The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 839: Stupidity

“So... what does this have to do with the trouble of the Demon Sect joining forces with the Land Sect to find us? ”

The elder cloud crane said.

Other Zongmen executives here are also confused looking at fiber.

Fibreyu touched his glossy forehead, and Fibre said: "Later Qin Yi speculated that this was a magic plot, and the people of the magic sect must have gone to the land, said to join forces with them to hunt down the Blood Tiger King, and their real purpose was to use our heavens and the head of the land, first to severely traumatize the Blood Tiger King, they finally appeared, one by one to hunt the Blood Tiger King, and swallow the bloodstains of the Blood Tiger King, but unfortunately they didn't expect, just as we were going to die in the mouth of the Blood Tiger King, to kill a Qin Yi and destroy their plan. ”

When Qin Yi said, the color of disorientation appeared slightly in Fiber's eyes. The teenager looked quite handsome, and appeared gently in his brain.

The smudge caught in the eyes of the fiber beauty show, the opposite face of Murong Fu, the corner of the mouth without a trace gently smoked:

Qin Yi!

“The Blood Tiger King has been hunted by you, so you've got the markings in his body? ”

The gaze of the cloudy crane had to shine.

The other high levels of the palace, above the face, also emerge a raving of fanaticism.


Fiber nodded respectfully: "Now, Blood Tiger King's full set of battle prints is stored in my body, Yufeng's brother, Lu Fei's brother. We can lure it out as soon as Zongmen needs it. ”

“Ha ha, good, good! ”

The cloud crane laughed happily and smiled. The whole person seemed to be ten years younger in an instant. "Fiber, you three are beyond my imagination. You really killed that bloody tiger king! ”

The rest of the high echelons in the palace are also a delightful and delightful style.

Tattoo of War. How precious is that?

In recent years, all three attempts have been made to kill the Blood Tiger King and acquire the war lines in his body, but eventually, the war lines have fallen to heaven.

Fiber stood there, trying to say several times that the Blood Tiger King was killed by Qin Yi alone, but every time he spoke to his mouth, he swallowed it back alive.

This matter is too shocking. As soon as it is said, Qin Yi will be the object of all attention. Such a situation will only be detrimental to Qin Yi and cause unnecessary trouble.

Out of the protection of Qin Yi, Fiber finally decided not to tell the story, and let the world mistakenly think that it was the four of them who joined forces to kill the Blood Tiger King.

“Oh, by the way, Fiber, did you just say that a man named Qin Yi saved you, this Qin Yi, what kind of man is he? ”

After a while of excitement, Cloud Crane finally thought of the problem.

Others, too, are curious to look at fiber.

“It was a teenager in his twenties who said he was from another world - the world of the Horn, and when he met us, he had just entered the world of the wilderness through a mysterious passage. Now, he has come with us to heaven and stayed temporarily in our heavens. ”

Fiber saluted.

“A teenager from the Hongmeng world? ”

Cloud crane stared at him unexpectedly, saying: "It's surprising that a 20-year-old teenager went from a staring world to a wilderness world. And what was his purpose in entering the wilderness? ”

“The youngest didn't ask about it, I don't know. ”

Fiber shakes head.

“Since he saved the three of you from the mouth of the Blood Tiger King, and helped you to kill the Blood Tiger King, get the lines of war, and be the benefactor of our Heavenly Father, it would be fine for him to stay in our Heavenly Father for a while. ”

The cloudy crane whispered faintly, a slight meal, and said: "As for the Demonic Sect and the Land Sect, they will come together to trouble us. Isn't this the speculation of the teenager named Qin Yi? I see this assumption may not be correct, perhaps the disciple of the Magic Sect is truly in retreat, or has not yet been able to join you in time, do not worry about it. ”

“But the elders...”

“Don't think too much. ”

However, the cloudy crane waved its hand, interrupting the fiber of the face, and appeared a fanatical color: “Go back, three days later, you, Yufeng, Lufei and three others, come back here to draw out the war pattern collected by the three of you. By then, I will pick out the ten most potential inner door disciples in the inner door and distribute the war pattern to them. ”

Rumor has it, Murong Fu's face suddenly appeared fanatical, he is the chief disciple of heaven, of the ten best qualified inner door disciples, naturally also has his name.


Fiber nodded respectfully, in the eyes of the show, passing helplessly.



In Qin Yi's residence.

Refurbished Qin Yi for a day, slowly opened his eyes, exhaled slightly, and left the practice state.

After carefully feeling the various functions in his body, he found that there had been little change. Qin Yi smiled slightly and did not care. He is now mending, it is a pagoda half-step eight realm, such height, if there has been a noticeable change in the day of painstaking, then damn it.

