The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 850: Golden Man

The palace is made of a piece of crystal, and the light leaves the land like a maze.

Suddenly, Qin Yi stopped him for a moment and blinked incredibly there.

“What a powerful law matrix, and it is particularly surprising that someone broke it down by voice alone. ”

Qin Yi sighed herself back from shock.

Looking at the center of the hall, he saw an old man with a crane hair and a child's face. He sat on his leg and looked kindly at Qin Yi.

Around the elderly, there are eight golden men, small in size, only about five inches tall, like children's dolls.

Obviously, the old man in front of him is the lord of heaven, and the eight little golden men around him are the eight cloudy cranes staring at themselves.

“Qin Yi, I've seen him! ”

Qin Yi Yi was happy and said in a hurry and respectful manner. At the same time, there was some doubt. Are these eight little golden men full of danger? If you touch them, the consequences will be unimaginable?

The slightest doubt caught in Qin Yi's eyes, the heavenly lord smiled slightly, his fingers slightly one of the little golden men.

“Boom boom! ”

Suddenly, the little golden man surged suddenly. In between winks, it soared to a hundred feet. The golden and brilliant golden body emitted an unusually powerful smell. The air in the entire hall was floating violently under pressure.

It's so... so fierce!

Looking at the golden man who soared to a hundred feet, Qin Yi's chin broke the ground.

Cloud cranes didn't scare themselves. These eight doll-like little golden men are truly unusually horrible.


After a slight sound of emptiness, the golden man suddenly had an extra giant golden spear of tens of lengths.


The giant golden man's wide ankles stamped hard on the ground, and the whole huge palace was shaking suddenly.

With this stampede, the golden man held a huge golden spear and burst towards Qin Yi. Although his body was huge, he was surprisingly quick to move. He almost broke one side of the void and blinked between his eyes. The sharp spear head was stabbed in front of Qin Yi's eyes. His eyes were about to pass through his chest.

“Senior, what do you mean? ”

Qin Yi drank so much that he couldn't think much of it. In a flash, he played "Praise Father's Step" to the extreme, and the whole person disappeared directly in place.

“Ha ha, boy, fight hard, don't be distracted, or if you get killed by this golden man, it's none of my business. ”

The heavenly Patriarch laughed. Tyranny sat there complacently and watched Qin Yi fight with the Golden People with interest.


Qin Yi's figure, just appeared on the other side, the golden man came again with a huge golden spear burst, still fast to the limit, between that, was stabbed into Qin Yi's chest.

It's horrible!

Qin Yi had to go fast again. Once again, the whole person disappeared directly in place, risky and dangerous to escape the spear of the Golden Man.

However, the Golden People seemed to have expected Qin Yi to appear in the same way. The attack was like a shadow. Qin Yi's figure had just appeared. The next spear, he stabbed him hard again.

“Senior, are you trying to murder me? Make the Golden Man stop! ”

Qin Yi drank heavily. For a while, he was chased by the Golden People.

He fully felt how powerful the Golden Man was, and once it hit him, even himself, he now had an unparalleled physical defense, fearing that he would be instantly pierced.

These eight little golden men, in fact, are the dead themselves, but now they are placed in this law, giving them incredible fighting power, speed, strength, physical defense, almost perfect.

Every little Goldman is as powerful as an Imperial Reformer!

“Haha, teenager, these eight little golden men are the ones I used to protect me from when I went off, but they have a pretty good fighting power. Oh, if you're just trying to hide, you're afraid that by then, a golden man will still kill you, so your smartest choice right now is to attack. ”

Lord of the heavens, obviously not satisfied with Qin Yi is just hiding, joyfully laughing.


Did this god pit me?

For a moment, Qin Yi was shocked and angry. He stopped thinking about it. He quickly took out the long gun of the smoke cloud, and the gun burst into the golden man with a hundred feet.

In the blast, the four elements of gold, water, fire and earth seeds in his field burned violently.

At the same time, Qin Yi also prompted the left hand of the demon to enter the state of emptiness.


The long gun stabbed the golden man hard and made a loud noise.

Qin Yi possessed the seeds of the two elements of gold and fire. This is a powerful blow. It is perfectly conceivable how powerful the Golden Man is. He stabbed him out of the air. He burst into a loud noise, fell to the ground and shook the entire palace violently.

“Goldman, it seems, but so. ”

Looking at the immobile golden man who crawled on the ground, Qin Yi whispered in disdain.

The size of the gold is scary. Anyone who wants to be shot by himself will fall to the ground!


