The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 749: Only War!

Obviously, although Qin Yi is a great benefactor of the Fengyue clan, he used his own power to slaughter thousands of Fengyue men, so that Fengyue people thanked him, on the other hand, he was still somewhat hostile to him.

Now, they will naturally die and grab the "pet” thing and humiliate him for a while, which is also offensive.


A sharp, empty voice came.

As this broken voice sounded, Qin Yi's vest suddenly came with a little pain. He suddenly grabbed it backwards, and a blasted iron arrow was firmly caught in his hand.

“Hee-hee, sweetheart, that's good! ”

A delightful smile rang from behind.

Qin Yi turned around gently, only to see the wind and moon feathers wearing red leather vests and shorts outside their thirties. She was born there. She held a giant bow on her snow white arm, a unique purple hair, and put a tall ponytail behind her head. The whole person looked positively and beautifully.

His eyes curled slightly, looking at the handsome girl in front of him, Qin Yi's heart suddenly came up with a strange thought: the person who can become a dead chick spoiled, it seems... it's also good!

“Yu, don't go too far! ”

The wind and moon smile a little iron blue, and shout at the wind and moon feathers.

“Tsk, brother, now is the time, don't you allow me to call him a spoiler? ”

Feng Yue Yue directly ignored the iron blue on his face, lifted her beautiful little face slightly and smiled happily.

In other words, the teenage girl looked at Qin Yi from afar, the beautiful corner of her mouth, slightly raised her lips, and hung a pretty good smile: “People spoil, tomorrow's war with our ancestors, you have to fight well. If it is a move, it will be defeated by our ancestors. I am very shameless, they will laugh at my people spoil too weakly. ”

After Yan Bi, Feng Yue Yue once again left that dead ass, a twist of pride, and left Qin Yi and Feng Yue Jin Xue a charming backdrop.

“This barbaric girl really pisses me off! ”

Looking at the back of the wind and moon feathers, the wind and moon snow chest, a violent rise and fall, obviously not lightly angry.

“Brother Jin Xue, your sister playfully greedy, plus the last World War I slaughtered thousands of your tribal generals, she will behave like this, completely understandable and careless. Let's get out of here. ”

He patted Feng Yue Jin Xue's shoulder and Qin Yi smiled slightly.

What kind of teenager is this, looking at the young man's face with a smile on his face, the wind and moon snowed slightly and his heart couldn't help but sigh? Still so calm in the face of such humiliation.

Not yet.

The figure of the two men appeared in the hall.

Patriarch Fengyue sat there, watching Qin Yi arrive, yet to speak, on his face, has already appeared an apology: “Qin Yi, I'm so sorry, you were a VIP invited by me, but now, you have been treated so embarrassed. ”

With a faint smile, Qin Yi respectfully said: “Senior Feng Moon, you don't have to feel guilty. I never cared about this. ”

He can't be the spouse of Fengyue Yue, why should he care?

“I know that you are a very young man with a very big heart, but I, as the chief of the clan, am still quite overwhelmed. ”

The wind and moon wars said, "Yes, I'm curious, why did you have to promise to fight our ancestors? You could have totally refused, you know? Once you've fought, there's only one result, a one-month spouse for feathers. ”

“Back to seniors, didn't I already say that? My friend, I had to rescue it. Even if I was poor, I would not stop. Besides, I am now just a spouse for a month to become a feather. ”

Qin Yi's eyes have become a little tenacious, Xu Xu said: "In order to rescue my friends, you must know the origin of the ancient painting. If you want to know the origin of the ancient painting, I have no choice but to fight. Apart from that, there is no second option. Even tomorrow, I will be killed in battle. Me too, only in battle! ”

Only war!

These three words, heard in the wind and moon wars, are no different than the heavenly thunder, giving him a tall body, all suddenly.

He looked at Qin Yi immobilized, deeply in his eyes, admiring the color, getting stronger and stronger.

He suddenly patted Qin Yi's shoulder: “Okay, I admire people like you. Since you decided to fight, I will do my best to help you. Listen, our ancestors majored in martial arts, which is a sword called" Thousand Fantasy Swords "." Thousand Fantasy Swords ", divided into 17 types, famous for their unpredictability, soft as running water, smooth as clouds, fantastic as ghosts. ”

After a slight meal, the wind and moon warfare days went on to say: “Moreover, Ancestor has already put this sword method into full practice. You have to hold on to ten tricks in" Thousand Fantasy Swords ". With your current modification, it is a crazy dream. If you do not understand the know-how of this sword method, if you fight with Ancestor hard, you will lose the battle. Well, he's soft and fantastic, and you have to behave softer and more fantastic than that in order to restrain. ”

Qin Yi listened carefully, his heart was shocked. Before that, he thought that he would make a breakthrough into seven realms, and he was 100% sure. In the hands of Fengyue ancestors, he walked out ten moves.

