The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 708: Disputes

“I have an ID card here, Senior Tamwood, you can see. ”

Qin Yi does have an identity card of the Kyushu Holy See, and that identity card says that Qin Yi is an alchemist of the Kyushu Holy See.

“No, if you really were the Fengyue tribe's traitors, you would have forged these things in the morning. ”

It was a cold wave.


Qin Yi and Naran Qiu Shui, both had to be stunned. Sighed softly, Qin Yi said: “So, seniors, how do you expect us to prove that we are not the traitors of the Feng Yue clan? ”

“It's simple, the day after tomorrow, if I go out and kill the enemy, we believe that you are not the scapegoats of the Fengyue clan. ”

Tianmu Hao Tian hasn't spoken yet. Tianmu snow beside him has said coldly.

Kill enemies in battle?

That's a good idea!

Everyone in the palace, including the end wooden marks, couldn't help but shine their eyes.

“What, put them on the field and kill them? ”

But the wooden mark was stuck, and you couldn't hide it. “Mother Night Fork, you are too virulent, kill enemies, that has to take years of training, they just like that, you let them kill enemies, didn't you let them die for nothing? ”

Hearing the wooden marks, the face of Qin Yi and Naran Qiushui were both rather odd, obviously holding a stomach laugh.

However, the young man with the wooden marks was somewhat moved by the fact that he was defending them everywhere.

After tearing up the wooden scar, Qin Yi smiled slightly: “Brother Tuanmu, thank you for protecting us like this. Why don't you wait for the day after tomorrow and follow the army of Tuanmu clan to fight the army of Fengyue clan? I promise, but Autumn Water can't go, she has to stay in the tribe. ”

Naranjushui, but the chief of the intelligence team, if anything happens to her, the intelligence team will not be able to carry out its work in an orderly manner, and the intelligence team will not be able to carry out its work, then the task will be over.

Therefore, he must make every effort to ensure the safety of Naranjo's waters, and the army of Yulan mainland, how brave he does not understand, dare not easily put Naranjo's waters in danger.

“Qin Yi, you...”

Naran Qiushui slightly glanced at Qin Yi. For the first time, she found that the sign smile on the young man's face was so heartwarming.

“Qin Yi, you are also forbidden to go. This mother-night fork is to see that you are not happy with your eyes. I want to cause you to die. If you go, you will win her plan. ”

The end of the wooden mark beside him was also hurried to say.

Qin Yi patted the end of the wooden shoulder and said softly: “Brother Tam Wood, don't worry, I'll be fine. ”

To carry out the task smoothly, you must first settle in the Tuanmu clan in peace, patiently wait for Liu Xiancheng, Zhao Yuting and Lu Yuesheng to bring news back. If you want to settle in the Tuanmu clan in peace, you must earn their trust. If you want to earn their trust, you must join them and kill enemies on the battlefield.

Qin Yi saw this through a long time ago, so he would not hesitate to answer.

“Well, I'll wait till the day after tomorrow on the battlefield, and you kill some Fengyue tribe fighters to show me. ”

With a cold snow hum, he glanced at Qin Yi as if he were a blade.

In fact, just by looking at the end of the snow, it can be judged that she is a scarf hero who often battles on the killing field.

So it was settled. The day after tomorrow, Qin Yi will go to fight the troops of the Feng Yue clan with the army led by Tam Mu Xue.

Leaving the hall, Qin Yi and Naran Qiushui returned to Qin Yi's stone house.

As soon as they sat down, the wooden mark followed them, anxiously said: “Qin Yi, what are you doing? Why did you promise the female night fork? The day after tomorrow, follow her to fight the army of the Feng Yue clan? You're all friends of Snow. How can I explain this to Snow if you have three lengths or two in the field? ”

Looking at the anxiety and sincerity on the face of the end wood marks, Qin Yi and the end wood snow looked at each other, and once again a slight warmth appeared in each other's hearts.

“It's okay, Brother Tamwood, I promise you, I'll be fine. ”

Qin Yi patted the shoulder of the end of the wooden mark and paused. He said: "Brother Tam Woo, can't you see? If we are to live in peace with you, we must gain the trust of the people in your tribe, and following your sister to the battlefield to kill enemies is the only way to gain the trust of the people in your tribe. ”

Seeing that Qin Yi's heart had decided, she sighed helplessly with wood marks.

“By the way, Brother Tuanmu, what kind of dispute exists between you Tuanmu tribes and Fengyue tribes? ”

Qin Yi shifted the subject.

Naranjo, too, will look curiously at the end of the wooden mark.