The heavenly lord smiled.

His voice had just fallen, and he saw the golden man lying on the ground. He stood up violently again. Qin Yi glanced at him and saw only one small pit in front of his chest.

This defense is so perverted, I can't believe I didn't stab five inches!

Qin Yi was stunned, his heart shocked so hard to attach, at the same time, it was a bitter, such a perverted defense, how to fight?


After the golden man jumped up, there was no delay. When even the golden spear was raised, it swept toward Qin Yi, and the air around him, along with the golden spear, twisted like a wave.

The golden spear has not yet been swept, Qin Yi felt a pounding pressure, like a giant wave against himself.

It's so raw!

Qin Yi did not dare to be lazy at all. Everyone was like a dragon going out to sea. The golden spear rolled with a wind, attached to his feet and swept past.

Just one line away, just sweep him right through!


Qin Yi also shot out a real fire, had a sigh of anger, held a long smoke cloud gun in his hands in the air, and slapped it down towards the golden man. "Peng” made a loud noise, and the long smoke cloud gun slapped the golden man on the head.

How dare he imagine the power of this beating? Golden man's legs are plunged into the ground half a length deep!

If the opponent is Siemens Yan, it is estimated that they will all be shot down.

Only unfortunately, Qin Yi's opponent now is not Simon Yan, but one of the eight great golden men who guard the Catholic Patriarch. The golden man, in and of himself, is a lifeless being, a dead thing!

Therefore, all attacks by Qin Yi are futile!

The only way to defeat this golden man is to destroy him directly!

The next moment, the golden man with his legs underground, suddenly swept up into the sky, the golden spear danced, and a huge golden ray danced towards Qin Yi.

“I don't believe you. I can't beat you! ”

In a loud drink, Qin Yi quickly raised his gun and swept towards the golden giant spear that had slapped him hard.


The cloud gun collided with the golden spear. The sound of the collision almost punctured Qin Yi's eardrum.

And the power transmitted on the golden spear, more like a huge mountain, suddenly impacted, Qin Yi, like a leaf in the sea, floated out, always fell at the entrance of the palace.

His arms were numb and the tiger's mouth had been completely shaken and his flesh blurred.

“Haha, teenager, you are really brave and brave to touch the Golden Man, but obviously, according to the strength you are currently exerting, it is the Golden Man who can't help it. ”

The Catholic Patriarch always sat on the floor with a relaxed leg and laughed happily: "Take your strongest offense and spread it out. Of course, your full strength, if you limit yourself to this, then your end today will be a meteor, and there will be no second scenario. ”

What the hell does a god mean? It seems like you have to force yourself to die here today before you can stop!

Did... did I really get into this old man's hole?

Qin Yi's heart, shocked, angry, confused, all.

“Well, Senior, since you want to see my strongest strength so badly, I'll show you. ”

Qin Yi Junyi's face has become iron and blue.

Next moment.

“Pfft, pfft, pfft! ”

In his left hand, suddenly came a sound of a skeletal transformation, and the palm of his hand burst to a palm wide, pitch-black, with a hint of ancient magic haunting it.

The Left Hand of the Devil!

At this time, Qin Yi's rhythm has changed dramatically. The whole person has become a little indifferent, as if suddenly he had been possessed by an ancient monster.


“Ancient magic? ”

Looking at a teenager whose rhythm had changed dramatically, the Catholic Patriarch frowned and showed intense interest. Even for a moment, his soul trembled slightly beyond restraint.

He seemed to see an ancient monster on this young man: “This young man is unusual...”


Qin Yi, who had already struck out the real fire, stopped saying a word of crap, and took a hard shot of his left hand toward the golden man who had rushed over quickly.

The pitch-black celestial demon's left hand, as if from that very distant fairy year, smashed the endless space-time, caught here, the clapping process seemed slow, but essentially fast to the limit.


The demon's left hand slapped hard on the golden man. The golden man's 100-height golden body suddenly retreated a few big steps, but without any damage.

However, since the "Seven Types of Celestial Demons" had been struck out, Qin Yi did not want to stop. He followed closely the second type and shot it out.

This clap has taken the Golden Man back a dozen steps!

“Pong!” “Pong! Pong! ”

Next, Qin Yi shot three palms in a row. The golden man of full height, on the gold body, has already shown signs of tortoise, turned into a huge golden ray, flying out across.

Qin Yi's left hand has not been restored to its original state. It is still dark, and there is a hint of magic on it, as if it can absorb all the light.