The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 717: Crazy End of Wood Snow

Some of the usual style of Lu Yuyu, quite a rhetorical general, seeing that he is now like a bereavement dog, in his heart, it is very refreshing.

“Qin Yi, you are...”

The wooden mark came to Qin Yi's front and looked at Qin Yi with confusion. "Although this bird man is a jerk, Ben Young Master usually sees him extremely badly, but his proposal just now is not unreasonable. ”

“Doesn't make any sense! He's just messing around. I'm not tying him up. Two thousand elite original chiefs, so what? Now, I am the leader of the 2,000 elite, if anyone dares to disturb my heart, I will help whomever, no one will give me face! ”

Qin Yi turned to Lu Yuyu, who was tied up with five flowers on the ground. He turned his face and looked at the end wood marks. His face slightly slowed down. He said: "Brother Tuanmu, the troops of the Fengyue people have been killed by us for a thousand miles. Do you think they still have thoughts and arrangements to get into? Do they have time to get stuck? I bet they went to join the army of the Feng Yue people. ”

By listening to him, the wooden marks and the eyes of the generals could not help but shine.

After a brief meal, Qin Yi continued: “Also, we are going to withdraw to the tribe, who will inform your sister that we have withdrawn from the tribe? No, she still thinks we're stuck on Tianyan Peak. She's still in danger, so how can we let go of the war? Even if they could let go of the war, so what? Don't forget, we are a long line of warfare, the army has traveled more than a thousand miles, inevitably some people are tired of horses, can we really fight the army of the Fengyue people who have been hoarding here? ”

Qin Yi shook his head: “No, I bet if we were to withdraw quietly, the tribal armies would be dead and wounded badly. So, we have to take advantage of this momentum and kill it with a thump, which is the real inner fit, double sided clamping. ”

Listening to Qin Yi's words, the end of the wood marks and 2,000 elite, eye-catching, are all irresistible.

Obviously, the teenager from Kyushu is right!

“Qin Yi, what are you waiting for? We'll kill him right away! ”

The end of the wooden mark hurriedly said.

All the generals around, too, will look eagerly at Qin Yi.

This war is very important for the Tuanmu tribe. If the war is defeated, mining rights in the mine will have to go to the Fengyue tribe, by which time tens of thousands of large tribes will lose most of their economic resources.

A large tribe, the main economic source has been cut off, the result is undoubtedly to let the Tatemu tribe, slowly decline. If at this time, the Fengyue people regained their wolf ambitions and massively violated the Tatemu tribe, then it is not difficult to annex the Tatemu tribe.

Aware of the seriousness of the situation, how can you not be in a hurry?

“Killing the past is inevitable. ”

Qin Yi nodded his head and glanced at the faces of the generals. He swept them slowly. There was a powerful voice in the heroic sect. It shook people's hearts: “Obviously, what awaits us next will be an evil war, but I still hope that everyone can save their lives and go home and hold their daughter-in-law! ”


The generals wanted to laugh, but at this moment, they couldn't laugh, it was this time, this teenager from Kyushu mainland, still keep an eye on everyone, try to save their lives, go home to hold their daughter-in-law, their hearts, a strong warm stream, even some, tears orbit.

It is precisely because of the intense warm current in their hearts that makes their body, unusually hot and bloody, they can't wait to immediately and fiercely kill!

Qin Yi glanced, on the wild mountain ridge on both sides, Xu Xu Yi swept, listened carefully to the shouting and killing, said: "This is not far from the main battlefield where the two armies fought, we must adjust the state to the best during the rush to meet a mad slaughter, led by Kizuki, although it is the main army, but came a thousand miles without any rest, and fought with the army of the Fengyue people, even if how brave and likely they are to take the upper hand, it is also very small. ”

After a slight meal, Qin Yi continued: “But we are different, we have been cultivating sharp on Tianyan Peak, so, although we have only 2,000 sharp here, we are the key to this victory, we must stick like a sharp sharp sharp sharp knife into the heart of the Fengyue people, understand? ”


2,000 elite, suddenly yelling, waving the sword or crossbow in your hand, breathing down the mountain river!

Every general's body is filled with hot blood, eyes full of desire to kill!

“Good! Well, archers first, cavalry behind, let's go! ”

Qin Yi will have the knife in his hand and wave hard!

Suddenly, hundreds of archers in the elite, one like an off-string arrow, rush forward, fast, more than a thousand cavalry, keep up.

