The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 890: Healing Wounds

“Fortunately, the two of them, though strong, are slightly worse than I am. ”

Put away the blue elongated sword, the flaming woman touched her forehead and smiled sweetly.

Just a little worse?

Qin Yi smiled herself. It seems that, although she is the divine guardian of the Holy See of Kyushu, her sexuality is actually quite modest. Ten people can see that the combination of Red and Snow Cherry and Fanghua is at least one small area of strength worse than that of Fanghua.

Fortunately, they fled quickly, or in less than two minutes, Maiden would have been able to kill them.

From the beginning, Yang Shiqi was just snuggling next to Qin Yi. She had no sense of what was happening here.

After the Great War, the earth had already been torn apart, with huge cracks, some of them even reaching more than a dozen lengths deep.

Most of these stitches were cut out by sword and knife, and some were struck out by the waves of energy that swept out during the fierce war.

“The rest of the practitioners have returned home, so let's continue to look for this entrance to the sixth killing. ”

Touched his nose, Qin Yi said.


Femme flames her head gently.

The next time there was no delay, the two of them immediately took Yang Shiqi, in this fifth killing, rapidly exploded, looking for the entrance to the sixth killing.

Qin Yi exploded and watched carefully for the pattern in his body.

Once the two entered a certain range of the sixth kill entrance, the pattern in Qin Yi's body could be sensed.

By now, they have been in the Seven Deaths for more than two months, less than 10 months from the three-year deadline set by the top family members to complete their mission.

Now, however, Qin Yi still gets a slight clue about another golden sword cut to look for.

But obviously, that golden sword must be in the sixth or seventh!

In addition to that truncated golden sword, Qin Yi once learned in the mouth of the Lord of the heavens that there exists a great emperor's spirit of war in the seventh formula of the Seven Killings.

“Mai Ma, do you think it's possible that the great emperor's soul in the mouth of the Catholic Emperor is the truncated golden sword we're looking for? ”

During the explosion, Qin Yi suddenly thought of this problem.

Femme's eyes couldn't help but shine: “It's entirely possible. You know, the truncated golden sword we're looking for is an ancient immortal artifact. The spirit of the Great War matches the ancient artifact. ”

Qin Yi agreed with the nod.

It's just a pity that Yang Shiqi has become a dead man now. If he can't live with it in the future, even if he finds the golden sword, it doesn't make any sense.

The truncated golden sword belongs to Yang Shiqi. Only by connecting the truncated golden sword with the truncated golden sword owned by Yang Shiqi himself can it be truly powerful.

Otherwise, it can only be a piece of gold, of little value.

In the past, while helping Xuanlan compete for the flag of war, the Xuan family gave Qin Yi a gold sword break. After returning to the Holy See in Kyushu, Qin Yi gave the gold sword break to Yang Shiqi.

Yet now Yang Shiqi is using a rust-stained iron sword, and the golden sword is no longer winged.

In that case, even finding another golden cut-off sword doesn't really make much sense anymore.

However, since it is a task entrusted to him by the Holy See, Qin Yi naturally cannot be disobeyed. In any event, he must accomplish it. Otherwise, he will be relentlessly eliminated and unable to be promoted to a divine guardian.

Just as Qin Yi and Yanmei tried to find the entrance to the sixth killing, at the top of a mountain, Red and Snow Cherry and Fanghua were there.

Instead of going home with the other practitioners, they came here.

The reason is that Fang Hua's injuries are not serious. If he follows other practitioners like this, those who have long hated them will only take the opportunity to attack them and prevent them from returning to the clan.

So they can only stay here and heal the wounds.

Fang Hua's eyes lightly lit up, the tray legs sat on the ground, a small sword hole in front of his chest, constantly flowing out blood, appeared to be a bit harsh.

“Luckily for you, the woman's sword, just one line away, pierced your heart hole. ”

The Red and Snow Cherry Gang Fanghua examined the wound and couldn't help but sigh.

“Well, didn't they want to go into the sixth kill? When I was better, I guarded the entrance to and exit from the sixth killing, and they returned from the sixth killing, and I chopped them off one by one. ”

Fang Hua said angrily.

As a result, he was excited and pulled the wound, causing him to scream.

“Come on.”

Red and snow cherry hit Fanghua's head unnecessarily: “Face reality, you need to see the gap between yourself and others. ”

Fang Hua hummed for a while, although his heart was very dissatisfied, he could only shut up. Only Femme Yan could kill both of them. If Qin Yi was added, he would be killed if they could not hold on for even 10 minutes.

