Four powerful people from the Nine Realms of the Patriarch, at the same time, how powerful is this, it is perfectly conceivable, only afraid of imperial strong people, all do not dare to harden its sharp.

The one in space twisted like running water!

The teenager, who had long been out of his mind, smelled a breath of death with the hands of the four great guardians, even allowing his body to crack open almost instantaneously, by the huge clap of hands, oppressed tortoise.


The teenager who felt the death threat, drank and took the speed martial arts of "Praise for the Father" to the extreme, and the whole person disappeared directly in place.


At the moment of his disappearance, the four major protective methods struck one hand simultaneously, and it was also a fierce impact. The unparalleled energy wave was also a fierce shock.

Sgt. Sirius, who was at the forefront of the circle, was suddenly struck by this wave of energy and flew out, falling out of dozens of places.

Qin Yi appeared out of the sky by dozens of lengths, his face was full of killing air, as if a wild beast had gone wild. He didn't say anything, just like his left hand, a dozen gigantic gold palm prints, appeared in the sky by the sky, and slapped him down.


The sound is deafening!

Four guardians and hundreds of Sirius soldiers were all photographed on the ground.

Without any delay, he turned the whole person into a shadow and burst off the field.

Only unfortunately, although he was fast, the number of Sirius generals was too large and well trained. He had just gotten up and a large number of Sirius generals came quickly, blocking his way.

Wind palm!

Qin Yi didn't even want to think about it, it was a slap, and it was the last disillusionment ceremony of "Lingfeng Palm"!

A dense gray palm print of numbness, with his palm chopped out, directly on the generals outside the 50-hundred opening, without even the process of clapping.


In an instant, countless Sirius soldiers were split out.

The teenager's movements continued, his hands reverted, and a dense gray palm print of numbness suddenly split onto a general.

“Chop this kid up! ”

A roar like a taunt, deafening!

In the blink of an eye, there were countless Sirius Gentlemen, rushing forward, leading a swinging sharp battle knife, killing wildly at the teenager.

The faces of each of these generals are mixed with shock and anger.

A teenager from the Kyushu mainland, temporarily resisted the entire Sirius Army and the four main guardians of the Holy Snow Aunt.

Such a scenario, as if it were truly dreamy and unreal!

“Death to all creatures! ”

In the shadow of the sword, the teenager surrounded by the regiment, once again flashed his left hand, a golden and brilliant palm print, emerged again.


One hand shot, shaking the mountain, hundreds more Sirius soldiers, were photographed on the ground, those who had been repaired to a slightly lower level, signs of tortuosity, seeing the edge of the meteor.

Qin Yi, who was in deep difficulty, could not have any kind of philosophy in his heart. Another day he struck out the hands of all creation, killing hundreds of Sirius soldiers directly.

In an instant, the whole field was bloody and bloody.

“Oh, my God, a nightmare a year ago, it's happening again! ”

“This teenager from Kyushu is even scarier than those from a year ago! ”

“ …… ”

Everyone shouted, the whole city of Snow and Wind, a panic.

The teenager was caught up in the heavy siege of the Sirius Army, and the beard scattered. If his eyes appeared hidden, he was like a blade, and he was cold to the extreme.

At this moment, the teenager's chest burned with horrendous intent to kill, almost bursting his entire body.

He “wiped out the creatures” with one hand, the "wind palm” with one hand, the scene was huge and shocking, almost a group of Sirius general, fell in front of him.

Just for a moment, in front of him, has been a pile of dead bodies, bleeding into rivers.

On the high platform of the palace opposite, His Majesty the Empire of Wind and Snow and the Minister of Wen Wu looked far away at the young men who had been frantically killed in the army, and the faces of all of them were shaken with a strong shock.

“Is this teenager... a goddess? ”

His Majesty the Snow and Wind Empire could not help muttering to himself, and his chest swept up and down.


He stood up and drank furiously: "Kill him, at all costs, even with the whole Sirius Army! ”

“Kill him! ”

Countless Sirius soldiers, rising, blinking, directly drowned Qin Yi.

“Drive me! ”

Along with the roar of the teenager, a Sirius general was lifted to the sky, his arms broken and he fell to the ground.

The teenager reappeared, his clothes had long been broken and torn, all over his body, dripping down with blood, even on his hair.

“Ho, ho, ho! ”

In the mouth of the teenager, he shouted like a beast, surrounded by a strong and violent atmosphere, the original handsome face, stained with blood became frightening, and the eyes were not cold and chestnut.

