The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 728: The chick is crying!


The strand of golden blue air broke open.

Then continue practicing.


The strand of golden blue air broke open.

Then continue practicing.


A whole two days went by.

Qin Yi did not remember how many times he had failed, and the golden cord of Xuan Qi in his body finally succeeded in swimming to the three heels of his fingers.

“With two fingers remaining, the elementary training of the Seven Types of Celestial Demons, Formula VI, was completed. ”

With his eyes open, Qin Yi exhaled softly. His handsome face showed a slight smile. He was still quite satisfied with the speed of this cultivation.

This rescue operation will be even more confident as long as it succeeds in Type 6 training of the Seven Types of Celestial Demons and should have the strength of a war with the practitioners of the early Ninth Realm.


Sitting on the blue stone, Qin Yi's eyes, at a certain moment, slightly stirred.

Just a short distance in front of him, wearing animal leather shorts, slip on the end of animal leather boots and snow, walking slowly towards himself with two long, sturdy, sexy legs that are bare.

The girl's exquisite face, frosty, a pair of sharp eyes, like two substantial swords, almost pierced Qin Yi's heart.

What brings you here to see me?

Looking at the frosty little face of Yuzu, Qin Yi's heart raised a slight bad feeling.

“Miss Takagi, it's a coincidence that I've been here for two days. I have to go back and say goodbye! ”

Qin Yi grinned. Without waiting for Snow to reply, he jumped off the blue stone and turned away.



Suddenly, the next moment, he was already standing in front of Qin Yi, blocking his way, and, in that little white hand, he had an extra purple sword.

The purple sword, pointing directly at Qin Yi's heart, was a fierce slaughter. For a moment, it was filled with every inch of space here, making people's hearts and minds, the chill was steep.

“What coincidence, boy, are you a pig? Can't you see I came here on purpose to find you? ”

Tianjin Xueqing light eyebrows, slightly slain, a purple sword in his face, always pointing straight at Qin Yi's heart, do not deviate half way: “Kid, will I eat you? I want to run when I see it! ”

You're the Mother Night Fork. This is the whole tribe. This is what you know!

Qin Yi replied in his heart. On the face of it, he smiled. "Miss Tuanwood, what can I do for you? ”


Moonshine had a pretty good john's nose and asked coldly: “Boy, why did you say yes to Lu Yuyu's duel? Can't you see that his cultivation has already broken through the peak of the Seven Realms of Sect. Only a small mirror is left to break through the Eight Realms of Sect. Plus his unique martial arts, you duel him, and there's only one result, which is death! ”

Qin Yi was slightly stunned. Turns out this mother-night fork is worried about his safety.

Looking at the sophisticated little face killed by the end of the wood and snow, Qin Yi sighed herself. Naran Qiushui was right. As long as she defeated Lu Yuyu in the duel, she would fall in love with herself. Now, she is on the verge of falling in love with herself.

She's going to love herself. It's fate. We can't escape each other!

Looking ahead, this immortal girl about to fall in love with herself, Qin Yi's heart, some of the five flavors are miscellaneous, for a moment, I don't know what to say.

“You answer me, why did you promise to fight Lu Yuyu? ”

With a purple sword, the purple sword was in her little hand, a "buzzing” twitch, a purple flash, and a sword.

Faced with a purple sword with wood and snow, Qin Yi's face was calm and silenced for a moment, which made him smile slightly: “Because I had to fight him, I had no other choice. ”

Snow flashed, suddenly angry and drank: "Okay, now that you want to die so bad, I'm all yours! ”

Her beautiful delicate body suddenly burst into flames, holding a straight line with the purple sword, towards Qin Yi's heart, and stabbed her hard.

His eyes curled slightly, and he looked at the harshly stabbed end of the wood and snow. Qin Yi stood there arrogantly, and the tattoo didn't move, and he couldn't hide.

Suddenly, the sword with the wood and snow stopped, just a millimeter from Qin Yi's heart.

With a little sword in his hand, he trembled slightly, his beautiful little face was filled with anger: “Why don't you hide, you really don't fear death? ”

“Die, everybody's scared. ”

Looking at the angry end of the tree snow, Qin Yi's smile on his face remained unchanged. Xu Xu said: “But I know you won't kill me. I saved the entire end of the tree snow tribe, how can you kill me? ”


Retrieving the purple sword with the wooden snow, the curly ass twisted, turning around, the delicate shoulder of the incense, a sudden tremor of Cersei.

This chick is crying!

