai shook his head slightly and said: “However, he can say this to you. Obviously, he looks good at you, Qin Yi, you know? King Bo Ming, the only super alchemist in the Holy See of Kyushu. ”

- What? - What?

Turns out he's the only super alchemist in the Kyushu Holy See!

Qin Yi stayed there, and there was a huge wave in his chest. It was amazing. Today, he actually met the only super alchemist in Kyushu Holy See!

“Oh, no. ”

After a moment of shock, Qin Yi returned to God and said: "Didn't my teacher say that the only super alchemist of the Kyushu Holy See, who had left the Kyushu Holy See 10,000 years ago, had no idea where he was going? ”

Wang Fushang did tell Qin Yi about this, Qin Yi remembered clearly, there will be no mistake!

“Yes, the true King of Chiang Ming, who left the Holy See in Kyushu 10,000 years ago, stood before us only as a part of the Holy See in Kyushu, or a mirror image. ”

Fei Laohuai said Xu Xu.

Turns out it's just a mirror image of King Bo Ming!

Qin Yi opened his mouth in dismay. No wonder he couldn't spy on his cultivation earlier, and he couldn't feel a breath from him.

“A mirror that is capable of thinking, talking, doing things, even fighting like itself is a little too powerful! ”

Qin Yi sighed.

It has to be admitted that the top echelons of the Holy See in Kyushu are indeed extraordinary horrors.

“Mirrors, in fact, are a kind of mystery that not everyone in general can possess, and only if they possess mirror secrets and cultivate them successfully can they separate their images and leave them somewhere. ”

Seeing the divine unevenness on Qin Yi's face, Fei Laohui explained, and went on: “If a real person dies, the image it separates will also disappear. ”

Qin Yi felt it.

In other words, 10,000 years ago, King Ming, who had left the Holy See of Kyushu, had not died so far, otherwise his image of the Holy See of Kyushu would not have survived.

“Now that King Bo Ming has handed you the task of winning the championship competition, go back and take a serious look at your task of winning the championship competition, what is it? ”

Fei Laohuai smiled and waved at Qin Yi.

Qin Yi turned away from the General Affairs Hall and returned to his stone house without further delay.

Looking at the letter in hand, Qin Yi smiled somewhat helplessly: “It is true that, as expected from Luo, the task of seizing the king's race followed closely. What exactly is my tournament mission? ”

Qin Yi's heart is full of curiosity.

Although the contents of the letter had not yet been read, he was well aware that the task contained in the letter was definitely much more daunting than the pursuit of the “Corpse of Heaven” protection.

The envelope was torn apart with curiosity, and the letterhead inside was taken out. Qin Yi glanced at it and swept a glance. The whole person suddenly felt like five lightning blasts.

It just says on the letterhead:

First, rescue Xuanlan, the disciple Xuan, and the sword fly three people. If the rescue succeeds, Xuanlan completes the task, promotes the championship race, and, according to the regulations, brings the disciple Xuan and the sword to the Holy See in Kyushu.

“Thus, Xuanlan, Shi Xuan and Zero Brothers encountered danger while helping Shi Xuan to find the blood flag! ”

Qin Yi's face was slightly pale. For a moment, his heart was burning.

All three of them have quite good fighting power. Especially when the disciple Xuan and the sword are perfectly matched by two swords. That power, he has taught himself, how can he be in enough danger to be fatal?

After a while, Qin Yifang returned to God, gazed, and continued to browse.

Secondly, assist Yang Shiqi in finding another truncated golden sword. If you find another truncated golden sword, Yang Shiqi completes the task and promotes to the championship competition.

By completing these two points, you will succeed in winning the King and promote him to the Divine Guard.

Set a time frame for the completion of the mandate: three years.


After reading the mission letterhead, Qin Yichang exhaled. He remembered that the Xuan family intelligence agency found the blood flag belonging to the discipline master Xuan, it was in Yulan Mainland. At the same time, Xuanlan, the discipline master Xuan, and the sword floated three people, also led an intelligence team to Yulan Mainland.

There is no doubt that the difficulty of this mission in Xuanlan exceeds the expectations of the Holy See at high levels, and several of them are now in danger.

