The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 702: Mental Control

He really thought that Zhao Yuting only used two fiber jade fingers to kill the strong men of the Seven Realms of Zongdao. Turns out they were poisoned. Zhao Yuting used his fingers to dot things, only because of her playfulness.

Hearing Qin Yi coming, Naran Qiushui, Liu Xiancheng, Zhao Yuting and Lu Yuesheng all stood still and looked strangely at Qin Yi.

They knew that the teenager was strong, but they didn't think that the teenager's talent was so terrible. Zhao Yuting just did his poison, but he thought so much of it all at once.

“In fact, Yuting did more than just poison these two indigenous people. ”

Naran chuckled shallow autumn water.


It's not just poison!

Qin Yi was slightly stunned and looked at Zhao Yuting with surprise: “So, what else did you do? ”

“You'll see. ”

Naran Qiushui waved a small white hand at Zhao Yuting and Lu Yuesheng: “You two, go and rob them of their money first, then wake them up. We have to get some general information from their mouths about the Yulan mainland. ”

Zhao Yuting and Lu Yuesheng, without saying anything, came to the two indigenous people lying on the ground without personnel, and began to loot happily.

Soon after, they both looted the following items on two indigenous people:

Blood ginseng, five strains, zodiac martial arts, two pieces, 200 small red pieces, these small pieces of material, obviously quite special, on the surface, there is a hidden red rush, like a treasure.

And the size of these little pieces, exactly the same, each, is less than one adult's thumb size, a thin piece.

“These 200 little red pieces should be the common currency of the mainland, the yulan coin. ”

Liu Xiancheng grabbed a small piece of red circle and said: “Some books about Yulan Mainland have documented that the value of yulan coins is similar to that of Jiuzhou Lingyuanshi. ”


Qin Yi, Naran Qiushui, Zhao Yuting and Lu Yuesheng all had to look at each other. This was a treasure for them who had just entered the Yulan mainland. Without it, they would not be able to walk here.

“I recommend that these yulan coins be placed on Qin Yi and kept by Qin Yi. ”

Naran Qiushui handed over 200 yulan coins to Qin Yi. Qin Yi put them in the bag, and the heartfelt, first money to enter Yulan mainland, got it.

However, the journey was somewhat improper and was actually obtained by robbery.

“Five blood ginseng, five of us, one for each. As for the two patriarchal martial arts, give them back, wash them away, even if Yuting's spiritual control is stronger, wake them up and they will inevitably be suspicious. ”

Naranqiu said, "Yuting, wake them up now, and we need to get some valuable information from them. ”


Zhao Yuting smiled, she first came to the purple robe man, paused her body, clapped the fiber jade against the purple robe man's forehead, as the body's brown air, slightly surged, suddenly, a slight yellow fog, from the palm of her jade, emitted, slowly injected into the purple robe man's body.

Psychological control!

Qin Yi beside him, but he was confused to put his eyebrows, slightly flashed, the word, which he had never heard before.

As Zhao Yuting continuously smeared the yellow mist into the purple robe man's body through his palms, not long later, the purple robe man was in a coma, gently waking up, slowly opening his eyes.

“Yuki, how come it's you? God, I'm not dreaming about it, Snow, you actually showed up in front of me. ”

When Zhao Yuting looked beautiful in front of the purple robe man, he suddenly became excited, his eyes revealed a strong admiration.

“Is this... mental control? ”

Qin Yi beside him, watching this scene, his chin broke the ground and incredibly blinked.

He could totally see that the purple man in this matter was deeply in love with Zhao Yuting and called her Xiaoxue.

He was surrounded by Naranqiu water in a white robe and slowly slowed down the beautiful head: “Yes, this is the mental control of Yuting, that is, the poison she had just inflicted on the two indigenous people contains a kind of mental anesthesia, now the two indigenous spirits are completely in Yuting's hands. ”

It's amazing!

Qin Yi stared and couldn't help but breathe cool air.

The information cabinet of the Shenzhen family is certainly not built, and there are various means available. No wonder the blood flag of the disciplinarian Shenzhen, as well as the whereabouts of Yeung Shiqi's other golden broken sword, are all found out.

“What are you talking about? What Yuting? What else did she do to me? Don't blame me for the wooden marks! ”

The purple robe men suddenly drank for Naram's autumn water and were angry.

Qin Yi was stunned. Zhao Yuting's mental control was terrible. Now this purple robe man with wood marks is simply insane!

“Wooden marks, whatever you yell at, they're all my friends. ”

Zhao Yuting's apricot glanced at him and sipped delicately.

