The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 768: Knives and Knives


Qin Yi as a whole, suddenly by this energy wave, the impact suddenly cut out more than ten lengths, before he stopped his footsteps, in the chest, a breath of blood flickered, which made him quite distressed.

This is not over, he just settled in shape, a bloody moon-toothed giant knife, came from the front, with a sharp whistling sound, between the two, was slaughtered in front of Qin Yi's eyes.

“Knock! ”

Qin Yi didn't say anything, swinging his fist quickly and hitting the knife mang hard, one punch, is to smash it into pieces.

“Who the hell ambushed me here? ”

In Qin Yi's heart, he had to show his frustration. At first glance, he had to open his mouth in dismay.

Only in front, a moving figure of Hannah, is practicing the knife madly there, the pounding air wave and the knife, that figure in the course of the drill, is emitted.

“Grass, this dead chick, this crazy drill, she almost chopped me up and didn't even know it. ”

Looking forward, the girl who practiced the knife madly, Qin Yi was somewhat bitterly smiling.

This girl, Horan, is the one who already has two sides with herself.

Qin Yi looked far away at the teenage girl, and practiced madly. A pounding wave of energy came out from the teenage girl, like the surface of the water, and swung to all directions.

A giant bloody moon-toothed knife, like a giant bloody lightning bolt that crosses at extreme speed, surrounds the space, all densely distributed and numb, seems to want to stir this place to pieces.

“The girl's knife set is a bit stunning. ”

Looking far away at the madness of the young girl's practice knife, Qin Yi couldn't help but lighten his head and give confirmation. In Kyushu mainland, he rarely saw such a sharp knife method. This set of knives alone is enough to easily kill practitioners of the same level.



The figure of Nathana, the young girl in front, suddenly divided into two parts and four parts.

Badao Na touching delicate body, suspended in the void, standing in four directions, simultaneous impact, but each figure strikes with different movements and angles.

At this moment, a teenage girl turns into four, definitely not fiction. If it is fiction, the attack will be the same. Only by differentiating between the four true self can each figure be achieved and different attacks be made!

“Amazing martial arts! ”

Looking forward, she suddenly turned into four teenage girls. Qin Yi opened her mouth in dismay and broke her chin.

This is definitely an imperial martial arts school, and it's even more powerful than his previous "Liu Yun Zhi"!

Imperial martial arts, really big and deep, exquisite!

And what shocked him was that the young girl, who was cultivated but at the height of the Seven Realms of the Patriarchate, had been able to understand the martial arts of the Emperor, and her amazing talent was conceivable.


Four young girls in front, suddenly angry growling, four bloody half-moon machetes, at the same time chopping out, the whole space, is a violent tremor, as if to break directly.

A huge wave of energy opened up again, coming towards Qin Yi and shooting hard.

Feeling this energy wave, Qin Yi did not dare to be a bit lazy. He hurried to move the air in his body. The whole person slipped out of that room by dozens of lengths to avoid this huge energy wave.

Four young girls in front of them, blinking, merged again, slowly descended.

“Why? Why is that? ”

The girl drinks with anger, full of blue silk, and dances wildly. She seems to have endless grievances and frustrations, two lines of tears, and snatches out her orbit.

Nearly mad at her, the bloody half-moon curved knife that hung behind her was a frantic chop, and between blinks, all the trees around her, no matter how big or small, were chopped into pieces, wretched.

After a while of madness, the young girl cried on her knees, suddenly kneeling on the ground, her delicate incense shoulders, trembling, holding her head, crying silently: “Brother, Linger is useless, woo...”

What the hell is wrong with this girl?

Looking at the scene from afar, Qin Yi opened his mouth in dismay.

“Pfft, pfft...”

Qin Yi clapped softly and smiled softly: “What a wonderful set of knives, you can actually divide yourself directly into four parts. ”

Hearing Qin Yi's figure, the young girl hurriedly raised her head. Tears filled with eyes actually disappeared. She stared angrily at Qin Yi: “It's you again. Why do you always have a ghost? ”

“I'm here to practice. I didn't expect to see you here again. ”

Coming to the girl, Qin Yi faintly said, his handsome face was always smiling with a warm heart.

After a slight meal, Qin Yi said: “What I interrupted your understanding the other day was this set of knives. It's not bad. It's really a pretty amazing set of knives. I just don't understand. Didn't you already practice this set of knives to the extreme? Why do you have to be sad? With your current strength, a practitioner of the same rank, in your hands, you will be slaughtered if you do not last two minutes. ”

“What do you know about cow shit from Kyushu? ”

The teenage girl snorted, staring at Qin Yi harshly.