Yeung Siqi's difficulty in finding another golden sword cut is also beyond the expectations of the Holy See's top, which is why the Holy See's top echelons give themselves such a task.

Alternatively, the high echelons of the Holy See are themselves well aware of the difficulty of the task of Yang Shiqi and Sherland, who were not expected to accomplish it and who had to rely on their help to accomplish it.

“Saving several people in Xuanlan and then assisting Master Yang in finding another cut of the gold sword is a much more difficult task than hunting down the 'Heavenly Corpse' protection. Grass, this is obviously two tasks. ”

In Qin Yi's heart, there are 10,000 grass horses running!

But to this day, indignation is no longer helpful. It is not too late. We must leave immediately to go to Yulan mainland and rescue Xuanlan and others.

Yulan mainland is what kind of mainland, Qin Yi can't know, he doesn't even know, Xuanlan and a few of them, now in Yulan mainland, what kind of danger is encountered. If he goes too late, he is really afraid to “rescue”, then becomes “collect the corpse”.

If Xuanlan, Xuanxuan the Doctor and Zero the Sword really died in this mission, Qin Yi did not intend to easily let go of the high echelons of the Holy See.

Next, he drew up a plan: he went to the Shenzhen family in Greater Chu Ink City, asked for an intelligence team from the Shenzhen family, immediately entered Yulan mainland, and rescued Shenzhen Lan, the disciple Shenzhen, the Sword Floating Zero and other associates.

After rescuing them, let them continue to look for the bloody flag, and themselves, rush to help Yang Shiqi find another golden broken sword.

It is now almost a year before the original launch of the mission of the championship contest, and the Holy See has set itself the deadline for completing this mission at three years, which is exactly when Xuanlan completed his mission.

The next day, Qin Yi was no longer delayed and ready to leave immediately to go to the Greater Chuxuan family.

Before leaving, Qin Yi went to Pharmacy No. 1 to bid farewell to Wang Fushang Memories, Leaving Lo and Fu Qing Qing.

“What, your mission to the championship contest, is down? Or go to Yulan to rescue Xuanlan and others, and help Yang Shiqi find another golden sword? ”

Hearing Qin Yi's explanation, Fushang's memory, Leaving Lo and Fu Qing Qing were all stunned. The breasts of the three were all set up and landed for a while, and their faces were annoyed.

They knew that Qin Yi's quest for the championship competition would soon come down, but they didn't expect it to be so fast and so dangerous.

Qin Yi has just returned from a broken war path!

“Now that the mandate has been given at the top of the Holy See, there can be no change. ”

Still the calmest from Lo, he exhaled softly, saying: "Moreover, the Holy See's higher echelons will come down so quickly, then it is clear that Sherland and several of them are indeed in desperation and must be rescued immediately. ”

“Qin Yi, this mission is too dangerous, you choose to give up, you can't be a divine guard, so what? I'm not uncommon for anything high on the Holy See. ”

Wang Fushang remembered some bitter remarks, this task, just listening, knew that nine lifetimes, she didn't want Qin Yi this time, there was no return, Qin Yi had an unparalleled talent for alchemy. She also expected that one day, he could become the second super alchemist in the Holy See ever.

How glorious it is to be a super alchemist as your own disciple.

Fu Qingqing, beside him, also looked at Qin Yi with concern: "At the top of the Holy See, isn't it obvious to push you into the kang? Abandoning this task is the wisest option for you. ”

Looking at the worries on the faces of the three people, Qin Yi's heart slowly flowed through a little warmth, but shook his head. “Giving up, it's impossible. If I don't go to Yulan Mainland to rescue them, Xuanlan, Shixuan, Floating Brothers and several of them will most likely be buried there. I can't watch them die. ”

After a slight meal, Qin Yi went on to say: “And Master Yang, you don't know anything. Her body is sealed with a 'sword power’. She was born for the sword. I have a feeling that the high ecclesial level of the Holy See made her look for the golden sword break, which is extremely important to her. In any case, I must help her find it. Besides, if she cannot find the golden sword cut, her task will fail and she will be eliminated. ”