The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 778: Emoticons and Emoticons

“Okay, teenager, can you tell me the exact location of the Evil Gun now? I told you, I won't let you tell me for nothing. I have benefits. ”

Saint Xue's aunt glanced at Qin Yi once again and stood up. The model came to an empty space: “Juvenile, look carefully, the benefit I give you is to dance for you. ”

Young man, I can't believe I'm obsessed with you!

Saint Snow Aunt darkened, twirling her white slim jade fingers, pointing her fingers at the ancient qin on the stone table.


On the ancient violin, there was a loud sound.

Next, Aunt Saint Snow's jade fingers continued to play lightly against the ancient qin in the air.

“Tinker Bell...”

A fantastic song, coming out of the ancient qin, the little slim waist of Saint Snow Aunt's water snake, began to twist and dance with the song.

As she danced, a slice of snowflake, accompanied by a slice of peach blossom, floated down, beautiful.


Even Qin Yi such immovable dancers are amazed to see. This Aunt Holy Snow is truly the first existence of the Holy Snow Empire. Not only has it been built to have broken through the Empire, but also the Qin Dance is absolute.

However, Qin Yi immersed in the qin dance, slowly, feels dry and hot, over the belly, even hidden signs of a rising evil fire.

“This is... a love song and a love dance! ”

Qin Yi stunned and settled his mind. Only then did he discover when Aunt Saint Xue's clothes had changed. The cross collar of her top shirt was extremely low, revealing a large amount of snow and white skin, two huge hemispheres. Under that crosscollar, if it appeared, it wobbled constantly as she danced.

At this time, the dress robe on her lower body was also very high slit, elegantly turned around, a pair of sexy legs that were long and white, almost all of them revealed in Qin Yi's sight, full of deadly temptation.

Grass, so... so powerful!

Qin Yi's eyes, staring dead at the dancing aunt, no matter how hard she tried, it was impossible to move away, over her belly, a fire of evil, and it burned in a flash. With the power of the original, he burned his mind frantically, a “artifact”, quite a shameful upright.

Emoticons and Emoticons, in both directions, even Qin Yi's sobriety will inevitably fall into it, which is even more powerful than Feminine Emoticons.

In the dance room, Aunt San Xuexiao's eyes flowed. The style glanced at Qin Yi in all kinds of ways. She saw Qin Yi's eyes and had become disoriented. She was delighted: hum, this teenager from Kyushu mainland is still fascinated by herself.

And when her gaze, obscure sweeps into someone's artifact, her heart trembles softly: it looks... so raw!

Summoning songs and summoning dances, not only can they summon other people, but they can also be summoned themselves. She already has some obsession, and she falls into someone's masculine “artifact”, and her body also becomes hot and dry.

“Tinker Bell...”

Aunt Holy Snow's fiber jade finger, a quick and light play, the music on the ancient qin, suddenly became more intense, her delicate arm like a white snake, casually flashed, a huge suction, sucked Qin Yi directly.


Qin Yi, whose intellect had already been burned out by love, suddenly crashed into Aunt Saint Xue's soft, boneless delicate body and suddenly sounded comfortable.

Aunt Holy Snow grabbed Qin Yi's waist. The dance posture didn't stop. Her eyes filled with water. She looked at the teenager in her arms obsessively: “Hip, little brother, how is your sister? ”

“Looking good...”

“Did your sister dance beautifully? ”

“Wonderful, wonderful...”

“Sister, do you like this benefit? ”

“Like, like...”

“ …… ”

Aunt Holy Snow pressed the two huge chests to death on Qin Yi's chest. Since that junction, she has raised two large groups of white and soft, with exciting visual impact.

She lay on Qin Yi's ear, eating and smiling, and was angry as Lan.

It's fantastic!

Qin Yi fell into the clouds like a mist. His eyes swept to the junction of Aunt Saint Xue. He suddenly dried his tongue and swallowed it with difficulty.

“Is my sister in great shape? ”

“Awesome, awesome...”

“If it's awesome, aren't you going to take further action? ”

In the music, the dance room flashed. Aunt Saint Xue was actually holding Qin Yi's hand. She set fire to Xiu Mei's eyes and looked at him with a delicate determination. Then, she grabbed Qin Yi's hand from the cross collar and slowly put it in.


With Qin Yi's big hand, covering that slippery and soft group, they were both comfortable and long. Aunt Saint Xue's glamorous red lips, slightly stretched between them, seemed to be full of endless desire.

The wonderful dance posture is gone, because the snow and white long legs of Aunt Saint Snow have long been like octopus, wrapping Qin Yi to death, flat without a fleshy little belly, on that angry upright “artifact”, slowly friction.

