The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 766: A Covenant

Obviously, she would ask that because she had met several people in Sherland before, and now she has a hidden sense of Qin Yi standing in front of her and seems to have quite good potential.

“Not really, the cultivation world in Kyushu is far less powerful than the cultivation world in Yulan. ”

Qin Yi answered honestly.

“Oh, really? ”

Aunt San Xuexiao was slightly surprised. She paused and said: "So, Junior, what is the purpose of your visit to Yulan? ”

“Coming for a demon gun, I heard that during that very distant fairy year, Yulan mainland dominated Yulan king, using a demon gun, which was lost in Yulan mainland, rumor was that if anyone could get the demon gun, the power could instantly soar to Emperor Dao. ”

Sherland's people, now in the hands of Aunt Holy Snow, are naturally unlikely to tell the true purpose and say it randomly.

Seeing Qin Yi's answer to the flow, he was sincere and sincere. For a moment, the Holy Snow Lady had no doubt about him.

“The master of the Yulan mainland, the demon gun that the Yulan king used, is here in Yulan mainland? ”

Aunt Holy Snow smiled once again. Her eyes appeared on the outside with interest. “Oh, young man, thank you for sharing such a message. ”

There is no doubt that she is starting to play the idea of the Evil Gun, but how did she know that Yulan King's Evil Gun is sealed on Qin Yi's arm now, and, most likely, she will soon taste the power of this demon gun.

“Junior, this fight, you don't have to fight, you win. ”

Aunt Saint Snow smiled shallow: "It's no better than winning, so much so that you're the only one who can enjoy it. And, in a moment, I'm going to give you a bigger benefit. So, isn't it a little flattering now? Huh..."


You don't have to fight to win!

Plus, there's more benefits back there!

Qin Yi stood there stunned, his chin shattered the ground and incredibly blinked.

Grass, I am also going to use the Seven Styles of Celestial Demons to severely ravage this Holy Snow Aunt, first out of the evil that she will capture several people in Xuanlan.

As a result, Aunt Saint Xue did not give this opportunity at all, and they did not even move a finger to let themselves win!

Of course, Qin Yi knew very well that Aunt Saint Xue would do this, purely for the gun of all evil.

And what he didn't think was, he just said it, and it turned out like this. Is there anything more bloody going on in the world?

“And you don't have to compete for the next qualification, and, when you're free, you can go into the palace and tell me, this benefit is pretty good, right? ”

Aunt Holy Snow's eyes twinkle gently, full of allure that no male can refuse, and even a hint of... seduction.

“Juvenile, I am the Holy Snow Aunt, hailed as the Holy Snow Empire, the most beautiful woman, none, usually, how many males, dreaming of seeing my fragrance, let alone kneeling with me, huh...”

Aunt Saint Xue continued to “seduce” Qin Yi, the shallow laughter like a silver bell, crisp to the bone marrow, hear Qin Yi, even a sense of falling into the wonderful realm of life, so much as to create an impulse to press her on the ground, cruelly arched, on the belly, an unnamed evil fire, very shamefully soaring.

Qin Yi's gaze at Aunt Holy Snow also became like a wolf, and even hidden a green light.


Qin Yi's left hand suddenly slightly trembled, a hint of extremely ancient Xuan qi, coming from his left hand, instantly into his mind.

With the rush of this ancient Xuan qi, Qin Yiton became clear a lot. Sigh in his heart: this Aunt Holy Snow, there are some means, really worthy of imperial strength, compared to the flaming feminine charm, are not far apart.

After touching his nose, Qin Yi respectfully said: “Go back to Aunt Saint Xue, I introduced Fanfu, and I still come from Kyushu mainland. I'm afraid I haven't reached the palace door yet, but I've been arrested by the guards? ”

“Who dares to arrest you? ”

Under the veil of Aunt Saint Snow's nose, she snorted softly. In her eyes, she rubbed off, slowly passing.

Spin, she smiled shallow again, the slim jade fingers bent, then towards Qin Yi, a gentle bounce, suddenly, a golden ray, burst towards Qin Yi.

Qin Yi raised his hand and easily attached the gold ray to his hand. He opened his palm and looked at it. He saw that it was a diamond-shaped gold token, branded with a "holy” on the front of the gold token and a “snow” on the back.

“Juvenile, this token you are grabbing now, the Holy Snow Token, represents the highest command of the Holy Snow Empire, and even His Majesty the Holy Snow Empire must be congratulated for seeing it. What are you worried about with this token? Huh.”

Saint Snow Aunt Shallow laughed.

Thanks to the Holy Snow Token forged in pure gold, Qin Yi's heart was quite crying. He blinked and, for some reason, obtained a Holy Snow Token.

