The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 876: See You Again Snow Woman

“Silly girl, what are you talking about? You were under no obligation to protect me, and, as far as the situation at the level of the Holy See in Kyushu seemed to be concerned, you should have killed me with one sword. You did not do so, and I am grateful to you. ”

She scratched her nose with her finger, and Qin Yi Junyi's face turned up with a signature warm-hearted smile.

Maiden looked at Qin Yi in a dazed manner and suddenly opened her delicate arms. She hugged the teenager in front of her tight circle. Jing Yiyu's cheek was gently affixed to the teenager's firm chest: “Qin Yi, you are so sweet! ”

Feeling the two huge ones in the breasts of the flaming lady, she is crushing on herself, that soft and wonderful touch, makes the teenager feel refreshed, for a moment, even the current extremely bad situation, is left behind.

“Qin Yi...”

Maiden lifted her head from the arms of the teenager, Xu Xu, that stared at the teenager's eyes, and now she was obsessed: “I have something to say to you, if we can't really get out, I would be happy to die with you, here, with the beloved teenager, buried in a grave, this is the highest realm of love, huh...”

Feeling the strong love for her share, Qin Yi was also moved for a moment. He reached out his palm and gently held on to Mai's smooth cheek. “Mai Mai, just say the word to you, I will never let you die here. ”

He slowly let her go and frowned: “There are other practitioners who were trapped and not yet killed in the turmoil, and those who were killed in the war, as well as the Great King's sarcophagus, were devoured together, but why are there only three of us here? ”

“It is possible that there are other halls here, and they are trapped in other halls. ”

Maiden said.

That's right, trapped in front of their palace is not really a palace in the real sense, but a graveyard. Some people who had a certain power status in their lifetime, after death, usually built mausoleums, will not have only one tomb, there are several.

These graveyards are commonly used to house the bodies of those accompanying them, as well as some precious funerals, such as gold and silver treasures.

And, normally, these graveyards, they're connected, they don't exist alone.

Next, Yanmei quickly discovered a passage that had been blocked by stone, but Yanmei, who was as careful as a needle, easily discovered its existence.

She grabbed the five fingers directly into the stone and pulled out six square stones, and a passage appeared in their sight.

“Let's go in and see if we can find an exit eventually. ”

Without hesitation, Qin Yi immediately pulled up Yang Shiqi, and as Femme Yan entered the passage.

Not long after, they came to another grave.

When entering this grave room, Qin Yi and Yanmei were both stunned to the extreme.

Only in this tomb, an ageless woman dressed in a light blue dress, was overwhelmed.

Wonderful old woman's skin is white, like winter snow, the five officials are extremely sophisticated, once attacked the light blue dress, wrapped tightly around her lovely delicate body, fresh and dusty, like a nine day fairy who came into the grave room.

Especially when the eyes touched Junior Girl's hand, the pink sword held tight, Qin Yi and Yanmei were even more shocked and difficult to attach.

What's that supposed to mean?

In an instant, the two of them will be as if they had fallen into a dream.

This person in front of you should never have stood in front of them alive!

Because she's dead!

And when the young girl looked at Qin Yi and Fei Mei Mai and suddenly broke in here with Yang Shiqi, she was also stunned: “Didn't you die, how did you show up here? ”

“We're dead? ”

Qin Yi and Yanmei, stood there staring at each other.

It didn't take long to get back to God. “When did you see us dead?" she asked. ”

“Just before that, I saw the two of you killed by the Red and Snow Cherry. Finally, Red and Snow Cherry took the Emperor's Lotus from you, and the three of them were also dead. ”

The Blue Robe girl was astonished: “I saw you dead and now you're in front of me. What the hell is going on? ”

“But we clearly saw you dead, and we weren't involved at all in that mixed war, and we looked at you from afar, and we saw your head, and we were torn apart by a sword. ”

Femme Femme's pointy little chin, shattered the ground.

The Blue Robe Girl in front of you is the Lord of Ling Xuemen: Snow Girl!

At that time, she and Qin Yi saw with their own eyes that the snow woman had been shot with a sword, her head cut off and killed.

This whole thing in front of me, it's so weird!

We both saw each other die, and as a result, neither of them died, still in this tomb, and met.

