The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 714: Ignore the Birdman


Qin Yi turned around and looked at Lu Yuyu coldly, silently.

“Lu Yuyu, do you want to be ashamed, Qin Yi is now mending, even the Seven Realms of Zongdao have not yet broken through, but you have also broken through the peak of the Seven Realms of Zongdao, you are not afraid of being laughed off. ”

Side of the end of the wooden mark, angry to drink.

Qin Yi is currently cultivated as the peak of the six and a half steps of Zongdao, and is half a mile away from Zongdao 7.

Lu Yuyu ignored the wooden marks, but stared dead at Qin Yi as if he were a wounded leopard.

“Now that we are stuck on Tianyan Peak, it is imperative that we break through the fence and return to the tribe alive. I am not in the mood to duel with you. ”

Qin Yi faintly said, turning his face, he couldn't even look at him.

There is no love for herself at all. Everything is made up to take care of the big picture. What position does she have to fight him?

Besides, Lu Yuyu only had the culmination of the Seven Realms of Zongdao. He had no interest in dueling against rivals of his rank. If the Knife River King of the Kyushu Holy See came, he would be very interested in comparing to him.

“Coward! Hmm, how does Cher like a coward like you? ”

Lu Yuyu growled and his face rose red.

He wanted to take advantage of the duel to teach this teenager from Kyushu Mainland a lesson, to get back a little bit of a scene, and whoever thought about it, he didn't give a shit about himself.

This scenario, like a punch in his chest, resulted in a blow to the cotton and his heart was broken.

“Qin Yi, ignore this bird man, he clearly just wants to take the opportunity to teach you a lesson. ”

With a faint smile, he also ignored Lu Yuyuyu and came to Qin Yi with a battle knife. He asked: "Qin Yi, now you are the two thousand elite temporary generals. Next, what is your battle plan, tell me, our lives are in your hands. ”

The general around them, hearing the words, is also a person who will look enthusiastically at Qin Yi, looking at what Qin Yi just said, let their body, hot blood boil, heart filled with fighting spirit.

Qin Yi glanced at the ambitious young faces around him, and slowly swept through them. For a moment, he also felt that he was taking on a major responsibility at this moment. These people depended on his strategy whether they lived or died.

“Withdrawal is obviously not possible, and I will not repeat it when the shortcomings of the withdrawal have just been clarified. ”

Looking at the generals in front of him, Qin Yi Xu Xu said, in the speech, there was an ambitious inner strength of the sect. He heard the air and blood shock in the human body: “Then, the only path left to us is war! ”


With wooden marks, the suspicious look toward Qin Yi's handsome face.


Qin Yi slowly nodded: “Isn't our original plan just to form a situation that deserves to be external? So, this plan remains unchanged, and we are still forming a situation with the snowflake army, so that in this war, we will surely be able to defeat the troops of the Fengyue clan and take advantage of the opportunity to compete for mining rights in the mine. ”


The wooden mark blinked incredibly: “Our original plan was to divide the large army into two roads, one facing the army of the Feng Yue people, and the other entering Tianyan Peak from behind to rendezvous with the two thousand. But the question is, how do we create a situation where there are only 15 of us? ”

The generals around, all looking at Qin Yi, should be outside, which sounds pretty good, but to form such a battle, obviously unrealistic, here they are, only 2,000 elite, plus later Qin Yi they, there are only 15.

The disparity between the enemy and me is too great. They are afraid that once the army of the Feng Yue people has opened, they will be directly trampled.

“Ha ha, that's ridiculous, we, too, want to talk to Cher's army, give Fengyue, a young man from Kyushu mainland, are you a monkey invited comedian? ”

Lu Yuyu next to him laughed like he heard the most laughable joke in the world.

Qin Yi, however, was lazy enough to ignore him, waved his hand, and ordered everyone to rest, maintain their spirit and prepare for war.

For the first time, he also had some anticipation of his first armor battle, waving a knife to kill the enemy.

It's night.

The silver moon fell from the night sky, and the whole of Tianyan Peak, a quiet place, the generals were all asleep.

Qin Yi sat quietly in the moonlight, motionless. The whole person seemed like an old monk, motionless. In his body, a hint of golden Xuan Qi, at his instigation, was running little by little.

Not long ago, that line of golden brown air, fluttering, breaking apart.

“Failed! ”

Xu Xu opened his eyes and Qin Yi exhaled softly. Next, the task of rescuing Xuanlan, the disciple Xuan, and the sword was to save a few people. Afraid that he would experience the toughest evil war in his history, he must cultivate and succeed to the best of his ability.

