The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 821: Extinction!

At the moment of the teenager's shooting, he suddenly realized that his life had come to the point where it would be his grave!


The voices of the evil guns!

The bloody gunhead, with a tremendous intent to kill, went towards Choi Yan Tang and burst to the limit.

“Damn it! ”

Feeling that rushing death, Choi Yantang's soul was trembling. He hurriedly danced the silver sword on his hand and his subconscious lay on his chest.

The silver sword was brilliant and glaring, fueled by the madness of its elegance.


The all-blood evil gun stabbed severely on Choi Yantang's silver sword and made a shocking noise.

Between the collisions of the swords, a wave of energy pounding like the sea of the ocean sword swept wide open and slammed hard into all directions.

In the wave of energy, the teenager, who had been completely demonized, hunted and sounded the clothes on his body. He stood there with no moving thread and did not take half a step back.

Choi Yantang, however, could not resist this huge wave of energy, tall body, was shocked to fly out, directly fell hundreds of feet outside.

The gun alone, on his body, had reached the edge of the tortoise, covered with a strip of blood.

“Is it true that this day next year is my holiday? ”

Choi Yantang's gray face climbed up. His face was a little pale. No adjective could describe his shock at this moment.

In this wrecked path of war, he has grinded for hundreds of years and has seen countless powerful men, but has never seen such a strong young man.

“Exactly. Today next year is your holiday! ”

Shaking his head gently, Qin Yi's voice suddenly reached the extreme point, over the gun of all evil, the husband quietly floated there Yulan king's big face, a pair of 10,000 ancient eyes, always looked cold ahead, desperate, almost losing the will to fight.

After the shooting, Qin Yi's soul was again eroded by all evil thoughts.

“I don't believe it. I'm an emperor. I can't resist three shots! ”

Choi Yantang did not want to drink cold, and the imperial strength from his body was unimaginable. All the trees within the thirty lengths of his circle were smashed to pieces.

His eyes stared round, his orbits almost cracked open and his heart filled with discomfort.


The silver sword in his hand was trembling with tremendous intent to kill.

At this moment, the idea of evil in the gun of all evil, the second shot, has reached saturation.

A second shot must be stabbed immediately, or you will be permanently controlled by the Gun of Evil and become a Vanguard.

Tenzing his eyes after the evil burned, he gazed slightly at Choi Yantang, standing there, Qin Yi suddenly drank: “Gun of all evil second shot - all evil justice! ”

With the puncture of this gun, only the bloody Gun of Evil was seen, suddenly bursting, and between blinks, it burst into a hundred-block Gestapo.

A hundred yards of evil guns passed by, and the bloody ghost twisted like a piece of demon fire, burning wildly!

With the stabbing of this second shot, above the sky, the vision appeared, a bloody cloud of blood, a heaven, where it existed, all became blood-colored, a bloody world of living and falling apart.

The whole world, unspeakable evil, unspeakable shadows are scary.


The Gun of Evil strikes forcefully, seemingly penetrating everything, between heaven and earth, unstoppable.

Looking at the rapidly stabbed Hundred Demon Gun, Choi Yantang's body, suddenly trembled, the corner of his mouth smoked, over his face, filled with intense fear.

“I don't believe it! ”

In anger and drink, Choi Yantang's silver sword suddenly surged to more than ten lengths. In the midst of the silver glory, he turned towards the teenager in front and severely chopped out.

“Just dying to struggle! ”

Aunt Holy Snow at the mouth of the cave, don't laugh.

Her fix was even taller than Choi Yantang's, but in Yulan, there was no room for any resistance in the face of the Evil Gun.


“Knock! ”

The more than ten long silver swords, the moment they touched the Gun of Evil, instantly appeared a crack in the path, and the eyes were about to break.

That pound of energy wave was like a huge wave. The harsh impact wanted to Choi Yantang, and it also flew Choi Yantang Zhen hundreds of miles away and fell to the ground.

This time, his body, completely torn apart, blood flowing out of one path, made him suddenly a blood man, appeared to be extremely fierce.

But he's still alive. It's just a trauma!

He is an Imperial Power with an incredible physical defense.

“Psst...! ”

With the stabbing of this second shot, Qin Yi's own mouth, also followed by a bite of blood, erupted.

At this time, he had long lost any sense, and his whole person was completely controlled by the Gun of Evil, and now he, a weapon of murder, was bursting into his chest, a madness that swelled his whole body to almost burst open.