“This is a four-point wounded Dan, take it. ”

Red and snow cherry picked up a blue Dan medicine from her arms and gave it to Fanghua.

Fang Hua Yixi hurried to take the blue healing Dan, swallowed it into his stomach, and then closed his eyes to adjust. After a while, he slowly opened his eyes.

“How do you feel? ”

Red and Snow Cherry asked with concern.

“Fine. ”

Fang Hua nodded: “Four kinds of healing medicine, the effect is naturally extraordinary, is there anything else? Just two more, and I'll basically recover. ”

Looking at Fang Hua's greedy face, the red and snow cherry blushed shallow eyebrows. In the eyes of the show, the obscure swept through the disgust and shook his head gently: “No, that's four pints of medicine, what do you think it is? I also came here to carry one just in case. ”

She stopped saying anything, came behind Fanghua, sat down on the tray leg, stretched out the white fiber jade palm and gently affixed it to Fanghua's vest.

As the red and snow cherry blossoms into her body, slightly fluctuating, a white airflow flows from her palms into Fanghua's body.

Feel this airflow, quickly rush around the sword cave, constantly repair, Fang Hua Yixi, rush also buoyed the basalty in his body, accompanied by this white airflow.

The sword hole in front of Fanghua's chest is constantly tempting at a speed that can be seen by the naked eye.

“Nice, Cherry, I didn't think of your healing skills, but it's not much different than the four treatments you just had. ”

In Fang Hua's heart, he said, "At this rate, in less than three days, I will be able to heal. ”

Red and Snow Cherry glanced down at Fanghua in front of him and said: “We Sky Aquariums already have martial arts in healing wounds, and I have put this martial arts into full practice, healing wounds like yours naturally doesn't need much effort. ”

Heavenly Aquarius, an ancient god, possesses martial arts in healing, not surprisingly.

“In that case, it was wonderful. ”

Fang Huaxi said: "When we go out in the future, I will ask our matriarch to marry you, and then you will be my daughter-in-law, then I will no longer be afraid of getting hurt. ”

“Do you intend to marry me? ”

Red and snow cherry glamorous red lips, stunned Zhang, looked at Fanghua quite unexpectedly.

But the kung fu in her hand did not stop. The white airflow continued to flow through her hands and into Fanghua's body.

“Absolutely. ”

Fang Hua was happy to say: “By then, we will have double-repaired Yin and Yang together, and the power will be greatly increased. Even if we cross the canary and ape race, there won't be too many problems? Hey, hey!”

Reminds me of the beautiful delicate body of Red and Cherry Cherry Nachana, on the belly of Fanghua, is also an irrepressible evil fire, soaring up.

Just think about it, and I think it would be wonderful to double cultivate with such a beauty.

“I wish I could get better soon and get out of here. ”

Fang Hua sighed. In his eyes, the color of expectation emerged.

Suddenly, he was stunned again and felt something was wrong, because the red cherry behind him was silent.

“Cherry Cherry, don't you want to be our daughter-in-law? This is what you said to teach me to teach Yin and Yang double cultivation. Don't you ever regret it! ”

Fang Hua said, there is inevitably some bottom line in his heart. If Red and Snow Cherry gossip changes, he really has no choice.

The power of red and snow cherries, not beneath itself.

Moreover, the matter of double cultivation of yin and yang must be voluntary and impossible for both sides to come at all.

The red and snow cherries behind them remain silent.

“Cherry, what's wrong with you? Why didn't you say something? ”

Fang Huachedo.

Red and snow cherries would suddenly silence him and confuse him to the point.

A little while later, Red and Snow Cherry slowly said: “This is a good idea. If so, there is nothing wrong with sweeping the Canaries and Apes. It's just that you'll never be able to leave the Seven Kills...”

You'll never leave the Seven Kills!

Fang Hua's heart suddenly “roared”, and an unnamed chill appeared on his body: “Cherry, what do you mean? ”

“Giggle, what else could it mean? You're dying, you idiot! ”

The red and snow cherry behind him suddenly smiled more than ever. The laughter appeared rather gloomy, and people's scalp was numb and creepy.

Fang Hua was shocked. Looking back, he suddenly completely stunned there.

He only saw red and snow cherry. His eyes began to look at Fang Hua, as if he were bloodthirsty. His eyes were filled with greed.

On top of her touching delicate body, she exuded a fierce and violent atmosphere.

This is…

The Spirit of the Aquatic Ancestors is awake!