The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 808: Death Penalty


Qin Yi didn't even look below. Eight dead lions glanced at him and continued to expand at the speed and burst forward.

Once upon a time, he killed five Bleeding Lions, and now he only shot three hands of "Heaven's End for Life," killing eight Bleeding Lions, all of them.

Its progress, obviously!


From his distance, a stunning figure clearly saw the scene of Qin Yi killing eight bloody lions.

This strong-and-white killing scene gives the beautiful figure, slightly stands still and sighs: “This little guy's martial arts is really... very useful, what martial arts is it? ”

Beautiful figure wears a blue-white interphase dress with curved front and back, which is incredible.

The face of the beautiful figure, covered by a light blue veil, could not see clearly, only a pair of beautiful eyes were exposed.

However, it can be judged from the contours hidden on the gauze, which is absolutely breathtaking alchemy.

At this time, the mysterious woman was exposed in the eyes of the outside show, with a strong shock and curiosity.

After a pause, the mysterious woman smiled shallow: “Bad boy, sister will one day know how amazing martial arts you are, huh! ”

Yan Bi, the mysterious woman wandered and disappeared directly in place.

In this regard, Qin Yi did not notice a thing, and still hurried at full speed.


At some point.

A hundred long blood python continued to rush towards Qin Yi, between which, it rushed to the front of Qin Yi, one big mouth, enough to devour a house.

“Die! ”

In cold drinking, Qin Yi burst into the bloody python and punched him hard.


The big tongue of the bloody python burst directly into pieces, and suddenly there was a thick bloodbath in the air.

Qin Yi did not make a slight delay, and continued to embark on a speedy hurry. He was shaped in the desolate northern wilderness and turned into a monument to the path, going fast north.


At some point.

Over his head, there was a sharp, long whistle.

Qin Yi looked up and couldn't help but open his mouth.

Only over his head, a big bird, two wings spread, hundreds of feet wide, like a cloud, rapidly swept towards himself, and Qin Yi was surprised that this big bird, with a palm of human face.

“Is this the legend that a two-in-one old spiritual beast is barbaric? ”

Qin Yi's face revealed his curiosity.

Normally, an ancient spiritual beast is barbaric and has only one wing, and only two wings come together.

Qin Yi suddenly and secretly remembered that the last time he was in the North Wilderness, he also seemed to have killed a two-in-one old spiritual beast.


Qin Yi went up against the sky and waved his fists toward the two in one old spiritual beast barbaric. Now he, the floodplain giant beast that exists here in the war, does not use a smoke cloud long gun, and punching directly with bare hands is enough!

“Ping-pong! ”

One beast at a time fought wildly in the air.

Shortly after the war, the second and first ancient spiritual beasts were barbaric, and were torn in half by Qin Yidu's hands.

However, it was surprising to him that the upper spiritual beast, torn in half, was barbaric and did not die, but became two ends, each with one wing.

Qin Yi and the ancient spiritual beasts on both sides brutally continued to fight wildly.

However, the battle did not last long. The ancient spiritual beast on both ends was brutal and was smashed with fists by Qin Yi.

All the fighting in Qin Yi all the way down, was by the mysterious woman somewhere.

Two days later, Qin Yi's figure finally appeared in the territory of Daliang.

In order to enter the ruined war path, Qin Yi must first go to Daliang Royal Family.

The majestic and vast Imperial City of Daliang appeared in sight. On that tall wall, a platform was built, and in the balcony, an arrow car was parked, and the arrow car was filled with long arrows.

Every platform is guarded by officers and soldiers.

Anyone who wants to cross the walls will be ejected from the nest.

At the gates of the city, there was a team of tall men in armor and guards with knives at their waists.

Outside the gates, anyone entering the city, growing up in a long line, everyone must be scrutinized by an escort.

This scenario, like Qin Yi's arrival in previous years, has not changed at all.

The only difference is that in the past, it was myself, poetry, and Meizu who entered the city together. This time, there was only Qin Yi alone.

Qin Yi was behind the long team. After a while, it was finally his turn to review.

“Name, from where? What do you want to do when you enter Daliang Imperial City? ”

Then the guard who examined him, without even lifting his head, said cold, faceless words.

“Qin Yi, from Huaxia, entered the Imperial City for a little personal affairs. ”

Qin Yi replied with a smile.

“Qin Yi? From Huaxia? ”

All the guards, couldn't help but stand still and look at Qin Yi.

Standing in front of them was a teenager who, apart from being handsome, had no attraction.