Kill him!

Either way, we have to get out of here!

Juvenile hearts are as strong as iron. This is the task of the Holy See, and he must be accomplished. No one can stop him from becoming a divine guardian.

Besides, on his shoulder, he also bears the orders of the King of Kyushu. In any case, he must complete the orders of the King of Kyushu!


Shouting to kill the heavenly, dense and numb Sirius General, the tide flowed again.

Yet, over their heads, suddenly a golden giant palm print appeared, slapping hundreds of sergeants directly to the ground.

Another annihilation!


The teenager manipulated the golden palm print, fearing one hand after another, every time, hundreds of sergeants were slapped to the ground.


It was just a moment of kung fu, and the teenager had fallen short of nearly 10,000 generals.


Everyone, shocked to the extreme, chin smashed to the ground.

Such a battle scene has an unparalleled visual impact.

Whoa, whoa!

Four shadows of human beings, passing from the top of the generals' heads, between blinking eyes, appeared beside Qin Yi, standing in four directions, the regiment surrounded Qin Yi, which is the four main protective laws of Aunt Saint Xue.

“This young man, when truly incredibly powerful, must have an incomparable soul, keep alive, repress him, give him to the Holy Snow Aunt Soul Festival, the Holy Snow Aunt's cultivation will break into a whole new step! ”

One of the guardians drank cold and his face showed enthusiasm.

“Sacrifice the Tower of Demons and repress the boy! ”

The other three guardians followed suit.

Next moment.

A shadow burst out of nowhere on the chest of the four of them. The shadow looked a little blurred, but it was still recognizable that it was the four corners of a tower.

The corners of the four towers suddenly converged to form the shadow of a complete tower, which rapidly grew in the air and became hundreds of feet wide between blinks.

There are three floors of the town's demonic tower.

The Town Demon Tower, which is actually an ancient fairy artifact, is a possibility to appear here, and this Town Demon Tower, jointly owned by the four great guardians, is clearly a counterfeit.

Typically, counterfeits are far less powerful than originals, but their power is equally impermissible.

Legend has it that there are seven layers, or seven layers of floating slaughter, belonging to the demonic tower of the Immortal Years. For each layer, the force of positive pressure is almost twice as large.

It is perfectly conceivable how powerful the repressive power of the Town Demon Tower, which belongs to the Immortal Age, is.

You know, it's a repression of the Great!

“Repression! ”

The four guardians drank at the same time.


Hundreds of wide towers of demons, suppressed from the air, surrounding the air, floating violently.

With the suppression of the Town Demon Tower, even if there are only three floors, the younger teenager still feels an unprecedented oppression, as if it were a day, pressing itself down.

Even if he had seeds of earthly elements, they were somewhat unbearable and almost showed signs of a tortoise.

“Well, Aunt Holy Snow's Four Guardians finally hit the Town Demon Tower, and this teenager's insanity will end! ”

Seeing that quick crackdown on the town tower of the teenager, His Majesty, the snowstorm country, exhaled for a long time.

“This nightmare is finally over! ”

Everyone else, their faces, are also loose.

This teenager, so terrible, in the name of the angels, is a little pale and powerless. If he does not sacrifice the Town Demon Tower to suppress it, he will not be afraid to live long. The whole Sirius Army will be killed by him.

The tower of demons owned by Aunt Saint Snow's four great patrons, though it is a counterfeit, and it is far from complete in sacrifice, but it is a fiction, but it is a counterfeit of an ancient artifact, its power is still frightening, the practitioner below the imperial temple, easily suppressed, absolutely no problem.

Seeing Aunt Saint Snow's four great guardians, he punched out the Town Demon Tower, surrounded by Sirius General, also temporarily stopped the killing, standing there, looking at the teenager, will be severely suppressed into the Tower.

“A year ago, a few people in Xuanlan were captured for fear of being suppressed by this messy town demon tower? ”

The teenager madly motivated the seeds of the earth elements in Dantian to resist the pounding power of repression and looked up at the suppressed demon tower fiction.

The teenager's eyes suddenly swept past the madness: "Okay, so today, I'm going to scrap this messy town tower! ”

He suddenly went up against the sky and rushed towards the rapidly repressed Tower of Demons.

“Oh, my God, what does this boy want? ”

Qin Yi's behavior, in the eyes of the world, was too unusual. Around, there was a shock.

Everyone opened their mouths stunned and their chins shattered.

“Humph, this teenager should be trying to crush the Town Demon Tower with his own strength. It's delusional! ”