Cattle shit from Kyushu!

Qin Yi cried and couldn't believe it. This young girl actually called herself that. Obviously, in the test hall, everyone called Qin Yi from Kyushu mainland cow shit, and she also heard it.

After that, the young girl suddenly came back to God, and suddenly she couldn't help but cover her mouth and smile.

The girl's face was like a summer's day, and she cried a moment of unwillingness. At this moment, she could laugh again.

Qin Yi sighed herself.

The girl stopped laughing quickly and glanced at Qin Yi again. She said: "The cow shit from Kyushu mainland, let's be honest with you, there is no set of knives, can divide the practitioner into four parts, only the wonderful knife, and with the wonderful knife, can do this. ”

So that's it!

Qin Yi suddenly realized that if it was a set of knives, it would be terrible to be able to divide the practitioner into four parts.

“Moreover, it can only be achieved if the knife is fully compatible with the knife. ”

The girl sat on the floor with her ass sighed and said, “My knife, it's called the past life, my knife technique, it's called the ancient current relationship. If the path is completely compatible with the knife method, the power of both can be fully exerted. ‘Previous life, present life, ancient present, and current affairs' This is four entities, plus four shadows, that is, eight. In other words, if I interact with ancient life and present, it is completely compatible. What you just saw is eight of me, but I can only evolve into four entities, and the other four shadows, but I can't evolve anyway. ”

Qin Yi felt it.

Just now, the girl evolved four real self, four shadows, and failed to evolve. If she was able to evolve four shadows, she would also evolve, fearing that the power would multiply.

Imagine the four shadows, and the power after they evolved, Qin Yi couldn't help but whisper: the knife of the previous life, combined with the ancient and current knife method, is really not ordinary horror!

The big eyes of the Spirit of Water flowed gently. She could see the color of surprise on Qin Yi's face. The girl's heart was suddenly rejoicing. What she needed was this effect.

The young girl looked up at the delicate little face and shouted a little arrogant: “Humph, you know what I'm good at? ”

Looking at her lovely face, Qin Yi almost laughed and softly said: “It's amazing indeed. ”

Right in the face, Qin Yi then said with some regret: “It's just a pity that such a powerful attack, but you can't completely compatible with the knife method, it's a bit of a shame. ”


Not to mention, the teenage girl suddenly disappointed and stared at Qin Yi severely: “You also said that it was not the cow dung from Kyushu mainland that interrupted my understanding that made me feel like I couldn't find it back until now. ”

Cattle shit from Kyushu?

Grass, this particular name is really not just vulgar, this dead chick is really addictive!

I touched my nose slightly embarrassed and said, "Girl, it's my fault. So, can you tell me now about the knife you used to use in this life? Maybe I can really help you. ”

“Just you? ”

The young girl skipped her mouth with disdain: “I told you, this martial arts, this day is low, there will be no second person, except my brother, the demon, who can understand it. ”

“What if I was careless? ”

Qin Yi did not relent.

For this young girl, his heart is indeed filled with guilt.

Moreover, he implicitly realized that the young girl's enrollment in the qualification competition seemed to have a different purpose, and if so, her current strength was far from sufficient.

“Are you bored with this cow shit from Kyushu? ”

The young girl annoyed the drums on both sides of the drum pink mumps, and stared at Qin Yi harshly.

Touching Qin Yi's obsessive gaze, the girl finally sighed helplessly: “Okay, you beat me. ”

“Bull shit from Kyushu, listen carefully. ”

The young girl set her mind and began to preach to Qin Yi: “In previous generations, the knife of this life actually contains the laws of space, which can evolve into two spaces. However, this must be used in ancient times in order to be able to open up the laws of space that it contains...”

Qin Yi listened carefully. He seemed to have heard of the weapon containing the laws of space. However, it was a divine artifact. I didn't expect that the sacred artifact owned by the young girl in front of him also possessed the laws of space.

Looking at Qin Yi's careful listening, the young girl seemed quite satisfied, swallowed the saliva, and continued: “And this knife method of ancient and present times, it contains the Falun Front, the Space Law Front, and this space law, in turn, must use the knife of previous and present life in order to be able to effect it and make it work. The knife of previous life evolved two spaces, the knife of ancient times, two spaces, four of them, so you just saw four of me. ”