The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 836: Prints of War


Qin Yiyi frowned and was curious about the word for the first time.

Unlike the Hongmei world, the Hongmei world does not exist.

Slightly, the fiber continues: "A practitioner whose strength, speed, and physical defense are instantly multiplied if he is able to have a complete set of battle lines. ”

Instant multiplication!

Qin Yi had to stand still.

Grass, isn't that the equivalent of elemental seeds?

It's a good thing. No wonder the people of the Demonic Sect secretly swallow it.

“War lines, which can be divided, a complete set of war lines, can be divided into several parts, or even a dozen parts, with how many war lines, the strength, speed, and physical defense of the practitioner will improve accordingly. ”

Fiber continues.

Qin Yiran.

“Qin Yi, this Blood Tiger King, you killed him, we are willing to divide his battle pattern into 70% of you, the three of us, only 30% of them, what do you think? ”

Fiber is the sister of Yufeng and Luffy and has absolute speaking power.

Yu Feng and Lu Fei both nodded and said they had no objection to this.


Qin Yi shook his head gently.

No? No.

The three of us had to stand still.

A little bit of sincerity, a shallow smile: “Okay, Qin Yi, you are our lifesaver, and you killed the Blood Tiger King again. So, the Blood Tiger King's battle pattern, you split 90%, the three of us split only 10%, how about you? ”

Yan Bi, the three people of color fiber, their eyes all look at Qin Yi without blinking.

In fact, Qin Yi alone divided 70%, which is already quite reasonable distribution. Although the Blood Tiger King was killed by Qin Yi, if it wasn't for the three of them, he wouldn't have found the Blood Tiger King at all. Even if he did, he wouldn't necessarily know the war marks in his body.

Reading in Qin Yi was their lifesaver, and the fiber gave him another 20%.

Eyes on the face of the three people, Xu Xuyi swept away, Qin Yi smiled slightly: “I don't want any of the war marks in this blood tiger king. I'll give them all to you. Now you, the heavenly gods, will swallow the blood tiger king alone, only fear that the magic sect and the land will soon come to your trouble, so it is imperative that you improve your strength in the shortest possible time. ”

Having just entered this wilderness world, Qin Yi must make connections as good as possible. In this way, it will be more convenient to act in the future. At this time, this is the best time to make connections, how could he let go?

He entered the wilderness this time to help Yang Shiqi find another cut off of the gold sword, not to improve his strength. If even basic information is not available, what use is it if his strength is higher?

Besides, even though I don't have the Gun of Evil, I still have the Emperor Maiden, who protects me in the dark.

Qin Yi believes that even though Fei Mai has not appeared, she must be somewhere now, watching everything that happens here.


The three people, Qi Qi, stood still and blinked incredibly, thinking that they had heard wrong.

Faced with something so precious, the teenager from the Hongmeng world did not move at all, gave them the whole set of war lines.

Was the boy's brain caught in the door?

All three of them had to raise such questions.

The questions were questionable, but in the three hearts, all of them were to the teenager, and once again a strong gratitude emerged.

Especially the fiber of the face, the eyes of the show, even hidden a few exciting tears, she suddenly found that the teenager, was incredibly handsome and inspiring.

“Ha ha, today we're stepping on super big shit, super shit luck! Qin Yi, you live and die brother, I'm done! ”

Luffy laughed happily.

Next, the three people, each of them took a wound medication from their body, and then sat down quietly to heal the wound.

Two hours later, the wounds on the three men were all clearly restored.

Next, the three of them came to the Blood Tiger King, or obtained the war marks in his body, while Qin Yi watched curiously.

Only three people could reach out a palm and press gently on the forehead of the Blood Tiger King. As the three people fluttered wildly, the Blood Tiger King's forehead flushed out a circle of blood, passing through their left hand and not into the three of them.

It took half an hour for the three of us to collect the bloody tiger king's war prints. All three of them had a satisfying smile on their faces.

However, Qin Yi did not realize how much the breath of the three men changed after they had fully collected the battle lines.

“Once the lines of war have been collected, they need to be refined in order to be truly owned and empowered. ”

Seeing Qin Yi's confusion, Fiber explained.

Her voice, quite soft and beautiful, is like a spring breeze.

So that's it.

Qin Yi felt it.

“Qin Yi, you are our savior, and now you give us all the lines of war. I want to invite you to our heavenly ancestral hospitality, can you give us a face? ”

Fiber lifted up Qingxiu's little face slightly, smiling lightly.

