The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 837: Murong Fu

However, the color fiber appeared slightly uncomfortable with the concerns of the young man in the white robe, his hands clamped, respectfully said: “Back to Brother Murong, in fact, this time the pursuit of the Blood Tiger King did not go smoothly, the disciple of the Magic Sect did not appear. ”


The young man in the white robe flipped his eyebrows: “Why are you such a coward, the disciple of the Demon Sect? I actually retreated, what kind of magic sect? If this thing is passed on, I fear it will become the laughingstock of the world's people. Hmm, I don't think they deserve such a high reputation at all! ”

Rumor has it, the facial fiber slightly stunned, and the glass-eyed Qin Yi glanced aside without a trace, and said in a silence: “Brother Murong, this time, Magic Sect is not afraid to retreat, but want to swallow the blood tiger king alone...”

Fiber repeated what Qin Yi said at the time to the young man in the white robe.

Listen, the chest of the young man in the white robe, a fierce rise and fall, obviously quite angry: “Humph, the Demon Sect is so despicable to do this, this is remarkable, I have to report to the Patriarch. ”

From the beginning to the end, the white robe youth did not look at Qin Yi, Yu Feng and Lu Fei.

In his eyes, only the fiber!

After a pause, the young man in the white robe went on to say: “Since the disciple of the Magic Sect has not appeared, then you three, just because you are not the opponent of the Blood Tiger King, it would be nice if the three of you could succeed in escaping, and you don't have to regret that by then, we will go back to hunting it again, just to find its trace again, it is already a certain difficulty. ”


Yet Fiber shook his beautiful head slightly: “Brother Murong, in fact, did not escape at that time. The strength of the Blood Tiger King was stronger than we expected. At that time, I and Brother Yufeng and Brother Lu Fei almost became the food of the Blood Tiger King. It was Qin Yi who saved the three of us at a critical moment. ”

“Qin Yi? Who is…”

The young man in the white robe nodded with a slight glance. This made him look at the three people beside him. Finally, he fell on Qin Yi. He nodded with no expression and said faintly: “Are you Qin Yi? Thank you for saving Master Yan's life. ”

In his mouth, he said, his eyes were deep, but there was a slight flurry of suspicion and disdain.

At first glance, he could see how tall this strange teenager was. Even breaking through the Eight Realms of the Path was half a mile away!

He alone... can save Master Yan from the Blood Tiger King's mouth?

Caught deep in the eyes of the young man in the white robe, that displeased suspicion and disdain. Qin Yi shrugged his shoulder and did not put it on his heart. He smiled slightly: "Brother Murong is polite, it's just a matter of raising his hand. ”

The young man in the white robe softened his head, twirled his eyes, and put his eyes back on the fiber: “What about the Blood Tiger King, did he end up killing him? I think you should kill it together. The lines of war are too precious. It would be a shame if you didn't get a chance to kill them together. ”

“Killed, but...”

Unfinished, the young man in the white robe's face suddenly emerged a strong fanatical colour, joyfully laughing: "Okay, good, you are truly a disciple of our heavens. ”

Saying, he turned around again, reaching out in front of Qin Yi, smiling happily on his face, instantly turned into a sneer: “Juvenile, hand it over. ”

“Hand over what? ”

Qin Yi frowned.

Fiber, Yufeng and Lufei, all beside each other, are also bewildered to look at the white robe youth.

“Don't be confused, the lines of war! ”

The young man in the white robe said coldly: “I know, hunting the Blood Tiger King also has your credit, but the treasure of war is so precious, not three disciples, it is not worthy of possession, hand over the war mark that you were assigned at the time, now that you have come to our heavenly sect, that is our heavenly guest, I do not want to rude against you, besides, you saved Master Yan's life. ”

Qin Yi looked at the handsome face of the young man in the white robe. In his slight eyes, he gently swept past the annoyance.

On the other hand, the three people beside them, Fiber, Yufeng and Lufei, were stunned.

Qin Yi remained silent and looked cold at the face of the young man in the white robe.

“Qin Yi, as I said, war pattern, only three disciples deserve to own it. You are now our God's guest. I don't want to be rude to you, hand over your war pattern. ”

The face of the young man in the white robe is also gradually diminishing.

“Brother Murong, Qin Yi did not have war marks on him. He has given them all to me, Brother Yufeng and Brother Lu Fei. ”

Fiber was helpless, he said.


The young man in the white robe stood still, his mouth smoked slightly and some unbelievably blinked.

The Tattoo of War, what a precious treasure, the three disciples had joined forces to hunt for the Blood Tiger King in order to get the Tattoo of War on him.

However, in front of the teenager, he actually gave all the battle lines to a few people, not one for himself.

Is this boy an idiot?

