The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 741: A Good Devil

“What are you so excited about? ”

Feng Moon Yue snorted coldly and ignored the end of the snow directly. The sharp eye of the blade always looked at Qin Yi without blinking: “I just wanted to say that this kid, is a demon! Devil, believe it or not, I'm going to destroy this deal now? ”

Looking at the wind and moon feathers filled with hate fire on his face, Qin Yi was always sitting there in a godly way. “I have objections to this agreement, in fact. If you destroy it, destroy it. ”


This teenager has a problem with this agreement, too!

What's that supposed to mean?

Feng Yue Yue's tempting little red mouth, stunned Zhang, stunned there for a moment, thought he heard wrong, incredibly blinked.

Feng Moon Wartime, Feng Moon Jin Xue and other Feng Moon people are all stuck, throwing an incredible look at Qin Yi.

“Juvenile, weren't we already in agreement when we fought that day? Do you still want to regret it? ”

Fengyue stood up in battle, and his chest rose and landed sharply. His eyes coldly looked at Qin Yi: “Juvenile, I still admired you. Who wants you to be such a shameless person? We Fengyue clans already have only one-third of the mining rights of the Tuanmu clan, but you are still on your feet! ”

Other Fengyue people, their faces, also slowly burned a terrible rage, can't help but throw over, the juvenile from Kyushu mainland, directly tore up!

“Ha-ha-ha! ”

Duanmu Hao suddenly smiled, “Feng Moon Wartime, you misunderstood Qin Yi's meaning. He did object to this agreement you have drawn up, but it is not a step forward. He means that the mining rights of the mine, our two big tribes, must be opened five or five times in order to be fair! ”


Five, five!

“Tap! ”

Feng Yue Yue's agreement fell directly on the ground.

All Fengyue people, including her, are petrified.

And Qin Yi herself, too, had to stand still. She opened her mouth slightly by mistake.

That's right, that day, he asked Tamchi to discuss with Tamchi Hao Heaven, and changed the mining time of the two tribes, from 300 years to 200 years of the original Tamchi people, who thought, now it's actually 55 years, and the two tribes have just as much time to mine.

“Brother-in-law, I asked you to do it before, and Dad also promised to do it. The five or five nowadays, the mother fork asked Dad to do it last night. ”

The wooden mark lay beside Qin Yi's ear and whispered.


Turns out, Qin Yi slightly stunned, looking at the end of the tree snow around him, the heart flowed slightly through a little warmth.

Obviously, with her talent, she could easily realise what Qin Yi had instructed her to change the agreement.

“Tatemu Hao, are you serious? Qin Yi really demanded mining rights to the mine, five or five? ”

Returning to the wind and moon of God, his face turned red with excitement and his eyes turned hot.

“Of course, now, I have an agreement! ”

With a trembling sleeve, a beast skin agreement appeared on the table: “But remember, this is Qin Yi's request. Don't forget his grace! ”

Feng Moon took the animal skin agreement and took a quick glance at it, and laughed happily ever after: "Okay! Okay, okay! That would be great. Ha-ha-ha! ”

His fiery eyes looked at Qin Yi again: “Qin Yi, that's good, I'm sure I didn't mistake you! ”

The Feng Yue people, including Feng Yue Jin Xue, were all extremely excited and cast their grateful eyes at Qin Yi.


Tamyue closed the half-moon curved knife behind her and sat back in her seat. She glanced at Feng Moon Yu with disdain: "Feng Moon Yu, now, do you think this teenager, or the devil? ”

“Yes, he is still a demon. ”

Feng Moon Yu refused to show any weakness and said arrogantly: "But he is a good devil! ”

A good devil!

Everyone here was stunned.

Even Qin Yi himself was stuck. He had to admit that Feng Yue Yue's words to describe himself were really sweet, but maybe in the eyes of many people, he was really a good demon!


Coughing softly, Qin Yi Xu Xu said: “In fact, I think it is necessary to add another one to this agreement, which is that the two major tribes must not engage in any more warfare within the millennium, what do you think? ”

As soon as he spoke, the members of both sides had their eyes lit.

“I think this proposal is very good. Our two major tribes have always had water fires and constant fighting. If we shake hands and support each other from now on, we can definitely grow quickly. If necessary, we can even join forces and conquer other tribes. ”

Tuanmuxue took the lead and said, Yan Bi, the corner of his eyes is another glance of Qin Yi, the couple singing along with the smell.

Seeing her like this, everyone in the Tamchi family would laugh.

“So wonderful! So wonderful! ”

The sound of the wooden snow has just fallen, the wind and moon are already white snow, joyfully nodded laughter.

