The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 795: Don't Want to Kill Your Aunt

At this time, Qin Yi's soul has been almost eroded by all evil thoughts. Soon, his soul will be completely eroded by all evil thoughts, and he, too, will become that monster.

The fire of the origin of all evil, in Qin Yi's eyes, burned wildly and jumped.

This is the true fire of evil, the flame jumping between, through extreme evil, looking extremely horrible and refreshing!

At this moment, Qin Yi's gun of all evil has grown to hundreds of lengths, infinite blood, and rushed out, causing the space around him to be as if he had fallen into a shrewd field.

At this moment, the idea of evil in the gun of evil has reached its peak!


This is completely out of his control.

“Gun of all evil, third shot - all evil! ”

In the blast, Qin Yi single-handedly held the monstrous gun of all evil and burst towards Aunt Holy Snow in front of him.

The third shot of the Evil Gun is the most powerful of the three.

One shot and the heavens and the earth are out of color!

As the gun stabbed out, the vision resurfaced, only one extremely demonized song was heard, suddenly, from the sky.

In that demonized war song, coupled with the shocking scream of heaven, as if there were hundreds of millions of demons, since the end of the sky, rush to kill.

Listening to this extremely demonized war song, in the heart of Aunt Saint Snow, a huge wave rolled up, she had never seen such a vision, and at the same time, he felt himself eroded by this demonized war song, and turned into a great demon.


Gestapo's Gun of Evil, like a meteor, bursts into the front of Aunt St. Snow, the space around her, twisted wildly, as if it were going to crumble directly.

Qin Yi's eyes, indifferent, that evil flame, mad burning, like the plain, mad killing, stuffed his chest.

Looking at the rapidly stabbed Evil Gun, Aunt St. Snow opened her arms and greeted the teenager's last shot, she knew that she would be extinct.

But at this moment, she's frank.

“Juvenile, you really have an unparalleled male wind, just don't know that in some way, there is such a male wind, some unfortunate, after all, I haven't been able to grasp some aspect of your male wind, haha...”

Aunt Holy Snow laughed like a silver bell and rang through the valley.

She kept her arms open, like a summer flower about to fade away, and tears kept pouring.

And so she wept, watching her beloved teenager, holding a 500-length gun of evil, and stabbing herself in madness.

Looking ahead, Awesome to the ultimate aunt of Saint Snow, Qin Yi, who is madly stabbing the gun, actually has the feeling of a medium five-thunder blast. His consciousness of being occupied by the killing, at this moment, once again, miraculously slightly awake.

“Aunt Holy Snow, run! What are you still waiting for? ”

Qin Yi woke up and growled loudly.


That's completely impossible. Once the Evil Gun has been stabbed, it will stab with the enemy until it hits the other side.

Besides, Aunt St. Snow never wanted to escape.

“Oh, little bad guy, you're in such a hurry, sister is very happy...”

With a bright smile on the face of Aunt Snow's death, she stared dead at the face of the teenager, seemingly branding her eternal life in her heart.

“At this moment, I realize that the first master of the Wind and Snow Empire, what glory and riches, is lighter than Hong Hair, can look at his beloved teenager and kill himself, that is the true 'wonderland of life’, hehe...”

She kept her arms open and waited for the end of the gods, which was her only option!

Grass, this fucking chick, is she a pig?

How dare you see death in such a poetic way!

I'm so touched!

Qin Yi, who had fully awakened, was moved and angry. He was driving his left hand wildly. Between them, a pound of ancient Xuan Qi, coming out of Qin Yi's left hand, rushed into the gun of all evil.


With that pounding ancient Xuan Qi, he rushed into the Gun of All Evil. The Gun of All Evil trembled suddenly. Qin Yi felt that he was in control of his own path and suddenly weakened.


In the roar, the teenager held the longgun in his hands and tried his best to throw the longgun hard.


The gun head of the Evil Gun was about to pierce Aunt Saint Snow's body, suddenly twisted, and stabbed a blue stone that was big enough to be the size of a house next to it. Then it quickly grew blue stone and smashed that inch.

With the third shot of evil as the heaven stabbed out, the evil thoughts that eroded Qin Yi's soul were retreating as if it were a tidal wave. Between blinking eyes, it was retreating clean, only a short distance from completely eroding Qin Yi's soul.

With the retreat of all evil thoughts, Qin Yi's eyes, the flaming demon fire was also suddenly extinguished, in the chest, that full of madness, disappeared.

“It's dangerous! ”

He stunned for a while before the teenager returned to God and breathed out a long breath.

