The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 842: The Real Purpose

“Fiber, Yufeng, Luffy, you three, what the hell is going on? ”

At this time, as the elder cloud crane, finally spoke, his face was shady and dreadful.

Obviously, he was also extremely dissatisfied with the behavior of the three people.

Not only was he dissatisfied, but the other Tianzong executives and disciples were quite dissatisfied. They wondered if the teenager from Hongmeng's face was obviously putting Tianzong in a hole, but the three of them still defended him in this way.

But how do they know why?

“Elder, Qin Yi really can't kill! ”

Fiber three people, Qi respectfully said, but the color of God, is quite resolute.

“You three really pissed me off! ”

The elder's anger was unstoppable: "After trying against the disciples of the Magic Sect and the Land Sect, you three, give me thirty years of face wall! Besides, that teenager from Hongmeng's world, tomorrow you come to me in the main palace, I want you to give me a reasonable explanation! ”

Yan Bi, the elder was shaken and disappeared directly in place.

Thirty years on the wall!

Everyone in the audience whispered, and the gaze of fun will be again, looking at the three people, the face of each of them clearly says two big words “deserve it”!

Everyone has dispersed.

So it was settled. Three days later, the peak disciples of the Demonic Sect and the Land Sect, will come to Heavenly Sect, and the peak disciples of Heavenly Sect, to launch a test.

If the Tianzong disciple loses this contest, then the Blood Tiger King's battle pattern must be divided equally with the Demon Sect and the Land Sect.

If the disciple of Heavenly Sect wins, then the Demon Sect and the Land Sect will surrender the battle pattern to Heavenly Sect.

On the face of it, however, the odds of winning this contest are zero!

“Grass, this is the teenager from the Hongmeng world, just like that, I can't wait to punch him and kill him! ”

“Who says no? I really doubt that he came to our world from the Hongmeng world, the purpose of which is to pit us in heaven! ”

“This kid is handsome, Master Yan is a fool to him, it's understandable, but Yu Feng and Lu Fei are also defending him, do you want to fuck him? ”

“ …… ”

The next time, wherever Qin Yi walks, his ears will be filled with words like this, and his angry eyes will almost drown him.

Of course, there are other voices.

“The young man from the Hongmeng world, he's so handsome, isn't he? ”

“Needless to say, Sister has decided since the first time she saw him, since then he has been the male god in her mind. Hee-hee..."

“What a mess, he's all like this, he's still a fool to him! ”

“Come on, dare you say when you saw him, your heart didn't beat faster? ”

“I... frankly, I have...”

“Me too, hip-hop! ”

“Hee-hee, Master Yan is so protective of him, Brother Lu's heart is afraid to break into pieces long ago, as can be seen from the previous attempt to kill the juvenile directly. ”

“ …… ”

For both voices, Qin Yi was not concerned, he had long been accustomed to it.

At this time, he was walking in the idyllic courtyard, in a dangerous environment that made him quite comfortable.

He knew that although he was as good as a cloud in three of the three episodes of the Moon Continent, he didn't have to panic at all, because he also had a powerful umbrella, that is, Mama Flame!

He can be perfectly sure that Mai Mai, already through the ruined path of war, entered this wilderness as she entered.

At this moment, she must be somewhere, quietly watching what is happening here, and once she is threatened with her life, she will appear instantly.

With her feelings for herself, she will surely do so!

Maiden Yan, the divine guardian of the Holy See of Kyushu, an authentic imperial mighty, many of the top three, will never be her opponent.

When I think of Femme Flame, Qin Yi's heart again had to flow through a warm stream. For a moment, Femme Flame smiled, all in her brain, clearly emerged.

She has been through so much with Maiden Yan, especially since she adores herself so much that she has no feelings for her. Even Qin Yi herself, she doesn't believe it.

“Qin Yi, do you remember anything wonderful? Look at your face, always with a happy smile. Huh!”


A shallow smile, coming from the front.

Qin Yi glanced at him and looked at him. He only saw the fiber of his face. Not far in front of him, he stood playfully by a fake mountain.

Girls have put on some light green skirts, and the whole person is fresh and out of style, but there is a flattery.

That light green tight robe highlights all the curves on the girl without reservation, front and back, brilliant, plus her clean, white skin, is clearly a perfect work of God.

Looking at the stunning young girl in front of him, Qin Yi looked slightly dazed. Turns out this fiber of color is also quite the material. Although it is less than the two extinct specialties of Mai Fei and Aunt Holy Snow, it is no less colourful and the end of the wood snow.

