The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 899: The Great War

“This is a great miracle! ”

Qin Yi's heart was filled with joy. He was almost excited to dance with his hands and feet. He has been expecting this day every day since these days.

At the same time, there is a little confusion in his heart. The magic of the demons can actually make Yang Shiqi, from a murder tool, come to life little by little. So, what is the connection between Yang Shiqi and the demons?

In the past, Qin Yi learned from the mouth of Naran Qiushui that the Tian Demon, a strong man in the ancient years, has been completely separated from the current era of Hongmeng, how long ago, can you imagine.

Is... Yang Shiqi, also an ancient existence? Is it an ancient emperor, reborn to this epoch?

This question, at the current height of Qin Yi, is obviously impossible to obtain an answer to.



Feel the power of Yang Shiqi, the natural ancestor of the Tianshui family, turned into a red light, that burst out of the hundred, raised the blood sword in his hand, remote pointed to Yang Shiqi, all over his body, emitted a pound of killing intent, the blood sword in his hand, more bloody, sword power, raging this space.

Yang Shiqi is a powerful enemy, she dares not be careless.

“The consequences of not being saturated… are serious…”

Yang Shiqi also slowly lifted her iron sword, pointing remotely at the heavenly aquatic ancestors. Her iron sword was rusty and spotless, but it also emitted a tremendous sword.

At this moment, that rusty iron sword even gives a sense of piercing this time of day.

As she lifted her sword, though across the hundreds, the ancestors of the Tianshui tribe could already feel a powerful power of confinement, overshadowing her all at once.

- Her strength, this power of confinement, naturally prevents her from moving, not to mention from such a distance, but still brings great unchange to her movements.

“What a powerful power of confinement! ”

The ancestors of the heavenly aquarium were shocked.


Next moment.

Yang Shiqi attacked, her delicate body suddenly turned into a white light, with a rusty iron sword, and stabbed the ancestors of the heavenly aquarium at great speed. Obviously, the person in front of her did not fill her up, causing her unusual anger.

The speed at which she attacked was unspeakable, almost directly smashing one side of the void, between which, the rusty iron sword in her hand was stabbed in the chest of the heavenly aquatic ancestors.

Originally a man of the rank of Emperor, the heavenly aquarium is still unimaginably powerful, albeit with a hint of spirituality.

She drinks and breaks free of that powerful power of confinement, her delicate body shakes and becomes a flush, which bursts out at great speed.

Yang Shiqi's rusty iron sword, attached to her coat, passed by a prick, just one line away, was to put her on a straight face.

With her strength, even the heavenly aquatic ancestors, if stabbed, are afraid to pierce their bodies with a sword hole.

Once struck down, Yang Shiqi's figure, without any pause, followed the first ancestors of the heavenly aquarium and burst into the air. The rusted iron sword in his hand, like a shadow, still stabbed straight at the ancestors of the heavenly aquarium.

Simple and straightforward, not half fancy, just a bayonet!

The ancestors of the heavenly aquarium above felt below. The sword strength was like a giant wave. They dared not slacken a bit. They turned and struck out with a sword. A hundred bloody swords split the heavens and the earth, and slashed it hard on Yang Shiqi.

Yang Shiqi's fiber waist twisted, such as Liu Pengfeng, easily avoided this amazing sword, the avoidance still looks extremely simple, but very effective.


Yang Shiqixiu snorted softly: “Don't let it fill... the consequences... are serious! ”

She was in constant shape. Once again, she stabbed her ancestors with a sword. The speed was unspeakable. She blinked and stabbed them in front of their ancestors. She stabbed them with a sword and pierced them directly!


Qin Yi and Yan Mei Fei, who watched the war from afar, all had to be blown away. Yang Shiqi only took out two swords and killed this demon woman?

However, when they saw Yang Shiqi's movements and did not stop for a moment, they reacted instantly. What Yang Shiqi stabbed was the shadow of the demonic woman.

“How could you be so powerful? It must be the body of an immortal emperor. What kind of face does your ancestor know about you? ”

The Heavenly Aquatic ancestors have stood hundreds of feet outside, with blood swords, which almost burst the souffle breasts of the robe, a fierce rise and fall, appeared very uneasy: “In the very distant past, the ancestors were admired for several emperors, until the future regretted that they did not join them in the conquest path, killing into the opposite race, are you one of the emperors that Benzu admired? ”

Qin Yi, far away, heard the words, it was clear to her heart that the demon woman was a great emperor before she was born, but at that time, the king of Kyushu drove the living stations. In this lower realm, he searched for the strong to send him to the war path, and when he conquered the opposite race, she became a fish in the net.

In fact, because of an extremely strange time travel, Qin Yi, also on the lifetime platform of the Kyushu King, searched with the Kyushu King for the lower realm of the strong.