Even Xuanlan, the disciple Xuan, and the sword will be threatened with their lives. The other party must be quite weak.

However, unfortunately, Liu Xiancheng, Zhao Yuting and Lu Yuesheng have not yet returned. Qin Yi is unable to know at this time what kind of vicious risks have been encountered by several people in Xuanlan. If he can know who the other party is and what kind of fighting power he has, it would be much better.

Deciding God, Qin Yi was about to once again transfer the cultivation technique of the Sixth Style of "Seven Types of Tendemons" out to cultivate, but again, her eyes, a slight stiffness.

Only in his sight, with wooden marks and a giant tiger, carrying a knife of war and walking towards himself, the giant tiger, is a close guard with wooden marks, usually not separated from the other end of the wooden marks.

“Brother Tanaki, why aren't you asleep? ”

Qin Yi smiled warmly at both of them.

Takeshi and Hongfu came to Qin Yi and sat down. Takeshi smiled. “Qin Yi, I have some questions I don't understand, I want to come and ask you. If it is not an accident, at most tomorrow at noon, the army led by the Mother Night Fork will arrive here to engage the troops of the Feng Moon people. By then, we will really attack the troops of the Feng Moon people from behind, with the army of the Mother Night Fork, to form a situation that should be external? ”

With a slight meal, the wooden mark continued: “To be honest, I think Lu Yuyu's birdman is right, we two thousand elite people, only afraid of the difficulty of forming a climate, unable to fight with the army of the mother night fork, out of the situation that should be external. ”

Undoubtedly, the fear of wooden marks is correct.

As long as you are a person with a normal mind, you can see the problem.

“Brother Tuanmu, don't worry, I can't guarantee that these two thousand elites will be able to return to the Tuanmu clan safely, but I can guarantee that most people will survive. ”

Qin Yi patted the shoulder of the wooden mark on the tip and smiled softly: “When the battle is over tomorrow, just follow me and flush. By then, as long as I lead 2,000 elites, survive as long as possible, and even help your tribe win this battle, your sister, your father, all of you from the Moon clan, will no longer suspect that we are the Feng Yue people, the traitors who put in. ”

If this battle is won by helping the Tamchi people and gaining them the right to mine development, they will be able to live safely and securely in the Tamchi tribe from now on. Perhaps the Tamchi people will also be paid extra.

In this war, he must help the Tatemu to win so that they can completely dispel the doubts of the Tatemu and several of their own.

Especially the mother night fork with the wood and snow, it's a headache.

When I think of the wooden mark, I actually call myself my brother-in-law, and Qin Yi has to laugh at herself.

Seeing Qin Yi Junyi's face, with a slight smile of bamboo through his chest, with wooden marks and a huge tiger, although there are still many doubts in his heart, he also completely let go of his heart.

He is a friend of Xiaoxue. As long as he is a friend of Xiaoxue, he has unconditional trust.

Over the course of the night, 2,000 elites, all nourished their spirits, polished their knives and checked their crossbows.

At this moment, 2,000 elite, neat and neat stood on Tianyan Peak, and as long as the young man in the blue robe in front of them gave the order, they would not rush down for life or death.

Qin Yi rode on the back of the horse, standing quietly there, blue robe on his body, windsweeping, knife in the hand, in the light of the sun, shaking bright, flowering eyes.


Juveniles from Kyushu Mainland suddenly turned around and looked at 2,000 elite people in front of them, Junyi slightly suffocating his face, and a slight smile appeared: “Time should be about right, I know, everyone is already full of strength, but I don't want you to risk all your lives to kill, save your own life, is the main thing. You have to save your life to go home and hold your daughter-in-law, don't you think? ”

- What? - What?

Save your life and go home and hold your daughter-in-law!

Everyone in the room was stunned to open their mouths, spinning, another burst of laughter, it was this time, the teenager, even let everyone save their lives and go home to hold their daughter-in-law.

“Juveniles from Kyushu, have your brains ever been pinched by doors? Ha-ha-ha...”

Someone laughed and asked.

Qin Yi suddenly touched his nose and smiled slightly: “Yes, in Kyushu Mainland, there were many people who had asked me this great question. ”

“Ha-ha-ha! ”

2,000 elite, laughing, atmosphere, relaxed a lot.

Lu Yuyu in the crowd, his face, but a dashing smile, this teenager from the Kyushu mainland, so comical, also want to lead the two thousand elite, with the army of the end of the snow, to form the inner battle, is completely delusional.

His mood suddenly became pleasant. If this teenager from Kyushu mainland is defeated by the end of these two thousand elite armies, he will have another chance to compete for the snow.