Capturing the teenager's slight dementia, the colour fiber flashed, on the jade cheek, had to appear hidden, a smudge of red, but subconsciously put the chest two already very high, it was still light and quite.

“Sister Yan, hello, what a coincidence. I see you again. ”

Returning to God, Qin Yi smiled lightly.


Fiber nodded his head and walked alongside Qin Yi. He smiled with a comforting shallow smile on his face: “Qin Yi, this time, thank you so much. Otherwise, we Tianjing, really don't know what to do. ”

Qin Yi's strength, she had already seen it. If it was time, he, as a disciple of Tianzong, participated in the competition after three days, and won the land parcel's chief disciple, Simon Yan, there should be no problem.

“Why are you so polite? Now, as a guest in Heavenly Sect, it is right to arrange for Heavenly Sect's troubles. ”

With a slight smile, Qin Yi said: “And, this time, I helped you in heaven for a purpose. ”

“For what purpose? ”

The facial fiber frowned slightly and the curious look turned to Qin Yi.

“Then I will come to you, with victory, to exchange information about the Seven Kingdoms. ”

Qin Yi was very frank.

So that's it!

The fiber of the face, the tongue, said: “I told you before, to understand the Seven Kingdoms, to ask our lord, and our lord, is currently practicing in closed confinement. If you go to see him, you will not see him, but if the elders go to see him, there is no problem. ”

Qin Yi sniffed and relieved herself.

By then, let the elders take themselves to the Lord of the heavens.

Fiber shrugged for a moment, and an apology appeared on his face: “Qin Yi, you came to our heavenly sect and you were treated like this. Brother Lu even tried to kill you. Now, the whole heavenly sect is also full of cynicism about you, I'm so sorry. ”

“Nothing, I wouldn't put these on my mind at all. ”

Qin Yi touched his nose and his color faded.

Yet the fiber was slightly stuck, stopping. Some looked at Qin Yi with surprise. What kind of teenager is this? Such humiliation, he didn't even care at all. This breast alone is not ordinary people and can reach it.

“Qin Yi, are you a god? Otherwise, how can there be such a perfect teenager...”

Fiber fixed her eyes on Qin Yi, and her eyes have become a little obsessed.

“I think he's a total victimizer! ”

A cold drink came from the front.

Qin Yi and Yan Fiber shook their eyes. They could only see Lu Yu. They had not known when to stand far away. They were holding on to his fangtian trite, pointing straight at Qin Yi.

“Junior, you have already ruined our Heavenly Father, and now, to confuse Master Yan again, you are looking for death! ”

Lu Yu drinks cold, all over his body, with a strong killing intent.

Qin Yi didn't say a word and looked down at the landing feather with a smile.

This Lu Yu can only be repaired at the beginning of Zongdao Nine Realms. With his current strength, it will not be difficult to defeat him without employing the Seven Types of Celestial Demons.

“Brother Lu, you are talking nonsense. Is Qin Yi poisoning our Heavenly Sect? And confused me. When did you see him confuse me? ”

Fiber furiously drank, unconsciously opened his arms and kept Qin Yi tightly behind him.

“He pretended to be our disciple of Heavenly Sect, and promised to compete with the disciples of the Demon Sect and the Land Sect, which is to pit us in heaven! When did he confuse you? Aren't you confused right now? ”

Lu Yu was also angry: “Master Yan, step aside, let me kill him now, before he harms anyone else! ”

“I won't let you! ”

Qin Yi was the key figure in this competition, how could she let: "Brother Lu, there are some things you don't understand! Besides, he's not confusing me right now, I really admire him, I adore him, and that answer, are you satisfied? ”

- What? - What?

Fiber adores herself!

Qin Yi was like the top of the Five Thunders, stood there at once, unable to move, a cold sweat, from its corner, silent slipping.

In front of Lu Yu, and even in that room, there is a feeling of 10,000 arrows wearing the heart. The body trembles dramatically and even the face becomes a little white.


The heart has been broken into pieces, Lu Yu suddenly growled, one day the painting trite swept hard on a fake mountain next to him, sweeping the fake mountain directly into pieces.

“Boy, I'm not done with you! ”

After throwing down this sentence, Lu Yu put away Fang Tian Painting Trident and walked forward with a huge meteor. His back fell to the extreme.

Looking at the landing feather disappeared into his sight, Fiber's tone relaxed. He turned to look at Qin Yi. Yu's cheeks were a little red: “I just said that I admire you, I was intentionally angry with Brother Lu. I want him to be completely dead to me. Don't be serious. ”