On the other hand, Yufeng and Lufei beside him also cast a sincere look at Qin Yi.

Qin Yi could not ask for this, and nodded his consent immediately.

Only by living in heaven can he better understand the wilderness, especially the Seven Kingdoms.

Next, there was no delay, Qin Yi was with the three fibers, heading toward the heavenly sect, exploding.

Along the way, Qin Yi kept asking the three people about the situation in this wilderness world.

From their mouths, Qin Yi learned that there are three continents, Tianshui Mainland, Xuanyue Mainland and Hengyu Mainland, all three continents are connected, and there is no clear boundary.

And the continent where they are now situated is the Xuan Moon.

The cultivation world of the Xuan Yue mainland is obviously stronger than that of the Kyushu mainland. There are some well-known forces here. The cultivation of its disciples usually breaks into more than seven realms of the pagoda, and those with outstanding qualifications have broken into the pagoda nine realms, such as the three main gates of heaven, magic sect and land parcel, this is the case.

And in the upper echelons of these parishioners, there are better, even the imperial mighty.

“Such forces are no different than the Holy See of the Nine States. ”

Qin Yi lamented that the Holy See of Kyushu, too, had to start at the divine level in order to have the imperial power.

At the same time, Qin Yi is also somewhat fortunate. This is not full of imperial powerful people. Otherwise, this mission, I really don't know what kind of vicious risks will be encountered.

And disciples like Fiber, Yu Feng and Lufei who have already broken through Zongdao Jiu Realm, in this wilderness world of the youth generation, should be a more sophisticated existence.

The wilderness of the world, indeed, is much more desolate than the Hongmeng world. Next, the four of us flew fast forward for half a day. Qin Yi's gaze only led to the appearance of a city pool.

The size of the city pool is quite huge, but there is no flooding of the world's pools, its guard is also far less crowded world's strict, practitioners can explode over the city pool at will, there will be no guardian army to stop.

The four of Qin Yi, from above the city pool, swept past.

Another half-hour ago, Qin Yi's gaze revealed several huge overhanging stone mountains.

The stone mountain is cone-shaped, flat above, sharp below. Each stone mountain is surrounded by a large green vine, flat over the stone mountain, built in a magnificent palace.

Between the rocky mountains, the clouds sweep, like the Immortal Realm.

On that stone mountain in the center, there is a giant stone tablet, engraved with two big red letters - Heavenly Sect!

“Certainly a magnificent sect. ”

Looking far away at Tianzong, Qin Yi whispered to himself.

On the face of it, this heavenly sect is much more dignified than the Holy See of the Nine States.

“Hey, Qin Yi, Heavenly Sect, Demonic Sect, Land Sect, are the three most peak sects of the Xuan Yue mainland, the Qi sect is natural. ”

Lu Fei, like Dragon Flame, was obviously a fairly bright and sunny man, patted Qin Yi's shoulder, and laughed proudly: “The talent is not quite amazing, don't be a disciple of these three doors. Oh, come on, go see us in heaven. ”

Four people in a row, turning into four shadows, burst over the stone mountain in the middle and slowly descended.

At the moment when Qin Yi stepped onto Shishan, he also breathed out a secret breath. At the foot of this wilderness world, he found it. Next, all he had to do was ask about the Seven Kills Wilderness. What kind of existence is it, and then he can start the operation.

“Master Yan, you're finally back. How's it going? How'd it go hunting the Blood Tiger? ”

Qin Yi four people, as soon as they landed, a white shadow, from the house in front of them, burst out, blinking, came to their four eyes.

Qin Yiding glanced and saw only the visitor. He was a young man in a white robe. He was quite tall and handsome. He was angry with Yuxuan and fluctuated slightly.


Out of curiosity, Qin Yi darkened his left hand to spy on this person's cultivation.

“Zongdao Nine Mid-Term! ”

This kind of snooping results surprised Qin Yi quite a bit. This person was repaired to be even taller than the three people of Fiber, Yufeng and Lufei.

Such a mending, if placed in the Hongmeng world, is enough to shoulder with some of the ancient ancestors, Qin Yi remembers that in Yulan mainland, the ancient ancestors of the Fengyue tribe encountered in the past, the cultivation, is the middle of Zongdao Nine Realm.

White robe youth, quickly stepped out, looked at the fiber gaze, filled with concern color, but turned a blind eye to Yufeng, Lufei and Qin Yi.