The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 693: Two Kings of War (Lower)

The whole world, quiet again!

With a loud noise, even King Song Yu not far away, his body trembled suddenly, as if this clap, was on him!

Zonghe Wang immobilized in that huge palm shadow, gray face, wolf, his head was slapped again, blinked his eyes, muttered in his mouth: “How could... this...”

“What is this…? ”

On one side, King Song Yu looked at Qin Yi twice in a row as the “dog eats shit” Zong and Wang. He opened his mouth in dismay. For a moment, he even forgot the attack and stood still.

“Ah, little bastard, I'm gonna chop you to pieces! ”

Returning to the Divine Fathers and Kings, my heart was broken, and I photographed myself in such an indecent position at once, even if I had, I would have done it twice in a row.

“Hung Wan Jiu - the first knife! ”

Heart-breaking Zong and Wang drank, held a bloody sharp knife, and burst out of the ground again, killing Qin Yi severely.


“Spray! ”

He had just risen in the sky, a golden palm print, suddenly appeared above his head, whistled down, slapped him on the ground, still... his heartbreaking dog in a shitty position, even his position, was there.

Zonghe Wang laid down there with his mouth full of mud and sand covered with thick dust.

“Oh, I can't bear to look at it! ”

On one side, King Song Yu shook his head rather helplessly. Looking into Qin Yi's eyes, there was already a terrible killing intent. He knew that the teenager was strong, but he did not expect that he was strong enough to ravage the sects and kings at will.

It's horrible!

“Kid, let Qin Yi die! ”

King Song Yu suddenly drinks cold, angry and wildly kills Qin Yi, hard to cut out: “Swallow the heavens and the earth - the second day! ”

With the splitting of his hand, it was stamped with a huge yellow palm that clustered together, instantly turning into three tracks with a sharp, empty voice.

With this huge yellow palm print, Qin Yi just felt the rushing gravity, which more than doubled.

However, his physical defense has long been unparalleled and he is still able to easily resist this gravity.

“Is that all you are, as the peak master after the Knife River and Fiber King? ”

With a faint smile, Qin Yi held a long smoke cloud gun and rushed towards those three massive, yellow palm prints.

Knock, knock! Knock!

Smoke cloud long gun stirred, once again printed three dirt yellow palms, directly stirred.

Qin Yi's movements did not stop. He held a long gun with a smoke cloud and turned into a flush. He burst out toward King Song Yu's chest. The long gun had not been stabbed yet. King Song Yu felt a bit of severe pain in his chest.

This is the ultimate killing intent, caused by it!

“What an unexpected boy! ”

Feeling the pain in the chest, King Song Yu was shocked. He dared not be slightly lazy. He hurried to turn his body into a shadow. He shot out obliquely. Qin Yi's long gun followed his jacket and stabbed him.

“Son of a bitch, fuck you! ”

Then Zong and Wang, who lay on the ground in a dog eating shit position, already held a bloody sharp knife, rose to the sky and slaughtered Qin Yi: “Hung Fang Jiu - the first knife! ”

But unfortunately, what happened next was still the scene.

He had just rushed out of the ground, and the teenager who was fighting King Song Yu, again, left hand, suddenly, a golden palm print, reappeared, slapped down, still photographed him in the position of eating shit.

Zong He Wang's heart had long been broken into pieces, and he could never have imagined that this man, the angry boy, would one day be able to ravage himself so freely.

After “annihilating the world” slapped Zong and Wang hard on the ground, Qin Yi couldn't even look at him. He held a long gun in his hand and went up against the sky, bursting into the emperor Song Yu.

“Kid, you want to fight me and the King alone, there's only one ending, which is: no place to die! ”

Looking at the young man who stabbed at the speed, King Song Yu drank cold, and then slapped out: “Swallow the heavens and the earth - the third heaven! ”

As he chopped out this clap, it was stamped with a huge yellow clap that clustered together, and suddenly turned into six tracks, with a sharp whistling voice, towards Qin Yi, and struck hard.

The yellow palm print has not yet been struck. The gravity is already like a giant wave, impacting Qin Yi.


Qin Yi roared, holding the long gun of the smoke cloud in his hands, and stamped the six earthy yellow palms at that speed, a rounds fiercely.

Knock, knock! Click...

Ancient longguns, seemingly capable of destroying everything in heaven and earth, the six yellow giant palm prints, suddenly crumbled and opened the moment they touched the ancient longguns.

A huge wave of energy swept away, hitting Qin Yi and Song Yu Wang hard, hitting both of them in the chest, they were all a little bored.

“Hung Wan Jiu - the first knife! ”

Qin Yi just smashed six earthy yellow giant palms, and when he roared like a beast, he followed himself and sounded suddenly.

Zong and Wang are up!