“The consequences of not being saturated… are serious! ”

Yang Shiqi replied to Tianshui's ancestors only with this sentence.

In her world, only eating and killing, whoever dares not let her eat, is guilty, damn it!

She shook her body and again held a rusty sword. She stabbed a demonic woman in front of her at great speed. Her sword was powerful and she killed millions of people.

A sword stabbed out, the heavens and the earth were discolored!

“Damn it! ”

The demon woman was furious, took the blood sword, stepped out and greeted Yang Shiqi.

“Ping-pong! ”

In that room, two great beauties fought together.

One red, one white and two shadows, constantly interwoven, infinite swordsmanship came out, the cheeks of Qin Yi and Fei Fei, thousands of people outside, were all scratched and sore.

Such a fierce battle between the two masters, only the ordinary cultivator of the Seven Realms of the Patriarch, the sword energy alone, can instantly hang it into pieces.


Qin Yi prompted the left hand of the demon to elicit the sensation of spiritual power, covering them both. Suddenly, the speed of their attack doubled in his sight.


“Still can't see, both of them are going too fast! ”

Qin Yi sighed.

When he entered the state of emptiness, he was unable to see the strike trajectory of the two men, how fast they were, how dare you imagine, between blinking eyes, he attacked dozens of swords, even hundreds of swords.


Knowing that he was trying to watch, Yang Shiqi and Tianshui's ancestors had to look at him with amusement and say: “Qin Yi, you are just twice as powerful as ever. It is also not necessarily possible to see the trajectory of their swords. ”

The two men in front of us are of the rank of Great Emperor, and although there is only a hint of spirituality left, their strength is also remarkable.

Qin Yi's current cultivation is that even the Nine Realms of Zongdao have not yet been broken through. Unlike them, even if he enters the state of emptiness, it is impossible to see their launch trajectory.

Qin Yi sighed helplessly and had to withdraw from the practice state and give up the observation.

He now realizes that he is still as small as dust throughout the cultivation world.

Heavy fighting ahead continues.

Over time, Yang Shiqi and Tianshui ancestors continued to divide the autumn colors evenly, making it difficult to distinguish between heights and lows.

The heavenly aquatic ancestors were frightened and angry, their own consciousness had just woken up, but they met such a powerful opponent. Fortunately, she had previously refined several antiques, and her spiritual consciousness had grown considerably. Otherwise, at this moment, she was afraid to be killed long ago to abandon her armor.

“Come on, who the hell are you? There is only a tiny bit of spirituality that can be so powerful. ”

In delicacy, the attack in the hands of the original ancestors of the heavenly aquarium did not stop at all, and the blinking of a blood sword struck dozens of drops.

Every time a sword is chopped, the bloody sword is like a wave of blood, rushing towards Yang Shiqi.

“The consequences of not being saturated… are serious! ”

Yang Shiqi answered her, there was always only this sentence, quite a laugh. The rusty sword in her hand was cut out randomly, which was to crumble that huge piece of blood sword.

The moment the bloody sword broke, she had come by the wind, the rusty iron sword instantly stabbed the front of the ancestors of the heavenly aquarium, the heavenly aquarium was always horrified, sword lifting and stopping.


The two swords collided and endless waves of energy swept out.

Both of them, the tattoos were immovable, and the dresses on them hunted and sounded, but Qin Yi and Yanmei in the distance shocked away again.


Yang Shiqi's small white hand suddenly shook, the iron sword pointed directly at the throat of the Tianaquarium ancestors. The iron sword had not been stabbed yet. On the throat of the Tianaquarium ancestors, a severe pain was transmitted, as if it had been pierced by an iron sword hole.

“Only a man born of a sword can play such a powerful sword! ”

Heavenly Aquatic ancestor suddenly slipped away from Yang Shiqi's fierce sword. He blinked his eyes and opened dozens of places: “An emperor born of a sword, this ancestor seems to have some impression on you, who are you? Why can't I remember? ”

Obviously, the heavenly aquatic ancestors now have only a faint sense of spirituality. For the endless years before, the memory is extremely vague. I can no longer remember Yang Shiqi. Which Immortal Great was reincarnated.

From her voice, however, it can be seen that during that very distant age of immortality, the ancestors of the heavenly aquarium were quite familiar with the immortal emperor.

“Who am I... I don't know... all I know is that if I don't let it fill me... I have to die...”

Yang Shiqi drinks delicately, her voice is intermittent, her spirituality is obviously much weaker than that of the original Aquatic ancestors.

In this situation, she is still able to fight the heavenly aquatic ancestors, and it is clear that she was much stronger than the heavenly aquatic ancestors before the endless years.