The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 903: Life and Death

Now the genital-guard ancestors, because 20,000 years ago, by the second pope of the Holy See of Kyushu, he broke half his heart, wounded too badly, and was basically defenseless.

“Witch, you have to fight the confidence of your ancestors. In order to obtain such a presence, you must have a certain chance. If there is no chance, even if the Great War Soul is in front of you, you will not necessarily be able to obtain it. ”

“There are five of us here, and I have a one-fifth chance to get the Great War Spirit," said the Initials of the Yin Gate. ”

After words, he held his fist and glanced at Yang Shiqi without a trace. As long as he was able to acquire the Great Emperor's soul, his strength, should be hectares, should be able to recover to the peak of the previous years, and he worked hard to cultivate this killing tool, should also be able to regain control.

By the time the time comes, the peak state itself, together with this super killing tool in front of us, will kill all four of them, there will be no problem at all.

The four men, three of them from the Holy See of Kyushu and one from the Heavenly Aquatic ancestors, lacked a sense of goodwill towards the four, especially the three members of the Holy See of Kyushu, who, if possible, could not help but strangle them alive.

In the eyes of the original Yin Gate ancestors, the obscure colour swept past.


Heavenly Aquatic ancestors glamorous red lips, indiscreet: “Old things, as you are, even that great emperor's spirit, in front of you, you will have the opportunity to become without opportunity, unable to get it, oh, rolling...”

The heavenly aquatic ancestors' hands covered their little mouths, smiled and shook their eyes, glamorous to the extreme.

But deep in his eyes, he was hidden in the shadows.

At this moment, her mind, like that of the original ancestor of the vagina gate, will instantly double as long as she is able to acquire the soul of the Seventh Killer of the Great.

At that time, hum, what Luo Feng, the original ancestors of the vagina gate, Qin Yi, Yanmei, all have to die here, eventually become their own blood, become their own footstones.

These people, they all have pretty good strength or soul, just blood them and become the material that nourishes their soul, then their own consciousness, can be strong enough.

A rather perfect and insidious plan!

The problem here is that there are red cherries and the spiritual knowledge of the heavenly aquatic ancestors in the flesh of this demon, that is, there are actually two people.

Now, it's just the Red and Snow Cherry Spirit, the Spirit of the Heavenly Aquatic Ancestors, dead and suppressed, still sleeping.

The stronger the Spirit of the Heavenly Aquatic Ancestors, the longer the Red and Snow Cherry Spirit is suppressed, the longer the Spirit of the Heavenly Aquatic Ancestors grows, the Red and Snow Cherry Spirit will be suppressed.

In other words, one day, the Red and Snow Cherry Spirit will be suppressed forever, which equates to her being erased in this world.

Perhaps in the past, the heavenly aquarium would have penetrated the spiritual beast of the heavenly aquarium ancestors into the body of the red and snow cherry, and had already taken the red and snow cherry as a sacrifice, and all they wanted was to hope that the heavenly aquarium ancestors would one day be able to see the sun again.

I have to say, Red and Snow Cherry is actually a sad existence.

Caught the bottom of the eyes of the two original Yin Gate ancestors and the Tianshui ancestors. That rugged, Qin Yi slightly frowned and sighed at himself. Neither of them, obviously, were any good birds.

“Brother Feng, these two are obviously not good things. They have ghosts in their hearts, so don't touch them now, okay? ”

Qin Yi whispered to Luo Feng around him.

Even if Yang Shiqi, a super murder tool, did not participate in the war and killed both of them, it was more than enough.

The flaming lady beside him is also a confused look toward Luo Feng, apparently incomprehensible of Luo Feng's putting in this seventh slaughter of Yin Gate ancestors and Heavenly Aquatic ancestors.

“To both of them? ”

Luo Feng smiled faintly: "It is not necessary, frankly, that I deliberately told them that in the seventh slaughter of the Seven Deaths, there was a great emperor's war spirit that led them to fight. ”


Luo Feng let them in on purpose!

Qin Yi and Yanmei were stunned, so unknown.

“Brother Feng, is it your intention to let the two of them kill each other here in order to compete for the soul of the great emperor? If so, that would be a good plan. ”

Shallow eyebrows, said the flaming maid.

Qin Yi's eyes also had to shine.

“Let them kill each other here? Do you think that the original Ancestors of the Vagina Gate will be rivals of the Ancestors of the Sky Aquarium? ”

Luo Feng shook his head: “Stop speculating, now you can't speculate, then you will know what's going on. ”

Qin Yi and Yanmei looked at each other and could only smile.

