The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 871: Entering the Fifth Kill

After a pause, Qin Yi Xu Xu said: “I am dissatisfied with the several of you that said that the Sect Gate that was exterminated before was a new Sect Gate founded 20,000 years ago by the Second Pope of the Holy See of Kyushu, and the one that Mei Wang went after before was also the Sect Gate Original. ”

So that's it!

Autumn Silver Moon three people, heartfelt.

After knowing that Qin Yi, Yan Mei Mai, and Yang Shiqi, who had become a tool for killing people, were the people of the Holy See of Kyushu, they looked at Qin Yi, Yan Mei Mai and Yang Shiqi differently, adding a little worship.

“So, this time you've come from the world of fame to enter this wilderness, the Seven Deaths, in order to eradicate this newly emerged vagina gate, and then rescue this young girl, who has become a tool of killing? ”

Qiu Yinyue touched her forehead and asked.


Qin Yi shook his head: “As I said before, we came here to find a treasure. Well, let's go find the entrance to the fourth kill now, and the other practitioners, they're afraid they'll be gone for a long time. ”

Next, without further delay, in this third killing, people began to look for the entrance to the fourth killing.

Qin Yi caught a close eye on the change in the pattern in his body as he hurried along.

Half a day later, they found the entrance to the fourth killing and then entered.

The fourth slaughter of the Seven Kingdoms is an endless desert, Huangsha, the whole of the Xuan realm, can not find any greenery.

Huangsha, Autumn Silver Moon, Autumn Min and Autumn Wu all had to smile bitterly.

Qiu Yinyue said: “Obviously, this fourth kill, there is no Emperor Soul Lotus, let's go to the fifth kill. ”

Nor have they found any figure of any other practitioner in this Unseen Realm, and undoubtedly, at this moment, they are all in the fifth slaughter.

The fifth, rumored to be the last to be accessible to practitioners, has never been entered into the sixth and seventh killings in history.

“That's right. ”

Looking at the immense royal family, Qin Yi suddenly thought of one thing and looked at Qiu Yinyue Moon: “Silver Moon, I remember you said before, there is a Emperor Soul Lotus King in these seven slaughters, the first to the third slaughter, there is Emperor Soul Lotus, only this fourth slaughter did not, is this related to Emperor Soul Lotus King? ”

Emperor Lotus!

Autumn Silver Moon's eyes are all compelled to shine.

Emperor Soul Lotus, that is much more precious than Emperor Soul Lotus. One Emperor Soul Lotus King, his feet can be as low as three Emperor Soul Lotus!

“Are you saying that the fifth kill is most likely to exist in the Emperor Soul Lotus, the fourth kill without Emperor Soul Lotus, because the Emperor Soul Lotus King, absorbed the Emperor's Qi of this fourth kill, so that this place cannot bear Emperor Soul Lotus? ”

Autumn Silver Moon's eyes sparkled and looked at Qin Yi without blinking.

“I think this possibility is perfectly reasonable. ”

A flaming woman beside her, smiling lightly.

Autumn Silver Moon's three faces were immediately raging with fanaticism.

Emperor Soul Lotus, just think about it, it's unusually exciting.

“Hee-hee, Emperor Lotus, what are we waiting for? Go to the fifth kill now, it's too late, the bastards are getting on first. Especially that foxy woman from Red and Snow Cherry, who wanted to be the star of this collection from the beginning. We must not let the Emperor Lotus fall into her hands. ”

Autumn rubbed her little white hands because of the excitement, a flash of red cheeks on both sides, and she looked incredibly cute.

“Wait a minute. ”

But Maiden Yan suddenly slowly said: “We promised you before that this gathering will give you at least five shares of Emperor Soul Lotus. This number is already quite high. King Emperor Soul Lotus will be returned to Qin Yi. ”

Yan Bi, Maiden Yan's extremely beautiful and beautiful eyes, Xu Xu Xu glanced at Qin Yi.

This teenager, the first teenager she fell in love with, and the last teenager she ever loved, who wouldn't help herself?

I can't believe this Niko never forgot to help herself!

Qin Yi shrugged. For a moment, her heart was filled with emotion, and she even had the impulse to hold her in her arms.

Rumor has it, Qiu Yinyue and the three of them all had to be stunned. In other words, Qiu Yinyue nodded Xu Xu again: “Okay, the five Emperor Soul Lotus, is indeed a huge fortune. We, the Canary Nation, are not greedy. As long as you can finally help us to acquire the five Emperor Soul Lotus King, Emperor Soul Lotus King, will be returned to Qin Yi. ”

She would have promised to be so happy, and one more thing, Qin Yi and Feiniang, both from the Holy See of Kyushu, although she didn't feel how powerful they were, she still had an unknown admiration for them in her heart.

Next, without delay, Qin Yi led the crowd and began to look for the entrance to the fifth killing.

Because of the pattern, finding the entrance to the fifth killing was not a very difficult thing, and two hours later they had found it.

The entrance to the fifth slaughter is somewhat similar to the entrance to the third slaughter and is also at high altitude.

The difference is that the entrance to the third slaughter consists of a cloud of blood, while the entrance to the fifth slaughter consists of a dark cloud of demons.

The endless clouds of evil cover the day, forming a huge nest of thousands of feet in diameter at high altitude, the teeth dancing claws quite frightening, a hint of ancient breath, emanating from that huge nest.

“Let's go up and go to the fifth kill. ”

Autumn Silver Moon drank lightly, the first to rush towards the center of that huge pitch-black swirl, blinking, disappeared into the eyes of the people.

Then, Qiu Min and Qiu Wu rushed up.

Finally, Qin Yi dragged Yang Shiqi, also with Femme Yan, and rushed towards that huge pit of dark.

Time seemed to have stopped, and it seemed to be in the blink of an eye, a million years later.

By the time God came back, the feet of men had set foot on a solid earth.

Everyone's eyes, slowly sweeping, found this place to be no different from the outside world, a wild mountain ridge, mountainous and lush.

Unlike the outside world, the air here is obviously filled with a hint of antiquity, giving people a sense of falling into the immortal age.

Red and snow cherry, Fanghua, skyscraper and other practitioners, the figure is missing, obviously looking for Emperor Soul Lotus.

“Red and Snow Cherry, they don't necessarily know that there is Emperor Lotus here, let's not delay time and start searching. ”

Qiu Yin Yue Xu Xu said.

“No, they already know that in this fifth killing, there exists an Emperor Soul Lotus King. ”

But Maiden smiled slightly bitter and looked somewhere.

Qin Yi and others had to be surprised for a while. As Femme Yan's eyes glanced away, she was all stunned and stunned.

Only in their sight is a tablet erected with inscriptions inscribed on it as follows:

“From the entrance of this fifth Enceladus, about 100,000 kilometers straight north, there is a strange plant - the Emperor Soul Lotus. As far as I know, the Emperor Soul Lotus still has a certain value, hoping that future practitioners who have the opportunity to enter the fifth Enceladus can possess it. However, I must remind you that in order to obtain the Emperor Lotus, you must only take some thought, otherwise you will return empty-handed. ”

Payee: Second Pope of Kyushu Holy See!