The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 718: Blood Warfare

This place is completely chaotic. These generals are practitioners who have already broken through the pagoda. The power is surprising. If you go down with the World War I knife, you can basically divide each other into two parts.

The scene was too harsh, with broken limbs, scattered across the ground, in the air, bloody fog, and bloody.

The troops of the Fengyue people, in the case of both the heavens and the earth, are obviously in an absolute advantage, they are like a copper wall of iron that crosses the front of the Tamyu people, the army of the Tamyu people rushed past, only to add a corpse.

However, Tatemu Snow clearly killed the red eye, the mad dancer was a belligerent knife, one wave of Tatemu's army fell and the other wave stepped on the previous wave of corpses to kill it.

“Mother Night Fork! ”

Captured in the wild war, wildly waving the upper end of the wooden snow delicate figure, with wooden scars of tears, instantaneous, is the orbit, although the end of the wooden scar is usually against the end of the wooden snow, quite a few words, but it is finally a blood connected sister!

“Commander! ”

The 2,000 elite around him, is also a tearful orbit, muttering to himself in his mouth, such a battle is too harsh, and the stubbornness of the tree snow is even more irresistible.

The army of the Tatemu people, under the crazy swing of Tatemu snow, the tidal wave generally attacked the army of the Fengyue people. However, the army of the Fengyue people is strong and abnormal, not only geographically, physically, psychologically, but also took an absolute advantage, and the wave of crazy attacks of the Tatemu people were prevented as much as possible.

The leader of Fengyue's army is a young man in a silver robe with a silver cape. The silver helmet on his head has a somewhat special shape, with a pointed "eagle mouth” on top of his head. In the distance, it looks like a big silver bird. In this way, it is clearly designed to make it easier to kill enemies. Push your head a little harder. The "eagle mouth” on that helmet may not be able to punch through an enemy.

The leader of the Fengyue people with the "Eagle's Mouth” helmet, riding on the back of the horse, enjoyed himself, ignored the insane and constantly waving up the end of the snow.

“Haha, with the snow, I had always expected that you would do anything to save the 2,000 elites trapped on Tianyan Peak, but did you ever think that you would lead the army and rush here in a flame, just in my wind, moon and snow? ”

The young man in the silver robe laughed wildly: "End Wood Snow, I think you give up your resistance, surrender well, you take Wood to give up the mining rights, and then you marry me. Since then, our two big tribes, in a sense, have become one big tribe, you take Wood, haven't you lost the mining rights to the mine? ”

“My grass, this bird is so arrogant, give me the bow and arrow, I'll shoot him! ”

Qin Yi drank furiously, directly from one of the archers next to him, took a giant bow and put it on the iron arrow, instantly pulling the giant bow to the full moon.


With Qin Yi's hands released, nearly half a length of iron arrow was turned into a black stream, with a sharp, broken voice, towards the young man in the midst of the war, wearing a silver robe, and burst away.


The black iron arrow, on the four or five Feng Yue men's generals, passed through, the men waved the knife, suddenly stagnated, then slowly fell, but the speed of the iron arrow did not diminish, still burst towards the silver robe of the shoulder cape, the young man named Feng Yue chanting snow.

The iron arrow has not yet been fired, and on the back of the wind, moon and snow, is a little bitter pain.

It's the ultimate in killing!

The modus operandi of the wind and moon snow, obviously, was also well done. The instant it reacted, and he drank angrily: “Who put a cold arrow behind his back? ”

He quickly turned around and looked at it. All he saw was an iron arrow as if it were a ghost. It burst into his heart and burst into flames. The iron arrow burst into a tremendous rage.

In a great shock, Fengyue Jin snow-conscious hands probed, the blasting iron arrow firmly caught in his hand, but the impact of the iron arrow shocked him out of the seven or eight brothers and fell to the ground in a blast.

“Grass, I can't believe you didn't kill this bird with an arrow! ”

Seeing the “birdman” style of wind and moon snow, didn't get killed by an arrow by himself, Qin Yi and other generals are quite regrettable.

Before Madam Feng Yue's generals came back to God, Qin Yi had put the knife in his hand and waved it hard: “Shoot me, shoot me hard! ”


Two thousand elite archers, already arrows on the string, pulled to the full moon. With Qin Yi's order, hundreds of iron arrows, are the flow of the path, with the sound of a piercing sky, towards the army of the Feng Moon people, and shot out.

Suddenly, in the army of the Feng Yue people, a scream was heard, but they had not yet returned to God. The second wave of iron arrows, was a whirring, locust swarm, dense numbness, a group of Feng Yue men's generals, then left the horse.