The peak divine guardian of the Kyushu Holy See in front of them, behaving in style, really gives them a sense of the dragon without seeing the end, unable to see through.

This scenario in the seventh killing, from the immediate view, is no different from the sixth killing. If Luo Feng hadn't warned people just now, they would still think that they are still in the sixth killing.

But as you know, this is merely an expression, and the core of the world's most famous heinous place, the Xuan Realm, can never be so ordinary.

“I've been in this seventh killing for years, and I know something about this Xuan realm. ”

Luo Feng's eyes slowly swept to everyone: “I think you all know that the so-called Xuan Realm is actually the High-Level Legal Front, and so is the Xuan Realm where we are now. It's about a hundred miles ahead of us, and this realm will be divided into two parts, two parts. ”


In front of us, there's a split phenomenon?

Qin Yi, Yanmei, Tianshui ancestors, and Yin Gate ancestors all showed surprise on their faces.

This is the first time I've heard of it.

One Xuan realm can actually be turned into two. It's also enough to see that the master of this Xuan realm is really not very powerful, and I don't know who the Great Immortal King is?

Only Yang Shiqi, next to Qin Yi, is still instinctively holding Qin Yi's arm tightly, ignorant.

“Now I'm going to tell you about two worlds, one for life, one for death, the other for Immortal Blessings, and the other for Nine Jedi. ”

Luo Feng said that he had been here for several years and obviously had some knowledge of it.

Qin Yi, listen carefully.

“Immortal land, by definition, is a sacred place, where the spirit of the heavens and the earth, quite abundant, is a perfect place to practice and recover from physical trauma. Moreover, if you are lucky enough, it is even possible to obtain some inheritance from the master of the Xuan Realm. ”

Luo Feng said.

Everyone's eyes must shine. This is a good place.

Especially like the origins of the vagina gate, who were badly wounded and had little fighting power, it would be a pretty good option to enter the Immortal Land.


Luo Feng continued: “The surroundings of the Immortal Bliss are full of bans. These bans take a hundred years to disappear, which means that if you enter the Immortal Bliss, you must stay inside for a hundred years before you can come out. ”

Initials of the vagina gate and the heavenly aquatic tribe, their eyes flashed, obviously quite a move on the Xuan Realm with the Immortal Fortune.

However, Qin Yi and Yanmei, the faces of the two are not very expressive.

A hundred years, too long, don't forget, they're here to do the job, and it's only a few months before the top ecclesiastical level in Kyushu gives them the time to do it.

For a hundred years in there, they definitely won't choose.

“Brother Feng, what about the Nine Jedi of Death? ”

Qin Yi asked Luo Feng.

Meizu Yan, Tianshui ancestors, and Yin Gate ancestors are also curious to look to Luo Feng.

Luo Feng nodded and said: "Nine Phantoms, that nature is a place of death, make it clear, inside is the Yellow Springs Road, those who enter it will die for life, the hope of capture alive, extremely slim, but the Nine Phantoms, there is no prohibition, as long as they break through the life and death robbery that exists on the Yellow Springs Road, they can come straight out. ”

After a pause, Luo Feng continued: “After you get out of these two realms, these two realms will come together in one, and then you will have the chance to acquire the soul of the Great War, the two realms, whatever you choose, but once you choose, there will be no room for repentance. When you enter the realm, all the space behind you will disappear, and your world will be the 'Immortal Blessed Land' or 'Nine Unseen Land’. ”

Obviously, this is a dilemma, and if you enter the Nine Phantoms, you will die for the rest of your life and you will most likely be buried there forever.

However, once a life or death robbery has been broken, it will be possible to come out of the Nine Phantoms and gain the Great Soul of War.

And entering the "Immortal Blessing Land”, although not in any danger, practicing well, and possibly even obtaining some inheritance from the master of the Xuan Realm, must be trapped in it for a hundred years, maybe wait a hundred years to come out of the Immortal Blessing Land, the soul of the Great War that existed in this seventh killing, long ago removed from the "Nine Phantoms".

The “Immortal Fortune Land” of the world is very safe and offers a lot of benefits.

But there is a risk of losing the Great Soul.

The “Nine Unseen Jedi" of the Dead realm, all dangerous, is Yellow Springs, must undergo a life and death robbery, and those who enter will live nine lives, but once they have survived the life and death robbery, they will receive the spirit of the Great Emperor.

Obviously, the master of this Genuine Realm deliberately set two such Genuine Realms to test future practitioners who came into the land.

“Let's go into the Nine Jedi. ”

Qin Yi did not think, Xu Xu said.