The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 753: Ancestors of War

“Young man, you're really good. You totally exceeded my expectations! Thousand Fantasy Swords - Type 3! ”

Ancestor Fengyue quickly struck out the third type. His whole person suddenly turned into a very faint shadow. Between blinking eyes, he suddenly killed Qin Yi's front. Whether in shape, or the purple sword in his hand, all of a sudden became like a smudge of green smoke, no weight, but every sword was only the key to Qin Yi.

This horrific attack, if replaced by the ordinary Patriarchal Seven Realms practitioner, will be torn to pieces by the purple sword of the ancestors of the wind and moon in an instant.

Cloud trick!

Qin Yi carried a long gun and instantly fought with Fengyue Ancestors. His figure and the long gun in his hand were equally unpredictable. The two people were constantly interwoven, and even a little noise, they did not emit.

"Flowing Cloud Technique", only in one form, but constantly changing and indescribable.

One by two shadows, the interweaving speed, the battle scene is getting weirder and weirder, the attack by both, is the ultimate judo, like a fantasy.

At a certain moment, the two intertwined figures suddenly scored, each of them burst out more than a dozen lengths later.

Xu Xuyang gun, pointing remotely at Fengyue ancestor in front of him, Qin Yi's face, always smiled with the sign: “Senior, I'm sorry, you failed to defeat me within three moves, there are seven moves. As long as I have survived the remaining seven moves, please tell me the origin of the ancient painting. ”

In fact, Qin Yi's heart is also a dark surprise. Even though he has fully mastered the imperial martial arts of "Liu Yun Zhi", he was almost cut by the purple sword of Ancestor Feng Moon twice in the war just now.

The strong in the middle of Zongdao Jiu Realm, when it is truly terrible, is fortunate to have mastered the "Flow Cloud Technique", otherwise, now, not only is it a defeat, but it has also been a major blow!

The wind and moon stood there quietly, his breasts slightly upset and his heart was difficult to calm. The teenager from Kyushu mainland actually resisted his three tricks.

How can a teenager who has been repaired only in the early seven realms of the Patriarchate resist his three moves? This is completely unscientific!

The ancestors of the moon were shocked and confused.

It's just a shame, the mystery of which only the wind and moon wars and the wind and moon rains snow!

If Ancestor Fengyue knew about this, he would be angry and spit blood in the blink of an eye!

“Juvenile, well, you are strong, completely beyond my imagination, I think, strong as you, once the person who becomes the feather spoils, the feather will just feel more accomplished. ”

Ancestor Fengyue smiled, the next moment, suddenly struck out the fourth type of "Thousand Fantasy Swords", the whole man blinked to the front of Qin Yi, his figure and the purple long sword in his hand, more and more ghostly.

Cloud trick!

Qin Yi waved his gun, he had only one type of cloud trick, but he could evolve numerous ways of attacking.

The fighting between the two men still did not make a sound, because the weapons of the two men would not collide, not even the air waves, but the space around them, however, was constantly twisting with the shape of the two, like the surface of the water.

“Thousand Fantasy Swords - Type 4! ”

“Thousand Fantasy Swords - Type 5! ”

“ …… ”

“Thousand Fantasy Swords - Type 8! ”

Ancestor Fengyue finally punched out Type 8 in one breath. Every time he punched out a pattern, his figure was weird. Sometimes, he clearly saw his sword stabbed from the front, but between blinks, it appeared in the rear, and the speed of the attack reached the limit. If he didn't pay attention slightly, he would pierce it directly with a long sword hole.

From the beginning to the end, Qin Yi was a trick. He coped with all the attacks of Fengyue ancestors. His body was weird to the extreme. At the end of the day, the whole person could almost be transformed into various shapes. For a moment, he was like a green smoke, quickly entangled the whole of Fengyue ancestors. For a moment, he was like a soft willow in the wind, and for a moment, he was like a flowing water.

Besides, you come to me, the weapons of both of us, all the time, without any collision, how brilliant can it be to avoid one another's weird and quick attack at a time?

