The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 744: Half Success

It is a huge mountain of divine mountains, above the mountains, the Dao Xia Guang Dao, direct for nine days, the Dao Zen sounds, uploaded from the top of the mountains, ambitious and distant, seemingly penetrating endless space-time.

“Kill him! ”

Countless Gestapo strongmen rushed to the top of Mount Shen and killed in darkness.

All of a sudden, one big hand appeared, laying the ground, covering the entire vast mountain.

Big hands are dark and seem to absorb all the light. As it emerges, the whole heavens and the earth suddenly fade away, as if it were the left hand of a reaper from hell, watching it not as cold as a chestnut.


The left hand of the heavenly demon, suddenly filmed, one hand, shot the endless Gestapo, dead, wounded, the scene to the extreme.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk! ”

Although this is not the first time that this image has been seen, the teenager is still quite shocked and can't help but whisper.

Then the handsome face of the teenager emerged with a strong anticipation and a faint smile: “Such a fierce left hand, now owned by me! ”

He was convinced that, with perseverance, one day he would be able to strike such a vivid hand.

The teenager had a beautiful smile on his face. It was a pretty stinking fantasy for a while. Then he shook his head and returned to the tribe. Tomorrow, it is the day to go to the Feng Yue clan to be a guest.

Formula 6 of the Seven Types of Celestial Demons, so far, it can be said that most of the training has been completed. Next, you just need to persevere in cultivating the strength of Formula 6 of the Seven Types of Celestial Demons. When this power reaches saturation state, you can then use Formula 5 of the Seven Types of Celestial Demons to bring this power to your left hand. Then, the cultivation of Formula 6 of the Seven Types of Celestial Demons will be greatly successful!

So far, the training of Model 6 of the Seven Types of Celestial Demons has been quite smooth, much faster than expected.

Of course, thanks to King Senroe's potential!

After the successful training of Type 6 of Seven, the whole Seven of Seven of Seven of Seven of Seven, then there is only one last formula left, Formula Seven.

Now, Qin Yi already has a hidden hunch, the Seventh Style of the Seventh Style of the Celestial Demon, exists on the high level of the Holy See of Kyushu.

At that time, it will be necessary to visit the mountain where the high ecclesiastical level of the Kyushu Holy See resides.

The next day, Qin Yi led Liu Xiancheng and prepared to go to the Fengyue clan as a guest, in accordance with the agreement with Fengyue War Day.

“Obviously, a year ago, Xuanlan, the disciple Xuan, Sword Zero and that intelligence team must have gone through the Feng Yue clan, and we are now completely on track to their aftermath. Only then can we keep track of them step by step. ”

Naran Qiushui slowly said: “Since they can find out the blood flag of Fengyue among Fengyue people, then it means that several of them, also by some means, have established a good relationship with Fengyue people, so if you mention the ancient painting, Fengyue people have a cautionary mind for you, you may move Xuanlan, the disciple Xuan, the sword a few people out. ”

That makes sense!

Qin Yi and Liu Xiancheng were both compelled to look at each other.

“Well, that's all I'm going to tell you. When you get to the Feng Yue clan, you have to do it randomly. Go. ”

Naran Qiushui waved his little hand at Qin Yi and Liu Xiancheng.

Qin Yi and Liu Xiancheng immediately and without further delay. After walking out of the Mu clan, they will carry out their velocity martial arts and fly forward at extreme speed.


The shape of the two men, in the wild mountains and mountains, became a shadow of the road and burst.

Tuanmu and Fengyue are just two tribes, but they are not close. If you are riding a horse, you must have three days to get there.

Half a day later.

In the sight of Qin Yi and Liu Xiancheng, a stone house, dense and numb, tens of thousands, irregular distribution emerged. In the middle of these stone houses, a tall and magnificent building, standing there, looks quite quaint.

This is undoubtedly the Fengyue tribe.

“The style of the two major tribes is exactly the same. ”

Looking forward, Qin Yi smiled faintly at the dense and numb stone house.

“In that distant past, Tamchi and Fengyue have a certain origin in themselves, and the style of the two great tribes should be the same. ”

Liu Xiancheng on the side, Xu Xu said.

Qin Yi felt it.

All of a sudden, only a few fast horses came forward. Soon, they rushed to Qin Yi and Liu Xiancheng's eyes. It was the wind and moon dressed in silver armor, Jin Xue, and several followers.