“Hahaha, this feeling of arrows behind the Feng Yue people is so much fun! Shoot them! Shoot them! ”

Looking at General Fengyue, who had fallen from the horse's back one after the other, the wooden marks boiled and he laughed wildly. He strode from the hand of an archer beside him, stronger than the bow and arrow, without saying a word, he shot.

After shooting three waves of arrow iron, Ms. Feng Yue went down several hundred bodies before returning to God. Qin Yi had already waved the battle knife and drank angrily: “Gentlemen, kill me! ”

He slapped his knife on the butt of his horse, one horse first, towards the army of the Feng Yue people, burst out.

“Kill him! ”

2,000 elite, already in the body hot and bloody rolling, wait is Qin Yi under this order, suddenly all yelled, waved the bright sword, followed behind Qin Yi, 2,000 iron riding, countless horseshoes stomped together, the rumbling sounds like spring thunder, deafening ears, rocking the mountain.

Two thousand elites, blinking, rushed into the army of the Feng Yue people.


Once Qin Yi's knife was split, he drew a suffocating light, chopping into a Feng Yue soldier. The soldier only had time to see each other clearly. He was an exceptionally handsome teenager. The teenager's knife was already severely split from his shoulder and slanted from the waist.

These two thousand elites, which were supposed to hold off a handful of strength, suddenly attacked from behind, although there were only 2,000 people, but for a while, it was also the army of the Feng Yue people, which killed a great mess.

That scenario, as Qin Yi had said before, 2,000 elites under his leadership, is like a sharp sharp sharp knife, and the direction is overwhelming.

Qin Yi was deeply trapped in the army of the Fengyue people. He was struck as fast as lightning. Each knife went down, there was a Fengyue sergeant. He was chopped off his horse. Just for a moment, his whole body was covered in blood.

“Ha ha, that hurts, that hurts! ”

This dude is a young lord with wooden marks, demented, a series of crazy laughs in his mouth, he cut off a Fengyue sergeant, touched a piece of blood splashed on his face, turned his face, and smiled at Qin Yi: “Haha, Qin Yi, killing enemies with you is the most wonderful thing in my life, my grass, I'm even a little suspicious right now, did you reincarnate some immortal Emperor to save our Moose tribe? ”

“Don't be ridiculous. How could I have been reincarnated? I am a Tingwei of the Kyushu Holy See, a friend of Yuki! ”

Qin Yi grinned. In the talking room, a brilliant war knife suddenly came from one side and pulled his waist hard at him. He looked at him with his left hand and grabbed the war knife directly. He held the war knife in his right hand and shouted. He chopped it over. One knife split the head of the Fengyue Sgt. into a half-empty.

“Ha ha, yeah, you're Yuki's friend! ”

With a wooden mark, he laughed, waving the knife in his hand: "Brothers, go ahead and kill him and rendezvous with the mother-night fork! ”

“Kill him! ”

2,000 elites, a shouting shout, a general, all fearless of death, riding horses, dancing knives, going mad just like that.

“What do you mean? ”

In the distance, fighting wildly against the end of the snow, we can see the army of the Feng Yue people, suddenly the rear of the mess, suddenly had to reveal the light eyebrows, slightly, the color of confusion.

In this position, it is not yet possible to see Fengyue's army behind, the 2,000 elites led by Qin Yi's wild killing, only Fengyue's general, Fengyue's snow, was suddenly shot out by an iron arrow, and then, behind Fengyue's army, it was a mayhem.

Looking at this scenario, the other Gentlemen of Tamwood, is also one that shows confusion.

“Whatever happens behind Fengyue's army, this is our best chance to defeat and rescue the 2,000 elites on Tianyan Peak, relying on this moment, kill me, kill me hard! ”

The end of the snow was very decisive, but for a few moments, it was the sword of war, violently waved, angry to drink.

Feng Yue's army, the sudden chaos behind it, undoubtedly amounted to giving the generals of the Tamchi people a shot of stimulant, they were about to despair, suddenly had a strong morale, a horse rushing like a wolf to kill the past.

At this moment, in the touching delicate body of Nahana, she is also hot and bloody, on a beautiful little face, a slaughter, raised the knife of war, shouted out, one horse first.

The modus operandi of Tamyue Snow has already broken through the late seventh realm of Zongdao. Such a modus operandi is already quite high among the army. She rushed into the army of Fengyue. In the intervening period, there were seven or eight Fengyue generals, who were cut by her knife.

In the frantic slaughter, the snow glanced somewhere, but the whole person was like a five-lightning blast, stuck there.