The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 751: Ancestor Fengyue

Although yesterday, the tribal ancestors' "Liu Yun Zhi" has been taught to this teenager, he does not believe that Qin Yi can learn the Martial Arts Society of the Emperor, even the tribal ancestors, in one day, is not able to learn martial arts. How can a teenager with only the seven realms of the Patriarchate learn?

The teenager from Kyushu mainland, although quite stunning, thinks that his chances of learning "The Sky of the Cloud" are still zero!

By his side, the snow of the wind and the moon, and the feathers of the wind and the moon, and the high ranks of your tribes, were there.

Feng Moon Jin Xue and the tribal leaders also have some worrying color in their eyes, while Feng Moon Yu, looking at Qin Yi's Xiu Mi eyes, is always completing two drunken moon teeth, to see how delightful it is in her heart.

“Ha ha, this teenager from Kyushu mainland, you came early, so eager to be a feather spoiled. ”

“The feathers are so beautiful, maybe in his heart, those who have long yearned to be feathers are spoiled? ”

“Hee-hee, such a handsome man is a good match for Yu! ”

“Jiao Jiao, Yu's spouse is so handsome, I dreamed of him last night. ”

“Tsk, you're having a dream. Tell me, is he fierce? ”

“ …… ”

Looking at the middle of the field, the tall teenager, the crowd around, hip-hop talking more than that.

Listen to the discussion around, the wind and moon feathers in the crowd, the high and moving breasts, proud and lightweight, the pair of beautiful glassy eyes, more and more bent.

Qin Yi, in the center of the training field, was the voice of all the discussion around him, indifferent, with a long gun of smoke cloud in his hand, standing quietly there.

At this time, he, in his mind, is still trying to think about the imperial martial arts of "The Cloud of the Clouds", and after a full day of practice yesterday, he was able to easily travel through a hundred waves to prevent them from attacking himself.

"Liu Yun Zhi" is a wonderful Zongdao Martial Arts, only one style, but this style is all-encompassing and unpredictable. If there are several types, I really don't know how horrible it would be.


All of a sudden, all over the practice field, there was a big wind, flying sandstone, blowing eyes out.

In the wind, an invisible spiritual repression, suddenly, coming from somewhere, let the crowd on the field, in a moment, some shortness of breath.

“Coming? ”

In the middle of the training field, Qin Yi was thinking, slightly frowned, Xu slowly raised his head.

“Hahahaha, a teenager from Kyushu mainland, I hear you want to be the spouse of my feathers, quite creative idea, I like it! ”

A laugh came in, and the laughter contained unparalleled inner strength of the Path. The people around the training field were all quite distressed by the internal air and blood shock.

The next moment, a white shadow swept over the long sky. After winking, it came to the top of the training field, and then slowly landed at a distance of about 30 yuan from Qin Yi.

At first glance, Qin Yiding only saw someone. He was an old man dressed in a white robe. He stood quietly there, all over his body and without any breath. He was no different from ordinary people. In his hand, he was carrying a purple sword at will.

On that purple sword, a ray of purple continued to float, but it also did not emit any sword.

Obviously, this man is the Ancestor of the Moon.

With the appearance of Ancestor Feng Moon, the noisy training field suddenly quieted down, including the Feng Moon Wartime, all eyes suddenly became fanatical, full of worship and awe.

Fengyue ancestors, Fengyue tribe's peak existence, for years, has been closed cultivation, finally saw his style again today.

“O ancestors of our tribe! ”

“As soon as Ancestor comes out, who will fight him? ”

“Ha ha, want to get out of ten moves in the hands of our Feng Moon ancestors? Dream on, young man. ”

“ …… ”

On a quiet field, all of a sudden, there was a wave of noise, and even a lot of people, excited and tearful.

Everyone can feel that the Ancestors of the Moon and the Feng Moon, already powerful to an incredible degree, must look up and worship.

Xiu Mi's eyes curled slightly, looking at Fengyue ancestors in the center of the training field, Fengyue feathers excited a pair of small white hands, tightly held in front of his chest, delicate little face, with a strong exciting color.

“This Feng Moon ancestor is really strong! ”

Eyebrow slightly moaned, Qin Yi watched the thirty fathers in front of him open outside. The ancestors of the Feng Moon who stood there quietly could not help but sigh.

Fengyue ancestors, although a hint of breath, did not emit, but gave a feeling that a mountain stood there, an invisible pressure.