Several people jumped off the horse and came to the front of Qin Yi. On the face of Feng Yue Jin Xue, he obviously shook an exciting color: “Qin Yi, you did come. It's good. Early in the morning, my father told my father to wait here for you. Please, my father and the elders are waiting for you in the main hall. They also want to understand how magical a place you are in Kyushu Mainland. ”

However, Qin Yi hasn't replied yet. A cold voice rang from one side: “Boy, you are really daring to come to our Fengyue clan. ”

Qin Yi turned their faces and couldn't stop crying. They could only see the wind and moon feathers dressed in red leather short suits, snow and white snake-like delicate arms, holding a giant bow, the giant bow was pulled full, over the bow string, with an iron arrow.

At the side of Fengyue feathers, several young girls like flowers and jade, like Fengyue feathers, are dressed in short, with giant bows on their delicate arms and iron arrows on their giant bows.

All the young girls, looking into Qin Yi's eyes, were filled with anger.

“Yu, what are you going to do? Quickly get these close escorts out of the way. Qin Yi is a VIP guest of our Fengyue family and should not be rude to them! ”

The wind and moon burst into shock and rush to rebuke.

Feng Yue Yue shook her head slightly: “I do not, this boy slaughtered our Feng Yue clan thousands of generals, let us Feng Yue clan defeat, he is the devil, if it were not for his devil mess, we Feng Yue clan would fail? Brother, get out of the way, we're going to shoot this demon into a nest! ”

“What does it matter if you are rude and now you are happy with the result, defeat or defeat? ”

Fengyue Jinxue hurriedly opened his arms and protected Qin Yi and Liu Xiancheng behind him. “How can you not die in war? Besides, if it hadn't been for that agreement, thousands more would have been dead and wounded in the ongoing fighting between the two tribes? ”

However, Feng Moon Yu's personality is obviously quite strong. She can't hear any of the words of Feng Moon Jin snow, her eyes gradually become cold: “Brother, you won't let me, right? Okay, then I will shoot with you, everyone arrows, shoot them! ”


She gave an order, suddenly several iron arrows, with a thrilling whistling sound, towards Qin Yi several people, came at great speed.

“Damn it! ”

The wind and moon were about to blow up, hurriedly took out the battle knife, a wild dance, the iron arrow fired as many as possible, but the power of the iron arrow was surprising, it shook him down directly to the horse.

One wave of arrows did not shoot Qin Yi and Liu Xiancheng, Feng Yue Yue exhaled, with several young beautiful followers, again took out the second finger iron arrow.

At this time, however, Qin Yi moved, her figure flashed and turned into a very faint shadow. In the blink of an eye, she appeared in front of Feng Moon Yu. She grabbed the iron arrow in her hand: “Miss Yu, can you not be so impulsive? ”

“Ah, asshole, you dare touch me, I'll kill you! ”

Fengyue Yue was furious and threw the bow and arrow at Qin Yi.


Without any protection, Qin Yi was pushed hard by Feng Yue Yue. It was actually backwards and backwards straight. Feng Yue Yue was also unable to stop the push for a moment. In between blinking eyes, it was directly on Qin Yi.


The whole world, in between moments, is quiet!

Feng Yue Yue suddenly disappeared, Hannah's moving delicate body was firmly pressed against Qin Yi's body, that attractive little red mouth, impartial, just pressed on Qin Yi's big mouth.

She blinked quite plainly.

Qin Yi, who was pressed under his back, was also suddenly stunned. I just felt the two huge ones in front of Feng Yue's chest. Death pressed against his chest, and it felt wonderful to the extreme.

And on that full soft lip, the sense of touch, is also the ultimate in soul destruction, even makes his little belly sound, instantly is the feeling of the rise of evil fire, a “artifact”, rather shameless slowly standing upright, crushing on the girl's flat belly.

Including Liu Xiancheng and Fengyue Jinxue, all the people in the place were caught by the scene in front of them, making them feel a little smug, staring at the ground, squeezing together the two people, incredibly blinking.

“There's a storm coming. Run! ”

Still, Feng Yue Jin Xue reacted quickly, shouted, rushed up, pushed Feng Yue Yue away without saying a word, pulled up Qin Yi on the ground, and did not ride horse suit to force him, directly spread the speed, pulled up Qin Yi and Liu Xiancheng, spread the speed, towards Feng Yue clan, burst away.

As Feng Yue Yue's own brother, he knew very well the nature of Feng Yue Yue. Not only did she put pressure on Qin Yi, she even kissed her mouth. He knew exactly what would happen next.

Feng Yue Yue sat on the floor in a daze. She was still demented and wiped her mouth. She muttered to herself: “The first kiss, the first kiss of this girl, is gone...”


She suddenly screamed in shock and tears, leaving several close guards around her, her delicate bodies trembling suddenly.

“Devil, ah, you damn devil, give me back my first kiss! ”

Fengyue Yuer growled, the whole person was like a dragon out of the sea, rushing from the ground to Qin Yi several people in front, fast chase.