“Are you Qin Yi? ”

The guard of the censorship had to smile his eyebrows, his face glowing and sinking: “Just like you, you say you are Qin Yi? Who are you messing with? I also said that I am the divine guardian of the Kyushu Holy See. ”

“Ha ha, this kid, I think it was the brain that got stuck in the door, just like that, dare to impersonate Qin Yi? ”

“Boy, do you know who Qin Yi is? That was a great hero, and even His Majesty the Great Leung admired him! ”

“Not only do we, His Majesty Daliang, admire him, but he is also the poetic heart of the Royal Family of Daliang, one of the six great iron guards, boy, you say you are Qin Yi, and you are not afraid to be laughed off by the world? Ha-ha-ha...”

“ …… ”

In the escort, a laugh sounded, that looked at Qin Yi's eyes, like he was watching a monkey invite comedy.

Faced with the ridicule of the guards, Qin Yi opened his mouth in dismay. He had no idea that he was already so famous in the Imperial City of Daliang.

In the past, however, I did create some sensations in the Imperial City of Daliang.

“Boy, don't you know? Qin Yi, is the god in our minds, now you want to impersonate him into the city, is death! ”

A middle-aged man with the appearance of a general rushed over quickly from the front. He glanced coldly at Qin Yi and waved his hand: “Take it off me and leave it to the criminal department for disposal! Nothing comes out of our hearts. We don't even know it! ”

“Wait, I really am...”

Qin Yi took a step back and said hastily.

“Are you trying to say that you really are Qin Yi? I also said I really am the god guardian of the Kyushu Holy See! What are you waiting for? Take it off me! ”

The escort general drank with anger.


In time, five or six guards swept up and forced Qin Yi into custody, walking straight to the city.

Me grass, what is this and what?

This scenario makes Qin Yi, quite crying.

“Whose teenager is this? What are you doing pretending to be Qin Yi? Oh, shit! ”

“Alas, that three-year-old bastard in my family grew up all day and night. To be like Qin Yi, this teenager dared to come out of Qin Yi, isn't that boring? Even if the royal family did not execute him, the inhabitants of the city would drown him with saliva. ”

“ …… ”

Behind Qin Yi, there was a voice of discourse, one that cast a sympathetic gaze on his back.


Daliang Royal Family.

In the glorious palace of Kim Bi, His Majesty Daliang is burying his head and watching the fold, while the six big iron guards, who are frightening the world, stand on his side.

Any practitioner below the Imperial Path who wants to assassinate His Majesty the Great Leung will have some difficulty.

And Hannah, the beautiful poetry, Horan is among the six iron guards, the colour of the face of killing.

“Your Majesty, there's an emergency! ”


A minister came to His Majesty the Great Leung, reporting.

“Say, what is it? ”

His Majesty Daliang didn't even lift his head.

“Just now, the guard of the city caught a teenager impersonating Qin Yi, who was respected by His Majesty. What should be done with the teenager? ”

The Minister saluted.

Qin Yi!

The name, heard in the palace, is no different than that of Lei Guanglu, including His Majesty the Great Leung, all of them together.

Especially the poetry in the black robe, the moving delicacy of Hannah, the obvious tremor, even for a moment, the tears were pouring in the eyes.

“Impersonating Qin Yi? That teenager has a lot of nerve. Who is Qin Yi? How dare he impersonate him! Let's see, the Iron Man Front that Qin Yi destroyed back in the day, it was fixed six months ago, right? Just throw him in the Iron Man. ”

After a slight meal, His Majesty Daliang continued: “Well, when throwing him into the Ironman Front, tell him that the Ironman Front had been destroyed once, and that the person who destroyed it was Qin Yi, so that the teenager could see the gap between himself and Qin Yi clearly, whether the words' Qin Yi ’could be impersonated by him at random. ”

“Your Majesty, such an arrangement is brilliant! ”

The minister rejoiced and slowly retreated.

Heard the Iron PFLP, the delicate body of Shymna, trembled again, beautiful face, hidden emerged a strange glow.

Back in the day, that godlike teenager, instead of being punished, resolutely entered the Iron Man's Front and even eventually destroyed the entire Iron Man's Front.

Now I think of that scene, which is still in sight, as if it had happened yesterday, in the heart of a young girl, a thick stream of warmth, flowing past.

And now, someone is pretending to be Qin Yi, she can't help but laugh and feel quite proud.

“Sir of the Penitentiary Department, wait! ”

His Majesty the Great Leung, again called the minister who had retreated to the gate.