The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 760: Departure

Feeling Qin Yi in his chest, he swept past his eyes. Instead of not being annoyed, he deliberately pushed his breasts slightly up. Qin Yi glanced at him with a smile: “I just couldn't get into the wonders of life, now do you regret it? Oh, yeah!”

By her beautiful white eyes, even the bones of the teenager are crispy, can't help but sigh: this mother night fork, turns out, also lives in the heart, is it true that every woman's heart lives in a fox fetish, once she meets the man she truly loves, this fox fetish will jump out?

Obviously, this is a rather profound and learned question. With Qin Yi's current womanhood, it is impossible to get the correct answer to this question at all.

“Let's go back to the tribe. ”

Qin Yi rubbed her hair and jumped off the blue stone.

Watching the teenager go away, mumbling in his mouth: “Actually, I'm more sorry than you...”

Go back to your place.

Qin Yi sat on the bed thinking about Maiden Yan hunting herself.

“Mei Mei and I, when it's really either you die or I die? ”

If so, Qin Yi would be very sorry.

Moreover, if he really faced the flaming lady, he would not necessarily be able to do it and let a woman who loved herself disappear, which was extremely difficult for him.

“And Mai Fei, she didn't really kill me. If she could do this, she would have hurt her killer in the old days when she was in a ruined war path. ”

Qin Yi Meiyu tightened: “However, knowing that she could not kill herself, why did she chase me to Yulan mainland? Is it another divine guard who chased me, not a flaming woman? ”

It's possible!

Qin Yi's eyes couldn't help but shine.

“It seems that at the level of the Holy See in Kyushu, someone really has to put me to death. ”

With a slight helpless smile, Qin Yi was very easy to determine. He wanted to put himself in the dead place, which must be from the forces of Linyue Peak or Lingxiao.

After shaking his head, Qin Yi stopped thinking about the matter. Anyway, now he deduces that the divine guard who chased himself to Yulan mainland is not a flaming woman, but he has no psychological burden.

Big deal, it's 10,000 evil guns!

Next, in accordance with the usual practice, a careful drill was carried out of "Champion Fist", and then the legs were beaten to the ground. The first, second, third, fourth and fifth versions of "Diamond Heart Scripture", "Praise Father's Step", "Demonic Sound Six Changes", "Death Return", "Massacre Type 3", "Dalo Heavenly Hand", "Leung Feng Palm", "Tenjin Type 7" were transferred out and practiced.

Between eyes, two more days have passed.

It is time for a rescue operation.

Early this morning, Naran Qiushui led Liu Xiancheng, Zhao Yuting and Lu Yuesheng to Qin Yi's residence.

In addition to this, the two people came along with the snow and wooden marks.

Qin Yi glanced at Zhao Yuting and Lu Yuesheng, Xu Xuyi swept away, and found the breath on both of them. Compared to the past, it seemed to be a little stronger. He nodded himself with appreciation. Obviously, both of them have been practicing hard over the past few days.

“As I said before, if we can avoid confrontation with the armies of the snowy country, we will try to avoid it, break directly into the royal family and start a rescue. ”

Naranqiu's eyes were very calm, and Xu Xu swept over the faces of several people in Qin Yi.

“Brother-in-law, in any case, you must rescue Snow… Oh, Sherland! Please!”

Taken wood marks on Qin Yi's chest, he punched heavily, his face full of hot color.

“Of course, even if I die, I will save a few of them. ”

Qin Yi smiled lightly.

Although he has a normal tone, everyone here is clear that he is definitely not talking casually. Even at a greater price, he will rescue Xuanlan, Zhi Shi Xuan, Sword and a few others.

They are Qin Yi's life and death, and this rescue operation is his last task as a divine guardian.

He will never let himself fall on the last step of becoming a Divine Guard!

“Well, let's go, good luck! ”

Nalang Qiu Shui also stopped talking and waved at them immediately.

Qin Yi, Tuanmu Xue, Zhao Yuting and Lu Yuesheng went out of the stone house, and under the attention of Naran Qiushui and others, each suddenly fluctuated, turning into four streams, rising into the sky.


In the wilderness forests, Qin Yi several people burst into the direction of the wind and snow empire.

The Wind and Snow Empire, in the heart of the western continent of the Yulan, is the east, relative to the Tamwood tribe in which they live.

During the constant explosion, Qin Yi learned in the mouth of the end wood and snow that the Wind and Snow Empire, a superpower, is famous throughout the western continent and has nearly a million troops.

