The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 840: Are they all pigs?

“Yeah, what's going on with these two disciples? It's unbelievable! ”

“How dare you fight the King of Bloodthirsty Abacus alone? Are you kidding me?”

“ …… ”

The other elders in the palace were also talking and emotional. In their view, Yu Feng and Lu Fei did not see them as heavenly executives.


The elder cloud crane, his nose heavily hummed, his sharp eyes swept toward Yufeng and Lu Fei, coldly said: “Looks like the three of you on the facade are still light, ten years. Somebody, take them both down and put them in the wall hole! ”


Immediately, by the side of the hall, several disciples rushed out, twisted Lufei's arms and Yufeng's arms, and sent them outside the hall.

“Wait! ”

A delicious sound, coming from outside the temple.

There were only two figures, coming in from outside the temple. It was the fiber and Qin Yi.

“Master Yan! ”

“Qin Yi! ”

See these two, Yu Feng and Lu Fei, suddenly happy.

“Fiber, what are you doing here with this teenager? ”

The elder cloud crane was frowned upon and drinks coldly.

The rest of the Sect's upper echelons, their faces are also mixed with confusion and discomfort.

“The youngest have seen the seniors! ”

Fiber has not yet opened his mouth, Qin Yi has taken a step forward. On Junyi's face, with a slight smile of impatience, he saluted the cloudy crane and other Sect executives.

The cloudy crane and the senior frowns of your zongmen stared faintly at this teenager from another world.

Qin Yi glanced, Xu Xuyi swept away on the face of Yunxiao Crane and the top members of Tianzong. He said with a smile: “In fact, your predecessors, the Magic Sect General and the Land Sect will join forces soon to go to this heavenly sect to find trouble. At the beginning, I speculated, it is not about Brother Yufeng and Brother Lu Fei. ”


As soon as Qin Yi said this, the whole palace instantly left quietly, almost smelling needles.

All of you Tianzong executives, for a moment, all look incredibly at the handsome boy in front of you. This boy actually speculated about this!

“Junior, what do you mean? Want to provoke our relationship? ”

The eyes of the elder cloud crane gradually became sharp, like two substantial swords, staring at Qin Yi in a blink: “You are from the Hongmeng world, right, say that this time into the wilderness world, there is an unspeakable purpose, why should you provoke our relationship? ”

“Yes, this teenager must have some bad intentions about entering our wilderness! ”

“Get him out of here now, for Christ's sake, this young man is not welcome! ”

“ …… ”

The high echelons of the heavenly ancestors in the palace are also talking and emotional.

Me grass, these skyscrapers, are they all pigs?

In Qin Yi's heart, he sighed at himself. However, the smile on Junyi's face remained unchanged. He shook his head and said: "This time I entered the wilderness world, naturally for a purpose, but definitely not to provoke the relationship between you three. Before entering the wilderness world, I had no idea that this Xuan Yue mainland, there were three. ”

After a slight meal, Qin Yi went on to say: “As for the Demonic Sect to join forces with the Land Sect and come to Heavenly Sect to find trouble, it is obvious that if the three of you really cared about the agreement of peaceful coexistence, you would not have left the Land Sect in the first place and come to talk with Heavenly Sect about hunting the Blood Tiger King. ”

“Bullshit! ”

Yunyue crane cold drink: “Junior, you and Ben don't know how important our relationship is to the cultivation world of Xuan Yue Mainland. Once we fight each other, we will lead the cultivation world of Xuan Yue Mainland, understand? ”

Qin Yiyi frowned, from the words of the Yunyue crane, quickly made judgment. The nature of the three branches of Xuanyue mainland is the same as that of the five major alliance forces in Kyushu mainland. The disciples here are all from the small sects of various places.

Only then, once the three battles have been fought, will it be possible to lead the cultivation world of the entire Xuan Moon continent.

However, at this moment, a figure suddenly rushed into the palace at great speed.

At a glance, the people present discovered that it was the chief disciple of Tianzong, Murong Fu.

“Murong Fu, what is it, such a reckless collision? ”

Cloud crane cold drink.

Murong Fu's face was a little embarrassed. After a strange glance at Qin Yi and Fiber, he hurried to pay tribute to the cloudy crane: “Back to the elder, the people of the magic sect and the land are here, and now they are outside. ”

- What? - What?