You know, he's here to deal with Aunt St. Snow!

“Thanks to Aunt Saint Snow, once I have time, I will definitely come into the palace and talk to Aunt Saint Snow. ”

Qin Yi respectfully said.

Now, with such a wonderful opportunity to get close to Aunt St. Snow, how could he let it go?

“So good, then, I am in the palace, waiting for the young man's arrival! Get out of here. ”

Aunt Saint Snow smiled shallow, then swept her soaring sleeve, and suddenly, a pounding force swept out of that sleeve and swept to Qin Yi.

Between blinks, Qin Yi disappeared in place.

Aunt San Xue stood there quietly. The world under the veil was easy. Xu slowly emerged with a shallow smile: “I can't believe this teenager from Kyushu mainland could bring such horrifying news.” What a wonderful thing it would be to have Yulan's weapon, master of the Yulan mainland, if it could be obtained, even at any cost, it would be worth it.

In her watery eyes, her joy and desire were halfway.

King Yulan's weapon, just think, will drive you crazy!

Qin Yi was spinning through the sky and turned back to God, and found himself at this moment, already standing outside the Yellow Gate.

“No way, this kid came out of the Yellow Gate, too? ”

“My grass, Aunt Saint Snow didn't blow up this cow shit from Kyushu? ”

“ …… ”

With the emergence of Qin Yi, there was another loud noise in the hall. Many of the eyes that looked at Qin Yi were filled with regret and dissatisfaction.

Meanwhile, the two of them, Tamyu Xue and Zhao Yuting, had a beautiful face. Although they knew it would turn out like this, they saw Qin Yi with their own eyes and came out of the Yellow Gate. They were still quite happy.

Lu Yuesheng beside him just gently turned his head toward Qin Yi. That knife cut his face, seemed to never see joy and sorrow.

“Qin Yi, with your strength, you shouldn't be in there so long to get out. What happened to you in there? ”

Lu Yuesheng suddenly asked Qin Yi faintly.

For his part, Tamyu Xue and Zhao Yuting both cast their curious eyes on Qin Yi.

Indeed, with the power of Qin Yi, he should disappear. The next moment, he should come out of the yellow gate immediately, but he stopped for more than ten seconds before appearing.

“It's true that there have been some special encounters, and when I get back to the inn, I'm going to tell you more. ”

Qin Yi nodded.

Tuanmuxue, Zhao Yuting, and Lu Yuesheng, their faces swept past the anticipation.

They were all curious. What happened to Qin Yi in the formation? You know, in the Front of Law, but Aunt St. Snow's.

After Qin Yi, Zhao Yuting is next.

Zhao Yuting's cultivation, it is only now possible to break through the early six realms of Zongdao, compared to the cultivation as the suppressed Aunt Saint Xue, only a small difference.

“Number 18, enter the law matrix for testing. ”

As the old man in the white robe reported Zhao Yuting's number, Zhao Yuting faced Qin Yi three people. After a shallow smile, he went to the front of the law array.

Zhao Yuting's cultivation, although only in the early six realms of Zongdao, did not have much suspense, just disappeared into the formation law, and in a blink of an eye, came out of the Yellow Gate again.

So far, all four of Qin Yi have passed the test.

Without delay, the four of them returned from the test hall to the main hall and signed up to participate in the qualifying competition for the Soul Festival.

When you come to the deacon to register, the deacon sends each of them a card with no expression on his face: "The time of the match, the appearance, and the number of each of you are on it. Overdue. ”

Here's what's on the four-person card:

Qin Yi: date of appearance, five days later, appearance, 17 games, number, 8, stage number: 2.

Dragon Snow: Date of Appearance, Five Days Later, Appearance, 11 Matches, Number, 107. Ring number: 3.

Zhao Yuting: appearance time, five days later, appearance, 14 games, number, 36. Ring number: 3.

Lu Yuesheng: Date of Appearance, 5 Days Later, Appearance, 15 Matches, Number, 54. Ring number 1.

From the contents of the card, the dates of their appearance are all the same.

“Well, you go back four days, wait five days, then go to Xuanbu station to participate in the competition. ”

Deacon waved at Qin Yi four people.

Obviously, this qualification competition has several divisions, and the competition is held simultaneously, and their division is Xuanwu division. In addition to Xuanwu division, there should be Blue Dragon division, White Tiger division, Peacock division.

And the division of the test field should be random, and there is no power.

Qin Yi's eyes swept away in the main hall, and he didn't find the girl before him. Inevitably, he felt some regret in his heart. Just now, during the test hall, Qin Yi noticed that when the old man in the white robe spoke the name of Aunt Saint Xue, the girl's eyes gleaned with obscurity.