The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 841: Agreements

“It is very simple, that you Tianzong, pick out some of the best disciples to compare with us. If we lose, turn around immediately and let your Tianzong disciples fight alone. If you lose, then prove that we have the ability to kill the Blood Tiger King. It is by your Tianzong disciples, without informing us about the Demon Sect and the Land Sect, to hunt and kill the Blood Tiger King alone. Then, according to the three agreements, you should take out the war pattern and divide it equally with our Demon Sect and the Land Sect disciples. ”

Lu Yu laughed proudly, all over his body and with a certain amount of confidence.

Among them, his own cultivation, which was in the middle of Zongdao Nine Realms, was comparable to that of Murong, the chief disciple of Tianzong.

But on their side, as well as Simon Tianyan, the chief disciple of the land parcel, she alone can sweep the disciples of Tianzong.

If it's a contest, on their side, it's definitely a win, and it won't happen by accident.

The chief disciple of the parish did not speak, but stood quietly there, only in the narrow and beautiful eyes, but a little arrogance flourished in secret.

The other disciples of the Magic Sect and the Land Sect who followed them were also provocative disciples who looked to the heavens: "Hey, do you dare fight? ”


Tianzong's executives and disciples were all foolish at first sight. They could not have imagined that Lu Yu would make such a proposal.

Obviously, on the face of it, Lu Yu's proposal is reasonable.

However, the chief disciple of the land parish is stunning talented, and the people of the heavenly parcel have heard of it. Now, if she stood there with nothing to do, she would know that she had a bamboo in her chest against the three disciples.

“What, you goddess disciples, are not so pathetic? It's just a fight. Don't you dare say yes? ”

Lu Yu laughed happily.

For a while, the high ranking of the heavenly sect and the disciples were stunned in each other's faces. One heart was angry and bitter.

The disciples of the Magic Sect and the Land Sect are obviously prepared. If they agree to Lu Yu's proposal, by then, the disciples of Tianzong will only lose miserably, and the lines of war will be divided equally.

If you refuse, then the status of the heavenly sect will obviously be greatly diminished from now on, shorter than that of the magic sect and the parcel.

If the Demon Sect and the Land Sect were to publish the matter again, only the cultivation world of Xuan Yue mainland would be afraid to see the heavenly sect with coloured eyes from now on.

Qin Yi was surrounded by fiber, the two large ones in front of his chest, a fierce landing and landing, obviously not lightly angry.

Yu Feng and Lu Fei, on their faces, were also full of anger, but when they looked at Simon Yan, who stood there, their hearts rose a little helpless.

“If you do not dare to fight, your disciples of Heavenly Sect will lose, then, the blood tiger king's battle pattern, you must also divide it equally. ”

Lu Yu laughed, without the need to blow ashes, he divided the battle pattern equally into his hands. He thought it would be wonderful.

Behind him are other magic sects and disciples of the land, whose faces are also an expression of excitement.

The whole scene, for a moment, calmed down, the cloudy crane and other heavenly high echelons and disciples, how angry in their hearts, self-discourse.

It is very uncomfortable to watch one's battle come to an end and force one to divide equally.

“Who says the disciples of heaven are afraid to fight? ”

Suddenly, a faint voice, from the crowd, sounded slowly.


Everyone in the audience looked at the speaker.

When he saw the face of the speaker, the heavenly high echelons and disciples all broke the ground with their chins completely stunned there.

Only this speaker is the teenager from the Hongmeng world!

At this time, he stood quietly in the crowd, over his handsome face, with a slight smile that could not be compelled.

“You are?”

Lu Yu only noticed that Qin Yi in the crowd, quite unexpectedly blinked.

Simon Yan and other magic and land disciples, looking at the handsome teenager in the crowd, also stunned to open their mouths.

“I'm also a heavenly disciple. Is there a problem? ”

Qin Yi smiled lightly.

“Ha ha, no problem. ”

Lu Yuchang laughed a few times: “I thought Tianzong wouldn't dare fight? Looks like there's still one with balls. ”

“Qin Yi, don't mess around! ”

The elder cloud crane was cold drinking, but he could not have imagined that the young man from Hongmeng's facade would disguise himself as a disciple of Tianzong, and promised Lu Yu's trial proposal.

Although the chief disciple of Tianzong Murongfu is also quite remarkable, there are still some gaps compared to Simon Yan. If you really try, the disciple of Tianzong is less than half cheap.

Murongfu and the rest of Tianzong are also angry looking to Qin Yi. Qin Yi, on behalf of Tianzong's disciples, promised this competition. Isn't that pushing them into the fire pit?

Only Fiber, Yufeng and Lufei, above their faces, suddenly emerged a strong color of joy. Qin Yi's strength is strong, but they know very well.