The wooden scar hurriedly shrunk his neck. "Yes! ”

A strong man, Shu Wei also broke through the Seven Realms of Zongdao, actually obeyed Zhao Yuting's orders. Such a scenario makes me laugh.

“Xiaoxue, you woke me up. Hongfu is my personal escort. Please help me wake him up. Your great grace, I will not forget my wooden marks. ”

With a glimpse of the wooden marks, he still lay on the ground without saving his life. Please speak to Zhao Yuting.

At this time, he obviously doesn't remember at all, it was Lu Yuesheng who fought them before, and Zhao Yuting, who was watching the war.

In his eyes, Zhao Yuting is Xiaoxue, a beautiful woman who dreamt of his soul.

As for the existence of Xiaoxue in his social circle, there are a few people beside Qin Yi who have no idea. Maybe there are, maybe, just one person he fantasized about.

However, the Hongtiger is actually a close guard with wooden marks. It was quite a surprise that Qin Yi was a few others. It seems that this end of the wooden marks, still has some identity.


Zhao Yuting gently nodded his head, came to the end of the wooden mark, such as the method of artificial production, white small palm, slowly extended, gently on the forehead of the Hongtiger, the body's Xuan Qi, slightly gushed out, a slight yellow fog, from the palm of her palm, burst out, injected into the body of the Hongtiger.

Not yet.

Hongfu's eyes, slowly opened.

“Snow, it's... Snow! ”

Like the end wooden marks, when he opened his eyes and saw the beautiful Zhao Yuting in front of him, he was similarly suddenly petrified, in his eyes, hot.

“Hongfu, what are you doing? Snow is my goddess. Don't insult my goddess with your filthy eyes! ”

The wooden mark actually rushed over. On the buttocks of the hound, he kicked his foot. The hound rubbed his buttocks and did not dare to rebel at all: “Yes, Young Master. ”

Qin Yi beside him looked at his heart with emotion. Zhao Yuting's mental control was terrible.

She thinks of herself as a little snow. How did she do that?

Next, Zhao Yuting stared at Zhao Yuting with a burning eye. He tried to invite her to be a guest in their tribe. His move was in Qin Yi's lower arms. Zhao Yuting did not think much. When he even nodded and promised, he would suddenly have to jump up and down.

Temporary accommodation, finally solved!

Qin Yi several people looked at each other and all smiled.

The problem of accommodation was resolved and intelligence work could then proceed.

Several of them proceeded without further delay and proceeded at very high speeds towards their tribes with wooden marks.

In order to confirm the spirit of the end wooden marks and the Hongfu, is it completely controlled by Zhao Yuting? On the road, Naran asked if the water did not move the colorful opposite end wooden marks: “End wooden marks, how did you faint in this wilderness mountain hill? ”

“Forget it, we were robbers who took money from us and left us with only two pieces of broken martial arts. Hmm, I have wooden marks so big, it's the first time I've met a robber, next time I meet those robbers, I must skin them. ”

The colour of the wood on his face is halfway between shame and anger.

“Yeah, the robbers, when they really ate the leopard, even us, dare to rob! ”

The tiger beside him also said angrily.

“Do you remember what those robbers looked like? ”

Naran Qiushui frowned slightly and continued to ask.

Both the wooden marks and the macro tiger were stunned, and the two faces were blinded: “At that time, only the fierce battle with them was concerned. Their appearance, however, was not noticed. ”

Hearing them say this, Qin Yi several people, secretly let go of their hearts, carrying wooden marks and the colour of the Hongtiger, does not seem to be faking out.

Glass eyes, Xu Xu Xu circulating, Naran Qiu water looked at Zhao Yuting beside him and said: “We are friends of Xiaoxue. You said Xiaoxue is your goddess, but we don't know you. How do you two know Xiaoxue? ”

“What do you mean? ”

With wooden marks, he looked at Nalan's autumn water in confusion. He turned and said to Zhao Yuting: “Xiaoxue, have you forgotten? A year ago, you came to Yulan from Kyushu, and we met here. ”


A year ago, from Kyushu Mainland to Yulan Mainland!

Qin Yi several people, couldn't help but be stunned. They stared at each other in the face. In their heads, they suddenly thought of a similar problem. A year ago, a few people landed in Yulan Mainland.

With wooden marks and little snow in the mouth of a tiger, it must be Xuanlan or the disciple Xuan!

At that time, Xuanlan several people landed on the mainland of Yulan, and also encountered end-wood marks and hounds. At that time, Xuanlan or the disciple Xuanlan, one must have said his name as a little snow. At that time, the end-wood marks, at first sight, fell in love with him, and since then, he has dreamed about his soul.