The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 830: Choi's Ancestors Destroyed

Hearing the words of "Heavenly Corpse” protection, Ancestor Choi was furious and angry and drank: “You evil protection, should have fallen 20,000 years ago, a evil afterlife, also want to make new wind waves? Dream!”

In the talking room, he dragged the big black stamp toward the “Heavenly Corpse” guard below and printed it hard.

“Death to all creatures! ”

Far away, Qin Yi smiled casually and grabbed his left hand, suddenly like, a golden palm, once again grabbing the seal of heaven.

The strategy of the "Heavenly Corpse” protection method is actually his own strategy. The seal of Heavenly Corpse is too strong to allow the “Heavenly Corpse” protection method to approach the ancestors of the Choi family and then kill them.

Now, each time he puts out an "annihilation of the world” and grabs the seal of heaven. Although he can't fight the seal of heaven, he also bought time for the “heavenly corpse” protection.

The battle scene that follows can already be imagined. Old Ancestor Choi constantly issued a seal of heaven. However, each time, he will be caught by Qin Yi's "extermination of all creatures” for a period of time, and the "heavenly corpse” protection law is used for this period of time, constantly pushing toward old Ancestor Choi.

1,000, 800, 500, 300...

Look at the ever-approaching "Heavenly Corpse” protection method. Ancestor Choi's anger and anger. With the power of the "Heavenly Corpse” protection method, once he gets close to himself, the seal of Heavenly Corpse will not work. The “Heavenly Corpse” protection method will kill itself, it will not be too difficult.

“Death to my husband! ”

Old Joe Choi roared wildly, his hands tied, led the dark seal of heaven, constantly printed to the “Heavenly Corpse” protection.

Pong, Pong! Pong!

The pitch-black majesty printed on the ground, printing a huge sky, brilliant and vibrant.

However, everything was in vain, and the “heavenly corpse” guardian, with Qin Yi's cooperation, was still rapidly approaching the ancestors of the Choi family.

Not yet.

The "Heavenly Corpse” guardian is less than 100 feet from the ancestors of the Choi family. This distance is enough for the "Heavenly Corpse” guardian to kill the ancestors of the Choi family.

“Old Choi, die - kill! ”

Above the face of the “Heavenly Corpse” guardian, a strong killing intent emerged. He quickly killed the ancestors of the Choi family. Ten sword-like nails quickly trembled and stabbed the ancestors of the Choi family.


The "Heavenly Corpse” guardian attacked too fast. Ten long nails like a sword. In a moment, it flew into the eyes of the ancestors of the Choi family. The power, even more unimaginable, directly penetrated the body of the ancestors of the Choi family.

On the ancestors of the Choi family, ten blood holes, blood burst out.

You know, the strength of the "Heavenly Corpse” protection method is that in this ruined battlefield, the number one and two existence, compared to the Choi family ancestors, is a lot stronger, his ten nails, to pierce the body of the Choi family ancestors, there will be no great difficulty.

Ancestor Choi's body, suddenly stagnated, corner of mouth, lightly smoked, spinning, suddenly turned around, roaring to kill the far away teenager: “Son of a bitch, you caused all this, the old man wants to break you to pieces! ”

Looking at his wounds, the seal of heaven is unable and unable to function. It is already difficult to form a climate. Ancestor Choi wants to kill Qin Yi at the last moment.

This last blow, Ancestor Choi tried his best, the speed was unspeakable. Between blinking eyes, he rushed to the front of Qin Yi, the silver sword in his hand, and that one pierced Qin Yi hole!

“Bad boy! ”

“Apprentice! ”

In the distance, suddenly came the grief of Aunt Saint Snow and the Heavenly Corpse Guardian tearing her heart apart.

“That's how I killed him...”

Old Joe Choi looked at himself, and the long sword pierced Qin Yi's chest. Some of them blinked incredibly and laughed wildly again: “Hahaha, little bastard, dare to pit Choi Hui, waste Choi Tang, this is what happens to you, even if there are two great experts to protect you, it is useless...”

However, his voice had just fallen, and he had ten fingernails like a sword, and suddenly pierced his body from behind.

Meanwhile, a purple half-moon curved knife, spinning at great speed, one knife, chopped Ancestor Choi into two pieces.


Only half of Choi's ancestors left, still not killed instantly, sent a series of crazy laughs.

“Bad boy, that's it...”

In the distance, the subject of Aunt Saint Snow, stood there in disillusionment, with her moving delicate body, trembling and shaking.

All of a sudden, she rushed over with all due respect, holding Qin Yi with a hole in her chest: “Bad boy, you can't leave your sister...”

The next moment, however, Aunt Saint Xue suddenly stopped, because the “Qin Yi" in her arms slowly dissipated and turned into nothing.

This is...

Looking at “Qin Yi” dissipating in her arms, Aunt Saint Xue shook to the extreme.

“Aunt Snow, I'm here. ”

A faint voice sounded from behind Aunt Saint Snow.

