The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 719: Bastard Let Me Go!

In her sight, only a handsome teenager was seen, surrounded by the army of the Feng Yue people, slamming straight into each other.

The blue robe of the young man's shoulder was quite dazzling, as if it were a flame burning by a bear. In the army of the Feng Yue, the battle knife in his hand was sharp. Anyone who touched the Feng Yue Sgt. was not cut off by his knife, but captivated by his horse. Only for a moment, there were dozens of Feng Yue Sgt. generals, who were cut off from the horse. Hardly, he rushed out of the weight of the Feng Yue Sgt.

“It's him...”

She rode on the horse's back with snow and red mouth, stunned and open.

That attack on the blue robe, she is not strange, the young man in this robe, at this moment, is deeply trapped in the army of the Fengyue people, wildly killing enemies, the young man used his actions to smash all his previous suspicions into pieces!

“Haha, Qin Yi, this feeling is fantastic, do you see, we two thousand elite under your leadership, a brave one, to be ten! ”

A familiar sound of laughter sounded in the midst of a mixed battle. The next moment, a familiar figure rushed into the sight of the end of the snow and quickly joined the young man in the blue robe of the cape, fighting side by side.

“It turns out... this pussy...”

Seeing this familiar figure, the delicate body with wooden marks riding on the back of the horse, obviously a tremor, she never thought that her brother-in-law, who was a pussy, would also fall into battle, into the enemy group, appeared quite brave.

“Kill him! ”

Immediately afterwards, a platoon of cries came down the sea, a familiar figure, walking behind the dust of the handsome teenager and his brother-in-law, followed by a mad killing, surrounded by Sgt. Fengyue, suddenly became a mess.

“This is… that 2,000 elites trapped on Tianyan Peak! ”

Seeing that one is trapped in the enemy army, killing the familiar figure of the enemy wildly, even if the heart of the wooden snow is as strong as iron, at this moment, it can no longer be controlled, two lines of tears, that from the orbit, burst out.

Her gaze was blurred, she sat stubbornly on the back of her horse and muttered to herself: “2,000 elite, turns out to have already broken out on Tianyan Peak, has already rushed into this main battlefield, just now, the unrest behind Feng Yue's army, because they killed...

“And... and now leading these two thousand elite assault lines, it seems... the teenager from Kyushu, how did he lead these two thousand elites out of the sky geese peak and then, like a sharp sharp sharp sharp knife, kill the army of the Fengyue people into a mess? ”

In her view, how incredible it was, it was just as unreal as a hallucination.

Her heart, full of shock and excitement, tears in her eyes, unrestrained surge, her gaze blurred, but the attack in the midst of a mixed battle, the blue robe constantly left and right, is unusually clear.

At this moment, all the shouting, killing, and blood around her seemed to disappear, and all that remained of her gaze was the robe that attacked the blue, like a bouncing blue flame, roasting her heart.

“This teenager from Kyushu mainland, is he under the gods...”

With a pair of tears in the snow, he stared at the young man with the blue robe.

Before he led the 2,000 elite, before it appeared, the army of the Tamchi people was already at an absolute disadvantage. No matter how wildly she waved the army, it was impossible to break the defense line of the Fengyue people. Instead, the army of Tamchi people fell down a batch, so that the battle went on, the army of Tamchi could not last long, and it would collapse completely.

The consequences of the collapse of Tamchi's army will be unthinkable.

However, just on the verge of a complete collapse, the Teenage from Kyushu mainland led 2,000 elites and killed them, suddenly causing the Fengyue people to break apart.

The heart was shocked and thrilled with the snow, at this time, there was no time to think, this teenager from Kyushu mainland, how suddenly became, these two thousand elite generals, his own fiancé, Lu Yuyuyu, where then?

“Give me the bow and arrow. Shoot her with the snow. If you shoot her, the army of the woods will be in chaos! ”

In the turmoil, only one angry drink was heard, suddenly from somewhere, and the sound of the surrounding slaughter was suppressed, passed into the ear, and the ears were separated.

However, the end of the snow on the back of the horse was as if he hadn't heard it. Still, he watched the blue robe floating in the army.

Qin Yi and Tianjin marks in the slaughter. Hearing this anger and drinking, they all looked back unconsciously. Both of them were suddenly pale. They only saw a pitch-black iron arrow, which came at great speed. The target was just standing in the mixed battlefield and looking demented Tianjinxue.

“Mother Night Fork, what are you doing? Hide! ”

The wooden end screams and has a sense of tearing my heart out of my lungs.