In the mind of the young man in the white robe, such a question had to emerge. In the deep of his eyes, the colour of disdain became thicker and thicker. He smiled slightly: “So Qin Yi, you know the current affairs, well, Yu Feng, Lu Fei, you two, go arrange a place for him, Yan Sister, follow me to the senior level of the sect. ”

The young man in the white robe looked at the fiber with a smile on his face and then turned away.

Looking at the shadow of the young man in the white robe leaving, Fiber Wanted to tell Qin Yi that he had killed the Blood Tiger King alone, but speaking of words, he swallowed it back.

In the nature of Brother Murong, I would never believe it.

“Qin Yi, I'm so sorry, Brother Murong's sex is like this, I'm sorry to bother you. ”

Fiber turned his face and smiled with apologies to Qin Yi, then went with the young man in the white robe.

“Grass, isn't he a chief disciple? Pull! Pull! ”

Watching the young man in the white robe go away, he grabbed his fist and chewed his teeth. Apparently, he was very angry.

He was surrounded by a peak, his face was also a little dull and his chest rose and fell.

“Come on, Qin Yi, I'll let the deacon arrange a place for you. ”

Yu Feng patted Qin Yi's shoulder and a smile reappeared on his face.

The three men quickly swept to another stone mountain. Qin Yiding glanced and found that this stone mountain was full of a separate courtyard attic. Obviously, this stone mountain is a residential area of the disciples of Tianzong.

Qin Yi's residence was quickly arranged. It was a rather old pavilion with a small courtyard in front of it. The courtyard was planted with some flowers and grass, but it looked quite elegant.

For convenience, Qin Yi temporarily resides in this pavilion, adjacent to Yufeng and Lufei's pavilion, and, in front of the pavilion, is also a pavilion of fiber.

Qin Yi's attic.

“Qin Yi, the pavilion is a little outdated and the furniture is a little shabby, you will live there. ”

Yu Feng smiled with apologies to Qin Yi.

“Thank you Brother Yu and Brother Lu, I think this place is fine. ”

Qin Yi sincerely thanked him. He hasn't been very concerned about food and clothing.

“By the way, Qin Yi, you said you are from Hongmeng world, how did you enter our wilderness world, the purpose of entering our world, and what? ”

Lu Fei patted Qin Yi's shoulder, his face was full of admiration. A teenager who had not yet broken through the Eight Realms of the Road was actually alone, from one position world to another.

He had already admired the handsome young man in front of him, and he was like a god.

On one side, Yu Feng, with a gorgeous face, is also curiosity and admiration.

“I came from a special passage into the world of the Great Waste, a special passage called the Shattered Warpath. In fact, few people know that the Shattered Warpath connects the Hongmeng to the Great Waste. ”

Touching his nose, Qin Yi said: “And I entered the wilderness world this time in order to accomplish a Holy See mission, do not hide from you that I am a Tingwei of a peak force in the Hongmeng world. ”

“Hongmeng is the highest power in the world, you mean the Holy See of Kyushu? ”

Yu Feng Qiduo.

The gaze of a bypass flight is also bright.

“What... have you heard of the Holy See of Kyushu? ”

Qin Yi blinked, rather unexpectedly looking to Yufeng and Lu Fei.

People in the wilderness know the Holy See of Kyushu!

“It's not just that I've heard of it. It's like God. ”

Luffy was so excited to say, "I said," Qin Yi, how can you be so beneficial? It turns out you're from the Kyushu Holy See. Ha ha, I can actually know Luffy from the Kyushu Holy See. This feeling is fantastic! Grass, that bastard Murongfu was so dragged in front of you, if he knew you were from the Kyushu Holy See, he'd just worship you immediately, wouldn't he? ”

Looking at Lu Fei, Qin Yi was stunned. He was just the Holy See of Kyushu. He didn't need to get excited to do this. He also had that white robe just now. If he knew I was the Holy See of Kyushu, he would immediately worship me!

People in the wilderness, the fanaticism of the Holy See in Kyushu is completely beyond Qin Yi's imagination!

What the hell is this?

And Yu Feng on one side, his face was also full of excitement, said: “Qin Yi, you don't know, the Holy See of Kyushu, is the ultimate dream of most practitioners in the wilderness world. ”

“The Holy See of Kyushu, that exists with another world, why is this happening? ”

Qin Yi frowned and was confused.

“Qin Yi, as a person of the Kyushu Holy See, do you not know that 20,000 years ago, the Kyushu Holy See appeared a Gestapo? ”

Lu Fei looked at Qin Yi unexpectedly.

20,000 years ago?

The Gestapo?

Qin Yi became more confused.

Yet again, his eyes lit up, and he remembered a man: "What are you talking about, the second pope of the Kyushu Holy See? ”

Back in the old days, when the defeat of the "heavenly corpse” guardian was a division, the “heavenly corpse" guardian told himself that 20,000 years ago, when the door was destroyed, the second pope of the Holy See of Kyushu, hunting down the ancestors of the vagina gate, entered the wilderness world through the ruined conquest path.