“Curious corpse scent! ”

Qin Yi beside him, but his eyes lit up. Suddenly, he remembered the strange corpse scent that had spread in the Great Emperor's sarcophagus before.

In the Great King's sarcophagus, lying down is Yang Shiqi!

“Strange corpse scent? ”

Femme Flame and Snow Woman will both look extremely confused at Qin Yi.

“I figured it out. ”

Qin Yi exhaled softly, Xu Xu said: “In fact, the confusion did not happen at all, let alone the death. Everything is just our illusion. The strange corpse scent that spreads from the Great Emperor's sarcophagus can create illusions. ”

Hearing him say this, both Meizu and Snow Woman are suddenly enlightened.

Obviously, Qin Yi speculated correctly, otherwise, it is impossible to explain this strange phenomenon to the extreme.

In fact, there are a lot of scents in this world that have delusional effects, and once someone inhales this smell, it creates wonderful illusions.

In addition to some scents, some ancient forms of formation can also create this illusion. Qin Yi remembers that in the past, the court guards of the Holy See of Kyushu had encountered this phenomenon when entering a mausoleum of divine demons. At that time, he saw Yang Shiqi fall into the lava with his own eyes, and as a result, she did not die, it was just an illusion.

And now this phenomenon reappears, Qin Yi estimated, this time, not because of the formation law, but because of that strange scent of corpse, nothing before smelling that strange scent of corpse.

After smelling that strange scent of corpse, people began to create illusions. The big man, who killed two practitioners in a row with a big hammer, and then practiced in a mixed war, until the practitioners were constantly killed in a mixed war, it was just illusions!

In fact, none of this has happened, and people are still standing there.

And then this huge weird mausoleum, under the power of the law of formation, swept over and swallowed up the people.

It can also be deduced from Yong, at that time, Feiniang did not carry out any transient movement, led Qin Yi and Yang Shiqi to flee, with Feiniang's current construction on transient movement, a transient movement, at least more than 5,000 feet, this mausoleum, even if it was more quickly swept, could not instantly cover the three of them in.

Only the three of them, who stood still, could do so.

Next, things were verified, Qin Yi several people, spent half a day, kept eight graveyards open, all the practitioners entering this fifth kill, including Qiu Yinzue three, and Red and Snow Cherry, are trapped in these eight graveyards respectively.

None of them are dead!

When the crowd met, all of them, their chins were shattered and their hearts swept like waves, very uneasy.

“Jesus, Qin Yi, aren't you dead? Why are you here again? ”

Qiu Min's tempting little red mouth, opened into a "0” shape, shocked the extreme: “Oh sister, brother, you didn't die either, but I clearly saw you all dead, what the hell is going on? ”

Qiu Yinyue and Qiu Wu, when they saw Qin Yi, Qiu Min and others, were also completely stunned there.

“Holy shit! ”

“What the hell is going on here? ”

“Grass, is this the shadow, everyone met in the shadow, but I didn't die, how could I come to the shadow, it's not scientific! ”

“ …… ”

Everyone is unharmed, including Red and Snow Cherry, Fang Hua, Scarlet Jade and others, all stunned there, half unable to return to God.

But the Great King's sarcophagus, which was swallowed up together, was gone.


With a slight cough, Qin Yi glanced and swept slowly over everyone: “The thing is, everything that happened before is just a fantasy for us...”

Qin Yi said the whole thing, roughly again.

No one spoke out against it, because all the fools want to get it, Qin Yi is right.

At this time, everyone gathered in a relatively large graveyard, figured out the conflagration, but after a fantasy, all of them, their faces gradually became less beautiful.

Because of them, they all began to face the situation before them, and at this time, they were all trapped in this mausoleum.

So trapped in a tomb of immortal mausoleum, no one can do a good look.

At this time, no one has thought about the Emperor Soul Lotus. Even a hundred Emperor Soul Lotus King are useless in front of you.

“I don't believe this mausoleum! ”

Fanghua in the crowd took out his white battle knife directly, and the latter split into a wall, a huge white knife flashing out, slashing it on the wall, making a loud noise.

It's just a shame the walls don't move.

He did his best, he did his ass.

“I don't think anyone would be willing to be trapped here. Let's work together and we'll be able to break this mausoleum. ”