The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 874: Mixed Warfare

Snow woman's beautiful face, a slaughter, in the eyes of the spirited pair, the insane war intentions turned red.

She kept moving, her beautiful body like a dragon out of the sea, carrying several long pink swords, rapidly sweeping towards the one who violated her practice here.

Between the turns, the two fought together again.


Everyone was stunned, unidentified.

What the hell is going on here?

Obviously, we don't know when it started, but it was covered in a strange atmosphere.

There seemed to be an invisible hand of evil, silently covering all the people here.

Everyone is still in shock and ignorance. All they can hear is another sound of anger and drink, and it rang from their side.

“Ghost, you old bastard, what are you doing in this world? It's already time to go! ”

Everyone quickly twisted their faces and set their eyes. Only a middle-aged man in a grey robe was seen. He turned his hands and took out a large axe, and struck it hard towards an old man beside him.

The old man is a ghost.

One of Heavenly Ghost's top experts!

“Don't you dare mess with me, I think it's you who should hang up! ”

In anger and drunkenness, the Buddha took out her own weapon. It was a crutch made of some material, pitch black, but it was very hard. She raised the crutch and cut the axe on the crutch, cutting out a sparkling spark.

The middle-aged man, dressed in a grey robe, flew across his body in shock.

The walking stick in the hands of the ghost swept hard, sweeping out a shadow of a dense and numb walking stick and overwhelmed the middle-aged man in a grey robe.

“Red and Snow Cherry, you witch, I've been watching you for so long! ”

A young man dressed in a white robe, blinking, slaughtered into the crowd again, wearing a red and snowflake cherry robe.

“Brother, even if you've been looking at me for a long time, what can you do for me? ”

In a giggling smile, the red and snow cherry fisted barefoot at the young man in the white robe. Her slender palm split, and the palm of the hand was drawn a huge white arc visible to the naked eye, as if a huge blade of sharp edge was applied, and it broke empty.

The young man in the white robe, however, also gained strength, waving his fist and clapping at the huge arc, directly blowing it to pieces.

None of the people involved in the gathering will ever be weak.

“Oyster marks, you are a young lord of the Apes, you can't even do anything about Red and Snow Cherry, I think you can die! ”

A yellow figure rushed towards the young lord of the Apes.

“Get out of here!”

The scalloped jade marks were furious, and Fong Tian Painted Trident instantly appeared in his hand, striking hard at the yellow figure that burst towards him.

“Autumn Silver Moon, my brother has long admired you, haha, from my brother! ”

“Fuck you! ”

“ …… ”

In the blink of an eye, all the practitioners fought together. Even Qiu Yinyue, Qiu Min and Qiu Wu participated in the Mixed Warfare.

So many powerful people, mixed together, can imagine the magnitude of the energy fluctuations.

“Mai Mai, let's go back! ”

In order not to be affected by the pond fish, Qin Yi pulled up Fei Mei Mai with one hand and Yang Shiqi with one hand. He hurriedly backed away and drove away. He stood outside a thousand places.

“These people, what the hell is going on? Want to kill as many opponents as you can before competing for Emperor Soul Lotus, so that you have more opportunities to compete for Emperor Soul Lotus? ”

Flaming, light eyebrows, slightly raised.

The conflagration ahead, quite intense, has left many people hanging, and some less powerful practitioners have even been killed.

“I don't know. What the hell is going on here? We have just entered the wilderness world, do not understand the indigenous ways of doing things here, do you want to slaughter the Emperor Lotus before he shows up, try to give yourself the chance to obtain the Emperor Lotus. ”

Qin Yi Jiaomei.

However, his voice had just fallen, and in his chest, an unknown sense of killing had suddenly emerged.

This sense of killing grew so fast that between winks, his entire chest was filled and his chest was almost bursting open.

Must be killed together!

Crazy fight!

Qin Yi stared dead at the conflagration in front of him, his eyes gently turned red and his body was trembling.

At the same time, the same sign appeared on the flaming lady beside him, who had taken out her elongated blue sword, on the moving delicate body of Hannah, emitting a trembling male imperial strength.

“Hungry... to be full...”

At this time, Yang Shiqi, next to Qin Yi, grabbed Qin Yi's arm and swayed with delicate force.

This wobble of hers, Qin Yi instantly came out of that wonderful state, awakened, the sense of killing in the chest, as if the tide retreated.

There is a hint of wonder in the air.

It's the great emperor's sarcophagus in front of it, and it smells strange.

This strange scent, most likely a corpse scent emanating from the immortal king lying in his sarcophagus.