Aunt Holy Snow's delicate body shocked suddenly, slowly turned back, but found not far behind her, Qin Yi stood still, handsome face, with a beautiful slight smile.

Once again, Aunt Holy Snow turned into a shadow and poured herself into the arms of a teenager, tears suddenly poured down, the little pink fist hit his chest like rain: “Bad boy, you scared my sister to death, do you know? ”

Holding Aunt Saint Xue's soft and boneless delicate body tightly, Qin Yi's heart burst with a warm stream. Aunt Saint Xue cared so much about herself. She saw “herself” just now by the ancestors of the Choi family, a sword hole through her chest, she didn't freak out.

“Aunt Saint Snow, it's okay. That old thing Choi just punched through, it's just my shadow. ”

Qin Yi smiled lightly and gently wiped the tears off Aunt Saint Xue's cheek.

Aunt Holy Snow's delicate arm, dead and environmentally friendly to keep the teenager's waist, not wanting to let go for a moment, life fear to let go, the teenager will not fly: “Bad boy, don't die, if you die, sister will die, do you know? ”

Qin Yi nodded and his heart was filled with emotion.

He knows that even if he is not an Aunt Holy Snow, he will never be able to die. The order of the King of Kyushu has not yet been fulfilled. Perhaps one day, he will step into this war path and fight for the survival of mankind. How can he die?

“The old man's hole pierced, turns out it's a shadow of this kid...”

In the distance, the rest of the Cui family's ancestors watched Qin Yi and Aunt Saint Xue mutter to themselves.

Suddenly he yelled, “I hate it!”...

A bite of blood, out of his mouth, erupted, the next moment, half of his torso fell and died without meditation!

“Ha ha, my lord already knew, my lord's disciple, how could he be so weak that a sword was pierced in the chest by this old Choi family? ”

“Heavenly Corpse” protection in the distance, happy and laughing.

Prior to this, the “Heavenly Corpse” protection had dealt with Qin Yi several times. How strong was Qin Yi? In his heart, he still had some numbers.

The next moment, he turns his face and looks at the elusive ancestor who is fighting against Aunt Saint Snow's split, hey hey smile: "Elvis, do you still want to die in this situation? ”

Once the ancestors of the Choi family died, there was only one absolute ancestor left. On Qin Yi's side, however, there were the subjects and identities of Aunt Holy Xue, Qin Yi and the “heavenly corpse” protection method, equivalent to four people.

Obviously, he can no longer form a climate!

“Stop! ”

Affectionate ancestors are also an ancient antique that has lived indefinitely, quite knowledgeable, instantly burst out and broke away from the tangle of Aunt Saint Snow's splinter.

“Damn, it's bad luck to meet you! ”

The bosoms of the Jealous Ancestors, a fierce rise and fall, were quite unhappy.

“Since the moment you chased Sister Yang, you've been doomed. ”

Qin Yi let go of Aunt Holy Xue in her arms and looked at the desperate old man and smiled slightly: “There is really no deep hatred between us, except that you chased Sister Yang. It is not impossible for us to let you go, but the treasure on your body must remain...”

An ancient antique that lived indefinitely, but now it has been robbed by a younger offspring, the lungs of the Jealous Ancestor are about to explode, but this younger offspring, with the protection of the two great masters of Aunt Holy Snow and the "Heavenly Corpse”, the Jealous Ancestor had to press down the fierce anger.

“Ha ha, the feeling of robbery is really not normal, Jealous Ancestor, what my apprentice said, do you hear me? Hand over all the treasures on you, how can you say, 20,000 years ago, you were absolutely unhappy with our vagina gate, there was some affection, and I didn't want to do it to you. ”

“Heavenly Corpse” guardian Francis laughed.

The corner of Jealous Ancestor's mouth, violently smoked, whispered two words, waved his hand towards Qin Yi in the distance, a cloth bag, was directed at Qin Yi: “Kid, take it, my husband will never want to see you again. ”

Yan Bi, his figure wandered and disappeared directly into place.

“Thanks! ”

Qin Yi raised his hand and grabbed the pouch from the blast, smiling lightly.

On the other hand, the “heavenly corpse” protection was slightly stunned. At one time, he also told Qin Yi that he would never want to see Qin Yi again.

But God only joked with him so many times that he met Qin Yi in the future, and now the two of them are even apprentices.

Next, Qin Yi robbed the ancestors of the Choi family again.

This time, he looted the following items from the Jealous Ancestors and the Choi Clan Ancestors: 20,000 years of blood ginseng, four strains; three pints of divine medulla, thirteen pieces; Kyushu Ling Yuanshi, 5,000 pieces; and imperial martial arts, two pieces.

Among them, the two imperial martial arts are: "Heavenly Sword" and "Lingbo Heart Law".

“Grass, this is the only thing on these two old men, what a madman! ”

The “Heavenly Corpse” guardianship is disdainful to see what was looted from the Jealous Ancestors and the Choi family.

However, Qin Yi's heart is delightful. Five shares of 20,000 years of blood ginseng, plus thirteen deep three pints of dan, is enough for him to mend and break into a higher realm.