The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 794: The Power of Terror


Hundred-length half-moon machetes collide hard with the Gun of Evil.

Between the collision of the Half-Moon Machete and the Gun of All Evil, a wave of energy pounding like the sea of the ocean swept wildly and slammed hard into all directions.

In the wave of energy, the teenager, who had been completely demonized, hunted and sounded the clothes on his body. He stood there with no moving thread and did not take half a step back.

Aunt Holy Snow, however, could not resist this huge wave of energy, Tina touching the delicate body, was shocked to fly out, severely smashed on a tree that had to be surrounded by two adults, and directly smashed the tree, stopping the waist.

Fortunately, she had already broken through the Imperial Path, or else she would have fallen by the gun alone.

“That's... terrible! ”

Saint Snow Aunt greyed her head and climbed to the ground. Her face was a little pale, and her heart shook to the extreme.

Even if she was an Imperial Daoist, such a powerful attack would be as untrue as a dream for her.

She never thought that, as the Emperor himself, one day, he would be shot like this by a teenager.

The whole world is quiet...

The huge crumbling sound of the tree caused Aunt St. Snow's delicate body to tremble.

“Three shots of evil, the average imperial power, the chance to resist, is zero! ”

Shaking his head gently, Qin Yi's voice suddenly reached the extreme point, over the gun of all evil, the husband quietly floated there Yulan king's big face, a pair of 10,000 ancient eyes, always looked cold ahead, desperate, almost losing the will to fight.

After the shooting, Qin Yi's soul was again eroded by all evil thoughts.

“I don't believe it. My Aunt Holy Snow is the number one expert in the Wind and Snow Empire and won't be able to resist three shots! ”

Aunt San Xuexiao did not drink cold, the imperial power emanating from her delicate body was unimaginable, and all the trees within the circle of thirty were smashed to pieces.


Hundred feet wide, the purple half-moon curved knife suspended in front of her, violently trembling, sending out a tremendous kill.

At this moment, the idea of evil in the Gun of Evil, the second Gun of Evil, has reached saturation.

A second shot must be stabbed immediately, or you will be permanently controlled by the Gun of Evil and become a Vanguard.

Teng burned his eyes after the evil, gazing slightly at the holy snow aunt standing there, Qin Yi suddenly drank: “Gun of all evil second shot - all evil justice! ”

With the stabbing out of this gun, that scene, exactly like in the very distant Immortal Years, the Yulan King's War Jiuzhou King's scene, only saw the blood-red Gun of Evil, suddenly surged, and between winks, it surged to become a hundred-length Gestapo.

A hundred yards of evil guns passed by, and the bloody ghost twisted like a piece of demon fire, burning wildly!

With the stabbing of this second shot, above the sky, the vision appeared, a bloody cloud of blood, a heaven, where it existed, all became blood-colored, a bloody world of living and falling apart.

The whole world, unspeakable evil, unspeakable shadows are scary.


The Gun of Evil strikes forcefully, seemingly penetrating everything, between heaven and earth, unstoppable.

Looking at the fast-stabbed Hundred Demon Gun, Aunt Saint Snow's delicate body, suddenly trembled, the corner of her mouth smoked lightly, on that beautiful face, filled with a strong sense of fear.

“I can't believe it. I can't help it. This Magic Gun! ”

In the delicious sound, Aunt Holy Snow heartily remembered the purple half-moon curved knife that once again inspired a hundred feet wide, it was the teenager facing forward, severely chopped out, the purple glow, the half-sided sky, all reflected a purple color.

It's just a pity that in front of the Evil Gun, all of Aunt Snow's attacks are futile.


The 100-block purple half-moon machete, the moment it touched the gun of all evil, was the earthquake that flew out.


The Evil Gun went nowhere and stabbed the Holy Snow Aunt hard, directly on her body, leaving a big hole, which had an unparalleled impact, and shocked her whole person out again.

Knock, knock! Knock!

The body of Aunt Holy Snow, a sudden depletion and decay, flying across, all the trees impacted, no matter their size, broke their waist, and finally impacted on a mountain peak, which impacted a huge human cave, more than a dozen lengths deep.

But Aunt St. Snow is still alive. It's just a trauma!

She is the Emperor, and the usual way to break through is to refine the powerful soul, a practice that allows her to have a stronger soul than the average practitioner, basically, an indestructible little strength.

At the same time, the Gun of Evil has been sleeping for endless years, less powerful than it was during the Immortal Age.

“Psst...! ”

With the stabbing of this second shot, Qin Yi's own mouth, also followed by a bite of blood, erupted.