At present, it seems that the matter is still a bit unknown.

It is true that Ancestor Feng Moon, must have been a supergenius in previous years, so that he can lead the Feng Moon clan, constantly grow, is not the average practitioner comparable.

Although Qin Yi has not come into contact with Fengyue ancestors so far, he speculates that Fengyue ancestors in Zongdao 9 should be more terrifying than Easy Long Sky in Zongdao 9.

Of course, if he had used the Seven Types of Celestial Demons, he believed that he would still be able to do the ten moves in the hands of Ancestor Fengyue.

However, the Seven Types of Celestial Demons is one of his cards, and he doesn't want to use it easily if he has to.


Feng Moon warrior hand sleeve, suddenly trembled, saw only an ancient book of animal skin, from his sleeve, fell onto the table.

“This is martial arts. ”

Looking at the Ancient Book of Beast Skin on the desktop, Qin Yi's eyes peeled slightly.

Fengyue picked up the Ancient Book of Veterinary Skin and said: “This" Liuyun Tip "is our Fengyue clan, ancestral martial arts, but so far, no one in our clan has been able to practice it, even the ancestors of our clan, because it is an imperial martial arts. ”

Imperial martial arts!

Qin Yi's eyes couldn't help but shine.

Imperial martial arts, the first time he has seen it.

Feng Moon Warfare continues: “This" Liu Yun Jie "is suitable for any type of weapon, and, there are only one, but this formula, there are countless changes. Qin Yi, I see you have extraordinary qualifications. Now, I entrust this" Liu Yun Jie "to you for cultivation. Can you understand it before tomorrow's war with our ancestors, depending on your creation. If you are able to understand, you should be able to resist ten tricks under Ancestor's Thousand Fantasy Swords. ”

After Yan Bi, Fengyue gave Qin Yi the ancient book of animal skins.

“Senior Feng Moon, this is impossible. Didn't you say it was a tribal ancestry, how could I want it? ”

Qin Yi was shocked and hurried to wave.

You've got to be kidding me. How can you accept something so precious? Although Fengyue Ancestor is powerful, he still has the Seven Types of Celestial Demons, right? Big deal, when you use the Seven Types of Ten Demons, you don't believe in this immortal ancient school, but you can't resist Fengyue Ancestral Ten tricks?

“Qin Yi, this time, you helped our Fengyue clan a great deal. To be honest, this time I invited you to come to our clan as a guest. I was going to send you a thick thank you gift. Now, this" Liuyun Tip "should be regarded as a thank you gift for you. If you resign again, I would be unhappy. ”

The wind and moon will sink.


Seeing him so, Qin Yi also stopped speculating, took over the "Liuyun Tip", and read it randomly. Not long later, he merged the ancient books and returned them to Feng Moon Wartime.

“Qin Yi, are you... unable to see this martial arts? ”

Looking at the martial arts that Qin Yi handed over, Fengyue opened his mouth in awkwardness and showed an embarrassing colour on his face.

“Senior Feng Moon, this is imperial martial arts, how could I not see it, but I have written it down here. ”

With a faint smile, Qin Yi pointed to his own brain.


- What? - What?

Fengyue was stunned, his chin broke, breathed heavily, looked at Qin Yi like a monster, just a blink of kung fu, the teenager, all the contents of "Flow Cloud Technique" was recorded in his mind, and he didn't leak a word.

This boy, is he a man or a demon?

After a while, the wind and moon warfare sky shook, came back to God, and sighed: “Qin Yi, you are truly a genius. Even those strange strangers who have never forgotten, it is absolutely impossible to write down this" cloud trick "in such a short time. ”

But how did he know that Qin Yi wrote down his fart? It was only through the left hand of the demon that he copied the "Flow Cloud Tip" directly into his mind.

The Left Hand of the Heavenly Devil is a Heavenly Hand. It is not difficult to do this.

Tomorrow, the day of the First World War with Fengyue ancestors, the time was unusually pressing, Qin Yi did not delay the time any longer, and immediately rose to bid farewell to the Fengyue War Day.

Not yet.

Qin Yi's figure is quite unplugged, appeared in a wild mountain ridge, which is a short distance from the Fengyue tribe, rare, suitable for cleaning up.

“That's how I got an imperial martial arts...”

Qin Yipan sat on the ground. Naturally, in his heart, he was delighted. You know, imperial martial arts does not even exist at the Tingwei level of the Holy See in Kyushu. Only on the mountain of the Holy See, where the higher ecclesiastical level resides.