After more than a dozen consecutive shots, even if Lu Yuyu had an extremely stunning physical defense, signs of a tortoise began to appear on his body, a tiny piece of blood all over his body.

There is no doubt that Qin Yi can destroy him to death simply by “annihilating the world”!

“Son of a bitch, what are you doing with this bullshit martial arts? If you can do it, you'll fight me! ”

Lu Yuyuyu, whose heart had been broken for a long time, roared wildly. His eyes were round and his orbits were split. His eyes were filled with two pieces of red blood, and he looked shocked.

“And you fought hard? So what? ”

Qin Yi smiled slightly and suddenly put “the world of annihilation” away. His hands were behind his back, all over his body and down. He spread a strong confidence. In a standing position, he looked over Lu Yuyu on the ground.

Lu Yuyu's strength, compared to King Song Yu, is slightly insufficient, he will not have any fear.

And the snow in the crowd, Nathanna's touching delicate body, was suddenly trembling: “Don't...”

Not far away is the end of the wooden mark, also hurriedly shouting: “Brother-in-law, don't fight him so hard, just beat him to death, this bird has cultivated the Thousand Melts for a long time, you fought him so hard, your brain, is not really clipped by the door? ”

Grass, this young lord, he also said that my brain was caught in the door!

Qin Yi could not smile.

“Okay, good! Juveniles from Kyushu Mainland, I'm telling you very clearly that your time is up, this duel is over! ”

Lu Yuyu suddenly stood up, the heartbreaking golden palm print finally disappeared, and he felt like he was out of hell.

Next moment.

“Now, fuck you! ”

In the roar, Lu Yuyu held the trident of the sky with the red flame burning, his body turned into a shadow, towards Qin Yi, wildly killing the past, fast to the limit, between that, it was wildly killing in front of Qin Yi.

Looking at Lu Yuyu, Qin Yi slightly condensed his eyes, burned up a war will, and he quickly greeted him with a smoke cloud gun.

“Ping-pong! ”

In the meantime, the two were at war.

With the two of them working together, Lu Yuyu was a dark shock. Qin Yi's cultivation, even the Seven Realms of Zongdao, had not yet broken through, but his combat power far exceeded his imagination, whether it was speed, strength or physical defense, all reached an incredible height.

Between the constant collision between Fang Tian Painting Trident and Yan Yun Long Gun, Lu Yuyuyu only felt that the long gun, the power emitted, of the tens of millions, collided several times, even if he was as strong as him, he felt his arm, some numbness.

Though he cultivated the "Thousand Melting Techniques" to the ninth heaven, cultivating it also broke through the Path 8 realm, but in the hard war between the two men, he still did not take the upper hand, and the scene of his killing did not appear.

He only felt that the young man in front of him, like a huge mountain, was a little overwhelmed, and every time he went out, he was unbroken and impeccable.

“Why is that? ”

Lu Yuyu growled, angry and angry, his heart shook to the extreme. The teenager in front of him, when it was really scary to the extreme, he wondered if he could understand that a teenager who had not yet broken through even the Seventh Realm of the Patriarchate could actually have such terrible fighting power.

“What, my power, is completely beyond your imagination? And all of a sudden you realize that you can't beat me if we fight hard? ”

Qin Yi smiled faintly. From the beginning to the end, he acted calmly. He had entered the state of emptiness. Every strike by Lu Yuyu was clearly seen and handled with ease.


Lu Yuyu snorted coldly, no more words, focus on fighting Qin Yi.

Over time, the battle between the two men gradually came into daylight, the shadow of the two men, completely interwoven, from the ground to the air, and from the air to the ground, in constant collision, a pound of energy wave, constantly emitted, shattered to all directions, allowing the people around to watch the battle, the chest was slightly impacted and bored.

The energy wave, like a giant white dragon, rushed into the ground, shooting the ground into a pit.

Such a fierce battle, all the people present, all of them stared at each other, their hearts were very uneasy, they had no idea that Qin Yi could actually fight Lu Yuyu hard, and there was no wind at all.

This teenager from the Kyushu mainland, even though he has not yet broken through the Seven Realms of the Patriarchate, gives a sense of the dragon not seeing the end.

“This teenager from Kyushu mainland, what an unexpected prospect, its underlying potential, is what the old man sees all his life! ”

The top members of the tribe couldn't help but start talking.

