The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 889: Escape

In the next moment, she held an inky sword and stabbed Fei Mai very quickly. However, Fei Mai suddenly disappeared in place and the red and snow cherries stabbed an empty sky.

In the blink of an eye, Femme Flame appeared beside Fang Hua. In the midst of Blue Mang Dasheng, a sword was split out. Fang Hua had not yet reacted. She had been split upright, and the whole person had been split out across the sky.

Femme Femme's beautiful little face, killing her breath, walked away with a sword, to Fanghua in reverse flight, she was not in a hurry, but the speed was extremely fast, the steps, as if the space had shrunk.

“You want to die! ”

The red and snow cherry below, the whole person rushed up, turned into a red light, instantly rushed to the front of the flaming lady, blocking her from going. Without saying a word, the inky sword was split out towards the flaming lady.

On the edge of that inky sword, a pitch-black sword full of tens of lengths burst out suddenly, as if it were a demonic light rushing out of hell, watching people get cold.

Maiden's sword stopped.

“Knock! ”

The giant blackish sword slashed on her blue sword, crumbling apart.

Between the impacts, a massive wave of energy came, and the impact went to all directions, the flaming lady and the red and snow cherry, both by this wave of energy, directly lifted out.

Although she is a divine guardian of the Holy See of Kyushu, Red and Snow Cherry Cherry is also in the heavenly aquarium. After the birth of the sky, she easily suppressed the original master of the heavenly aquarium, and her astonishment can be seen.

Therefore, the power of red and snow cherries is actually too far apart from that of a flaming woman.

At the moment when Mai Fei was lifted, Fanghua in the distance suddenly appeared a piece of blood, like a spider web.

Then, the blood filaments followed his arm and quickly poured into his knife.

In the blink of an eye, his battle knife turned into an unbroken blood knife, endless bloodshed, constantly floating, reflecting this heaven and earth into a bloody color, like hell.

The phantom of the heart is coming back!

“Little bitch, give me your life! ”

In the roar, Fang Hua held a generous blood knife and quickly killed Fei Mei. His hair was rooted upside down, his eyes were round and red, like a bloodthirsty beast with hair.

The ancient Yue inherited the martial arts and mind illusion, not only can the power of the weapon be doubled instantly, once the person is struck, the wound will rapidly bloodstream and expand until the whole person is turned into a beach of blood water, and the end is evil and harsh to the extreme.

It's just unfortunate that, while evil is harsh, it doesn't seem to play a role in front of the flaming lady.

Because Femme Flame has a transient!

How does Maiden Yan exist? What's so amazing about martial arts, basically, you can peek into two, she doesn't fight with Fanghua's blood knife at all, but just keep moving.

After a wild battle, Fanghua's blood knife, even Meizi's coat, was not sticky.

However, Fang Hua himself, from time to time, was seen by Fei Mei Mai, a sword chopped, forced him to wreak havoc, even a few times, and almost killed by Fei Mei Mai with a sword.

“Ping-pong! ”

The three of them fought together, endless waves of energy, swooping to all sides, and all the trees within a thousand feet of each other were smashed to pieces.

The earth soon broke apart and a huge rift appeared.

Standing outside Qin Yi, he gazed for a moment, and completely let go of his heart. Red and snow cherry and Fanghua joined forces, still unable to hold Femme in her hands, to get a little cheap.

Even, over time, Meizu hid the upper hand.

All the other spectators silently watched the war between the three of them. Everyone's hearts were full of giant waves that made it difficult to calm down.

They could not have imagined that they had always used “the middle of Zongdao Nine Realms” as a flaming sight. They had such tremendous fighting power. The Red and Snow Cherry and Fanghua of the War of Independence still hid the upper wind.

Such a battle scene is as untrue as a dream.

Qiu Yin Yue, Qiu Min and Qiu Wu were even more shocked and difficult to attach. In other words, Qin Yi Yue looked aside again: this teenager's lover is really unusual.

Once again, it turns out that when she chose to work with these two, she did step on super big shit!

“Well, Mei Mai and I have to go into the sixth kill later, let's split up here, you go back first, after I finish my business, go to your canary tribe to return the pattern. ”

Qin Yi looked at Autumn Silver Moon with a faint smile.

No one has broken into the sixth killing in previous gatherings. Although we do not know what the scenario is, it is clear that it is definitely not a good place.


Without thinking too much, Qiu Yinyue nodded and agreed.

Now, Autumn Silver Moon they already have six Emperor Soul Lotus in their hands, which is also a big harvest, there is no need to venture into the sixth kill at all.

