The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 851: Abandoned Goldman

He swept forward in battle and rushed to the golden man in the crossing.

“Junior, stop! ”

The Catholic Patriarch, who sat there with his legs, saw this scene and finally couldn't sit down and screamed.

However, it was all late, Qin Yi had taken the Sixth Style of "Seven Types of Celestial Demons" and shot it hard towards the Golden Man.

Jong-won's left hand was slapped hard on the golden man's body. Its power was immense and unimaginable. The golden man's body flew directly out of the palace. He fell hundreds of feet apart and suddenly split apart. It had been abandoned.

“My golden man! ”

A cry of sorrow rang from the palace, and immediately, a shadow exploded, rushing to the divided Golden Man, the Lord of the heavens.

The heavenly lord knelt down and caressed the abandoned golden man. He was sore with flesh and grieved. “My husband's heart and soul for a hundred years. Blinking his eyes, it was so abandoned, I cried! ”

After the six-handed shooting, Qin Yi's left hand has been restored as it was, looking at the heavenly lord coldly: “Seniors, have you seen my true strength? If you want to crash me, I'm sorry, you failed! ”

“Pit you? ”

As soon as the Lord of the heavens stood up slowly, “Junior, where did you start? Why would I do that to you? ”


This old thing isn't pitting itself!

Rumor has it, Qin Yi stunned, blinked his eyes, confused said: “If you are not pitting me, why did you use a golden man to kill me? ”

The Lord of the heavens burst into tears and said, "Where did I use the Golden Man to kill you? I was just trying to prove your strength. ”

I was trying to prove my strength!

Qin Yi stood still again, but became more and more confused: “What do you mean by this? ”

The heavenly lord sighed and said: “Just now, the cloud crane told me everything that happened in the sect, I am not as confused as he is, the strength of the Blood Tiger King, I also know one and two. He said that at that time, you joined forces with the other three disciples of our heavenly lord to kill them, and the strength of the Blood Tiger King should be no less than the strength of this Golden Man. If it were the four of you, the other three heavenly disciples, in other words, you would have killed the Blood Tiger King alone in the whole thing. ”

Qin Yi snickered at himself. This heavenly ancestor, he did get it.

After a pause, the Catholic Patriarch continued: “As I just said, the power of the Blood Tiger King should be no less than the strength of this Golden Man. If you cannot defeat this Golden Man, then the Blood Tiger King, you did not kill him, I hate dishonest people, so if you cannot defeat this Golden Man just now, I will let him kill you. But now it seems that Blood Tiger King, indeed, was killed by you alone. ”

Hearing this speech from the Lord of the heavens, Qin Yi's heart had to take a chill.

After all, the Catholic Patriarch is a very cautious man. If he feels that the Blood Tiger King did not kill himself, he suspects that he is an dishonest man, and this time he approaches him, and for another purpose, so he will use a golden man to kill himself, without saying a word.

It's dangerous!

Qin Yi sighed and touched his nose and said: “Senior, now that you have seen my strength, I did kill the Blood Tiger King. So, can you tell me what information you want? It's just that I'm sorry I ruined one of your golden men. ”

The Catholic Patriarch had another heartache, but eventually he bit his teeth: “It's okay, isn't it just a golden man? Big deal. Husband spends another hundred years rebuilding one. ”

After a pause, he looked up Qin Yi curiously: “Junior, I heard that you are from the Hongmeng world, this time into the wilderness world, trying to enter the Seven Kills Banned Land, can you tell me what your purpose is to enter the Seven Kills Banned Land? ”

“To accomplish a task. ”

Qin Yi said.

Lord Tianzheng frowned: “What kind of mission, so perverted, would allow you to go from the Hongmeng world to the Seven Kingdoms of the Wilderness world? ”

“Let's not hide from our predecessors that they are actually an ordinary court guard of the Holy See of Kyushu. ”

Qin Yi spoke frankly: "This task given to me by the high ecclesiastical ecclesiastics is the last task of the promotion of Tingwei to divine guardianship, so I must complete this task! ”

Between the words, Qin Yi's eyes emitted a rock-like gaze.

Kyushu Holy See!

But the Catholic Patriarch was a tremendous tremor of his body, and a raving of fanaticism appeared on his face, and he sighed again: “Turns out you are a Tingwei of the Kyushu Holy See, Kyushu Church, no wonder you have such a perverted mission! So what's your specific assignment this time? ”

Qin Yi nodded and said: “In fact, before this, one of the court guards of the Holy See of Kyushu had entered the Seven Kingdoms and was also a mission of the Holy See. Her mission of the Holy See was to find a golden sword, and my mission of the Holy See was to help her find the golden sword. ”

“A golden sword? ”

Lord Tianzong frowned: “Since the Holy See of Kyushu wants Tingwei to enter the wilderness from the world of Hongmeng to the world of the Seven Kingdoms, and look for a golden sword, then it is obvious that the golden sword cut must be extraordinary. Is there such a golden sword in the Seven Kingdoms? How come I've never heard of it? ”

“Senior, have you ever been to Seven Kills? ”

Qin Yi asked curiously.