Feeling the flaming maid around her, she pounded Emperor Dao's inner strength. Qin Yi looked back and saw her eyes, like a bloodthirsty red spot. She was suddenly terrified and hurried on her shoulder: “Mai, wake up. ”

With this beating, Femme Yan suddenly woke up, red in her eyes, slowly slipped away, and stood there with a clear face: “What happened to me just now? ”

“This fragrance is horrible. Let's get out of here. ”

Qin Yi hastily grabbed Fei Fei Yin and Yang Shiqi again, and quickly retreated once again out of 500 people.

At this distance, they finally couldn't smell the strange fragrance, so they felt refreshed.

“To be full...”

Yang Shiqi was not spared, and still grabbed Qin Yi's arm and kept shaking.

Petite drowning caressed Yang Shiqi, which already had a slight temperature of the jade cheek, Qin Yi stretched out his left hand in front of her, suddenly prompted, an ancient magic, it was over the left hand, diffuse out.


Yang Shiqi emitted a series of silver bell-like joyful laughter, like obtaining Bao, holding Qin Yi's left arm tight to his chest, greedy absorbed the demonic magic emitted on that left arm.

“Qin Yi, you mean these people, by that strange fragrance, provoked a sense of killing? ”

Maiden frowned and asked.

“Exactly. ”

Qin Yi nodded, then exhaled lightly again, saying: “I just don't understand why this happened. In that Great Emperor sarcophagus, lying down, it was Master Yang. ”

- What? - What?

In that great emperor's sarcophagus, lying down, it's Yang Shiqi!

Feminine glamour seductive red lips, stunned one, pointed snow and white small chin, shattered the ground.

After a while, she just returned to God: "Qin Yi, you were right. Is it really Yang Shiqi lying in the sarcophagus of the Emperor? ”

“It's true! ”

Now, Qin Yi's sense of power is still covered in the Great King's sarcophagus. Everything in the Great King's sarcophagus is still reflected in his mind. How could there be any mistake?

“In that case, this mausoleum of the Great Emperor, your beloved, in her previous life, was a great immortal emperor! ”

Yang Shiqi looked at Qin Yi strangely and was greedy to absorb the magic of celestial demons.

This man, the Immortal King, was reborn.

Qin Yi never talked to her about this.

As the guardian of the Holy See in Kyushu, she naturally heard a little bit about “rebirth and rebirth against the sky”, but all along she thought it was just a legend.

Now she knows that this bizarre phenomenon actually exists.

Yang Shiqi, stand before her right now!

Qin Yi nodded: “Yes, since I learned of her body, sealed with the power of a 'sword', I began to speculate. She was reborn into the Hung Meng Era by a certain immortal emperor. Later, I was completely certain of this speculation. It's just that I still don't know that Master Yang was born again. ”

Yan Bi, Qin Yiwang looked at Yang Shiqi beside him, his heart was confused to the extreme: which immortal king is this Ni, reincarnated?

That's a problem that's been bothering him.

Yang Shiqi had no idea that Qin Yi and Yanmei were talking about herself. She only cared about Qin Yi's left arm, such as the thirsty absorption of the demonic temper.

After a while, she finally satisfied herself. Release Qin Yi's left arm and touch her stomach: “Full...”

Now she has nothing but her instincts left to eat!

An irrevocable food!

Fortunately, perhaps she did not seem to be affected by that strange scent because she was a corpse, otherwise, once her sense of killing was aroused, none of those who fought in front of her would survive.

The conflagration ahead continues.

In the midst of a mixed war, practitioners were constantly killed, and the scene reached its extreme point.

Another while later, even the peak masters of Autumn Silver Moon, Red and Snow Cherry, Fang Hua, Scarlet Jade Marks, Snow Woman and Ghost hung colors on their bodies.

These people, apart from the sense of killing, seem to have lost any reason, and catching those around them is a wild battle.

“Such a wild battle, these people, are afraid that they will all end up killing each other here. ”

Femme Mommy looked at the scene of the fierce battle in the distance: “Qin Yi, what shall we do? Let these people kill each other here? ”

“Qiu Yinyue, Qiu Min and Qiu Wu must awaken them. They are our partners and we have an obligation to protect them. ”

Qin Yi Xu Xu said: “As for the others, let them kill each other here, especially Red and Snow Cherry and Fang Hua, wouldn't it be better to die here? At that time, we will directly rob the six Emperor Soul Lotus on Red and Snow Cherry, just to avoid us then, and take a week. ”