The other Fengyue people around him were also a delightful face. Even the brutal girl Fengyue feathers, the eyes of the water spirits, were bright and bright.

In this war, Fengyue people have been severely injured. In recent decades, it has only been difficult to recover. At this time, if the Tamchi people take advantage of the opportunity to attack again, Fengyue people will suffer greatly.

It can be said that this proposal by Qin Yi is in their midst!

Immediately, someone quickly picked up the ink and added Qin Yi's proposal to the animal skin agreement.

The original unpredictable ending of the dispute, that is, because of Qin Yi's participation, turned into a great joy. The mining rights of the mine became divided into 55%. The two major tribes are still in the millennium, no more Gango, which is a truly historic scene.

“Young man, your presence is a great miracle! ”

Late signing of the agreement Feng Moon Wartime, full of scenery, the whole person seems to be 10 years younger, quite excited to hold up Qin Yi's hand: “On the battlefield on that day, you said that you had time to come to our Feng Moon clan as a guest, don't change the gossip, in my view, choose the day rather than collide with the day, today, you follow us to the Feng Moon clan as a guest! ”

This is undoubtedly in Qin Yi's arms. Everything is in his plan!

With a faint smile, Qin Yi respectfully said: “Senior Feng Yue, I am in charge of Qin Yi's words. Oh, except about that agreement. After five days. After my day, I will make a reservation to come to your tribe as a guest. You will have to entertain me raw. I will not be polite. ”

“Ha-ha-ha! ”

One of Qin Yi's words, speaking of the wind and moon, suddenly Old Huai opened his eyes and laughed with a long smile: “Okay, then it's settled, then the old man will surely entertain you! ”

Tap, tap!

A footstep sounded.

Looking for footsteps, everyone looked at it. It was the wind, moon and snow dressed in silver armor that came towards Qin Yi.

Everyone frowned slightly and didn't know what he was going to do.

In front of Qin Yi, Feng Yue Jin Xue pair of fierce eyes, motionless looking at Qin Yi, Xu Xu reached out, patted Qin Yi's shoulder, vomited word for word: “Qin Yi, on the battlefield ten days ago, we are the dead enemy, but today, you are the real hero in my Feng Yue Jin Xue heart, my father is right, your presence, is a great miracle! I've never admired anyone, you, for being the first! ”

Feng Moon and snow, scolding the sandy man, can convince him, it's really rare to see.

The wind and moon feather, after staring at Qin Yi severely, twisted his body and came to the side of a horse. The light spirit jumped on the back of the horse, but dusted away.

In this regard, Qin Yi carelessly touched his nose and did not care about it. Teenage girls like to play with their pussy, which is understandable.

With the signing of the agreement, the disputes between the two major tribes of Tamchi and Fengyue can be said to have come to an end once and for all, and there will be no disputes in the millennium.

And it was the teenager from the Kyushu mainland, Qin Yi, who ended the centuries-old dispute between the two tribes.

This matter, even Qin Yi herself, was unexpected. The purpose of their landing in Yulan Mainland was to rescue Xuanlan, the disciple Xuan, and the sword several people. Who thought that they had not yet rescued them, but to completely resolve the contradictions between the two main tribes of Tuanmu and Feng Yue.

This was settled. In five days, Qin Yi will be visiting the Fengyue clan.

Liu Xiancheng, Zhao Yuting and Lu Yuesheng were three people. A few days ago, an ancient painting with a bloody flag was discovered, coming from the Feng Yuesheng tribe.

Visit the Feng Yue clan as a guest. This is their planned step chess. At that time, Qin Yi will go to the Feng Yue clan to carefully track down the true source of the ancient painting.

Qin Yi, Qin Yi is not too convinced that the Feng Yue clan will be the ultimate source of that ancient painting.

With the end of the tree Hao Tian, the end of the tree snow and the end of the wooden marks and others, Qin Yi just returned to his stone house, Naran Qiushui, Liu Xiancheng, Zhao Yuting, Lu Yuesheng and four others, came.

“Qin Yi, if I'm not mistaken in my prediction, how is the signing of the agreement going? ”

The windy Naran autumn water touched the clean, full forehead, and smiled shallowly.

Liu Xiancheng, Zhao Yuting and Lu Yuesheng all looked at Qin Yi with curiosity.


Gently smiling his head, Qin Yi said: “Fengyue clan elder Fengyue wartime, has invited me to go to Fengyue clan five days later as a guest, then I can take the opportunity to ask him the origin of the ancient painting. ”

“Well, it looks like it's all in our plan. ”

Naran Qiushui sighed for a moment and went on to say: "Before the plan, let you go to the Fengyue clan alone. Now, change this plan slightly. I want to ask Brother Liu to come with you to the Fengyue clan. ”