Mu Yongfei's words, to all the people in the palace, were no different from Tianlei Guanghe, all standing there.

In other words, the faces of the people were hot again, as if they had been slapped hard.

The people who were just talking about the Demon Sect and the Land Sect will not come looking for trouble, but now the two of them are coming, this slap is really loud.

“Juvenile, looks like your guess, is right. ”

The cloud crane was somewhat embarrassed and smiled at Qin Yi. Then, there was another rage burning in his chest, and his face was shady and terrible.

The other heavenly high ecclesiastics in the palace are also a disgrace. At present, it is really said by the young man from the Hongmeng world. The people of the magic sect and land parcel really ignore the three original agreements and find trouble.

The angry cloud crane waved its hands at the people in the palace: "Let's go outside and see. ”

Lord of the heavens, practicing at the crossroads, as the elder, he must naturally assume all the affairs in the sect.


The cloudy crane led you to the top of the heavenly sect. Qi Qi rushed out and blinked. In the main hall, there were only Qin Yi, Ye Fiber, Yu Feng and Lu Fei.

“Hey, the elders are starting to die, now they're better. ”

Luffy laughed and looked quite happy.

“Let's take a look outside too. ”

Fiber didn't say much, waved his little white hand.

Qin Yi went out of the hall with a few people. At first glance, he could only see the large square outside the hall. It was already full of heavenly disciples and high ranks.

Among these, there are seven or eight tall young men, both men and women, each with an unparalleled and powerful breath, squeezing the air around them floating.

Obviously, this young man and woman are the disciples of the Magic Sect and the Land Sect.


Qin Yi darkened his left hand, elicited a sense of spiritual power, covered these magic sects with the disciples of the land, and did not move his divine peeps into their cultivation.

“The highest cultivation, has already broken through the late Nine Realms of the Patriarchate, only one small realm is missing, and the lowest cultivation reached the early Nine Realms of the Patriarchate. ”

This kind of snooping results made Qin Yi quite unexpected. The chief disciple of the heavenly sect, Murong Fu, could not make it to the middle of Zongdao Nine Realm. Among the disciples of these magic sects and land parcels, there is still a higher cultivation than Murong Fu Fu.

And the cultivation has broken through to the late ninth realm of Zongdao, a woman in a robe, with a beautiful look and a wonderful figure, attracted the eyes of the many males around her.

In addition to her, there was a young man in a black robe who, like Murongfu, had broken through the middle of Zongdao Nine.

Moreover, this man, who seemed to be the leader of these people, only saw his hands and waists forked and stood in front of them with great pride.

“Lu Yu, what do you mean, bring a bunch of disciples into my heavenly sect, do you want to make trouble? As the chief disciple of the Demon Sect, you should know the three original agreements. What have you done to the top of the Demon Sect? Leave you to make trouble? ”

The cloudy crane drinks cold, his face is gorgeous, quite angry.

The rest of the heavenly people, too, are quite angry.

Lu Yu, the young man in the black robe, suddenly saw him smile: “What's the matter? Senior Yun, you have repeated your words. We magic sects and land parcels have never dared to forget the three agreements. We have come to negotiate with you heavenly gods on important matters. ”

“Something important to consult with us in heaven? ”

The cloudy crane frowned and his face was still gloomy and horrible. He said coldly: "If you have important matters to discuss, why don't you come with the high echelons of the land parcel? ”

In the face of the anger of the cloudy crane, Lu Yu still smiled with joy. "Unfortunately, Yun seniors, I said that our magic sect and land parcel executives all happen to have important things at their disposal. Do you always believe that? ”

“Lu Yu, don't be rude to us in heaven. Get back to your gates! ”

Murongfu on the side, already angry, cold drinking.

He is the chief disciple of Heavenly Sect, while Lu Yu is the chief disciple of Demonic Sect. He feels he should stand up and speak.

“Oops, it's Brother Murong. ”

Looking at Murong Fu, Lu Yu smiled happily: "Brother Murong, I heard that you led some of your disciples from heaven to secretly kill the Blood Tiger King and swallow the war pattern inside him. Isn't that enough fun? Didn't the three disciples join forces to hunt down the Red Tiger King? ”


Murong was stunned. The Blood Tiger King, in fact, was not killed by him leading the disciples of Tianzong, but by the three men, Fiber, Yufeng and Lufei, who hunted together with a teenager from Hongmong mainland.