The wooden mark smiled bitterly: “We have had a dispute with the Fengyue tribe for a long time. It was a water fire. In normal times, for some small matters of chicken and garlic skin, both tribes could be unserviceable. A few years ago, because of the mine competition, let the conflict between our two tribes, it has been escalated again, in the last few years, it has been several times, and this time, it is the largest one, both tribes, have used the army. ”

"Mineral resources, the main economic source of our two tribes, will collapse once we lose the mines, whether we are the Moose or the Moon. ”

Qin Yi and Naran Qiu Shui, my heart is clear.

“What happened when you said in the hall that your brother-in-law was trapped in the army of the Fengyue clan? ”

Qin Yi continued to ask.

“Brother-in-law? That bastard, give it back to my brother-in-law? If I hadn't gotten in the way of that mother-night fork, I would have killed his cactus board! ”

The end of the wooden mark said in disdain.

Qin Yi directly smiled and even the elegant Naran Autumn Water, her face was red, her stomach laughed, and she held it tight.

This young master seems to have great opinions not only on the end of the snow, but also on the heart of the end of the snow.

“Brother Tamwood, get down to business, get down to business.” Qin Yi couldn't bear to laugh.

"Three days ago, my sister's lover, Lu Yuyuyu, led 2,000 elite men, trying to get into the enemy's heartland and kill them in no time. While the Feng Yue clan was in turmoil, my father and my mother, the Night Fork sister, led another 8,000 armies and quickly rushed over, giving them a clip inside and outside. It was also a plot that the mother fork had come up with. Who thinks, not knowing which one is cheating, leaked the military intelligence of Lu Yuyu's family, and as a result, Lu Yuyuyu led 2,000 elites, and struck the ambush of Fengyue's army. ”

Leaking intelligence?

Qin Yi and Naran Qiushui suddenly, the hearts of the two, again, no wonder the end of wood snow, will be so sensitive to the identity of a few of them, always suspect a few of them, it was Feng Yue's insertion of the traitor, turns out a few days ago, the military information of Tam Mu's was leaked.

After a pause, the wooden mark continued: “Now, Lu Yuyu and our 2,000 elites are trapped on Tianyan Peak. Feng Yue has released words to give them the mining rights of the mine, otherwise, Lu Yuyu and 2,000 elites will be slaughtered on Tianyan Peak. And my father thought that mining rights in the mine were absolutely impossible to cede, so he decided to fight Fengyue. The day after tomorrow, she led 8,000 troops to Tianyan Peak at Mother Night Fork. ”

Practitioners in Yulan are generally a little higher than practitioners in Kyushu. Eight thousand armies, that's a lot of power.

“Akimizu, what do you think of this battle between Tamchi and Fengyue? ”

Qin Yi will look at Naranqiu water around him. Naranqiu water is the deputy chief of the Shenzhen family intelligence cabinet. The thinking should be more intense than ordinary people.

Lifting his slender hands, he touched his full-bodied forehead. Naran Qiushui sang for a moment. "Two thousand elites trapped on Tianyan Peak, no need for rescue. ”


No rescue needed!

Qin Yi and Tianjin scratched, both thought they had heard wrong, and stunned there and blinked incredibly.

Naran Qiushui ignored the surprised expression of the two people. He continued to say that his voice was quite delicate and pleasant, making people feel like Spring Wind: “First, Lu Yuyuyu led 2,000 elite, failed in a sneak attack. Instead, he was surrounded by Fengyue's army, surrounded by Tianyan Peak. It was not necessarily that Tuanmu had a mole, leaked intelligence, or possibly a Fengyue detective. He had long discovered the 2,000 elites led by Lu Yuyuyu, thus setting up an ambush, waiting for them to enter. ”

That makes sense!

The eyes of Qin Yi and the end of the wooden mark were all bright, but they were quite confused about not having to rescue Lu Yuyuyu and 2,000 elites trapped on Tianyan Peak.

“Secondly, the attack the day after tomorrow, in order to avoid the Feng Yue's probes, the army of Tam Mu can clearly repair the stack, cross Chen Kura, send a part of the army right in front of it, attract the Feng Yue's probes, send a part of the army fire speed from behind to go around Tianyan Peak, rendezvous with the 2,000 elites on Tianyan Peak, and then join the army in front of the army, one should go outside. ”

Naranju said.

“High! It's really high! ”

Qin Yi looked at Naran Qiushui quite unexpectedly. For the first time, he discovered that this beautiful deputy chief of the pavilion still had such outstanding military talent: “Thus, Feng Yueshi trapped the 2,000 elites of Temu, on Tianyan Peak, and instead became their fatal step chess. ”

If they do not trap 2,000 elites, it is difficult to form a situation that should be external. Of course, Tianyan Peak is only 2,000 elites, but it is also difficult to form a climate. If Fengyue leans out, they can be easily eliminated.

As a result, an army was created to bypass Fengyue's probes from behind and rendezvous with the 2,000 elites on Tianyan Peak, resulting in an external situation.