The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 875: Trapped Mausoleum

In his heart, he couldn't help but sigh. This gathering was truly devastating. When he entered the Seven Kills, there were 200 people, and in the end, he feared that there were only three people left, as well as himself and Maiden.

If it wasn't an accident, these people would be killing each other here.

Seven slaughters of desolation, the fruit of a truly dangerous existence.

Of course, the real danger comes from the practitioners themselves.

“I'll wake up the Autumn Silver Moon and watch the show from afar. ”

Qin Yi smiled and was about to go forward.

On the mixed battlefield ahead, Snow Woman, the lord of Ling Xuemen, joined by several practitioners, was actually killed, a beautiful head, directly cut into the air by a battle knife.


Snow Girl Nathanna's touching delicate body slowly fell to the ground.

“Even Snow Woman is dead! ”

This scene stunned Qin Yi and Fei Mei, staring there.

Snow Woman, the top expert at Ling Xuemen, was actually killed like this.

Haven't waited for them to come back to God, the heavenly ghost sect's ghost was picked up by a large spear of more than ten lengths, and then thrown out harshly.

“Boom” a loud noise, the ghost was nailed to a big tree by the big spear.

“The ghost is dead too...”

Qin Yi and Yanmei, again stunned.


In the turmoil, a large sword of more than a dozen lengths was broken, and one sword split the ancient Moon's young master Fanghua in half.

Fang Hua... also died in the turmoil!

“No, I must immediately wake up the three Akiyoshi Moons and get them out of this chaos. Maybe they will die in the next moment. ”

Qin Yi did not dare to be slightly lazy. He hurried towards the fierce battlefield in front of him. After walking a distance, that peculiar corpse scent surfaced again.

And in Qin Yi's chest, the killing consciousness also came up again, making him want to kill, mad to kill.

“I have to hold on! ”

Qin Yi forcibly suppressed the sense of killing in his chest and tried to stay awake.

Yet this is the moment.

Behind her, she rang a panic call: “Qin Yi, come back quickly, it's dangerous! Come on!”

Qin Yi turned back, looking far away at a fiery woman's fiber jade finger, pointing desperately at the front, the divine color on her face, anxiety reached the extreme.

What's going on up ahead?

Qin Yi was confused to the extreme and looked back in the direction indicated by Femme Flame. The whole person suddenly completely stunned there, his chin shattered the ground.

Seeing ahead, the ancient palace, shaped like a mausoleum, was actually moving and was rapidly rushing here, seemingly loading all the practitioners here.


It's not really a mausoleum, it's a mausoleum!

Moreover, this mausoleum appears to contain an ancient legal formation.

“Boom boom...”

The mausoleum was turned into a shadow in the air, as if it were a rare super ferocious beast, rapidly plundering, shady, seemingly burying everything here in the mausoleum.

“What a rare sight! ”

Looking at the vast mausoleum that had been plundered, Qin Yi stunned there. For a moment, it was difficult to look back and mumble in his mouth.

A vast mausoleum that, as if it had life, had offered to bury people, there was nothing more appalling in the world than this!

The speed of the burst of the mausoleum, unspeakable, turned into a huge remnant in the air, between which it exploded in front of those practitioners who were fighting hard.

“Boom boom...”

The next moment, those practitioners who were at war, and the Great King's sarcophagus, were swallowed up by the mausoleum, leaving a bare floor.

Even the bodies of the practitioners who died in the war were swallowed up together.

In the blink of an eye, the fifth slaughter of the entire Seven Kills, only Qin Yi and Yan Meiwen were left, and Yang Shiqi, who had become a corpse.

Qin Yi and Yanmei, both blinked incredibly there, feeling that all of this was as unreal as a dream.

Only Yang Shiqi, still holding Qin Yi's hand blindly, could not have known what was happening here.

The ancient mausoleum, after devouring the Great Emperor's sarcophagus and the practitioners, did not stop, but continued to devour Qin Yi, Yang Shiqi and Yan Fengmei rapidly.

“Oops, this mausoleum contains, what kind of law formation is it? It's terrifying! ”

In her delicate voice, Femme flashed in shape and disappeared directly in place.

The next moment, she appeared next to Qin Yi. She lifted Qin Yi's hand and took Qin Yi and Yang Shiqi with her. She spread directly and instantly.

When they returned to God, they found the air humid, so cold that they couldn't stop hitting a cold tremor, surrounded by a wall made of quadrilateral boulders.

