The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 712: Tianyan Peak

Only two people, Tie Mu Sha and Tuan Mu stubborn, always intentionally kept a certain distance from Qin Yi. They were ordered by Tuan Mu Xue to follow to prevent Qin Yi from making a mess.

Another half-day march.

Everyone entered the Feng Yue people's territory, ran to the front end of the wooden marks, waved their hands, prompted people to slow down the pace, try not to make a big noise, in order not to alarm the Feng Yue people.

The wooden mark led the crowd to a small hill post and looked out.

“Qin Yi, did you see that? That's the army of the Feng Yue people. ”

The wooden mark raised the knife of war in his hand, facing forward, slowly one finger.

Qin Yi looked in the direction of the end wooden mark finger, only far away, hidden from the view, pulled out wearing red armor, riding the army of war horses, there constantly interwoven running, a large number.

“The troops of the Fengyue tribe have already leaned out, right? ”

Eyes peered, looking away at the dense and numb army, Qin Yi said slowly.

“The troops of the Fengyue people, together with those of our tribe, should be equally powerful, about 10,000, depending on the situation, should be leaning out. ”

"Qin Yi, have you seen the mountain peak behind them? That's Tianyan Peak, Lu Yuyu's birdman, and our 2,000 elites, trapped there. ”

Qin Yi nodded in his heart and asked: “What about the terrain behind it? ”

“Behind is a cliff wall where horses of war cannot get up and, furthermore, the Feng Yue people, have set up three outposts. ”

"We're going to touch it from behind, rendezvous with the 2,000 elites, we're going to have to abandon the horses, and then we're going to have to avoid the army of the Fengyue, and the three posts, or we're going to have to kill them. ”

Obviously, before the march, the Tamchis, did some exploration.

Qin Yi sighed for a moment and said: “If it is okay, then keep the three guard posts. If you kill them, if you don't pay attention, you will spook Madam Fengyue's army, and you will not lose. ”

“That's right. ”

"Now we abandon the horses and go around behind the geese peak and touch them from there and rendezvous with the 2,000 elites. ”

Without delay, the fifteen jumped off the horse and walked cautiously toward the far rear of Tianyan Peak.

In this case, nature cannot fly in the air. Otherwise, if they just leave, they will be spotted at Fengyue's post. By then, they will be faced with a series of arrows, afraid of being shot into an ant hive just between the hectares.

Through some trees and weeds, people continued to move forward. Half an hour later, Qin Yi and 15 other people, the army of the Feng Yue clan, had been very close, and they had even been able to see the face of General Feng Yue.

So close together, a little careless, it will be discovered, and the consequences that follow will be unthinkable.

Fifteen people, including Qin Yi, had wooden marks and so on. Everyone had their eyes wide open and their hearts almost jumped out of their chests.

“Whoa, whoa! ”

An army of the Feng Yue people slowly came forward in front of them, armor on their bodies, a sound of friction, the bright sword of war, reflecting the cold in their hearts.

At the front end of the wooden mark, he was shocked, waved his hand hastily, and everyone hurried down, motionless.

This situation, even if you have super power, you can't mess with 100, because the Tamwood tribe, there are still 2,000 elites, in their hands, once they fight, those 2,000 elites, just in time, will die.

After a while, the army of the Feng Yue people, finally passed.

Everyone's breath relaxed and jumped from the ground to the back of Tianyan Peak, and quickly swept away. Not long ago, it appeared in front of them, a cliff wall straight up and down, about 500 feet tall.

“Well, finally, behind Tianyan Peak, Lu Yuyuyu the birdman, already 2,000 elite, is trapped here, and now we have to rush to the top and rendezvous with them at the fastest possible speed. ”

The wooden mark swept everyone's eyes and said slowly.

Though the back of Tianyan Peak is dangerous, there are still a number of Fengyue fighters behind them, patrolling constantly to prevent 2,000 elites from escaping on Tianyan Peak.

At last, they touched the foot of the mountain behind Tianyan Peak and all rubbed their hands with excitement.

Five cavalry soldiers and five archers with wooden marks were provoked by wooden snow. They were all good players in the army. They all broke through the sixth realm of the road. Several people even broke through the middle of the sixth realm of the road.

Without further delay, all of us suddenly fluctuated and turned into a shadow of the same body, bursting towards the top of the wall, silent.