This dead chick, just off the line, died under her own Evil Gun.

In fact, Qin Yi discovered long before he broke the war path. As long as his consciousness was slightly sober when he fired the gun, he could activate the left hand of the demon and deviate slightly from the gun head of the Evil Gun, so that no accidental killing would occur.

After the three shots were stabbed out, Qin Yi put away the gun of all evil. He didn't even look at it. He couldn't go back to the divine aunt of Saint Xue and turned around and walked away.

“This dead chick, who is a pig, couldn't help but face my third shot, touched me to death, and scared me to death. I am so angry! ”

Qin Yi thought in anger.

Juvenile Meteor, walk away, don't want to face a woman like a pig!

“I was not extinguished by the gods...”

Stunning Aunt Snow for a while, returning to God, she blinked her beautiful eyes as if she had woken up in a big dream: “This little villain, in order not to kill me, finally tried hard to change the goal of the Evil Gun. Turns out, he so didn't want me to die, haha...”

Her eyes spinning, looking at the shadow of the teenager who had left negatively, Aunt Saint Snow's hand covered her little mouth, “Pfft” smiled and shook with a twinkle.

“Bad boy, wait for me! ”

The next moment, she made another quick move towards the teenager.

“No wait! ”

The teenager did not return either. The answer was unusually simple, and he still walked forward as a meteor.

I couldn't help but “oh” the sound, two white snake-like delicate jade arms, have come through the back, his waist, dead environmental protection.

“Bad boy, why don't you wait for me? ”

Aunt Holy Snow pulled him over and drank coldly: "Don't you know that would break my heart? If you were going to break my heart, why didn't you just shoot me? ”

Aunt Holy Snow's face already had a thin anger on her back and two tear marks on her cheek: “Hmm, how can you not wait so cruelly for me? Say it!”

Obviously, this Aunt Snow Holy is also a virtuous woman!

The teenager bowed slightly, looking calmly at the wonderful woman in his arms, touched his nose and said softly: "Waiting for you? When you depict death as poetic again, do you impress me to death? ”

Aunt Holy Snow in her arms, her delicate body trembled suddenly, a pair of beautiful eyes didn't blink a second, fixed to look at Qin Yi, in that beautiful eyes, slowly surged a strange light.

When she touched the strange light in Aunt Holy Snow's eyes, Qin Yi shook up and said with some vigilance: “What do you want? I have a gun! ”

Aunt San Xue still looked at the teenager, and slowly appeared with some dangerous smile on her face: “Bad boy, sister wants to bite you...”


Bite me!

The teenager shouted and shouted: “You have already kissed me once, you can't kiss me again... Hmm! ”

His voice was still in his arms, Aunt Holy Snow, who had raised her toes and brutally imprinted on the teenager's big mouth with her soft red lips.

Grass, can you stop being so overbearing?

The teenager's brain was blown up, a blank space, only one thought came up in his heart: it was too careless to be kissed by this chick again, but the chick's kissing skills seemed... to have improved a lot...

Haven't waited for him to come back to God, Aunt St. Snow's toe, has already pushed hard.

The power of an imperial powerful man, Qin Yi, was irresistible without provoking the seeds of the two elements of gold and fire, so his whole person “blasted” and fell straight down, under the auspices of Aunt Saint Xue.

“Humph, I told you not to wait for me, and I said that if I'm afraid I'm touching you, I'm touching you...”

Aunt Holy Snow lay on Qin Yi, limbs like octopus, wrapped Qin Yi to death, vaguely said.

Yet this is the moment.


Qin Yi's celestial demon left hand, suddenly a slight tremor, a hint of ancient Xuan qi, came out of the left hand, and that one reached the mind.

With the influx of this ancient demon, it was as if there was a drop of fresh spring, dripping into the general, making the chaotic teenager, suddenly awake, the burning fire in the body, also suddenly extinguished.

“No, if it goes on like this, wouldn't I be a stallion? ”

Qin Yi's move, stopped.

Feeling the evil hand of the teenager, she stood still. Once again, Aunt San Xue opened her eyes with surprise. "What's wrong? ”

“I'm sorry, we can't go on like this, I can't grow horses, you know, I have a heavy mission regarding the survival of humankind. ”

Qin Yi smiled slightly with apologies.

Seeing the teenager's eyes, it had become clear, and Saint Snow Aunt knew the fire in his body, had completely retreated, and her heart had become bitter.

Obviously, it's impossible to get a good glimpse of his male wind this time!