The darkness prompted the left hand, Qin Yi elicited the sensation of spiritual power, covering the ancestors of the wind and moon, and spying on their cultivation.

“Zongdao Nine Mid-Term! ”

This kind of snooping results made Qin Yi, darkened his mouth, truly horrible, than the old days in the ruined martial arts, encountered a long and easy day, are all a little higher than a small situation.

“A teenager from Kyushu mainland, the old man had to admire your courage and dare to fight. Now that you're standing here, don't think about it. Be a feather for a month. ”

Ancestor Fengyue had lifted the purple sword in his hand slowly, pointing far ahead at the teenager.

Until then, he had not breathed a trace of energy, swordsmanship or homicide.

All the breath, it's all covered up.

The more so, the more horrible he is!

However, just above a large tree, a snowy figure, standing there quietly, injecting everything here without moving.

That's a young man in a white robe!

The young man's appearance is quite handsome and his eyes are as quiet as water, not a slight ripple.

This is the mainland of Yulan, but the beautiful man in the white robe is not the tall figure of the inhabitants of Yulan Mainland, in other words, he comes from Kyushu Mainland!

Despite the distance, the handsome man in the white robe is still able to take care of everything in the training field.


A beautiful figure appeared beside a beautiful man in a white robe, standing quietly on top of a tree alongside a beautiful man in a white robe, quietly watching everything on the field.

The latter, with his wonderful body and brilliant curve, is enough for all the males in the world to see, will think of nothing, above his belly, quite shamelessly and gently rises a fire of evil.

The beautiful face of a wonderful woman, especially a pair of extremely beautiful eyes, makes it absolutely unforgettable to look up. If Qin Yi sees this beautiful woman, she will definitely break her jaw.

'Cause she's Meizu!

It is true that Qin Yi's loving and hateful feminine appeared in Yulan mainland. At this moment, just outside of Wan Zhang, he watched Qin Yi quietly on the training field!

“The young man from the miracle fairy trace was indeed somewhat astonishing. He had beaten the army of the Fengyue people with his own strength before, and the means he later showed were more intelligent, opening the mining rights of the two major tribes, five or five, and allowing them not to engage in war for a thousand years, so that the men of the two major tribes were grateful to him, Dade. ”

Toshi Bai said, "It's not surprising that the last time you chased him you failed, whether it's your strength or your talent. ”

Femme Yan did not speak, just stared quietly at the handsome teenager who was standing quietly on the training field, but the deep of her eyes seemed slightly overwhelmed with pride.

Her sweet, loving teenager. Wouldn't she be great?

“Mei Mai, you said, this time, can this teenager walk out of ten tricks in the hands of Feng Moon ancestors? ”

White robe Jun Mei man, Xu Xu asked.


Femme Flame didn't even think about it, so she gently took that beautiful head.


White robe handsome man's eyebrows, slightly smiled, some bewildered look towards Femme Flame: “Are you so sure? ”

Femme Yunnan's extremely beautiful eyes still stared at the teenager outside of 10,000 blossoms. There was a fantastic feeling of untruthfulness in the words of her tempting little mouth: “I, believe him...”

Rumor has it, the beautiful man in the white robe slightly flashed, in his eyes, an incredible colour, swept past.

Ten thousand men open outside, on the battlefield.

Seeing that Feng Moon ancestor Xu Xu slowly raised his purple sword, he was about to attack. Qin Yi shook his head with a smile: “Feng Moon ancestor, are you going to do this with me? ”

Ancestor Fengyue slowly had to put down the purple sword again. “Young man, do you have anything else to say? Do you want to show loyalty to her before becoming a feather's spouse? ”

Ancestor Fengyue's words came out. Around the battlefield, a hip-hop laugh suddenly sounded. A Fengyue woman, all looking at the teenager from Kyushu Mainland was quite interesting.

The wind and moon feathers born in the crowd, the joy on her face, but it grew stronger. She even put the two huge ones in her chest, and once again bragged, waiting for Qin Yi to show loyalty to her.

Is this Ancestor Feng Moon... also the monkey invited comedy?

Qin Yi opened his mouth slightly stunned and looked far away at the playful man who was born there. He was waiting for his faithful Feng Moon Yu to look at him and shook his head. “Feng Moon Ancestor, if I am in your hands and can't get out of ten moves, I have to be Yu's spouse for a month. But if I am lucky enough to get out of ten moves, I have no merit whatsoever. This is obviously not fair, is it? ”


Ancestors of the Moon and all those around them were forced to stand still.