The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 699: Intelligence Unit

“Seen Senior Xuan! ”

Qin Yi went to the front, respectfully saluted the courtesy, and said: “I want the whole thing. Senior Xuan already understands, I am here, no more chatter. ”

“Yes, the next person has reported the whole thing to me. Sherland and a few of them are in danger in Yulan Mainland. This should be terrible. ”

The face of the chanting song is quite gloomy.

Xuanlan, the best descendant of their Xuanlan family, and Tingwei of the Holy See of Kyushu, is now in danger in Yulan mainland. How can he be comfortable?

All the people in the palace, the colors of the gods are also quite concentrated.

“Master Jiang, on my way back, I asked you to choose the best intelligence team. Have you been chosen for this? ”

The chanting song turned his face and asked the Lord of the Jiangkou in armor beside him.

“Now that the lady is in danger, how dare I be a little lazy? As the chief said, I have thought about choosing which people to follow Qin Yi to Yulan mainland to rescue the lady. ”

The chief of the Jiang Palace paid tribute to the chancellor's song: “These are: Naranqiu Shui, Liu Xiancheng, Lu Yuesheng, and Zhao Tingyu. The four of them are the best of the entire intelligence palace. They have many means of obtaining information, and their own modifications are also good. I will go and call them here now. ”


The chancellor waved his hand.

The Lord of the Jiangkou immediately turned away.

Not long later, he reappeared in the main palace, and behind him, there were four of them.

Qin Yi's eyes swept away, and found that all four of them were young people, two men and two women, and both women were exceptionally beautiful. One of them, dressed in a white robe, had a clean and unusual temperament. The divine color appeared to be a bit solemn, giving a very wise feeling.

The other woman, dressed in a green robe and beautifully dressed with a hint of glamour, especially a pair of Dan Phoenix eyes, gently flowing around the room, all kinds of style, very easily intoxicating.

Two young men, one wearing a yellow robe, one wearing a black robe, and the other wearing a yellow robe, look very literate, like a Yas who likes to sing and give gifts. And the man in the black robe, his face is like a knife cut, the diamond corner is distinct, and there is a slight similarity to what Qin Yi saw in the old days in the ruined war path of the Taobao Genius descendant Taobao. One stop there at will give you a sense of sharpness like a blade.


Qin Yi darkly prompted his left hand to spy on the cultivation of these people, and quickly spyed on the results, all of which were actually in the early six realms of Zongdao.

In the early days of the Patriarchal Six Realms, such a hierarchy was indeed quite high for the folk, and it could be said that it was difficult to find a rival beside them.

On the other hand, it can be seen that the sheikhs' intelligence cabinet is indeed quite remarkable.

“Qin Yi, this is the best four of the hundreds of people I picked out in the intelligence cabinet, see if there are any problems? ”

The Lord of the Jiangkou came to Qin Yi, respectfully said, swinging, waved at the four people again: “All of you come here and have seen Qin Yi. ”

The Sheng family's intelligence cabinet, which actually has hundreds of people, is enormous enough.

Qin Yi mumbled herself, not to think about it. Among these hundreds of people, there are absolutely all kinds of strangers. No wonder they can even detect the blood flag belonging to the disciple.

The four of them quickly came to Qin Yi. Qi respectfully said: “I have seen Qin Yi! ”

In the next introduction, Qin Yi learned that: women in white robes, called Naran Qiushui, women in green robes, called Zhao Yuting, men in yellow robes, called Liu Xiancheng, men in black robes called Lu Yuesheng.

“Qin Yi, a four-member intelligence team, Naran Qiushui, is the team leader. In fact, she is also the deputy chief of the intelligence cabinet. She has an extremely talented and outstanding command talent. Liu Xiancheng is a plotter and an expert in antiquities. She reads books and never forgets them. Zhao Yuting and Lu Yuesheng, on the other hand, are two excellent executors. ”

Jiangkou master introduced Qin Yi for a moment and said: “What other talents do you need? I'll pick it out for you. ”

“No, there are four of them, enough. ”

Qin Yi's eyes fell on the faces of the four people in front of him and gently lowered his head.

Intelligence teams, not in terms of numbers, but in terms of excellence, especially this time, they entered the Yulan mainland and went to rescue Xuanlan. They were overcrowded and could cause a lot of inconvenience.

“Please ask Qin Yi, this time, what is our mission with you? ”

Naran Qiushui, dressed in a white robe, respectfully asked Qin Yi.

The other three around her will also look at Qin Yi in confusion.

Master Jiang didn't tell them about the mission!

Qin Yi was stunned, some unexpectedly glanced at Jiangkou master.

The chief of the Jiangkou smiled with a slight apology, explaining: "Qin Yi, this intelligence team has been given full authority under your command, so it will be clearer if you personally tell them the task. ”

So that's it!