Looking at the shaking back of the end wood Cesar, Qin Yi was stunned. He could not have imagined that this mother and night fork scolded the wind and cloud on the sand field, and now he is suddenly crying.

“Miss Knife Man, listen to me...”

Qin Yi sighed and pressed his hands gently on the shoulder of the end wood snow, but the end wood snow suddenly shook the shoulder. He drank angrily: “Don't touch me! ”

Qin Yi was stunned and stunned.

Turning around with the snow and wood, two lines of tears actually flowed in Xiu Mi's eyes. She opened her eyes like that and looked at Qin Yi without moving. She saw that Qin Yi's heart had some hair. She had to take a step back unconsciously.

Duanmu snow closed his eyes painfully. After a while, he opened his eyes again: “Qin Yi, do you know that you duel with him, there is only one word: death! Even if you are lucky enough not to die, just beaten by Lu Yuyu, the people in the tribe will look down on you from now on. I don't want you to do this, you understand? ”

Of course I do. I understand. You'll love me soon!

Qin Yi sighed and softened his head.

“That's it. Now that you've promised to fight that bastard Lu Yuyu, let it be. ”

Tianmuxue shook his head helplessly. The whole person became a little depressed, lifted up the clean curtain, looked at Qin Yi and slowly turned away.

“Lu Yuyu, isn't he your fiancé? How can you call him an asshole? ”

Qin Yi suddenly said aloud behind him.

With the steps of wood snow, he paused suddenly, then slowly turned around. Over his little hand, he actually added another purple sword, pointing straight at Qin Yi's heart: “Later, you dare to say that he is my fiancé, I will really kill you! ”

Yan Bi, her figure swung and disappeared in front of Qin Yi's eyes.

Qin Yi stunned there, incredibly blinking his eyes, couldn't help but belly defamation. This dead chick is really not ordinary strong, if she can't move, she will kill her. If it wasn't for my heavy duty, I would really marry you and then cruelly conquer you!

Such a strong female night fork, conquer it, it must be very accomplished!

Quite frankly, in his mind, some images of the conquering end of the snow emerged, and suddenly he came back to God, hurrying those unhealthy images away, whispering: “Grass, I'm really... getting more and more shameless, just like that, unhealthy images will also appear in his mind. ”

Qin Yi could easily be judged by the fierce reaction just now. Naran Qiushui's speculation is correct. The current end of wood snow does not love Lu Yuyuyu, even mentioning him, feels like a disgrace.

After finishing the dressing crown, Qin Yi stopped staying in this wild mountain ridge and returned to the tribe.

Now, two days have passed, and eight days remain before the date of the duel with Lu Yuyu.

By the day of the duel, the scene will only be feared to be quite loud. However, Qin Yi has not always fought with Lu Yuyu, keep in mind. Lu Yuyu, is not at all a level with him, then he should be defeated, easy to do.

Now he, in his heart, is full of things about how to rescue a few people in Sherland.

Not yet.

Qin Yi's figure appeared in front of a stone house: "Brother Tuanmu, are you in there? ”

“Is my brother-in-law out there? Ha ha, Rare Customer, the door is unlatched, you come in. ”

Inside the stone house, the sound of wood marks soon came.

Opening the door into the stone house, Qin Yi gazed, slowly sweeping through the stone house, and found that the setting here is quite luxurious, just like the stone house where he lives.

A plain plank of wood sits on the couch and is obviously practicing.

“Brother Tanaki, I'm looking for you. There's something very important to tell you. ”

Qin Yi reached the end of the wooden mark and opened the door to see the mountain.

Looking at Qin Yi's serious divine color, she couldn't help but look slightly at the wooden marks. "Brother-in-law, what is important, you say. ”

“Well, actually, we've been cheating on you.” Qin Yi sincerely said.

“Deceive me. What do you mean? ”

The wooden marks were slightly frowned upon.

“In fact, none of us cared at all about this person, ‘Xiaoxue’, who does not exist. You are now talking about ‘Xiaoxue’, named Zhao Yuting, who is a member of our intelligence team. The reason you think of her as Xiaoxue is because of your spirit and he controls her. ”

Qin Yi was frank, Xu Xu said.

“My spirit is under your control? Why are you doing this? ”

The wood marks were unexpectedly not angry, just looking at Qin Yi in confusion: "Also, what happened to the little snow I met a year ago?

“Answer your first question first, because we need to settle down in your tribe, so Yuting has to control the spirit of you and the Tiger, so that you can think that she is the little snow you met a year ago. ”