Growing from the ground, Qin Yi went out of the house.


As soon as he got out of the door, Qin Yi put his eyebrows, a slight glimmer, just a short distance ahead of him, a moving figure of Qin Na, a playful figure standing there, is precisely the fiber of colour.

Today's colour fiber, dressed like a nine-day fairy in a white dress, is clean and unruly, only that light brow room, but hidden in sadness.

Hearing the movement behind him, Fiber hurriedly turned around and quickly greeted him: “Qin Yi, are you finished practicing? ”

“Sister Yan, how long have you been waiting for me here? Is it urgent? ”

Looking at the grief between Fiber Eyebrows, Qin Yi asked.


Fiber nodded: “The senior members of the sect do not believe that the Demon Sect will come to our trouble with the face of the parishioner, saying that your initial assumption was nonsense, Yu Feng and Lu Fei, in the main palace, with the senior members of the sect, the elders have been imprisoned under the wrath, ask them to face the wall for three years, go and talk to the elders. ”

Grass, stupid!

Have all the high echelons of God ever had their brains clamped in the door?

Rumor has it, Qin Yi had to be angry for a while. Such an obvious conspiracy, this heavenly high level, can't even see through.

Qin Yi smiled bitterly again: “Sister Yan, I am from another world, it is not appropriate to go with your celestial high ethics like this. ”

“Of course not. ”

Fiber still hasn't spoken, a cold voice coming from behind.

Qin Yi and the facial fiber couldn't help but turn back. He only wore a white robe and his face was handsome. He was slowly walking towards both of them, looking at Qin Yi's eyes, and the shade reached the extreme.

“Qin Yi, don't forget, you are just our heavenly guest. You better stay in your attic and practice, don't wander around. ”

Coming to Qin Yi's front, Mu Rongfei coldly said, staring at Qin Yi without blinking.

Qin Yi didn't want to come out, but he couldn't help but get angry at Murong for giving him this look.

When he first saw Murong Yan, Qin Yi was a little confused about his arrogance.

He even realized that Murong Fu's heart, even to himself, was hostile, for a simple reason, because he admired fiber, but fiber had not received his affection, and now fiber showed passion and admiration for himself.

In other words, in Murong Fu's eyes, he was the enemy of love and made him burn in jealousy.

“Sister Yan, lead the way and see what's going on? ”

Qin Yi directly ignored Murong and looked at Fiber and smiled.


Fiber was happy, and when he didn't even look at Murong to give him a glimpse, he led Qin Yi and rushed to the main hall.

Looking at Qin Yi and Fiber, he quickly left the figure, Murong's mouth corner, violently smoked, his chest rose and landed.

“Qin Yi, didn't I just say that you are just a guest of God? Stay in your attic and don't wander around? ”

Murong made me drink with anger.

Qin Yi's steps stopped and Xu slowly turned around and looked at Murong Fu faintly and said: “Sorry, Yu Feng and Lu Fei are my friends, now they will face the punishment of the three people on the facade, I cannot stand idly by. ”

Yan Bi, Qin Yi stopped looking at Murong and continued to rush with the main palace of Yan Fiber Wang.

“Bastard! ”

Looking at Qin Yi and Fiber's departure, Murong Fu clapped his fist and looked terribly blue: “Boy, you are looking for death! ”

He could not imagine that a teenager who had not even broken through the Eight Realms of the Patriarchate, or came to Heavenly Patriarch as a guest, could not even see him as the chief disciple of Heavenly Patriarch.

More importantly, fiber still seemed to admire him, but never looked right at himself.

His lungs are gonna blow!


Within the main palace, Yu Feng and Lu Fei are at the top of the heavenly sect, blushing.

“Elder, it's really not as simple as you think. The Demon Sect and the Land Sect will come together soon to find trouble. Shall we get ready? ”

Luffy shouted out loudly and was very excited.

Yu Feng, beside him, also said with adhesion: "Yes, elders, elders, Brother Lu Fei is right, it is impossible for the Demon Sect to retreat at all, let alone arrive in time, don't forget, in the beginning, it was the Demon Sect disciples themselves who proposed to join forces to hunt the Blood Tiger King, how can they retreat on their own, or they can't even feel it, they should be ready already! ”

“Outrageous! ”

An old man in a grey robe said angrily: "Yu Feng, Lufei, don't you two forget that the three of us had an agreement and had to live together peacefully. If it were true as you said, the Demon Sect was flouting the original agreement. Does he have the guts to do this? ”