“Oh, little brother, do you want to love your sister so badly? ”

Aunt Holy Snow mumbled more than that. Obviously, at this time, she, too, was prompted to destroy all reason.

Her words were the most wonderful emotional song. For a moment, Qin Yi was burned by the bears. The whole person was almost about to burst open.

He covered his hands with elastic softness and rubbed them so hard that they appeared in various shapes on his palms.


Saint Snow Aunt's fiery delicate body trembled suddenly, the snowy white jade like a swan, pushing hard back, a green silk, a waterfall dripping down.

“Little brother, love me, love me hard...”

Aunt Holy Snow, who lost all reason, was in the arms of a teenager, swiftly moving up and down, flat belly, on an angry “artifact”, frantically rubbing.

“Ho ho...”

Qin Yi shouted like an animal in his mouth, his face burned with love. His big hand withdrew from Aunt Saint Snow's collar, grabbed her collar and suddenly pushed hard.


A flaming red belly pocket instantly leaps into his sight, the two large groups of drum bladders, allowing any male in the world to immediately see signs of nosebleeds, white skin and flaming red belly pockets, reflecting brilliance.


However, just at this time, Qin Yi's left hand suddenly slightly trembled, an ancient qi, instantly came out of the demon's left hand, and rushed into his brain.

Suddenly, Qin Yi was all over the burning fire of the bear, extinguishing it. He suddenly woke up and looked red on his cheeks. She kept moving in her arms. She opened her mouth stunned.

Grass, is this still the legend of the Holy Snow Aunt like God? It's just an irrevocable desire, woman!

She remembered her status under one person, above all others, but she was in her arms, eager to conquer her harshly. In Qin Yi's heart, there was another unknown feeling of pleasure.

“It is only a pity that I am not a born stallion, otherwise, it would be good to conquer this divine presence in a harsh way. ”

Qin Yi sighed in his heart, inevitably with some regret.

Aunt Holy Snow, wanting and burning, perceived that the teenager in her arms was immobile. She couldn't help but wonder at her head. She saw that the teenager's eyes were abnormally clear and soberly awake.

“This little bastard woke up so soon, didn't he and I enter the wonderful realm of life,... my charm, isn't it really enough? ”

The sober Aunt of Saint Snow, in her heart, inevitably lost a bit.

Before the storm really started, it was over. Aunt Saint Xue gently pushed Qin Yi away, Jingying Jade's cheek, slightly reddish. Suddenly, she lifted up that beautiful little face and smiled shallow towards Qin Yi: “Young man, are you satisfied with this welfare with me? ”


Qin Yi nodded with a smile. Does he have reason to say he is not satisfied?

“Well, good. ”

Aunt Holy Snow nodded her head: "My welfare, you have received it. So, can you tell me now the exact location of the artifact that was left behind during the Immortal Year, King Yulan? ”

All evil demon guns, sealed on Qin Yi's right arm now, Qin Yi is naturally impossible to tell the truth, otherwise, only Aunt Saint Xue will mercilessly kill him.

With a slight indulgence, Qin Yi said casually: “In the past, King Senroh of the Underworld told me that King Yulan's magic gun, its exact location, was in the Eastern Imperial clan. Aunt Saint Snow, is there an eastern royal family in this Yulan? ”

Eastern royalty!

When Aunt Holy Snow's eyes lit up, for a moment, the blush on her cheek also disappeared. She nodded. “Yes, there is indeed an Eastern royal family in Yulan Mainland. Moreover, there is still an ancient divine family. Unexpectedly, the weapon of the Immortal Yulan King would actually be in the Eastern royal family...”

Between the words, Aunt Saint Snow's eyes gradually became sharp, as if there were two substantial swords.

“What's the matter, Aunt Snow? ”

Qin Yi Qiduo.


Aunt San Xuexiao had a very good john, humming softly: “The little girl from the Eastern Imperial Family has been threatening to fight me. This time, I can go to the Eastern Imperial Family to get to know that little girl. ”

Little Eastern Imperial girl!

Qin Yi was slightly stunned.

“It is one of the most gifted girls in the history of the Eastern Royal Family, self-esteem, said to challenge the Yulan continent one by one, all the masters, I think he is talking about dreams! ”

Aunt Holy Snow whispered with disdain, spinning again, restoring the appearance of holiness, Qin Yi glanced at him and said: “Juvenile, you can go back to Kyushu mainland. Now that I know the exact location of the Magic Gun, and in the Eastern royal family, you can no longer have the chance to get it. But thank you for sharing this information. ”

Grass, as soon as we get the news, we'll order you out!

I knew it, I should have taken the opportunity to blow her away!