“The Kyushu mainland is indeed a rather mysterious place. It is not scientific to have such an incredible teenager, to make it rare and ordinary, but to be stunning in strength. ”

“This teenager, although his fighting power is amazing, don't forget that Lu Yuyuyu has practiced the martial arts of" Thousand Melts "on the ninth heaven, whether physical defense or strength, reached an incredible height. If this duel continues, the teenager is afraid to lose. ”

“I totally agree with the Second Elder's hair, this teenager, who seems to be perfectly conservative, in fact, it was only because of his combat experience that he resisted Lu Yuyuyu, but he was not as good as Lu Yuyu for physical defense and endurance, and was obviously detrimental to him for a long time. ”

“This teenager, who is a great benefactor of our entire Tuanmu clan, would be unfortunate if he was finally killed by Lu Yuyuyu in this duel. ”

“ …… ”

I could hear the voice of the tribe's high-level discussion, and I was born there in the end of the snow, and Xiu Mi's eyes had to raise an anxiety, even two small hands, I felt uncomfortable holding together.

With the constant and fierce battle between the two, the color of anxiety in their eyes became thicker and thicker, and even that exhilarating boob became a landing and landing.

“Juvenile, you have to hold on, you have to hold on...”

With the snow in my heart, I prayed constantly, on the delicate tip of my nose, even seeping a few drops of crystalline sweat.

Before again, she only thought that if Lu Yuyu killed Qin Yi, she would kill Lu Yuyu and avenge Qin Yi. Now, she just wants Qin Yi not to die.

The battle between Qin Yi and Lu Yuyu in the center of the training field became more and more intense. The weapons of the two men continued to collide between them. The havoc could bring out the air waves, pounding more and more.

Finally, the air in the entire field floats, as if it would collapse at any moment.

“Back off! ”

Everyone watching the battle hurriedly and quickly retreated from more than a dozen lengths, afraid to harm the pond fish.

“A teenager from Kyushu, take my Cher, and die! ”

Lu Yuyuyu drank it, and suddenly, the square sky painting trite in his hand suddenly surged to the full five lengths. The whole pole of square sky painting trite, and the flames were burning.


Full of five lengths of Fang Tian Painting Trident, penetrated the long sky, from the hundred outside, between them, was stabbed to Qin Yi's side, directly put Qin Yi's body, the hole through a large hole.


Around the field, there was a shout.

This blow by Lu Yuyu appeared so suddenly, it was in between blinks, and Qin Yi Dong was pierced, so that everyone present did not react.

“Qin Yi! ”

Returning to God's end of the snow, he shouted, his body trembled, and the whole man shook down.

“How did this happen? ”

Not far away from the end of the wooden marks and the Hong Tiger, they were also staring at each other. They wanted to rush out to kill Lu Yuyu at a critical moment and save Qin Yi.

Who thinks that, between winks, things turn out like this, and they can't even save each other.

“Ha-ha-ha, teenager from Kyushu, that's how you end up! ”

Lu Yuyu laughed wildly, and the whole person was angry.

However, the next moment.

His laughter stopped again, and the whole person stood there and blinked incredibly: “What do you mean? ”

Only in front of him, the teenager who was pierced by Fang Tianjin's trident cave, there was no blood flowing out of the wound, especially strangely, his whole body was slowly dissipating.

“What I pierced was just the shadow of the teenager! ”

Lu Yuyu quickly made the right judgment, and the tremendous waves rose in his heart. At such a speed, it was obvious that he was already infinitely close to the instantaneous shift. How could a teenager who had not even broken through the Seven Realms of the Path have such an astonishing speed?

Suddenly, a pounding intent to kill, like a huge wave coming from behind, Lu Yuyu shocked, quickly turned around, he found that the teenager sometime, actually came behind him, with a long gun of smoke cloud, burst towards himself, the speed was unspeakable.

Junior handsome face with a warm slight smile.

“Damn it! ”

Lu Yuyu was surprised and his instincts slanted out.


The young man had a long gun of smoke cloud, close to Lu Yuyu's jacket, and he stabbed him in the face, just one line away.

Only this time, he had a cold sweat and a cold back on his spine.

At this time, the people who watched the games around them all reacted and shouted like waves, they could all be said to be not low, but at such an amazing speed, they had never seen it.

“Qin Yi is not dead, Lu Yuyu stabbed him, turns out to be only his shadow...”

The end of the snow in the crowd, muttering to himself in his mouth, his heart was also shocked, the spin, the joy almost jumped, both cheeks, a red: “This teenager is really bad, it just makes people surprise, hehe..."

Such a beautiful and beautiful end of the snow is definitely a lifetime sight!

“Ha ha ha, brother-in-law is so powerful! Turns out Lu Yuyu's bird man stabbed only his shadow, grass, that scared me to pee! ”

A delightful laugh at the wooden marks.