“Death to all creatures! ”

Qin Yi was too lazy to even look at it, he just flicked his left hand.

“Spray! ”

Behind him, there was a loud shock, and even the ground was shaking violently.

Without turning back, Qin Yi knew that Zong and Wang, at this time, had become a dog eating shit, laying tight on the ground, covered with a layer of dust.


After shooting Zong and Wang back on the ground, Qin Yi drank angrily, his head was full of dark hair, he danced wildly, his clothes hunted and sounded, and his chest was filled with tremendous warfare.

He came out with a long gun and stabbed King Song Yu. The speed was unspeakable. Between them, he stabbed King Song Yu in the chest.

King Song Yu was terrified, his feet suddenly slipped, his tall body, and he exploded at great speed.

Being second only to Knife River King and Fiber King's Peak Master, his strength will not naturally be covered, only to see him in the blast, still a slap out: “Swallow the heavens and the earth - the fourth heaven! ”

His clap split, the clap concentrated in a huge yellow palm imprint, suddenly turned into nine channels, severely splitting towards Qin Yi.

With the splitting of the nine-way yellow giant palm print, the surrounding space, all following the distortion, the gravity emitted in the palm print is like the same huge mountain, hit Qin Yi hard.

The teenager, carrying a long gun, did not move, did not take half a step backwards, his shirt and dark hair, was struck backwards by the gravity.

“Break it! ”

In the roar, Qin Yi stepped forward, the smoke cloud long gun in his hand, madly stirred.

No accidents occurred, nine earthy palm prints, the moment it touched the smoke cloud gun, it broke apart as many times as possible.

“Hung Wan Jiu - the first knife! ”

At the same moment, behind Qin Yi, the roar of Zong and Wang sounded again.

This old bastard, what a pain in the ass!

Qin Yi again swings his left hand at will.

“Spray! ”

Another loud sound broke the hearts of some, and the earth shook itself.

The next battle scene, you can already imagine, Qin Yi and Song Yu Wang engaged in a frenzied war, while constantly carrying out “the annihilation of all creation”. The whole battle scene is both bloody and laughing.

“Hung Wan Jiu - the first knife! ”

“Spray! ”

“Hung Wan Jiu - the first knife! ”

“Spray! ”

“Hung Wan Jiu - the first knife! ”

“ …… ”

Zong He Wang was always his first sword, but unfortunately, he could never be carried out. He was suppressed by Qin Yi's "annihilation of all beings”, dead and dead.

Such a battle scenario, if seen by a third person, would definitely shatter the chin, a culminating archdeacon of the Holy See of Kyushu, at this moment, by an ordinary court guard, completely devastated.

This scene, which was the dream of Zong and Wang, was unimaginable. At this time, his heart had been broken into pieces, and his face was all suffocated into pig liver color.

Holding in and angry, he let his eyes stare round, even his orbit cracked open, two bloodstains of red flowing around the corner of his eyes, looking strange and scary.

His hair was chaotic, and the gorgeous golden robe was already broken and covered in dust. It looked like it was a wolf.


Finally, he had a mouth, a bite of blood, and sprayed out. He didn't know whether he had been injured by Qin Yi's “wiped out by the earth” hands, or whether he was angry.

Faced with the joining forces of Zong and Wang with King Song Yu, Qin Yi can only adopt such tactics. Otherwise, with the strength of both of them, it will be difficult to win the benefits in their hands.

It is the wisest tactic and the wisest tactic to suppress the death of Zong and Wang from the beginning, making it difficult for him to launch an attack!

At this time, it was also impossible for King Song Yu to distract attention from the sects and kings. He fought with Qin Yi with all his strength. However, he was implicitly surprised that Qin Yi, while suppressing the death of the sects and kings, faced with his full strength to attack, still showed no signs of wind.

“Qin Yi, how can you have such a fierce fighting power if your current cultivation is not enough to break through the middle of Zongdao Six Realm? ”

King Song Yu drank angrily and his heart was very restless.

Qin Yi was still able to resist his full attack in the face of Zong and Wang.

In other words, unless this teenager wants to take control of the sect and the king, he is not an opponent of this teenager at all, but he has broken through the eight realms of the sect!

This teenager's cultivation was only in the middle of Patriarchate Six, but his strength was to defeat a master of Patriarchate Eight, which is even scarier than God!

As the Supreme Patriarch of the Holy See, but unable to defeat a Holy See Tingwei, King Song Yu felt his face swept away.

“Isn't it because I have the strength to fight that you little people want to strangle me in the cradle? ”

Qin Yi said faintly.

Although he possesses gold, water, fire, earthly four elements seeds, as well as the left hand of the demon, his body, and has experienced the quenching of Emperor blood and Emperor blood sperm, he still dares not have a slight totality, slightly careless, but really will kill them both.