The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 796: The Agreement Between Maiden and Girl

“Well, I won't delay you in fulfilling your mission, but you're the only man I've ever loved in my Aunt Snow's life, so I'll keep my best things for you, and one day, you'll have to ask me, or I'll kill you. ”

Aunt San Xue sighed softly, climbed up from Qin Yi's body, put the red belly pocket back on, and then put the dress that Qin Yi had torn apart, on her body, just that it was already there and couldn't cover up her spring light, large white skin, and most of the red belly pockets, all appeared outside.

“If you don't want me, you're gonna kill me? ”

Qin Yi was surprised. She is a witch!

Seeing as the teenager was stunned, Aunt Saint Snow couldn't help laughing. She glanced at him in a glance: “Of course I'm scared of you, nerd! ”

It was just a bluff!

Qin Yi relieved herself and obscured the cold sweat that had slipped away quietly.

“Ever since I made that deal with Femme Flame, the fox, I've decided that I'll never kill you again in my life, and I won't kill you anyway. ”

Aunt Holy Snow looked away and her eyes became a little disoriented: "However, I will keep my best things until you land on the mainland again and come to me. ”

“Ah, what if after this, I never land on the mainland again? ”

Qin Yi Jiaomei.

“Then I'll keep it until the day I die. ”

“Aunt Holy Snow, what's the matter with you? In fact, you can totally find a good man in Yulan, and he's happy. ”


Aunt Holy Snow shook her beautiful head gently. She turned her eyes and smiled shallow at Qin Yi: “Because I'm going to move you to death, huh...”


It really touched me!

Qin Yi's eyes stared and his heart slowly flowed with a strong touch.

Think about it, Aunt Holy Snow was supposed to be her own dead enemy, she imprisoned several people in Xuanlan, and even almost had a soul festival, and this time she landed on the mainland, the biggest enemy, which could be said to be her.

And you're ready to use the Gun of Evil to kill it.

In the end, however, it turned out to be so dog blood that Aunt St. Snow fell in love with herself and even had to keep the best of herself for herself, touching herself in this way.

This bloody world!

Thinking of myself and Aunt Saint Xue, Qin Yi was in his heart and couldn't help but sigh.

After a pause, Qin Yi remembered the agreement between Aunt St. Snow and Miss Flaming, and asked curiously: "Aunt St. Snow, what is your agreement with Miss Flaming? ”

“If I don't tell you, I'm dying, hee hee! ”

Saint Snow Aunt smiled playfully.

Qin Yi was stunned. He didn't expect that Aunt Saint Xue would refuse to tell herself.

Looking at Aunt Holy Snow, he sighed again: isn't it true that all the women in the world, in front of the man they love, become playful and cute, even if she is an imperial mighty arrogant man, even if she is an evil witch?

“All right. ”

Saint Xue glanced at Qin Yi and then slowly leaned back into Qin Yi's arms, softly saying: “I won't tell you now, one day you will know what the deal is between me and the fox of Yanmei. ”

She said that Qin Yi was more curious about the agreement between the two of them, but Aunt Saint Xue didn't want to tell him now, and he was reluctant.

“By the way, how did it end with you and Meizu? ”

Touched his nose and Qin Yi shifted the subject. He was also somewhat curious about the matter.

“As you said before, I drew my body out and fought her with all my might, barely even with her. ”

Aunt Saint Xue lay in Qin Yi's arms, slowly said.

Qin Yi then paused and said: "Are you stopping fighting because of your agreement? ”


Aunt Holy Snow softened her head: “At that time, after a long war, the two of us still couldn't tell the difference between victory and defeat. So Femme Femme, the fox, proposed to make an agreement with me. I thought that agreement was good, so I agreed. ”

“So now Maiden is back in Kyushu? ”

Qin Yi raised the question in his heart.

Himself and Aunt Holy Snow in this wild mountain hill, so wrapped up, if Meizu did not return to the Kyushu mainland, by her nature, she would definitely not talk, a sword would be chopped.

“Well, because she knew I would never kill you again and no longer need her protection, she returned to Kyushu. ”

Saint Snow Aunt speaks frankly.

Qin Yi was in his mind and quickly combed it up. Aunt Saint Xue followed him this time. In fact, she had no intention of killing herself. She simply wanted to go to the wonders of life with herself.

And this time, Fei Mei Wan landed in Yulan with several of her own people, and the real purpose was not to kill herself, but to protect herself.

When I think of this road, it turns out that there has always been the Emperor Maiden, who is secretly protecting herself. In Qin Yi's heart, it is necessary to breed a touch.