The next moment, people's feet are on the land of Tianyan Peak. People will look at each other and smile.

“Well, make your way to your destination. Let's all go over there and rendezvous with the Lu Yuyu Birdman and the 2,000 elites. ”

With a smile on his face, he turned to wave at the crowd. Over their faces, they all emerged an exciting color, each once again provoking his inner qi, exploding towards the front, in the dense forest, constantly traveling.

After a while.

In the sight of Qin Yi's people, at last, there appeared some general in bronze armor. One by one, they were frustrated. Thirty-five hundred and fifty percent of them sat there. Even Qin Yi and others had come within their hundreds, and had not found anything.

The army is distracted!

Seeing this scenario, Qin Yi couldn't help but sigh. Being the elite of the Tuanmu clan, it was this state of affairs that really shouldn't have happened.

It's no surprise they're trapped in a state like this.

“My grass, these bags of wine! ”

The wood marks around Qin Yi couldn't help scolding him.


These elite and important finds someone approaching, hurrying a jump from the ground, holding the bow and arrow or the knife in his hand, when looking at more than a dozen people led by a wooden mark, touching the mountain, these generals are relieved: “Young lords, what are you doing here? ”

“Don't talk nonsense and take us to your leader. ”

The end of the wooden marks simmered and drank.


The soldiers did not dare to be lazy, rushed forward to guide the way, not long later, in their sight, a young man in silver armor, with a white robe on his shoulders, a young man's body, quite tall, white skin, handsome appearance, the whole person looks brilliant, the person in the heart with the wooden snow, the appearance will not naturally go anywhere.

There is no doubt that this man, the two thousand elite chiefs, Lu Yuyu, is also the heart of the wooden snow, the future brother-in-law with wood marks.

Obviously, the wooden mark on his future brother-in-law was quite unpredictable. As soon as he met him, he rushed forward to split his head and asked: “Lu Yuyu, how did you become the leader? Look at all these elite people under you, one by one, indiscreet, frustrated, so unwilling, how can you call them elite, so distracted, no wonder they're surrounded here! ”

“What are you yelling at? Don't you see, we've been trapped for days on Tianyan Peak, by the army of the Feng Yue people, we can persist to this day, without collapsing, it's already pretty good, at this time, what are you talking to us about fighting spirit? ”

Lu Yuyu did not give in, the needle was sharp opposite.

“Tell me if it doesn't collapse, if it does, I'll knife you! ”

With wooden marks roaring, he shouted the knife of war in his hand: “What are these two thousand warriors? It's the most elite of our Moose tribes, and you see, what does it look like now? Do they all look like bereavement dogs? ”

At this time, the eyes of the dude's young lord became sharp, and slowly swept the soldiers around him. These soldiers touched the eyes of the end of the wooden mark, all consciously pushed their chests together.

“End the wooden marks, don't mess around here. ”

Lu Yuyu was also angry, and his chest took off and landed violently: "Now I ask you, what are you dozens doing here? ”

“Whatever can be done, I have not been ordered by that fork of the night to join you. The mother fork also asked me to give you a message to lead the group to retreat quickly. ”

"But that was the plan for the mother night fork," he said with dismay. "I think it's quite inappropriate. With so many of us, the fire retreat quickly, we will definitely make a lot of noise. Once the Feng Yue people notice, we will only be afraid of winking and the whole army will collapse! ”

“What does Cher mean? ”

Obviously, Lu Yuyu also understood that the mother night fork in the end of the wooden mark mouth refers to the end of the wooden snow, so in his eyes, between the hectares, emerged an irrepressible color of affection, and his attitude changed a hundred and eighty degrees.

The other generals, too, were one of the spirits, trapped here for so many days, desperate, physically and mentally, had reached the brink of collapse, and now, suddenly, they saw hope.

Lou Yuyu rubbed his hand with some excitement: “Wait, Cher's military talent, I understand. Since she will let us retreat quickly, she must have a plan to give us a chance to retreat quickly. If I had guessed correctly, she would have led the army from the army facing the Windy Moon, wouldn't she? When they fight, the Feng Yue people lean out, who else can take care of the 2,000 elites on our Tianyan Peak? Then we can evacuate safely. Obviously, it's a perfect plan, Cher's military talent. ”