After the second shot was stabbed, his soul had been devastated by all evil thoughts.

That burning demon fire, in Qin Yi's eyes, constantly jumped, seemed to be really evil to the extreme, making one look at it, it was as if in a moment, fell into hell.

“Why is that? Young man, are you a man or a demon? ”

Choi Yantang struggled to climb from the ground.

At this time, his heart was filled with fear and frustration, and he was grinding for hundreds of years in this wrecking war path, so easily as he is today.

But now he's going to face another crash, and there's not going to be a second!

Qin Yi ignored Choi Yantang's words. In his heart, he was completely stuffed with the idea of being killed by madness. He had to be killed by madness.

He fired a gun with one hand, pointing far ahead, and had become a blood man, Choi Yantang. Xu slowly took a step forward.

As he stepped out, the whole earth was trembling.

“Qin Yi, you told me that before you were lying, after all the evil three shots stabbed out, you can actually stop, you stop! ”

Looking forward, in those eyes, two groups of demonic fire teenagers, Saint Snow Aunt Naina's body, trembled constantly, at this moment, in her heart emerged a strong fear never before.

“No, I'm not lying. ”

The teenager shook his head slightly and his voice suddenly reached the extreme point: “Once the three shots were stabbed, they couldn't stop halfway. At this moment, the shooter really wasn't me, but the Evil Gun itself. ”

As he intended, he could not kill Aunt St. Snow, who, in any case, was a man who admired himself, not a weapon of killing without feelings.

But unfortunately, now, he has no sense of calm at all, and there is nothing else in his mind but the idea of mad killing.


Aunt Holy Snow gazed and trembled. For a moment, her heart pulled out and her face stood like ashes and her soul was lost.

This time, it was really going down, but she was really unhappy, and after endless years of hard work, she finally broke through to Empire Road.

It's just that life is too cruel, and now she's facing death again.

At this time, Qin Yi's soul has been almost eroded by all evil thoughts. Soon, his soul will be completely eroded by all evil thoughts, and he, too, will become that monster.

The fire of the origin of all evil, in Qin Yi's eyes, burned wildly and jumped.

This is the true fire of evil, the flame jumping between, through extreme evil, looking extremely horrible and refreshing!

At this moment, Qin Yi's gun of all evil has grown to hundreds of lengths, infinite blood, and rushed out, causing the space around him to be as if he had fallen into a shrewd field.

At this moment, the idea of evil in the gun of evil has reached its peak!


This is completely out of his control.

“Gun of all evil, third shot - all evil! ”

In the blast, Qin Yi single-handedly held the monstrous gun of all evil and burst towards Aunt Holy Snow in front of him.

The third shot of the Evil Gun is the most powerful of the three.

One shot and the heavens and the earth are out of color!

As the gun stabbed out, the vision resurfaced, only one extremely demonized song was heard, suddenly, from the sky.

In that demonized war song, coupled with the shocking scream of heaven, as if there were hundreds of millions of demons, since the end of the sky, rush to kill.

Listening to this extremely demonized war song, Choi Yantang's heart, rolled up a tremendous wave, he had never seen such a vision.

At the same time, he felt that he was being demonized by this war song, which eroded his soul and turned into a great demon.


Gestapo's Gun of Evil, like a meteor, burst towards Choi Yantang in front of him.

The space around them, as this gun burst out, twisted wildly, as if it were going to crumble directly.

Qin Yi's eyes, indifferent, that evil flame, mad burning, like the plain, mad killing, stuffed his chest.

“I am an Imperial Daoist, and I would never have fallen so easily! ”

Looking at the rapidly stabbed Evil Gun, Choi Yantang roared, madly dancing over a dozen long silver swords on his hand, facing the stabbed Evil Gun.

“Knock! ”

The ten-length silver sword, the moment it touched the Gun of Evil, crumbled and broke into pieces all over the sky.

Gestapo's Evil Gun was stabbed hard by Choi Yantang.

Choi Yantang suddenly stifled. He saw the teenager in front of him, the face of Junyi, and suddenly reached the point, like the face of a lifeless ghost.

The third bullet of all evil shooting was all bad. When the horror reached the extreme, the energy wave emitted from the gun directly burst Choi Yantang's entire person into pieces of meat.

There is only one silver robe that slowly descends from the air.