At this time, Qin Yi, in addition to exercising the imperial martial arts of "Liu Yun Zhi" to the extreme, the water element seeds in his body were also burning wildly, allowing his speed to reach its peak.

In addition to this, he has always entered the state of emptiness, not only the speed of the attack of Ancestor Feng Moon, in his eyes more than doubled, but also as if his eyes were full. Ancestor Feng Moon attacked him in any direction, he was able to perceive it in the hectares.

Nonetheless, he still felt quite worked up, a phenomenon, and after eight moves, he was already sweating.

Don't forget, he is now fighting, but the strong in the middle of Zongdao Nine, there are two other small realms, the imperial strong!

Although he has not been hurt at all so far, it is clear that this is the hardest war in history.

In order not to be the spoiler of Fengyue feathers, even more difficult, he must persevere!

This is a very strange battle, the two of them fought wildly, but on the whole field, it was like a graveyard, a little noise, not even a breath, not a sound!

Including Feng Moon Yue, Feng Moon Wartime and others, all of them, eyes open, blinking at the center of the training field, the two of them fiercely fought.

At this moment, they completely forgot that Qin Yi was going to do the spoil of Feng Yue Yue for a month. Everyone was completely shocked by this battle.

Of course, they were shocked at the same time, but more, but they were surprised. They couldn't figure it out anyway. How could this teenager, who only built the Seven Realms of the Patriarchate, possibly have ten moves in the hands of Fengyue ancestors?

Tens of thousands of people out there.

Above that big tree.

Maiden Yan and Toshi Bai, looking at the training field, Qin Yi and Fengyue ancestors' fierce battle, both faces, also appeared in a calm surprise.

“He seems to have grown a lot stronger since the battle of the Shattered War...”

Femme Yan frowned lightly, slightly raised, the two huge ones in front of her chest, a sudden rise and fall, indicating the uneasiness in her heart at this moment.

“Yeah, this teenager is way beyond common sense. ”

Seo Xu Xu, a handsome man in a white robe, said: “Obviously, the martial arts exhibited by this young man is more advanced than the martial arts of Fengyue ancestors. It should be an imperial martial arts. I mean beyond common sense, he is clearly just a patriarchal practitioner. Why can you understand imperial martial arts? ”

“This is also the most confusing part of me. ”

Femme softened her beautiful head a little.

“But it can only make him die faster. ”

Toshi Bai, a beautiful man with deep eyes, gently chilled: “This young man is too brilliant to be promoted to the Divine Guard. Otherwise, the delicate balance of the strength of the five leagues will be broken in a moment. ”

Beautiful, beautiful, flaming sisters say nothing, yet the slightly flattering pair of beautiful eyes gradually deepen.

The battle between Qin Yi and Fengyue ancestors has reached its most critical moment on the battlefield opened by Wan Zhang.

At this time, the shadow of the two is not only unusual, but also fast to the limit.

All around the audience, including the wind and moon wars and the wind and moon feathers, were motionless, watching the fierce battle between the two people on the field with full attention, even forgetting to breathe.

At this moment, all the people, the teenager from Kyushu mainland, has already walked out in the hands of Ancestor Fengyue!

What kind of concept is it that a teenager who has been repaired to only the Seven Realms of Patriarchy walks out of eight tricks in the hands of an elderly man in the middle of Patriarchy Nine?

“Thousand Fantasy Swords - Style 9! ”

In anger and drink, the shape of the ancestors of the wind and moon suddenly divided into two, two into four, four into eight... In a moment, it turned into thirty-six.

Thirty-six shadows of Fengyue ancestors, a bright extinction, quickly attacked towards Qin Yi, his body was strange to the extreme, Qin Yi had not returned to God, and was already trapped in thirty-six purple swords.


Thirty-six swordmands turned into thirty purple lightning bolts. Around Qin Yi, they kept appearing. Each one was closely attached to Qin Yi's body.

Feeling the weird and sharp of thirty-six swordsmen, Qin Yi did not dare to have a slight push, his eyes lightened, fully into the state of the emptiness, fully cope with these thirty-six swordsmen.