And the most famous of the Wind and Snow Empire is the Sirius Army, which is the elite of the elite, and the generals, all of them, are above the five realms of the Path, and they are huge, and there are 100,000 of them.

“It is obvious that autumn water makes it wise for us to try to avoid confrontation with the armies of the Wind and Snow Empire. ”

Said Tamwood Snow.

Qin Yi and Zhao Yuting nodded profoundly.

Lu Yuesheng, from the beginning to the end, has no expression on your face like a knife.

Just a cliff away from them, a handsome man in a white robe stood there quietly with a long blue sword in his hand.

This person, the Kyushu Holy See divine guardian who was with Mai Fei, his name is Bai Lu.

“I can't seem to get enough of ‘Heavenly Immortals' for the distance of 10,000 people, but 5,000 people are enough to kill. ”

White face is like water, deep eyes, slightly gushing with killing intentions.

After leaving two days ago, he and Yanmei separated. Yanmei said she couldn't kill the teenager. He didn't believe it. He had to kill to see.

“Immortal from Heaven", can kill an opponent within 5,000 husbands instantly, when he leaps into 5,000 husbands, the teenager should be able to perceive his existence, but the teenager can never react in time, he will instantly move to his front, and then stab the long sword in his hand into the teenager's chest.

White smiled faintly, the long sword in his hand, suddenly brilliant and glaring.

The next moment, his figure, disappeared in place, appeared five thousand feet away.

Now, he is only 5,000 feet away from Qin Yi.

However, his figure, just appeared...


A blue elongated sword suddenly dotted on his long sword, so shocked that his arms were all numb.

“Ma'am, what are you doing? ”

Looking at the flaming woman suddenly appearing in front of her eyes, she drank with anger.

Femme flattened her elongated blue sword, pointing her finger at White throat, the words in her mouth, the ice was almost able to freeze the blood in the human body, all momentarily froze: “If you kill him, I will kill you! ”


Bai Lu snorted cold and angry: “Mai Fei, are you in love with the teenager? There is no way to kill him. Otherwise, it should be easy to kill him in the old days in a broken war path! Tell me, are you in love with that teenager? ”


Maiden answered calmly.

White body, a tremendous tremor, the corner of his mouth smoked violently, that handsome almost demonic face, this moment is really becoming obscene and scary, roaring: “Femme Flame, you bastard, how can you love him? He's from the Wizard Trail. Don't you know that? He must be strangled in the cradle, or we will be at a disadvantage as soon as he is promoted to the Divine Guard, don't you know? ”

“Why would I want to love him? But... he was a god, and he made me fall so completely..."

Femme closed her eyes painfully and slowly, a clear tear, slipped silently on her cheek.

“Why? Why is that? ”

White dew stood there with a sense of a sword in his heart.

From the time of the rolling coat, he had been a deep admirer of the Magnificent Lady, until he entered the Holy See of Kyushu and became a divine guardian. This love has not changed, but for many years, Magnificent Lady has remained indifferent.

Once upon a time, he thought that there was no love in Meizu's heart, because he practiced the ancient mystery of Meizu, which, in the eyes of the world, was an evil woman.

How can an evil woman have love in her heart?

However, a year ago, a pursuit of the teenager led to her complete collapse.

“He's just a better kid. What makes him better than me? ”

Bai Lu roared and 10,000 people in his heart were unhappy.

“In my heart, there's no man in the world, there's him strong. ”

"Bai Lu, I'm sorry, that teenager, is the only person I've ever loved in my life, so you can't kill him. ”

Looking at a resolute flaming woman, White's heart has long since become one piece at a time...

Five thousand feet away, Qin Yi, who is undergoing a rapid burst, is in a sudden shape.

“Qin Yi, what's wrong? ”

Zhao Yuting asked in confusion.

Tamyuki and Lu Yuesheng will also look at Qin Yi in confusion.

“I just felt a powerful killing intent, just, this killing intent, flashing away. ”

Qin Yi frowned and was confused.

He felt, for a moment, that the guardian who had been hiding in the dark must have just made a move.

But why did they suddenly disappear?

Qin Yi Beisi cannot understand this.

Where did he find out that she saved his life at all costs?

“Come on, it's important to rescue a few people from Xuanlan. ”

Qin Yi championed Zhao Yuting a few people, waved his hand, a few people no longer said anything, and continued to rush the road.

Two days later.

Drain the snow and tell them that now they have entered the land of the snowstorm empire.