Don't forget, Blood Tiger, it was he who killed him on his own.

“Well, then it is settled that in three days' time, our disciples of the Magic Sect and the Land Sect will come back to you in heaven for a test against your disciples of the heaven. ”

Fearing that Qin Yi would return, Lu Yusheng hurriedly waved at the disciples of the Demon Sect and Heavenly Sect and left.

“The teenager, whose brain had been clamped by the door, seemed to be not light. ”

“Are you kidding me? He's not even our disciple of Heavenly Sect. He promised to fight on behalf of our disciple of Heavenly Sect? ”

“Grass, don't think you're so awesome just because you're handsome. Is your face and strength unmatched? ”

“ …… ”

The disciples of Tianzong around, all of a sudden, talked about it, a resentful look, and brushed his eyes towards Qin Yi.

In this regard, Qin Yi touched his nose and always stood there with a faint face. He did not care about the angry eyes around him.

In fact, he had his own plan, which was to exchange information on the Seven Killings with the victory of the disciples of Heavenly Sect.

In order to enter the Seven Kills gang, Yang Shiqi, and find another gold sword, he must first possess information about the Seven Kills.

In Tianzong, with the exception of the three people, Fiber, Yufeng and Lufei, all seem to be less friendly to themselves. To get specific information about the Seven Killings, it can only give them a little benefit.

In front of us, helping Tianzong turn the situation around is the best time.



A dark square trident, like a meteor, burst out in the crowd, target: Qin Yi!

“Kid, I've always guessed you didn't do anything nice. Sure enough, now the fox's tail is showing up. Look, I'll kill you now, before you harm us again, God! ”

In the sound of anger and drinking, only Lu Yu was seen holding Fang Tian Painting Trident. He stabbed Qin Yi's chest at great speed. The speed reached the limit, and the intensity of the killing was instantly filled with every inch of space here.

Previously, he saw that the fiber of the face was close to Qin Yi. Lu Yu was originally burned in jealousy. Now, Qin Yi actually pushed Tianzong into the fire pit, which is the best time to kill him!

At this time, Lu Yu, in anger, still had some unknown joy. He felt that it was God's intention to arrange such an opportunity for him to destroy this loving enemy!

All of a sudden, everyone in the room was stunned.

However, returning to the heavenly high level of God not only did not stop, but suddenly appeared a faint colour of joy on the faces of the people.

Obviously, all the executives of the heavenly sect also felt that Qin Yi was harmful to the elite, and they were in their hearts and even had to show up this scene.

Looking at Lu Yu, who held Fang Tian Painting Trident, burst into flames, Qin Yi's eyes, slightly gazed, and his heart softly rose to a defilement.

However, just when he was about to go out, a moving figure of Hannah suddenly burst out behind him.

Without waiting for him to recover, a delicate arm like a white snake had slammed his waist and limbs. At the same time, a slender jade clap hit Lu Yuna hard to burst into the party painting trident.


Fiber Jade claw and Fang Tian Painting Trident, collided fiercely, a huge energy fluctuation, suddenly came out, impacted to all sides, Qin Yi and the shadow of Hana holding his waist and limbs, all shook out.

It was only when people looked at it that they realized that it was the fiber of colour that saved Qin Yi.

At this time, Yan Fiber Zheng held Qin Yi in one hand, stiff stopped the reverse flying figure, the two huge seats in his chest, is crushing on the teenager in his arms.

Feel that soft and wonderful touch, the teenager in his arms, blinking lightly, so happy, this feeling of pleasure has not been tasted since the break-up of the war path with Aunt Saint Snow.

“Brother Lu, what's wrong with you? I won't let you hurt Qin Yi! ”

Fiber slowly let Qin Yi go, blocked in front of Qin Yi, a pair of narrow eyes, full of anger, and stared at Lu Yu in front of him.

Looking at the fiber of the face, he actually defended Qin Yi so much, Lu Yudang had a broken heart. His mouth corner, he smoked violently: "Master Yan, I said you were crazy! Out of my way, I'm going to kill this teenager who scourges our gods! ”

“Brother Lu, you can't hurt Qin Yi! ”

At this time, Yu Feng and Lu Fei, too, returned to God, hurried the pairs to the front of the fiber, and the three “one” people lined up, tightly protecting Qin Yi behind them.


In this situation, the Tianzong executives and disciples who were able to be present were all frowned upon and stunned.

Lu Yu held on to Fang Tian Painting Trident, even his lips were bitten. He growled in his mouth: “You three, get out of the way, I'm going to kill this teenager from Hongmeng's world! ”

“No! ”

Fiber three people, but they still won't let go.

Seeing the three of them, so desperate to defend themselves, Qin Yi behind them, in his heart, had to flow through a warm stream.