“Here, it seems… is a great palace! ”

Femme's eyes were incredibly beautiful, and she gazed around confused: “Isn't this the fifth slaughter of the Seven Kingdoms? How could there be such a place? ”

Qin Yi, who first learned the flavor of transient movement, before she could taste the wonder of transient movement, was again confused by the stone walls around her, to the extreme: “Yes, when we came here, we didn't find a place like this, Mei Ma, did you choose the target when you just made the transient movement? ”

Qin Yi is now not yet involved in the field of transient movement, but he believes that when transiting, he must first select the destination he wants to reach, then expand the transient movement to get there.


Femme shook her beautiful head: “The mausoleum just now was terrible. In a hurry, I was blind and in a flash, and we were not familiar with it and could not be a destination. ”

“As soon as you moved, you moved in. ”

Qin Yi smiled helplessly and then frowned. “But how did this fifth kill suddenly appear in a house like this? And, so coincidentally, we just moved right in here? ”

What a coincidence, it's not a coincidence. Something must happen for a reason.


He came up with the possibility that, at once, it was as if the top of the five lightning bolts could not move there. On that handsome face, the divine color was extremely unpleasant.

“Qin Yi, what's wrong with you? ”

Seeing him like this, Meizi's confused look turned to Qin Yi.

“We're in that mausoleum! ”

At this time, Qin Yi, hands and feet are really cold to the extreme.


Femme Femme's delicate and trembling body is also stunned, her face is very ugly.

Even as they unfolded, they still failed to escape their devoured fate and were mercilessly buried in the tomb, becoming “dead".

This mausoleum in front of us, obviously built during the Immortal Years, the stone walls around it have faded, even some blood, the whole palace appears gloomy, intolerable creepy, even the blood in the body is a little clotted.

Worse still, the hall has no gates and no way out.

“Since there is no way out, how are we covered in stone walls? ”

Looking around, it was obviously sturdy and unusual stone walls, and the flaming lady was confused to the extreme.

There is no explanation for what they are currently experiencing, and if this tomb is able to move because of the laws of formation, it is barely understandable.

But this mausoleum, even though there are no gates, still covers them, which is obviously extremely unscientific!

“Did we enter here strangely… also in relation to the law of the battle? ”

Qin Yi frowned. When the miracle fairy trace in the past years, all the knowledge of formation law was transferred out of his mind and quickly browsed.

In the end, he was disappointed that there was no such method of formation, and he had to abandon the problem and focus on the stone wall: “If you don't understand why we swallowed it up, why don't you just break it out? ”

Yang Shiqi was the only one, always pulling his sleeve tight, as if he was always afraid of losing an adult child.

“Dead people are sometimes better than living people, at least never worried. ”

At this time, Qin Yi was somewhat envious of Yang Shiqi. She spoiled and rubbed Yang Shiqi's hair.


He inspired the elemental seeds of the two dominant forces of the Dantian, Gold and Fire.

At the same time, in his left hand, he also emitted a slight sound of skeletal transformation, with his palms soaring wide, pitch-black, rather frightening, a hint of ancient magic, above his palms, haunted by the sky.


Pong! Pong!...

Six sounds shocked heavenly.

However, the grand palace only shook six times, and there was no scene of "blast” collapse, as Qin Yi had originally imagined.


This is really heartbreaking!

Qin Yi stood there stunned, incredibly hard blinking, while Femme Flame, similarly stunned, seductive glamour red lips, silent open.

The two elements of gold and fire seeds, together with the Six Palms of the Seven Types of Celestial Demons, are so powerful that you can totally imagine them. However, they didn't tear this great hall apart, it was just... slightly shaken six times!

Not even sandstone!

“Isn't this mausoleum made of stone? My Seven Types of Celestial Demons actually have so little effect. This is obviously extremely unscientific. Should this mausoleum now be a pile of rubble in front of us? ”

Looking at the intact hall, Qin Yi's heart was filled with a deep sense of frustration for the first time.

The unparalleled power of the six-handed "Seven Types of Celestial Demons" only allowed this mausoleum, slightly shaking Liu Xia, such a scenario, weird to the extreme, there is no explanation.

But if you don't want to, you can't explain, you can't explain, that's all.

“What is left of the Immortal Emperor, there is no speculation in future generations, since it cannot be abolished, then we can only find another way out, we cannot be stuck here forever, if that is the case, we will truly become dead. ”

Femme lifted her hands and touched her clean and full forehead. She swirled and raised her delicate face slightly. She smiled with regret at Qin Yi bitterly: “Qin Yi, I'm sorry, I failed to protect you on this journey to the wilderness world and let you fall into this mausoleum. ”