However, at this time, he, already without any sense, was completely controlled by the gun of all evil, and now he, a weapon of murder, in his chest, that filled madness of killing, swelled his entire body almost to burst apart.

At this moment, his soul has been eroded by the idea of all evil. Once completely eroded, he will merge the true and the gun of all evil into this gun of all evil. It will never be possible to return to the original self, let alone fulfill the orders of the King of Kyushu.

That burning demon fire, in Qin Yi's eyes, constantly jumped, seemed to be really evil to the extreme, making one look at it, it was as if in a moment, fell into hell.

“Qin Yi, what's wrong with you? Will he die? I hate it!”

Aunt Holy Snow rushed out of the human cave on the rock, and she looked so miserable to the extreme.

The more demonic Qin Yi looked, Aunt Saint Xue was frightened to battle. She could feel that the gun of all evils was worse than one shot. She had no confidence at all to resist the next shooting of the teenager.

The next shot, even if she has an extraordinarily powerful soul, is the unbeatable Xiao Qiang, she will surely destroy the gods!

Xiao Qiang, who can't die, also has a limit, exceeds the limit he bears, and will also warp.

At this time, her heart was filled with fear and unwillingness. For endless years, she did not know how many powerful souls she had refined and finally broken into the Empire Path.

But now she's going to face the crash again!

However, in the face of the fall of fear, she was extremely worried about Qin Yi's condition.

Remember, the teenager in front of her, who has long been completely demonized, is her lover.

At this time, she even regretted her intestines. She knew that the Gun of Evil would be powerful like this. At the time, she would never bet with Maiden.

It's just too bad it's too late now.

Next, she will face a crash, and there will be no second scenario!

Qin Yi ignored Aunt Saint Xue's words. In his heart, he was filled with the idea of being killed by madness. He had to be killed by madness.

He raised his gun with one hand, pointing far ahead, and now reached Aunt Saint Snow at the end of the strong crossbow, slowly taking a step forward.

As he stepped out, the whole earth was trembling.

“Qin Yi, you told me that before you were lying, after all the evil three shots stabbed out, you can actually stop, you stop! ”

Looking forward, in those eyes, two groups of demonic fire teenagers, Saint Snow Aunt Naina's body, trembled constantly, at this moment, in her heart emerged a strong fear never before.

“No, I'm not lying. ”

The teenager shook his head slightly and his voice suddenly reached the extreme point: “Once the three shots were stabbed, they couldn't stop halfway. At this moment, the shooter really wasn't me, but the Evil Gun itself. ”

As he intended, he could not kill Aunt St. Snow, who, in any case, was a man who admired himself, not a weapon of killing without feelings.

But unfortunately, now, he has no sense of calm at all, and there is nothing else in his mind but the idea of mad killing.


Aunt Holy Snow gazed and trembled. For a moment, her heart pulled out and her face stood like ashes and her soul was lost.

This time, it was really going down, but she was really unhappy, and after endless years of hard work, she finally broke through to Empire Road.

It's just that life is too cruel, and now she's facing death again.

“Well, it's a beauty to die in the hands of a beloved teenager...”

Saint Snow Aunt's breathtaking face suddenly emerged with a smothering shallow smile, her near-transparent curtains, gently closed, a clear tear, from her jade cheek, slowly slipped off.

She slowly opened her arms, facing forward, the teenager, who had been completely demonized, the purple half-moon machete of a hundred feet wide, even recovered and returned to her.

She gave up the resistance completely!

Looking at Aunt Holy Snow's jade cheek, that slowly slipping tear, Qin Yi's indifferent eyes, at this moment, even slightly like, his soul moved slightly deep.

Death to a beloved teenager is a beauty, but this beauty is too much!

It's an incredible beauty!

Extremely unbearable!

“You, run...”

Slightly sober Qin Yi, his mouth, miraculously spit out this sentence.

“What are you talking about? ”

Aunt Holy Snow was electrically shocked, her delicate body trembled and opened up beautifully. She looked forward in amazement, leaping in her eyes two groups of demonic fire teenagers.


In the mouth of Aunt Holy Snow, a series of silver bells laughed. She looked delightful, but her tears burst forth like a dyke.

She opened her tears and stared dead at Qin Yi: “You actually told me to run away, which is enough to show that you couldn't help but kill me. Oh, great, you little villain, you didn't want your sister to die! ”

At this moment, on the eve of her death, her whole life became so vivid and glorious.

At this moment before she died, she seemed suddenly to understand what it really meant to be a woman.


She knows it's impossible!

She doesn't even have the idea of running away. A woman can die at the hands of her beloved teenager. She thinks it's a good ending!