“Me grass, this fucking chick, have you ever had your head stuck in a door? Everyone was dying to kill her. It was a great miracle that she was sitting there alone and quiet. The people around her didn't cut her to pieces! ”

Qin Yi drinks cold in his heart, and is shocked and angry. He will flutter his inner Xuan Qi. The speed martial arts of "Praise Father's Step", to the extreme, the whole person between them, disappeared on the back of the war horse.

The next moment, he appeared next to End Wood Snow, his arms wrapped together, and he held End Wood Snow in his arms and rolled away.


The pitch-black iron arrow, with the sound of a whistle, rubbed past the armor of a wooden snow, just one line away, shot her. The iron arrow directly penetrated the bodies of several sergeants before stopping, enough to see how powerful, how large.


Qin Yi held the end of the tree snow, and had not stood up yet. More than ten handfuls of bright swords of war had been cut off with no head and no face. Between them, Qin Yi and the end of the tree snow were submerged.

“Drive me! ”

In the blast, Qin Yi held the end of the wooden snow with one hand, held the battle knife in one round, more than ten battle knives, immediately became two cuts. In the hands of General Feng Yue, only one bald knife handle was grabbed.

Qin Yi hugged the end of the tree snow, followed by a burst from the ground, all over and down, and poured with tremendous killing intentions.

Dragon wood snow from stunned, came back to God, saw that holding himself tightly in his arms, it was the teenager from Kyushu mainland, suddenly shy and angry, his mouth delicately drinks: “Bastard, let go of me! ”

Her beautiful delicate body was in Qin Yi's arms, suddenly twisted, the whole person was like a dragon out of the sea, burst out, escaped Qin Yi's embrace, turned into a red light in the air, lengthened and sturdy legs spanning, and sat on the back of the white horse of war.

“If you want to die, you dare to be lighter than me! ”

Her delicate face was all red, and her sword was swept away towards Qin Yi. However, behind her, a battle knife was a fierce detection. A battle knife with wood and snow was erected, making it impossible for her to chop it off.

“Mother Night Fork, what's wrong with you? How can you cut off my brother-in-law? ”

An angry drink came.

Dragon snow looked back, only the one who could see, it was his own brother-in-law with wooden marks.

“Is this your brother-in-law? What do you mean?"

Tamwood snow stood still again.

“Brother Tanaki, I'll give you this mother-night fork. I'll meet the Big Birdman! ”

Qin Yi took the opportunity to shout out. The girl with the wood snow was too brave. She saved her life herself. She was not grateful to herself, and she was still trying to compare herself to holding her.

It's too dangerous to stay with such a female fork, it's better to escape!

He knifed a Feng Yue Sgt. next to him, chopped off the horse, jumped on the horse, and quickly slaughtered the leader of Feng Yue Sgt., known as Feng Yue Jin Xue, in the distance.

As long as the Big Birdman is taken care of, the war is basically over.

In the rush, Qin Yi chopped a suffocating knife out of his hand, as if he were harvesting straw, harvesting the past. Anyone who tries to stop him, General Fengyue, will not be cut off without his knife, nothing can stop him!

The robe on his body was already filled with blood, as if it had been salvaged from the blood water. His face was also covered with blood, leaving only two eyes outside, even on his hair, dripping down blood, and the whole man was like a vengeful man washed out of hell.

Such juveniles from the Kyushu mainland, both generals, were staring at each other, even the distant wind and moon snow, were temporarily stunned there.

All of a sudden, his chest was burning with fury, and he shook a knife, pointing a long way at the madly murdered teenager: "Who is this man? There can't be such a brave soldier in the Tuanmu clan! ”

General Fengyue around, a face to face, no one can answer him.

“Well, since you want to kill me so badly, I'd like to see if you can do that. ”

The wind and moon burst into snow and drank, and a trembling patriarchal strength, it was on his body, and it emitted, and shook the surrounding wind and moon sergeant, all flew out.

He didn't even ride the horse. The next moment, the whole person turned into a huge silver flash, towards Qin Yi in front of him, burst. In between, it burst over Qin Yi's head.

“Junior, die! ”

Fengyue Jin snowman in the air, his hands held the knife tight, facing Qin Yi below, force down.


Looking at the knife that had fallen, Qin Yi's eyes were slightly stiffened. The next moment, his body turned into a shadow. He rushed out of his horse's back. The battle knife of Feng Yue Jin Xue had fallen sharply. One knife cut the horse into two pieces.