It can be said that the situation is basically the same for the Emperor Meizu and Saint Snow Aunt, who started hunting themselves, and ended up falling in love with Yin Yang wrongly.

From this, it can be seen that he is actually handsome, especially handsome and excellent, sometimes not necessarily a bad thing, at least now, to make Emperor Dao strong such as Yanmei become his umbrella.

And a witch like Aunt Saint Snow, by the end of the day, stopped hunting herself, forgiving herself for all that she had done to her before.

For both Saint Xue and Fei Mei, Qin Yi's heart has some miscellaneous taste. If she doesn't feel anything at all, it is obviously a lie.

Man is not a grass tree, not to mention a bloody male, faced with two idiots in love with himself, dedicated to understanding his male wind of the world beauty, may not be at all reluctant?

Goodbye Aunt Saint Xue, Qin Yi continued to expand and burst in the direction of the Tamwood tribe.

“Oh, little guy, what's the deal between me and that fox of a flaming lady? You'll find out soon, and we'll see each other again soon..."

Looking at the young man's speedy departure, the eyes of Aunt Saint Snow curled slightly, reflecting a distracted light, a shallow smile: “I wish I could see you again soon. ”

“What exactly is the deal between Miss Snow and Miss Flaming? ”

While rushing along, Qin Yi's mind kept thinking about this question.

But obviously, he can't even think about it.

“It seems that only after returning to the Tuanmu clan will Naranju be well advised. ”

Sighed softly, Qin Yi stopped thinking about the problem.

He still has some confidence in Naranjo's talent.

In the case of exponential speed, most of the day later, Qin Yi's figure has appeared in the Tuanmu clan.

In addition to Xuanlan, Ye Linger and Ye Tian brothers and sisters were also brought to the Tamyu clan by Tamyu Snow, and Tamyu Snow has given them all accommodation.

“Ha ha, brother-in-law, I hope you're back! ”

Just returned to the Tuanmu clan, the strange young lord with wooden marks, held Qin Yi's hand with enthusiasm, and laughed joyfully: “I've heard from Mother Night Fork, you rescued Xiaoxue... Oh, Xuanlan's passing, grass, so addictive, I just hate that I wasn't there. ”

Once again, I saw Qin Yi, Tam Mo Xue, Xuanlan, Ji Shixuan, Sword Floating Zero and others. Over my face, it was also the color of intense excitement that emerged.

Especially since the first time she met Qin Yi in the Devil's Wind Mountains, the discipline teacher announced that she had been in love with this handsome and brilliant teenager. However, she was more shy about the affections of men and women. She kept this affectionate and deeply buried in her heart.

Now I see Qin Yi again, her beautiful eyes, even get a little wet, stay aside, and stare at the teenager.

“Hee-hee, brother cow shit, good to see you again! ”

Ye Linger was quite lively, and Qin Yi returned safely, cheering and jumping.

- What? - What?

Brother Bull shit!

Everyone in the room, stood still, staring at each other, and laughed happily and laughed, and the atmosphere was quite festive.

Even the disciple Xuan, he couldn't help but cover his mouth and “puff” a smile.

That's so... childish!

Faced with the laughter of the crowd, Qin Yi cracked his mouth and revealed an embarrassing smile that was worse than crying.

“Oh, brother cow shit, that witch, but she's amazing. She's still the number one expert in the Snow and Wind Empire. Tell me, how did you finally get away? ”

Ye Linger was excited and blushed, holding Qin Yi's hand, curious to ask, on a beautiful little face, full of worship color.

Obviously, since the last time I pointed to Ye Linger's ancient and current knife method, and since the knife in previous life, this little Niko has completely regarded Qin Yi as a godlike being.

“So, later, the four great guardianship laws of Aunt St. Snow sacrificed the Tower of Demons, trying to suppress me, just destroyed by me, and killed the two guardianship laws of Aunt St. Snow...”

Qin Yi will say it again, of course, some very unhealthy images are omitted altogether.

Listen, everyone in this room, even Lu Yuesheng, the natural cool man, showed a strong shock on his face.

Although Qin Yi's narrative mouth was quite flat, everyone could think of how excited it was at the time. One person faced Aunt Saint Xue's four main protective laws, as well as the Sirius Army. Just think about it and you can see how difficult Qin Yi was to come out alive.

“The Town Demon Tower of the Four Guardians is destroyed? Well ruined. That's a relief! ”

An exciting voice came from Ye Linger's leaves.

He is a blue-haired young man, handsome in appearance, with a certain similarity to Ye Linger, but not as playful as Ye Linger. Instead, he gives a cool feeling like Lu Yuesheng.