At this moment, there are only 36 swordsmen in his world, and nothing more. Thirty-six blade shadow tracks, all clearly perceived by him.

His figure, turned into a very fast stream of green smoke, in thirty-six swordmands, constantly traveling at an unspeakable speed.


Nevertheless, the sword of that road kept tearing his clothes apart, far from tearing his body, only slightly different, and seeing a heartbeat.

After this move, Qin Yi's shirt has completely broken more than a dozen paths. It looks like a wolf.


Qin Yi's figure, suddenly stopped, stood in the center of the training field, breathed out a long breath, slowly opened his eyes, his back of the spine, has been a sweat.

“This is a trick that has lasted nine lifetimes, but it has finally survived.” Qin Yi sighed in his heart and had a feeling of wandering around the ghost gate for a while.

Fengyue Ancestor in a grey robe, still standing about 30 feet from Qin Yi, held a long purple sword in his hand, pointing distantly at Qin Yi.

Above the sword, a bright, purple sword.

Looking forward, although the appearance is quite wolfish, the unharmed teenager, Ancestor Feng Moon's breasts, stood up and landed for a moment, it was impossible to calm down in his heart.

The teenager from the Kyushu mainland, who actually had it in his hand, had gone through nine tricks, which felt like a dream.

The whole field, like a huge cemetery, was silent, almost smelly, and all of us were shocked.

“Nine moves later, this teenager from Kyushu mainland, has stood there unharmed, am I blinded? ”

Someone asked carefully, breaking the peace on the field.

“God, this world is crazy! ”

“Hallucinations, this must be hallucinations! ”

“ …… ”

Everyone around, suddenly there was a noise.

Looking at the teenager who still stood proudly in the middle of the training field, he poured Fengyue Yue, rubbing his eyes hard: “Really? This man is so sweet, he can hold on to Ancestor's nine tricks! ”

Such a scenario is incredible, according to common sense, he should be in the hands of the ancestors, a move, can't get out.

The two attractive seats on the girl's chest, a series of fierce landings and landings, swung waves of wonderful ripples.

In other words, she had a pretty good john nose, she hummed again, a fine little snow and white chin, slightly raised, and a little arrogance appeared on her face: “Isn't there another trick? Young man, the stronger you act, the more I'm spoiled, the more I'm honored, hum! ”

The most shocking thing on the whole scene, in fact, is to count the wind and moon warfare days and the wind and moon snow, they could not have imagined, Qin Yi only in one day, is not only to learn the "Liu Yun Jie" imperial martial arts, cultivate success, but also carry out such a divine and divine implementation.

They opened their mouths in dismay and looked at the young man, who stood proudly in the middle of the training field, only to think that the young man was all over himself and wrote two words - evil!

But at the same time as the shock, there was a slight concern in their minds, because it was only now Formula 9 and Formula 10.

Obviously, Ancestor Feng Moon's Phantom Sword Type 10, more horrible than Type 9!

Can this teenager from Kyushu still resist the 10th move?

And the last one!

Qin Yi, his eyes in the center of the training field, have slowly condensed, staring dead at the purple sword in the hands of Fengyue ancestors, the noise around him, he can no longer hear.

In his sight, there was only the purple sword!

At this moment, although Fengyue ancestors did not move, Qin Yi felt a danger, a danger that had never existed before.

“Thousand Fantasy Swords - Type 10! ”

Ancestor Fengyue had a cold drink. The whole man had a purple sword from 30 years away. He burst out of nowhere. The speed was unspeakable. However, just halfway through the stab, his whole person suddenly disappeared!

This is…

Looking at the disappearing wind and moon ancestors, Qin Yi's heart was astonished. He knew that this was an extreme speed, coupled with the unpredictable sword trajectory of the ghost, resulting in such a result.

He suddenly closed his eyes and went into a state of emptiness, feeling the wind and moon ancestors, but not!

All of a sudden, the air currents around him fluctuated slightly.

The next moment, before Qin Yi returned to God, he could only see around him, suddenly appeared a path of purple sword, a large piece of dense numbness, and people felt suffocated.