"Twenty thousand years ago, your second pope, the Holy See of Kyushu, entered our wilderness by hunting down an evil leader. At that time, the second Pope of the Holy See of Kyushu went into the Seven Kingdoms after the evil leader. At that time, I was just an ordinary disciple of heaven. Out of my worship of the second generation of the Pope of the Holy See of Kyushu, I followed the Seven Killings in the middle of nowhere. When I got there, I realized that it was a strange forbidden place, extremely dangerous, and that it took nine deaths and a lifetime for me to come out. At that time, I followed along with hundreds of people, but only a few people eventually came out limited. ”

Seems to recall that distant past, the face of the Catholic Lord, slightly pale.

Turns out the Lord of heaven has been to the Seven Kingdoms!

Moreover, 20,000 years ago, the second pope of the Holy See of Kyushu went into the Seven Kingdoms after his ancestors!

“Can I meet the second Pope of the Holy See in Kyushu this time? ”

In Qin Yi's mind, he had to raise his expectations. He paused and asked: "So, Senior, where exactly are the seven killings? What kind of existence is that? ”

“The specific location of the Seven Kingdoms exists at the border with Tianshui mainland, Xuanyue mainland and Hengyu mainland. Millions of kilometers from here. ”

Lord of the heavens said.

Qin Yiran.

The Catholic Patriarch went on to say, "As for what kind of existence it is, in the big direction, it is seven ancient forms of formation, and in some ancient books there is another record, seven immortal emperors, who remain there in the seven great realms. ”


Qin Yi frowned. Regarding the Xuan Realm, in fact, he was not uncontacted before. In the past, in the time of Tianxing Mansion, he chased the mysterious cloak man who had evolved into a seed of fire elements to worship the Moon Country. The snow mountains, Shuroyuan, the land of cherry blossoms and Huangquan Road he encountered were actually the Xuan Realm!

The Xuan Realm, to be honest, is the highest realm of the Falun Front.

Learning the law of formation to its peak will enable it to form the Xuan realm.

Only in the current era of Hongmeng, there is no such leader at the height of Falun Front.

“In detail, the seven immortal kingdoms of the ancient kingdoms are intertwined. The first basilica, called ‘first kill’, the second basilica, called ‘second kill', the third basilica, called ‘third kill’ … the seventh basilica, called ‘seventh kill’, the seven basilica, collectively referred to as' seven no-go lands’. ”

"There is an incredible peril in every Xuan Realm, and the more the Xuan Realm is inside, the greater the peril. To date, no one has reportedly entered the 'sixth killing', and many, at most, have entered the 'fifth killing'. ”

“Do people often enter the Seven Kingdoms? ”

Qin Yi Jiaomei.

Lord Tianzong shook his head, Xu Xu Xu said: “Not often, it's just seven killings on the edge of the desert, some people who are greedy enough to cultivate the strong, will occasionally enter the seven killings of the desert to explore the treasure. Don't forget, these seven Xuan realms, which are the preserves of the seven Immortal Emperors, there are some treasures in them, it is also possible, I even heard that in the seventh Xuan realm, there is a war spirit of the Immortal Emperor. ”

The spirit of the immortal Emperor!

Qin Yi eyebrows, slightly picked, had to be moved for this.

“Legend has it that if you can get the spirit of the immortal Emperor, you can get the inheritance of the immortal Emperor. ”

The Catholic Patriarch said: "For endless years, I don't know how many strong people have been carrying the spirit of the immortal emperor, but unfortunately, no one has ever been able to enter the Seventh Kill and possess the spirit of the immortal emperor. ”

Such a Xianggu Emperor's soul is indeed fatally tempting to the practitioner, but the purpose of entering the Seven Kingdoms this time is to find Yang Shiqi, help her find a truncated golden sword, there is no time to ignore the Xinggu Emperor's soul.

Qin Yi was slightly saddened and paused: “Seniors, you have never really heard of the existence of a golden sword in the Seven Kingdoms? ”


Lord of the heavens shook his head.

Looks like we'll be in the middle of the Seven Kills, and we'll have to scrap the Zhou Zhang. Qin Yi smiled helplessly.

Next, Qin Yi stopped staying and said goodbye to the Lord of the heavens.

Returning to his residence, Qin Yi sat on the bed and took a moment to obtain information about the Seven Killings from the Catholic Patriarch.

Seven killings, geographic location: the intersection of the three continents: Tianshui, Xuanyue and Hengyu.