Qin Yi felt it, touched his nose, and looked at the faces of the four people in front of him. Xu Xu Xu said: “Xuanjia's younger sister, Xuanlan, is a court guard of the Kyushu Holy See. I think you all know about this, right? And a year ago, she received a senior member of the Kyushu Holy See to help disciples find a bloody flag, you know that? ”


Naranqiu gently lightened his beautiful head, his voice was quite soft and beautiful, and said: “The bloody flag, that is, I led an intelligence team to find out its exact whereabouts. If I remember correctly, the bloody flag exists in Yulan mainland. ”


Qin Yi nodded and went on to say: "Then, Xuanlan, the disciple Xuan and the sword floated and three people led an intelligence team into Yulan Mainland to find the whereabouts of the bloody flag. But unfortunately, not too long ago, I received another mission from the top ecclesiastical of the Kyushu Holy See to go to Yulan and rescue their people, that is, now that several of them are under threat of life in Yulan, I must immediately enter Yulan and rescue them. ”


Naranju water and others, all whispered softly, the divine colour on their faces, all became a little anxious.

“So now I ask you, this intelligence team, to follow me to Yulan, to carry out intelligence work, to rescue several people in Xuanlan. ”

Qin Yi said.

Naranjo, a few people, all nodded.

So it was settled. General Qin Yi led an intelligence team composed of four people, Lan Qiushui, Liu Xiancheng, Zhao Tingyu and Lu Yuesheng, into Yulan Mainland and rescued several people in Xuanlan.

Without delay, the next day, Qin Yi several people left the Shenzhen family, headed to Yulan mainland and went fast.

The Yulan mainland, located east of the East Sea, can be reached only by crossing the vast East Sea.


Qin Yi's figure of several people, in the wild mountain forest, turned into a shadow of a road, towards the East Sea, exploded.

Qin Yi found that Naran Qiushui, Liu Xiancheng, Zhao Tingyu and Lu Yuesheng were all quite well made in speed. At full speed, they were not much worse than themselves. He had to be emotional again. The information cabinet of the Shenzhen family was indeed not simple.

“By the way, Autumn Water, do you remember that there was a girl named Yang Shiqi who needed to look for a golden broken sword, not knowing exactly where it was on her animal hide map? ”

Qin Yi asked as she rushed along, pairing Naran Qiu Shui who had always walked with herself.

His quest to win the championship competition consisted of two, rescuing several people from Xuanlan, and helping Yang Shiqi find another cut of the gold sword. Therefore, for the address on Yang Shiqi's animal skin, he must know clearly. After rescuing several people from Xuanlan, before he can have a target to go to look for Yang Shiqi and help her find the cut of the gold sword.

Somehow, he always had a hidden feeling that as long as Yang Shiqi could get another cut off of the gold sword, her fate would have a turning point.

“Yang Shiqi a year ago? I naturally remember this. However, I did not decipher the contents of the animal hide map on her, and we have a detailed division of labour in the Intelligence Cabinet. ”

Naran Qiushui smiled lightly and revealed a neat white tooth. Heaven and earth suddenly felt a discoloration. She turned to Liu Xiancheng, who had fallen slightly behind her, waving her little white hand: “Liu Xiancheng, come here, Qin Yi has something to ask you. ”

Liu Xiancheng hurried up and came to Qin Yi and Naran Qiushui. He respectfully said to Qin Yi: “What instructions do you have, young master? ”

Hearing Liu Xiancheng's name paired with his own, Qin Yi sneered and waved: “I am a young master of farts, at best, that is, an ordinary court guard of the Kyushu Holy See. After that, you all called my name ‘Qin Yi', just like Autumn Shui. ”

Everyone around me, they all smile, suddenly they just feel the teenager in front of them, a lot of kindness.


Liu Xiancheng said with a smile: “So, Qin Yi, do you have any questions for me? ”

Touching his nose, Qin Yi asked: "A year ago, Yang Shiqi, on the skin of the animal, what is it that he recorded? ”

“A year ago, that animal skin map on Yang Shiqi, the address on it? ”

Liu Xiancheng suddenly, his face slightly grew a little pale. After a moment of silence, he sighed heavily: “Qin Yi, are you going to rescue Xuanlan and several of them from Yulan mainland, and then look for that Yang Shiqi? I advise you to put an end to this, don't you? ”

Seeing the divine colour of Liu Xiancheng, Qin Yi's heart raised a hint of bad feeling. “Brother Liu, where is the address on Master Yang's beast skin map? ”

The three beside Naran Qiushui, Zhao Tingyu and Lu Yuesheng are also questionable looking to Liu Xiancheng.