Without waiting for Murong Fu to speak, Lu Yu continued to laugh: “Although Blood Tiger King, was killed by your heavens, but in order to follow the three agreements, the war marks inside Blood Tiger King must be taken out, and the three pieces should be divided equally, don't you think? ”

“Yes, it must be equally divided! ”

Other magic and land disciples, follow the peace.

Only the stunning woman in the robe stood still and watched the scene faintly.

“Impossible, the Blood Tiger King was killed by our Heavenly Sect. The war marks in his body must naturally belong to our Heavenly Sect disciples. You Demon Sect and Land Sect, you want to share a cup, there is no door! ”

As an elder cloud crane, it burns in anger.

It has become clear that when the people of the Demonic Sect wanted to take advantage of the fisherman, when the people of the Heavenly Sect and the Land Sect nearly wounded the Blood Tiger King, they killed him one by one, and swallowed the lines of war inside the Blood Tiger King.

Who thinks that the Blood Tiger King was actually killed by the disciple of Tianzong. The disciple of Magic Sect had to pull up the disciple of the land sect and come to Tianzong together to share a cup of spoon.


However, Lu Yu was not angry. He mumbled. He laughed: "Senior Yun, the battle between the lines of war is between the three disciples. You see, we Demon Sect and the high echelons of the Land Sect are all intent on getting rid of important things. Without coming, you are the elder of Heavenly Sect, but you want to participate. Is there any loss of decency? Besides, you heavenly gods don't want to divide the lines of war evenly, is that a violation of the three agreements? ”

“Senior Yun, Brother Lu is right. The three agreements are peaceful coexistence and common retreat. Moreover, the hunting of the Blood Tiger King was three decisions. The three disciples jointly hunted and obtained the pattern of war. The three disciples will be divided equally. Although you Tianzong disciples now hunt and kill the Blood Tiger King alone, the three agreements, I think, must still be respected. ”

The robe woman, who had been watching quietly, finally said slowly.

It's poisonous!

Qin Yi in the crowd heard the speech and couldn't help but sigh in his heart.

First of all, the high level of the Magic Sect and the Land Sect deliberately refused to show up. Only two disciples were allowed to come. On the surface, they really tried to maintain the peace of the three sects. In essence, they really suppressed the high level of the heavenly sect and made it difficult for them to show up. Once the high level of the heavenly sect comes out, the situation of the three peace will be instantly broken.

By then, the cultivation world of the Xuan Moon mainland, once it has become turbulent for this reason, the heavenly heavens will be the culprit.

Secondly, the magic sect and land parcel, who have come this time, are undoubtedly the best disciples, the heavenly disciples, are simply difficult to resist.

Therefore, the disciple of Tianzong can only hand over the lines of war and divide them equally with the disciples of the Magic Sect and the Land Sect.

“Damn, the disciples of the Magic Sect and the Land Sect are despicable, especially the Magic Sect disciples! ”

Luffy in the crowd whispered a curse.

Fiber, Yufeng, Murong Fu and other disciples are also an anger.

“Sister Yan, the disciple in the robe, should be the chief disciple of the parish? ”

Qin Yi looked away at the woman in the blue robe and asked the fiber of her face.


Fiber dotted a bit of a beautiful head and said: “Her name is Simon Tianyan. I heard that this man is a rare genius and has a sense of justice. But this time, she also came to our heavens to share a spoon with us. She is also extremely eager to get a war mark. ”

It is perfectly clear that this person is indeed a rare genius. Of the three disciples, only the person's cultivation is the highest, and only a small situation is left before breaking through to the Emperor's Path.

Qin Yi nodded his head, stopped making noise, and watched the development of the situation in silence.

“Hey, if you think it's unfair to just take out the lines of war and divide them equally between us and the disciples of the land, and think we're not qualified to divide them, I have a way. ”

Lu Yu laughed happily: "This method of mine not only shows you whether our disciples of the Demon Sect and the Land Sect are qualified to divide into war lines, but also promotes the relationship between our three disciples. ”

“What way? ”

The cloudy crane drinks cold and stares at Lu Yu without blinking.

Other Tianzong executives and disciples also focused their curious eyes on Lu Yu.