“Haha, Qin Yi, I have a feeling that these two thousand elites, under your leadership, instantly become heavenly soldiers! ”

In a joyful mood, he rushed to Qin Yi's side and ran alongside Qin Yi, looking at Qin Yi's eyes, full of excitement and worship.

When he first met a few people in Qin Yi, he never thought that the appearance of a handsome Kyushu mainland teenager was so brave. The word "God” was not enough to describe his perfection!

Between the words, the end wooden marks again glanced at Lu Yuyuyu, Tie Mu Sha and Tian Mu stubborn tied to the back of the horse, the eyes were a clear colour of disdain.

Lu Yuyuyu, Tie Mu Sha and Tian Mu stubborn all screamed and angry.

Lu Yuyu, the two former elite chiefs, Tie Musha and Tam Mu stubborn, arranged to monitor Qin Yi, but now, three of them, two of whom were tied up by order of Tam Wood Mark, one by order of Qin Yi!

How can they be willing?


2,000 elite, running all the way to the main battlefield where the two tribes fought, although there were only 2,000 horses, at this moment, all these generals were holding their strength, the horses flew, and the momentum was like a mountain fall.

On both sides are the mountainous mountains, forming a canyon, the harsh spot, the inky rocks abnormal, up to a thousand highs, straight up and down, the momentum, 2,000 elite, can only be arranged in a long dragon to pass through the narrow passage of the canyon.

At the end of the march, Qin Yi and the end of the wooden scar, while rushing to measure the terrain here, both of them were surprised. If the Fengyue people ambushed an archer this time, they would be two thousand elite, and the whole army would be destroyed.

However, in this world, if not, the Fengyue dreamers would not have thought that the 2,000 end of the Moose elite trapped on Tianyan Peak would have been able to break out of siege, and would have besieged their Fengyue sergeant, hunting him to abandon his armor.

Not yet.

The 2,000 elites of the Tuanmu clan rushed out of the narrow canyon, and suddenly the shouts of slaughter poured into his ears as if it were a tide.

In front of them is a vast flat area, above which the Tamchi army, led by Tamchi Snow, is waging a crazy war with the Feng Moon people's army.

You know, these generals, they are all strong people who have broken through the pagoda, so many strong people, mixed up, how fierce and huge the scene is, you can totally imagine, the earth has been blown to pieces, like a sea of oceans, towards the surrounding area, huge.

On the ground, lying seven vertical and one corpse, blood streamed into the river, the air filled with intense bloody smell.

Qin Yi led 2,000 elite passages through the canyon, right behind Feng Yue's army.

Qin Yi, wearing a blue robe, rushed out of the canyon on a battle horse and saw such a battle scene in front of him. He had to take a sip of cool air and grew up in the Kyushu mainland. Never before had he seen so many patriarchal strongmen, mixed up scenes.

Yulan mainland, compared to Kyushu mainland, there are many differences. In Kyushu mainland, practitioners who generally break through the pagoda will not be integrated into the army and participate in large-scale wars, but Yulan mainland, which seems to be practitioners of any rank, can be devalued into the army and participate in combat.

That alone is enough to illustrate that the Yulan mainland, compared to the Kyushu mainland, is more terrifying and the whole situation is more infinite.

Qin Yi riding on the back of the horse, holding a war knife, gazing at the distance, easily found in the distant mixed warfare, that crossed the white horse riding, shoulder red robe of the end of the snow, her red robe, already broken, beautiful face, filled with the color of the final.

Everything is as Qin Yi predicted. After a long journey, the army of the Dragon Moon people have long been tired of horse strangulation. Without any rest, they fought the army of the Fengyue people. Plus the army of the Dragon Moon, the heart is trapped on Tianyan Peak with 2,000 elite. At this time, the Dragon Moon army is already in an absolute downwind.

At this time, the fierce and spicy nature of Tatemu Snow, even the army of Tatemu people, was in absolute downwind, she was still stubbornly stubborn.

Her delicate lips were bitten, like a mad leopard, a pair of beautiful eyes, almost cracked open, holding a shining knife, waving the army of the Tamchi people, launching a wave of madness.


“Kill me! ”

Even that gruesome cry of killing could not hide the fury of the snowflake, passed into the ear, crisp and delightful.

“Kill him! ”

Dramwood's army waved wildly at the end of the snow, waving the knife of battle, the tidal wave of the wild slaughter, shouting heaven.