After a pause, Autumn and Silver Moon's eyes were once again raised with concern: “Be careful after you break into the sixth kill. ”

Touching the concern in Qiu Yin Yue Xiu's eyes, Qin Yi's heart gently flowed through a warm stream: “Rest assured, we will not die in the sixth killing, don't forget, I still have a pattern of your canary tribe. If I die, you will not be able to open the seven slaughters to collect Emperor Soul Lotus in the future. ”

“That's true. ”

Autumn Silver Moon smiled shallow, a little bit of silence, the probe hand into the arms, took out those six Emperor Soul Lotus and gave them to Qin Yi: “Since you will have to go to our Canary Nation and return the prints to us, then, these six Emperor Soul Lotus should also be given to you for safekeeping for the time being, then, even the lines can be changed back together. ”

What a smart decision!

Qin Yi sighed herself. Indeed, they were carrying six Emperor Soul Lotus. They were clearly quite unsafe without themselves and Feini. Although the two Red and Snow Cherry and Fanghua were already haunted by Feini, there were other practitioners here.

Now that Qin Yi and Yanmei are here, these practitioners dare not move slightly out of their power.

But once he left, he feared that there would soon be a practitioner, who would fight against the three people of Qiuyin Yue for the Emperor's Soul Lotus.

“No problem.”

Qin Yi took over the six shares of Emperor Soul Lotus in the hands of Qiu Yin Yue and stuffed them in his arms.

Immediately, Qiu Yinyue and the three of them left Qin Yi without further delay.

“Back to the house! ”

Qiu Min cheered and was in the most comfortable mood.

Obviously, their canary tribe, in this Emperor Soul Lotus gathering event, is a huge harvest, a total of six Emperor Soul Lotus, which is absolutely a huge fortune!

After Qiuyin Yue three people left, the roller marks, Snow Woman and others also left successively, turning into a flow of lanes, rushing to the sky, winking between the eyes, disappeared into Qin Yi's sight.

Throughout the scene, there were only three femmes in fierce battle, as well as Qin Yi and Yang Shiqi.

Looking in the direction of disappearing, Qin Yi sighed: “When the Emperor's Soul Lotus gathering event first came in, there were only 200 people left, but when he returned, there were only 20 people left. The severity of the event was incredible. ”

Of course, in this Seven Kills desert, the number of Emperor Soul Lotus conceived is not only what he currently knows, he believes that the existence of such as Snow Lady and the Bard must have collected Emperor Soul Lotus, but only not exposed.

As for the quantity, I wouldn't dare to say, I'm afraid of the most and not more than two shares.

After all, the Qi of the Great Emperor here still has a certain difficulty in the fertilization of Emperor Soul Lotus.

“Ping-pong! ”

In the distance, the fierce battle between Meizu, Cherry Red and Fanghua is still going on. The battle scene is quite intense.

As the divine guardian of the Holy See of Kyushu, Maiden Yan's strength, when it is really strong, the blue elongated sword in her hand, randomly split, is a large blue sword, like the sea, rushing towards red and snow cherry and square hua.

Over time, she gradually seized the absolute upper wind, and the blue elongated sword opened wide, with absolute advantage, suppressed the death of Red and Snow Cherry and Fanghua, killing them to defeat the festival.

“I don't believe it. Our two top hands of the Tianshui and the Ancient Moon can't kill you! ”

Fang Hua suffocated his heart almost broke. In the roar, the blood knife in his hand burst into full strength. The sky split a large amount of blood knife, and the dense numbness killed to the flaming woman.


Femme Femme was in a shaky shape, and the whole person disappeared into thin air.

The next moment, she had passed through the dense and numb blood knife, appeared in front of Fang Hua. Fang Hua only hid a beautiful and stunning face, a slender sword with a heinous death, and suddenly stabbed her.


A sharp instrument pierces the subtle sound of muscle tissue.

With only the elongated sword in the hands of Femme Flame, she easily pierced Fang Hua's body. Fang Hua screamed, and the whole person flew out.

“Fang Hua! ”

The red and snow cherry on the other side shouted, the whole person turned into a red light, and shot at the inverted square hua, holding it in his arms.

“Let's go! ”

Red and snow cherry is also quite decisive. After catching Fanghua, his figure did not stop, he suddenly folded a 90-degree angle, the explosion turned to one side, a few blinks, and he disappeared.

Maiden Yan is terrible. If the battle continues, it won't take long. Both of them will be slaughtered by the sword.

Running away is the smartest option!


Looking at the direction of Red and Snow Cherry and Fanghua fleeing, Femme snorted, not pursuing, the delicate body slowly landed on the ground, those two massive crisp breasts in front of her chest, a sudden landing, on the moving delicate body of Lina, and a powerful killing.

“Mai Mai, how are you? How are you? ”

Qin Yi came to her and asked with concern.

Turning around, touching the familiar handsome face of the teenager, Femme Flame's full face of killing, that disappeared, and replacing it with an intoxicating smile.